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Carol Bundy Issues Call to Arms For Militia to Join Them in Oregon vs. Feds

Friday, January 1, 2016 8:25
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Call to Arms

Regrettably, but not surprisingly, there is a major showdown on the horizon set for tomorrow between citizen militia, and Obama’s feds. I cannot stress the seriousness of the situation with which we as Americans are now being pushed into enough!!! 

According to a whistleblower and former DHS Investigator, we DID have the assets to monitor the alleged shooters in San Bernardino, but by a directive from the President himself, counter terrorism efforts were specifically told to, “downplay the terrorism angle,” and focus on “right-wing extremists” and “white supremacist” groups, because according to Obama, THEY posed the biggest threat.

IF they pose a threat, it’s for two reasons: 1) Unlike most Americans, THEY actually KNOW their rights under the Constitution that Obama is trying to take, and they are willing to fight to protect them; and 2) Because Obama will NOT stop provoking them until he gets a fight. By “They” I am referring to “right-wing extremists.” Any crackdown taking place on vile hate groups I take no issue with. Remember the Obama motto:


By my estimates, an all out fire fight between feds and “right-wing radicals” (aka normal Americans tired of the inalienable rights given to them by God, and guaranteed to them in the Bill of Rights, being taken away by a government without the authority to do so) would classify as a major crisis for Obama to begin implementing a Draconian clamp down on the American people.

The email that follows came from Carol Bundy’s personal email address. There appears to be another Bundy Ranch style showdown taking form, and my purpose for sharing this is to bring light the bigger picture. Yesterday I posted, Army Not Prepping for Battle; Training For Riot Control and Martial Law.

In that post I reveal my fear about what I believe is happening. Obama has us trapped. If people do nothing, and do not stand up to Obama and his unconstitutional power grabs, it will be the equivalent of death by a 1000 paper cuts. Government will keep taking until we’re all like the boy in the film “Oliver” begging for food, “Please sir… I want some more…”

On the other hand, how many times can we stand up to the feds like was done at the Bundy Ranch before shots are fired? Below your will see two videos. The first one is the group pleading for you travel and join them in Oregon. The say, Come prepared and be willing to stand.”

For anyone who needs an interpreter, that means, “LOCK AND LOAD.” Before people get some fool’s notion about a romantic sense of justice, or making a stand, be sure to watch the second video, and you’ll see there is nothing romantic about it. But for ONE man who intervened, a commoner with no training, and no dog in the fight, the BLM was given the green light (as you will hear from THEM PERSONALLY in the video), to fire on the American citizens.

The second video is a pulse pounding 7:00 minute ride that ends well… thank God. How many more showdowns like that before a shot is fired and all hell breaks lose?






What REALLY Happened At Bundy Ranch?



Personally, I believe Obama will plant someone eventually at one of these standoffs, on the side of the militia, to be the one to fire a shot, if it doesn’t happen on its own first. The man has spent 7 years arming federal agencies to the point they could take on our military… and I don’t think he did it for simply for amusement. Furthermore, he’s proven to be a man who will not let moral or ethical issues cloud his decisions. “The ends justify the means” in his eyes. Mind you, that is my personal opinion about a plant by Obama… the rest is fact.


CALL TO ACTION: All able body men and women come to Burns, Oregon on or before January 2nd.  Come prepared and be willing to stand.




Dear Friends, 

**Some significant correspondence about the sentiment of making a strong stand in Harney County**

Ammon Bundy – Dec. 23, 2015

The Hammonds have been put in prison as terrorists for prescribed burns on their ranch. They did their time as unjust as it was. Now the federal government is putting them back in prison for the same thing, for 5 years. The federal government forced the Hammond’s to sign the sale of their ranch to the BLM, and have fined them $400,000. The Feds are also making the Hammond’s get permission from them if they buy or sale anything over $500. Pure tyranny and the people are going to make a stand against it on Saturday, Jan 2nd.

Ammon Bundy – Dec. 26, 2015

My Friend, I just got off the phone with Dwight and Suzie, flowers in their front yard will not help them. The Hammonds do not want a funeral. They want us to make a difference. I am holding back my emotions with you and your organization. Our rights are being stripped from us.  This county is suffering.  Good men are going to prison so wicked men can gain power and control.  The constitution is being grossly violated, and you want to have a little walk and present flowers. I, and those that follow, WILL be flipping coins on the County yard. We intend to stand against these violations and not allow them to become the normal. Our actions will be recorded in history, the truth always reveals itself. Please read the Declaration of Independence as soon as you can, it may do some good.

