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Tyranny – All Windows Users Have Required Windows 10 Upgrade Patch Coming

Sunday, November 1, 2015 11:29
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Windows 10

SURPRISE! In the first video you’ll learn that if you currently run Windows 7 or Windows 8 on your PC because you’ve heard about all the privacy issues associated with Windows 10, such as the software reporting you to authorities for pirated songs, movies, or software, then Microsoft has found a way to solve that problem. Beginning in 2016, included in a security patch which you’ll need for your security, will also be a trigger to download and begin installing the Windows 10 upgrade. As it was said in the post, CISA is a Surveillance Bill to Spy on You, Not a Security Bill, the entire premise of the bill is to circumvent the Supreme Court’s decision to stop domestic snooping by the NSA. The bill makes it so that the NSA does not do the snooping. It’s all done by private companies who then turn the information all over to the NSA. Here is the first example of what you can expect coming at you from all directions. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Below the video is a full article describing the process. 



In the second video, get an idea just how BIG this story is. In a story I reported on earlier in the year, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, who holds a Doctorate in Consumer Education from Harvard University joins Pete Santilli to discuss the most egregious privacy violation of a generation. Katherine is a privacy expert and outspoken opponent of RFID [ the RFID LADY "], implantable microchips, search engine data collection, and retail customer surveillance. Katherine has authored pro-privacy legislation, testified before lawmakers around the globe, written for numerous publications including Scientific American, and granted over 2,000 media interviews. She was appointed by New Hampshire Governor John Lynch to serve as an expert member of that state’s two-year study commission. She is also a syndicated radio host, bestselling author, and helped to develop, the world’s most private search engine and private alternative to Google.


Windows 10 Is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny




WND reports:

Not interested in installing Windows 10 on your computer after reading news reports indicating Microsoft will track your online behavior and save your search queries, private emails and contents of private folders, including photos?

Too bad. You may not be given much of a choice.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is preparing to automatically download onto computers currently installed with Windows 7 or 8 – without the computer users’ knowledge, London’s Guardian reported.

According to the report, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will become a “recommended update” in 2016, and anyone who has automatic updates activated will have the new program installed automatically on their PC.

After it has downloaded, the Windows 10 installer will begin. At that point, users will need to actively cancel Windows 10

That is, if they aren’t in the habit of just hitting “OK” when presented with a prompt, as many users often do.

In the meantime, until 2016, the Windows 10 upgrade will be considered “optional” and could still be downloaded if a user has the computer set to install automatic updates, which can be disabled.

“If you choose to upgrade (our recommendation!), then you will have 31 days to roll back to your previous version if you don’t love it,” said Terry Myerson, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices group.

Just weeks ago, Forbes reported Microsoft claimed an “accident” caused the downloads to begin installing on many computers without user permission.

As WND reported in August, a report from Newsweek warned: “From the moment  an account is created, Microsoft begins watching. The company saves customers’ basic information – name, contact details, passwords, demographic data and credit card specifics.”

“But it also digs a bit deeper,” the report says.

“Other information Microsoft saves includes Bing search queries and conversations with the new digital personal assistant Cortana; contents of private communications such as email; websites and apps visited (including features accessed and length of time used); and contents of private folders,” the warning explains.

“Furthermore, ‘your typed and handwritten words’ are collected.’”

All of the warnings come from the company’s software privacy statement, which includes the statement that Microsoft collects information “to provide you a personalized user dictionary, help you type and write on your device with better character recognition, and provide you with text suggestions as you type or write.”

Alec Meer at the RockPaperShotgun blog warned it’s not something that should be ignored.

What’s America coming to? Find out in “Police State U.S.A.’

“Unless you pay close attention to the fluffy options offered when you first install Microsoft’s new operating system, it’s going to quietly track your behavior and use it to fire targeted ads at you, as well as keeping tabs on your location history, data from messages, calendars, contacts and God knows what else.”

