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LaRouche PAC Emergency Webcast To A Nation On the Verge of Financial Catastrophe

Wednesday, December 23, 2015 23:11
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An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!

Emergency Webcast To A Nation On the Verge of Financial Catastrophe, December 23, 2015

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!

President Barack Obama and the entire U.S. Congress have betrayed you, the American people, by refusing, out of cowardice, to take the necessary emergency actions to prevent the greatest financial and economic crash — far worse than 1929 and 2008 — from happening in the hours and days just ahead. Unless you, the American people, stand up and demand immediate action, the nation and much of mankind is facing catastrophe at the start of the New Year.

The entire trans-Atlantic financial system is about to blow. In just the past few weeks, $15 billion in junk and investment grade bonds have been wiped out. This is but a harbinger of an imminent total crash of the trans-Atlantic financial bubble. As of Jan. 1, 2016, a $72 billion debt bubble is set to explode in Puerto Rico. Congress had the opportunity to act to prevent this before leaving town, but failed to act.

An estimated $5 trillion in debt, tied to the collapsing U.S. domestic shale oil and gas sector is blowing up. In Western Canada, this bubble has already been shattered, triggering the loss of 100,000 jobs in 2015 – the equivalent of 750,000 jobs lost in the United States — a crash of the real estate market, and a social breakdown. That same crisis is coming to the United States, at an accelerating rate, but on a much larger scale.

In Europe, starting on Jan. 1, 2016, new laws go into effect, eliminating all protections for bank depositors, who will have their savings stolen under “bail-in” regulations, as has already happened in Cyprus. More than 10,000 Italian depositors had their savings “bailed in” (expropriated] in the collapse of four banks this month. The same measures are included in the Dodd-Frank bill here in the United States. If your bank collapses, your life savings can be stolen to save the bank. It can and will happen here, thanks to the cowardice and corruption of your elected officials, who have kept you in the dark and violated their oaths of office.

Congress had the chance, before leaving town, to prevent this now onrushing crisis. They were warned. They could have passed bills, already introduced in both Houses of Congress, to reinstate Glass-Steagall, the FDR legislation that broke up the Depression era too-big-to-fail banks, by separating commercial banking from all of the gambling activities. But Congress was bought out by Wall Street and failed you. President Obama is a wholly-owned creature of Wall Street and London. Wall Street is hopelessly bankrupt, and they intend to cling to power by stealing your money, wiping out your health care, and shutting down what is left of the real economy. Within days or weeks, you could be facing food shortages, hyperinflation and a complete breakdown of everything you think of as normal.

President Obama, on behalf of Wall Street and London, is also provoking confrontation with Russia, driving the world towards global war, a war that some top American and Russian military commanders warn could rapidly become a war of thermonuclear extinction.

On Jan. 1, 2016, under U.S. and International Monetary Fund approval, Ukraine will default on $3 billion in debt to Russia, an act of open Western provocation against Moscow, on top of the already ongoing sanctions, the eastward expansion of NATO and other acts of direct military provocation.

This is all deadly serious. The world is on the cusp of a worse than Great Depression crash and a new world war. You must now act because your elected officials have abandoned you out of cowardice and corruption. They, along with President Obama, deserve your derision and anger, for their cowardly behavior.

There are solutions readily available. Wall Street must be shut down immediately. Not one penny more to bail out these criminals! Congress must remove Wall Street puppet Barack Obama from office, through impeachment or through invoking the 25th Amendment, which provides for the removal of a President from office who is mentally unfit to continue to serve. Glass-Steagall must be immediately reinstated, and a series of initiatives must be taken, all modeled on what the great American President Franklin Roosevelt did in his first months in office, to create millions of productive jobs, rebuild the nations collapsed infrastructure, and restore the nation’s dignity.

Congress can take these actions in a matter of hours, but they will only act in time if you wake up and demand it.

The alternative is Hell on Earth, by the start of the New Year. Do you, your friends, your neighbors, have the moral fitness to survive? That is the question on your table this Christmas Eve.

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!


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  • DK

    Correction the depositor protection in Europe will be lowered to £75,000 or 100000 Euro which is £25,000 more than in the UK alone but is a result of the continuing Greek bailout loans which can never be paid back.

    • Nothing will be done we are f****d, it’s all going to end as planned with WW3 and mass human extinction.

      Although this has been widely reported on here and other sites for many years, it is still being ignored because it’s so final and let’s face it no one wants to really believe that they are going to die in a nuclear blast or by radiation poisoning, disease or starvation, do they!

      With regards to LaRouche he is a bit like Lindsey Williams, in as much as he has been saying this and that is going to happen for years and nothing happens, but this time I think that he has a point, 2016 is going to be a very interesting year.

      Merry Christmas :smile:

      • Russia is our only chance and they have nukes in Syria ready to attack Israel if they instruct there agants in the USA to start sending off nukes.

        Bankers burn just like me and you and even if they go underground then the bio-weapons the jews have built will most likly take them out if the people left over don’t do it themselves.

        printing money only works if the people that borrow it can pay it back with interest and the boys on walls streets playing with CDS will at some stage drop the ball

        • Don’t be fooled. This is all part of the plan, Russian included. They want to to think Russia is the savior, good guy. Obama had ties to Russian years ago. Wake UP. We are all f’d.