Ammon Bundy – Dec. 26, 2015

My Friend, You know that I am not the only one that gives a damn, and I do believe that there is a right way and detrimental ways to this very delicate situation. Let me lay out some of the facts of the “alternative solution” or “avenues that have been exhausted” so you do not accuse me again of being rash.

The Hammonds are being punished for a fire they started over 15 years ago, they have spent upwards to $1,000,000 in their legal defense.  They have exhausted all their avenues in the federal court system. They have used up every bit of emotion and will they possessed. (From what I’m being told, the Hammonds at one time were valiant fighters for what is right). Many cannot believe they have given up. But the system has broken them. The Hammonds have exhausted prudence over many years.  They are the epitome of what Americans will become if the system is allowed to ruin all of us.

In addition, a rally of the community of over 500 people assembled in protest for the Hammonds, they were clear, loud and poignant. This effort was ignored by any and all in the federal system, in-fact they gave the Hammonds even greater punishment than anyone expected.

In addition, the Oregon Farm Bureau collected over 8000 petitions; these petitions were ignored and did not make a difference. Not one local or federal official took notice, not one responded in any way. Many articles and documents have been drafted expressing the injustice of these matters. Many people have commented and responded to those articles, many have written their Congressmen and other elected officials, yet those in the system still did not respond in anyway.

All of this happened before I even knew about the Hammonds. Laying in bed, I was told to get involved. I had no desire before then to take on someone else’s battle. Since that time I have written more than 30 letters to different individuals of influence. Many other influential people have written directly to federal and other officials asking them to get involved in ending these gross abuses. All petitions have been ignored. I have yet to hear of any of these individuals even getting a reply letter.

Further, many others and myself have personally met with many officials asking them to get help in standing against these injustices. To the dis-heartment of those asking our petitions have been ignored. Thousands of emails were written to Sheriff Ward asking him to simply go to the Hammonds home, spend time with them, go to the ranch and go to where the fires happened, get a true perspective on what is really going on. The Sheriff has yet to even go 4 blocks down the street from his office to Dwight & Susie’s home. He had not even met the Hammonds until Ryan & I set up a meeting at his office with them. He has never been out to the Hammonds ranch and has not been to where the fires took place. Yet he has drove all the way to Pendleton to spend a day or two with Frank Papagni and has spent many, many hours talking with the FBI about how they are going to combat those supporting the Hammonds.

In addition, thousands of emails were written to State representatives asking them to meet with the Hammonds and go to the ranch and fires, to get a correct perspective and get involved. All of these petitions have been ignored, not one elected representative visited the Hammonds or have been to the ranch or have gone to where the fires took place.

There have been countless communications, messages and emails back and forth about the Hammond case. I, myself, have spent hundreds of hours speaking with groups and individuals about the details of the Hammond case. I have been on over 40 radio broadcasts in the last 7 weeks explaining the direct violations of human rights towards the Hammonds. Hundreds of thousands have become aware of the details of the Hammonds case across the continent and have express distaste for the injustice.

After all of these petitions were ignored a legal Notice – Redress of Grievance was drafted listing all the egregious abuses and insisting that the County and the State officials assemble an Evidential Hearing Board. This Notice was sponsored by sound organizations across the west and tens of thousands of people put their name to it. We gave the State and County officials ample time to reply.  By law, they are required to respond. Still to this day they have not responded in anyway. They have completely ignored. Judge Grasty said; “those that signed it were all “crazies” and not from Oregon”. The fact is that people from every State in the Union put their name to it (including Hawaii and Alaska) but Oregon was represented by the most. You, yourself, a resident of Oregon put your name to it and so did the Oregon Constitutional Guard. Are you all “crazy” as Judge Steven Grasty said?

In addition, many town meetings have been organized and in one of those meetings the people assembled a Committee of Safety. The county, state and federal representative have openly mocked the committee and the people of Harney County in this effort, belittling the people’s efforts to protect themselves as illegitimate.

There have been acts and petitions that I could never have time to list that have supported and disclosed the injustices that are taking place in this case. An unbelievable amount of effort has been exhausted in prudent methods to correct the wrong that have come upon the Hammonds. When will it be enough? Should we go on forever because we are afraid to do what is our right to do? What will happen to the Constitution and individual rights if we allow these violations to go on without challenge?

