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Wednesday, March 2, 2016 12:49
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By: Rex Ivy

As Americans, we have collectively watched each Presidential administration come and go with weary eyes and emptier pockets. We have seen Democrats, Republicans, and every permutation thereof. It’s almost as if there are only two parties…both apparently with not such differing agendas. But that’s another story. Meanwhile, Presidential candidates make lofty promises to “this” and “that” group, concerning “this” and “that” issue, but all we really get in the end is more debt and little improvement to society as a whole.

America’s manufacturing jobs have been exported worldwide while the socioeconomic chaos of the world has been wantonly imported. This has been a component of the creation of a “New World Order”; an idea that satisfies the few at the expense of the many. The number of casualties inflicted by the elite in pursuit of this Luciferian agenda grows daily. Removing borders, globalizing (and thus homogenizing) culture, pushing for a one world religion and allowing multi-national corporations to dictate social policy are just some of the tactics that the elite have employed in their efforts to manipulate us into accepting a one world government.

These sociopaths and psychopaths work to achieve their goals by creating chaos, out of which they believe they can achieve order; their order, that is. They have knowingly and willfully wrought all of this misery on this once-beloved nation as well as countless others. This, without question, has been a crime against humanity whose ultimate damage has not yet been fully realized. This slow dance into hell with the devil is ongoing but the music will soon stop. What must be recognized is that, without us demanding autonomy, we will find ourselves living in a hellish world of their design. Their world vision would be something so intrusive and overbearing that George Orwell’s world of “1984” would pale in comparison. This is not something in the distant future that we can put off worrying about. This situation is right here, right now. The ugly truth is that we may not be dealing with this if the generations before us hadn’t turned a blind eye to evil.

The often-used quote from Edmund Burke is appropriate here: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

The financial and physical carnage that will soon be left behind will unfortunately be the inheritance of the next generation. With nearly 20 trillion dollars of national debt and over 75 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities, the capacity to borrow becomes more impractical as time goes by. The problem is that a vast majority of the public doesn’t comprehend what a Trillion Dollars is.

Here is perhaps a way to demonstrate precisely what a trillion dollars is:

Schedule of Dollar Amounts

1     One Dollar

10     Ten Dollars

100     One Hundred Dollars

1,000     One Thousand Dollars

10,000     Ten Thousand Dollars

100,000     One Hundred Thousand Dollars

1,000,000     One Million Dollars

10,000,000     Ten Million Dollars

100,000,000     One Hundred Million Dollars

1,000,000,000     One Billion Dollars

10,000,000,000     Ten Billion Dollars

100,000,000,000     One Hundred Billion Dollars

1,000,000,000,000     One Trillion Dollars

10,000,000,000,000     Ten Trillion Dollars


As an example, the Denver Airport, with land and buildings, cost approximately 5 Billion Dollars. That is 1,000,000,000 x 5 = 5,000,000,000. This being the case, it would take 200 Denver Airports worth of money to equal 1 trillion dollars. That’s how big just one trillion dollars is! 200 Denver Airports! We could put four new, state-of-the-art, international airports in each of the 50 United States for 1 trillion dollars. The wars in the Middle East have cost the United States anywhere from 3 to 6 Trillion dollars of treasure, depending on whether future expenditures are included or not, and to what degree they are accounted.

This, of course, does not count the death and pain associated with war upon which a dollar figure cannot be justifiably determined.

So, with this in mind, we can conclude that if the cost of the Middle East wars was only 3 Trillion dollars, then that would be the financial equivalent of building 600 brand new international airports just like the Denver Airport. That means that for 3 trillion dollars we could have twelve international airports, all paid for, in each and every state of the United States. But instead of beautiful infrastructure that helps people live better lives, we have casualties, caskets, and chaos. Airports were simply used here as an example to demonstrate just how much money billions and trillions of dollars is in concrete terms. These numbers are so large that people have difficulty comprehending them. Of course, it doesn’t help when politicians throw the numbers “billions” and “trillions” around as if they were mere pocket change. No matter what one may argue, there are many other worthwhile things that could have been done with the money that was instead spent on endless wars. Imagine just how many people could have earned income from all that construction, let alone the myriad of other jobs and services required? Just how much greater do you think our country could have been if the trillions were spent on infrastructure (or something else worthwhile) rather than war?