  • I couldn’t agree more with this piece. Something has to be done before these NWO and industrial complex maniacs kill us all.

    I americans give up their guns it’s over. They will come for you like they did in Boston after the fake bombing.

    • Ted

      Agree. They have the Model started in New York City. No Pledge of Allegiance, no Christmas and no Thanksgiving. No Borders, no common language, no gender for Schoolchildren, no 1st, 2nd or 4th Amendments?? They take the Guns that’s it…

    • They will have to pry my gun from my cold dead hand

  • Google

  • I would not be surprised to find out the reason they passed the 1 plus trillion dollar bill so fast, without reading and thru the towel in is they too know they system is going to collapse under its own weight and why not buy a few more weeks or months to cover themselves.

    You know they did not do it for us and heaven forbid if the Obam could not take his 16 day vacation in Hawaii first.

  • The great Gerald Celente has said it best: “When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it”. That’s when it will get real and maybe big changes (for the better) will be made. Until then it will be business as usual.

  • According to this guy Roosevelt was a great president..what a bunch of BS ! Roosevelt was a womanizer, a liar and a cheater. He knew the japs were coming to attack Pear Harbor. It is well documented. His economic policies were all Wall Steet and banking based and screw the little people. Give me your gold, was this pathetic man cry. Too bad the people did not see through the smoke and lies, and so it goes today..little has changed.

    • FDR was one of the worst presidents we had. Don’t know how the people tolerated him for three terms. He did boycott Japan 6 months prior to Pearl Harbor. He deliberately extended… prolonged… the great depression for the bankers. Shockingly he refused to drop bombs on Nagasaki or Hiroshima thus his alleged stroke was actually a bullet in the back of the head. This was kept quiet but the embalmer talked. So Truman finished the dirty work for the bankers.
      As for LaRouche, he has a liberal mindset.

  • About 10 years ago I read a nook telling me that the NWO , Vatican would force measures that would create war , removal of our money system and force everyone to except heir system which later would force a chip or tattoo chip that would have the ability to track and control the individual . With Mr. Muslim in charge who is working hand in hand with the Vatican to bring forth their beast that will rule the entire world . Food will be controlled , even your water and travel . Your guns will be removed by troops that are now in America because of our jackass in charge . Our troops that said they would not take Americans guns have been moved to location that will restrict them and not to meant ion their guns have also been removed . 2016 is going to be a different year . It will be a year of great changes . Why because your Obama health care requires your to be chipped by 2017 . This little puppy has brain wave technology that uses frequencies . Different frequencies can change your health , kill you , cause you to hear voices and make zombies out of you . You will be their ponds in their chess games . When the system falls you can blame the Vatican , NWO -Esau and UN , Ishmael – muslims who is out to destroy Israel ( lost 10 tribes in America and Europe ) . And Judea living in the land Israel . Esau and Ishmael hate Isacc , Jacobs father and their children . Most of the wars fought have involved them against Whites – Israel and Judea . The next war spoon to start will involve Russia and China against America , Europe and Israel . Thank Mr. In charge and the Vatican , NWO , UN for this when it starts . Their new rules the Georgia Guide Stones state that they want only 500 million on earth .mthat means 6 1/2 billion must die according to them . And their game is about to start . They have been destroying your food sources and that that is left has their poisions in it . Not to mention their spraying you with chemical from planes that turn n and off their spraying . Now in Virgina planes are dumping poop on us . And the Officals knows it . They have even been ordered to do it . The sons of darkness have been planning on this for a while . Their goal is 2017 . So , many things will happen very soon . When it does remember you read it here . Be ready !!! They are taking you down and with Mr. In charge executive orders he will be a dictator . Then with his ordered 30,000 guillotines , just like his brothers he will have your heads removed . Even the power grid is planned to be taken down . You chief swore on the Koran that tells him to lie , deceive and do what is nesseccary to gain your trust , then kill te infidel ( you ) . How anyone can say but thy have freedom of religion , I don’t know . Because the same Constitution that lets them have religious freedom also says as long as you don’t infringe on others rights . Get your pig blood dipped bullets ready . This is the only thing they are scared of . They don’t get into heaven or get their virgins . Their trip is to hell . But being they are Liers our bible says for without are those that live and practice lies . So they have lost anyway . None the less when it starts and they begin their rampage , put up signs , property protected by pig blood dipped bullets , you have been warned ! If you don’t have pig blood , lard will do . The chief has brought in his brothers to sneak and create maham . This will help him make you except marshall law which he then can remove your guns which is stupid . You will be like France , setting ducks waiting for you turn for the firing sqode or the guillotine or maybe even the gangs that will loot and rape your wives and children . The sons of darkness are here .

  • Our governments have done a great job delaying the end game but collapse is coming in 2016. Collapse, chaos, desperation, and looking for a savior:

      Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

      The Two Witnesses of Revelation: Will Elijah and Moses Return in 2016?

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