The blog noted that “some of this stuff” can be turned off, but the key point is that people “aren’t so hot” about paying for tools to access the Web and such, so “the money comes from harvesting data and flogging it to advertisers and other organizations who want to know exactly what we’re all up to online.”

Windows 10



He continued, “If you ever wondered why they’ve made the Windows 10 upgrade free to Win 7 & 8 users, here’s one possible answer. Windows 10 has all sorts of user tracking baked right in.”

The Daily Mail reported another complication with the software last summer.

The update to Windows 10, the report said, “automatically made [a man's] porn collection into a slideshow and used it as a screensaver. And to make matters worse, the malfunction was discovered by his wife, who was greeted by the explicit images first thing in the morning.”

The report said a user posted the story online so others would not repeat the mistake, which reportedly happened when the images were saved into the “My Pictures” folder. It is from that folder the software draws data to build slideshows, the report said.

“I have no idea how to shut that feature off and that computer is staying shut down until I do,” the man wrote, according to the Mail. “Free Windows and a free trip to the doghouse. Thanks Microsoft!”

In August, Newsweek reported an estimated 14 million machines already were running Windows 10.

“The company says it uses the data collected for three purposes: to provide and improve its services; to send customers personalized promotions; and to display targeted advertising, which sometimes requires the information be shared with third parties.”

The report said Microsoft’s practices actually are similar to Google’s, which analyzes the content of users’ emails to provide a “more personalized product.”

Online privacy group European Digital Rights told the Times that the MS policy not only was bad news for privacy.

“Your free speech rights can also be violated on an ad hoc basis,” the group said.

Kirsten Fiedler, of EDR, told the Mail, “Microsoft basically grants itself the right to collect and process everything you do, say and write on your device – which is contrary to the fundamental right to privacy.”

The RockPaperShotgun blog posted some instructions for opting out of the Microsoft data collection plan.

The actions won’t, the blog said, reduce the ads seen.

“But they do mean that not quite so much information about you will be gathered and sold, and also that the ads you do see won’t be ‘relevant’ to what algorithms have decided your interests are.”

Big Brother


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  • I haven’t had updates on for a long time. Who would willingly let external sources control how your personal computer works? Most of the updates are small, but take FOREVER to download too. So what are the UPLOADING? I can only imagine everything you’ve done since the last update. I’m not gonna sub to that haha.

  • Used to be you just did Windows updates, period, and this for years, but I have a computer I bought a few years ago with Windows 7. As usual, updates were turned on. Then came an update that wiped out, permanently, all the Chrome bookmarks, of many. Though I’d saved them, the archived Bookmarks file was old. A little while after this came a juicy update, going by 7601 or something, which invalidated my Windows license, on a legitimate, new computer from a major store, with a proper, paid for permanent Windows license key on a tag, but which would no longer work. The update replaced the key with another one, which was also invalid! I got this black screen background, with invalid legitimate license message after a long boot, though the PC still worked. There was nothing to correct this problem, short of going through some painfully detailed procedure with Microsoft to lay claim to a valid license I already owned, or buy a new license. (How about that? How many licenses did they sell, for PCs they trashed?)

    So, I just bought a new computer about a year ago, with Windows 8 and turned off the Windows updates, no update for a about a year, and no problems, either. I use a couple security tools for spyware and viruses, keep those up to date, but no longer care about what Windows is calling out as “important security” updates, because my experience with Windows 7 was not Windows helpful updates any longer, rather Windows “just trash my computer today, Microsoft” updates. I also started thinking about Linux, but haven’t taken this step, yet.

    Another thing, when you go to Microsoft support forums, many of their solutions don’t work, people get back to them they don’t work, and nothing more comes of it, even after people send them the history of the world from their PC, as requested, to debug. They simply tell people, forum to forum, to try the same failed solutions, as if it’s all some robot with bad programming giving advice. Microsoft has gone way downhill and are not to be trusted.