Please Read the Notice: Redress of Grievance - 

Hammond Family Facts & Events-

BLM Destroys Ranches by Fire-


Ammon Bundy   

CALL TO ACTION: All able body men and women come to Burns, Oregon on or before January 2nd.  Come prepared and be willing to stand.

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  • “Never let a crisis go to waste”, Rahm Emanuel. Unalienable rights. You are welcome.

    • were heading over there to do our part just hope the citizen militia and Obama’s feds don’t start fighting over Us

      over there
      over there
      send the word
      send the word over there
      that the sexy girlz are cOming :razz:
      the sexy girlz are cOming :razz:
      over there :arrow:

      • Ammon – Hammond :lol:

        Arm and Hammer Baking Soda – Communism/Socialism/Nazism/what ever

        This Day in Jewish History 1990: Armand Hammer, Who Was Named for the Symbol of Socialism, Dies :lol:

        read more:

        How is the hammer of the whole earth cut asunder and broken! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!…This is the work of the Lord God of hosts…
        — Jeremiah 50:23, 25

  • These People need to, (along with getting a Copy of the Declaration of Independence and Guns for use in the Last Section of that Document), get a Copy of the US Constitution and look up, article 1, Section 8, Sub 17, that section states where in the Several States, the federals have Jurisdiction, (it’s only in those places clearly stated), but americans use the US constitution as does the Obomination, the Supreme Court and the US. Congress, as Butt Paper, so don’t Whimper over the Crimes of the Governments when your to Lazy to Read the Rules. (Trapper).

  • The problem is that the hammonds want to surrender peacefully. They do not want the militia there. They were however, cautioned by the courts to cease communicating with the Bundy’s. Pathetic really, they ate choosing to give up their rights. Which in turn, is another blow to all of us, and the slow erosion of our civil liberties. They have a responsibility to the country to stand up for themselves, and not give in. And that dumb fox b$&@! Saying the feds swore an oath to uphold the law, WRONG! They swore to uphold the CONSTITUTION. Typical fox bs. The media is nothing else then a PR firm for a crooked government.

    • I couldn’t agree more! What is the message! Come! Don’t come! We need you! We don’t need you! Urgent call to arms! A peace walk! They don’t want us there! They want us to make a difference! They don’t want problems! WTF! Talk about a mixed message! Well, they’re either on board or they aren’t! And, it seems they aren’t! The older one is very likely going to live out his years in jail, and not be remembered! They will likely lose their ranch! Now they want to lick boots? They will! They have definitely made their time behind bars far worse, even if they beg for everyone to remain harmless! But, you just have to know that obumer is not going to let it go this time!

  • You guys are keen on a confrontation with the Feds about your gun rights. If you take your guns out of your boot (trunk over there) & force the issue, you could actually start the ball rolling on gun confiscation. Remember there will be people in your group whos role is to arc up & confront the police feds. When Australia forced gun control here many years ago alot of guns disappeared. It was a gun buy back scheme by the Australian Federal Government. Farmers & Pastoralists declared their semi auto rifles were stolen. Crims kept theirs. See we didn`t have M16s, Ak`s etc etc out there so much like you have. Station owners in the top end of Oz simply lost their hand guns. They needed them, especially when going near Croc infested waters. Crocodiles are 3 times as nasty as alligators. Anyways I wish you all well & hope you don`t turn it into a reason for Obamas Homeland army to start his gun take back. You don`t need another civil war.

  • Why is the one Bundy named Ammon? Are they Ammonites?

    • Seems to me that they are controlled opposition.

  • These cowboys better know what they are doing because the only reason federal agents did not open fire on the Bundy family and friends as they rode up on horseback with their six-shooters holstered was the fact that Bundy partisans held and manned the overpass. With high ground and riflemen aiming over the edge, all the feds had as a target was the bottom of the overpass and some rifle barrels sticking over. Maybe the tip of a cowboy or baseball cap would be visible. That’s it. Meanwhile, the high-powered rifles deployed by the patriots would have blown through the bodies of the vehicles the feds drove, leaving them no cover. The feds would literally have to get underneath the engines of their vehicles to escape patriot gunfire from above.
    The feds would have had no problem taking out the cowboys on horseback, as the horses would have been jumping around and getting shot themselves. But the riflemen on the overpass would have slaughtered every federal agent like ducks in a barrel.

  • Excellent post.. thank you.

  • Pst…pst! ….. Obama is a nut case …..

  • Caravan To Midnight – Episode 424 Expedition of Global Totalitarian Rule

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