In place of infrastructure and jobs, the youth of America will have to shoulder the burden of 20 trillion dollars of national debt and 75 trillion dollars of the additional unfunded liabilities before moving forward with their lives. With all this debt, and if things financially stay on the path that they are on, the youth of America will be systemically turned into serfs, no matter how educated they may be. Although educators boldly claim that their recently manufactured students are far better educated than preceding generations, their work product proves otherwise. This is also a symptom of the systematic dumbing down of America, but lest we digress, the fact is that the latest generation of college graduates faces an economic reality unlike anything in American history.

Quality job opportunities for young Americans are fast becoming scarce, their debts are rising higher, and their income potential is falling. They are additionally burdened with the higher cost of daily life.

The basic necessities such as rent, food, healthcare, taxes and insurance are just some of the expenses that will hinder their capacity to pay the extorted price of their diplomas.

Many are unaware of the fact that the Clinton administration, along with Congress, made it impossible for students who could not pay their student loans to obtain debt relief through bankruptcy. Dishonest financiers and entrepreneurs who bilk untold billions from society can find protection in the Bankruptcy Courts, but students must carry their burden till death. What is wrong with this picture (besides everything)?

This circumstance exemplifies the new policy of economic “fairness” that America has adopted. Add to that the fact that students have reached a point where the cost of their (so-called) education outweighs its value.

Like the many economic bubbles in the past three decades, education participated in the party and even the most uneducated understand that nobody knows how to party harder and more often than those in college. Many have been living the lives of drunkards due to the consumption of too much Kool-Aid from the Federal Reserve’s punch bowl. Artificially low interest rates and easy money policies allowed educational institutions to overcharge and afforded the opportunity for millions of hopeful naïve students to overpay. Well the party is over, not only for the many misguided students, but for all of us, because the hangover is not only contagious but terminal as well.

These artificial fiscal policies have economically decimated those who have lived and saved responsibly. The cost of living for them has also risen to undesirable and unsustainable levels. Older people who have retired (or at least wanted to) find themselves forced back into the workforce just to maintain some semblance of the lifestyle they once planned on enjoying. All of this is due to either the lack of income generation from their hard-earned savings or to recapitalize for losses they now have after desperately searching for yield in risky investments. Actually, we can safely assume that it is most likely a toxic combination of both that has caused their current situation.

Obviously, these older individuals are now forced to compete for the jobs that the young, inexperienced graduates thought would be waiting for them. Oversupply of labor, as we all have learned as a basic economic theory, leads to lower wages.

Now, if we add to the workforce the influence that illegal immigration brings, we have employment and economic Armageddon happening in America. Does anyone really doubt that the economic ramifications we are currently experiencing wasn’t foreseen or contemplated by the policymakers who set them into motion? Of course they knew, for they are as just as intelligent as they are evil. Doubt not that the results we are now living under are part of an intended and purposeful plan.

The very people we relied on to protect us betrayed the most basic of our needs – economic sustenance. They willfully traded our well-being for their personal political fortunes. That concentrated their efforts on satisfying their benefactors on both K and Wall Street and turned their back on the populace known as Main Street. Now comes the next phase: a generational war, and it is one that will be waged until the current policy of bubble economics is killed once and for all. The Keynesian economic model utilized to implement this clockwork of evil was specifically designed to impose continued debt servitude upon society for the benefit of the elite. The constant need of inflation by its nature destroys savings both past and present. The undeniable fact is that the devaluation of money sinks all boats. The lives of prudent people have been ravaged while the irresponsible gamblers and hucksters continually get free spins of the wheel. Time will run out before the tide will turn, and the best that young workers can hope for is the war to end via the premature death of their elders.

What is most ironic in all this is that those who hold public office still don’t understand why most Americans will gleefully vote for a man like Donald J. Trump. For better or worse, he is openly venting the frustrations of many Americans and doing so without the filter of political correctness. In what mindset could politicians ever believe that it was politically correct to destroy the middle class of the United States in the first place?

Did they expect all of their betrayals of the common people to continue without notice or ramification? These willfully blind politicians will now just sit back dismayed and continue to ask, why? Why Donald Trump? Let’s give them a hint: Donald Trump is not you! Americans would now prefer to be led by anybody but a politician! People are simply refreshed to hear a voice that doesn’t sound like the ones they’ve heard too many times before.

It really is that simple, so we may as well just relax and enjoy the show. No matter how long it lasts, or how it may end, this is just the latest battle in the war on us, the American people!

A YouTube video that helps visualize the above numbers can be found here:

and here


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