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The President’s Plan to Confiscate Guns – The Final Step In Fundamentally Changing America

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 13:23
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 When president Obama ran for office, he promised to fundamentally change the United States of America. He accomplished his goal…mostly. We have seen the godless win victory after victory, gays serving openly in the military(leading to unprecedented levels of man on man rape), the military ranks and equipment pared down to dangerous levels, gay marriage, forced health care and a majority dependent on government class. Planned Parenthood survived a scandal that should have caused incredible outrage, yet barely a whimper was sounded. The police have been demonized and thugs like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin have been elevated to the status of heroes in a war on American culture.

What Obama has failed to accomplish, thus far, is sparking civil unrest on a scale large enough to cause government intervention. The president , and those who pull his strings, ultimately need to take away privately owned guns, in order to implement the type of totalitarian utopia they have been dreaming about since the 1960′s. No longer satisfied with simply imagining the world Lennon sang about, the evil power brokers who operate from the shadows of the highest levels of politics and finance are ready to take over and usher in their New World Order. The biggest obstacle to this takeover is the United States of America and the biggest obstacle, thus far, in prepping the U.S. For such a shift in world power has been the Constitution. Not even an expert in constitutional law from one of the mosts politically corrupt states(if not the most corrupt state) in America could get around the constitution on the gun issue.

The first failed attempt was Occupy America. The only thing Occupy America accomplished was creating health hazards due to thousands of sluggards defecating in public and on police cars. These unemployed slackers were too busy drinking, using drugs and sexually assaulting one another to come up with anything coherent. The Community Organizer in Chief realized that his grungy little sit in was actually having the opposite results than those desired, and finally sent everyone home.

Next, the Justice Department became complicit in an attempt to gin up a race war. Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and others brought back memories of the Tawana Brawely debacle that almost destroyed Reverend Al Shaprton. Not coincidentally, Rev. Al is a frequent guest of the White house. Rather than stand for truth and justice, the President has been on record criticizing the police every time a person of color is involved in an altercation. Before ever even knowing the facts, Obama is quick blame the police for “failing the communities they are meant to serve.” When servicemen in Chattanooga were gunned down, it took numerous days and public criticism before the President ordered flags to half mast, yet when documented thug, Michael Brown was gunned down in the act of committing a violent crime, the president sent a three person delegation to attend his funeral and pay him tribute. That was three people more than Obama sent from the administration to attend Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.

Sprinkled into this mix have been a rash of shootings, some real and some staged, meant to make the president’s case that private ownership of guns is a detriment to society. The fact that these shootings have taken place in supposed gun free zones and mostly in states with highly restrictive gun laws seems to escape the attention of the sycophants in the press who openly and rabidly support all things Obama. These shootings have been plagued by factual inconsistencies and the appearance of “crisis actors” who seem to turn up at multiple crime scenes. Once again, the pesky Constitution continues to thwart the administration’s plans to collect the guns in order to keep everyone safe.

The latest attempt to create a civil crisis, may very well be the one that will work. The influx of undocumented “refugees” from the Muslim world has already allowed for terrorist attacks in France and America. As thousands of young Muslim men enter the United States, the threat to society grows exponentially. Obama is allowing 200,000 refugees into the country. If even only 1% of these refugees are terrorist,(I believe it is a much higher percentage) that is 2000 killers loose on our streets, recruiting others to their evil cause. Already, one American city has a majority Muslim population and a majority of City government positions. Already, armed citizens are patrolling the streets and borders. How many more events like the one in San Bernardino will have to take place before there is a backlash from non-Muslims? This week, in Philadelphia, a severed pig’s head was thrown onto the front porch of a Mosque.

If a civil uprising were to take place, if citizens decided to take matters into their own hands and began to target Muslims, the government would have no choice but to step in and bring order. This would be the catalyst that would allow the government to establish Martial Law and begin confiscating guns. Most Muslims, by far, are not terrorists, but almost all modern terrorists are Muslim. The government’s failure to address this issue seems to be more by design than ignorance. Surely, Homeland Security recognizes that the single most dangerous group is young Muslim men from the Middle East. By allowing an unvetted wave of undocumented Muslim men into America without any kind of oversight or tracking can only contribute to suspicion and possibly violence from both sides. The government seems to be contributing to a volatile situation that will most likely end in the loss of innocent lives, both Muslim and non-Muslim.

With only one year left to achieve all the goals given him by the puppet masters, Obama must be feeling the pressure to act quickly. The balance of power will shift temporarily to the Republicans via Trump before going back to the liberal left in 2020.(I have outlined this here: ) To truly “fundamentally change America,” Obama will need to disarm America. To do this, he will need to bypass the constitution and Congress. To do this, he needs a crisis. We can only hope and pray that violence does not erupt within our borders and President Obama fails to bring about his last major goal.

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