  • To further explain, regarding the invalid license problem, Microsoft surely knew they had done this to many people, as many other people were having the same problem after the update. Instantly, they turned loyal customers into software pirates of some sort. They didn’t do what’s right, knowing they’d caused the problem, which should have been providing an easy way for people to get a replacement license key, with an apology for the inconvenience. No, they were, as if, telling somebody who’d been robbed, when you called the cops, “First, prove to us you didn’t rob yourself. Start by running this obstacle course. As far as we’re concerned, you’re a criminal. Even though we know we robbed you.” This is the first I ever recall of a company invading somebody’s home and breaking one of their products, then accusing the customer.

  • You need to understand that from windows XP onwards the game had changed, it only need 4mb of memory to run and win7 needs about 1000 X as much at 4gb so is it 1000 times better, faster or is it main purpose to keep an eye on you just incase you are breaking the law or you are one of the thursands of terrorists (read zero) that we have managed to stop by spying on the worlds population and passing the tax payers the bill.

    Windows 7 can be seen as spyware.
    Windows 8 is where microsoft takes control back from sys-admins and won’t let them un-install some programs, stop certain services or disable schedule tasks
    Windows 10 is where you workout that your personal computer is little more than a remote terminal for microsoft and is anything but personal.
    Windows 10 plus updates is where it won’t let you play certain .avi files because warner brothers says no.

    Being a geek i sniff the network but it comes down to relying on windows API’s to help and most of the time i can resolve network calls back to the calling process ID using something like NetStats but often windows lies and i know this by watching the sys-logs from my router.

    Well i am starting to see some very strange traffic that contains an ID that seems to be connect to SSL certificate request and most the time, not sure why but i only manage to pick up the incoming request and windows simply will not allow me to see what the calling process is so it must be something hidden inside SrvHost, you know that process that runs lots of services and if you kill it then it crashes windows.

    I’ve asked in technical forums and no one has a clue as to whats going on but i can tell you that many of the ID’s returning from various addresses contain the same ID and i am at the stage where i am starting to think i’ve uncovered something big or my router is injecting something into the network packets.

  • lol windows

  • AllRoadsLead2NWO

    I believe this why the internet was created in the first place. CONTROL of the masses.

    • We have a winner! DING! DING! DING!

      • well if you been to school you would have known it was NOT to control the masses but when it was first invented by a BRIT it was for the sole purpose to speak to each other quick and was not intended for the public ,

        so coming from a person that states cough true news in the title ,you don’t do much research do you

        • AllRoadsLead2NWO

          I didn’t say anything about the private version of the internet when it was like 2 or 3 people connected einstein, So how much does the NSA pay you? ASe you in Langley or out in Utah?

  • TURN OFF Windows automatic updates all together and stop getting them. Screw big brother and his enablers !

  • You would have to be a complete IDIOT to use any Microsoft products. Apple is closing fast on MSFT, as well.

  • Windows 10 is not the big boogy-man that is going to steal your privacy, just make the proper settings under privacy.

  • Windows 7 works great … use it as long as possible!

  • If this DOES happen, my hand will be forced to switch to Linux. I suck at Linux and I hate having to learn everything all over again since I became pretty decent with the Micro$oft Windows. None the less, I will move to Linux if this happens.

    For anyone wanting to bail out of Microsoft, here is a suggested free Operating System that can replace Windows:

  • So where are the other operating systems to compete with Microsoft!? The market has been demanding an alternative to Windoz POS for decades and very few serious efforts have emerged. Why!

  • They told us the purpose of cookies were to “make the webpages load faster”. That was a lie, they are used for spying.

  • I have used this method successfully on several customer computers:

    Microsoft has now started sending out notification to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to reserve their free Windows 10 upgrade. Microsoft delivered this notification through a program which is installed through Windows update. The upgrade assistant is named GWX.exe in C:WindowsSystem32GWX.
    KB3035583 – Update enables additional capabilities for Windows Update notifications in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1
    If you are not interested in Windows 10, you can remove this program from your PC. Go to Windows Update->Installed update, remove KB3035583.

    **************next***********turn off Windows Defender***********
    To Turn Off Windows Defender in Windows 8

    1. Open the Control Panel (icons view), and click/tap on the Windows Defender icon.

    2. In Windows Defender, click/tap on the Settings tab, Administrators in left pane, uncheck the Turn on Windows Defender box, and on Save Changes.

    3. If prompted by UAC, then click/tap on Yes.

    4. You will now notice the message below from the Action Center notification area icon letting you know that Widows Defender has been turned off.
    NOTE: If you click on this message balloon while open, it will turn on Windows Defender again.

    5. Click/tap on Close.
    **********last steps****************
    Once done – make darned sure you turn off all Windows updates – no notifications, nothing. Also, dump the firewall as well. Bottom line – use a fine-tooth comb and get all Microsoft anything (media player…. etc.) turned off – from auto checking for imagery, playlists, author/artist info – everything. Be sure to set UAC – User Account Control to ‘zero’. Locate via your ‘Computer/PC’ button in the Start menu, right-click, click ‘Properties’, click ‘Remote *’, click ‘Advanced’, uncheck the ‘all this computer to be controlled remotely’, okay/close that screen – return to the previous – uncheck the ‘allow remote invitations’ box, click ‘okay’/finished/done. Just remember, Microsoft doesn’t give a damn about you. All their updates – regardless of being called ‘security updates’ – are for Microsoft’s financial security. And that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

  • You shouldn’t download porn on your computer–you should download it into your spank bank.. :lol: :lol:

  • ALL I can tell you is this.

    Like vaccines something is WRONG when they tell you EVERYONE must take it. Is BIG BOTHER about to take over and appear on your screens??

    I suggest you switch to Linux and one of several operating systems complete with compatible Office apps.

  • Nancy636

    Why does this surprise people, it was bound to happen because we let it. It is biblical and will not be stopped, just be ready.

    • AllRoadsLead2NWO

      Oh yeah, i see it in the hebrew bible now it is number 12) of the second set of commandments since Moses broke the first 10 written in stone in half when he dropped them. Yeah number 12) Thou shalt not use Windows Operating Systems.
      Gee, those hebrew writers were really ahead of their time weren’t they?

      • They say, they have found lots from the past that might surprise you! Maybe not named Windows, crystal ball!

  • I don’t ‘need’ any patches.

    I run XP just fine.
    I run unpatched 7 for games just fine.

    My security is in the d.i. firewall, not windows.

    Updates are futile. The do more damage than repairs most of the time.

    • Lol, how well does your firewall work when a compromised computer is on your LAN and your unpatched Windows box is happily servicing requests through the computer browser service? Your firewall is a stateful firewall using NAT, right? So what protects you from exploits in TCP streams that you initiate?

  • An Observer

    You guys do know that every version of Windows since Windows 95 has given government access to your systems right? Microsoft would even delay security patches so that the government could keep using the exploit to spy on people.

    You really are so worried about Windows 10?

    It saves the same info, or less, than your smart phone.

    Besides, what are you doing online that has you so worried?

    Trust me, the government isn’t going to come knock in your door about your porn addiction, as long as you’re not a pedophile.

    And if you’re breaking the law with your computer, then guess what, you might get in trouble. But that kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?

  • Except for me. I have pirated Windows with OEM activation key hack. I don’t get the free upgrade. :(

  • get ubuntu works great for me,i dual boot ubuntu and an old copy of win7 for my games.when im really worried i use a a copy of tails from a cd so no tracks and it uses a fake mac address so it cant be traced back to my computer.
    ubuntu is pretty easy to use and it has software to compete with 99% of all windows programs. it just makes gaming kinda hard.

  • Jacko

    Tyranny? I didn’t have someone come at my door to put a gun to my head to remove Linux for Windows. You are not forced to do anything. Just put Linux on your PC. You have CHOICE!!

  • I was running 7 ultimate, I installed Linux mint 17.3 Rosa and transferred all my saved files to a 1.3TB external hard drive FORMATTED C and used multiple overwrites to make sure the MS crap was obliterated. PS mint Rosa runs twenty percent faster than the MS crap

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