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Manchurian Miuslim Imposter in The White House?

Friday, June 17, 2016 10:55
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Trump is Right; There IS “something” about Obama!
Last Monday (6/13/16) Donald Trump was roundly criticized when he seemed to suggest or infer that President Obama’s lack of desire to deal decisively with ISIS opened a Pandora’s box of questions about his leadership, his perceptions and ultimately his motivation and sympathies.
I am hardly the first person to point out that President Obama seems to exhibit a very feint-hearted approach in dealing with radical Islamic terrorism (a phrase he still cannot bring himself to utter), whether at home or abroad.   Military men, political commentators of all stripes, and increasingly the general public see this president as somehow being removed from an accurate perception of this radical Islamic terrorist threat to the people of the United States, Europe and the rest of the world.
Pundits and researchers have proffered several theories as to why this may be, and perhaps each of them possess a shred of the truth.   Most of their theories range from Obama’s being naive, incompetent, and sophomoric to simply out–of-touch.   The one “theory” that has been floated which has been roundly condemned by the media elite is that President Barack Hussein Obama may actually be a closet Muslim.
This last possibility, of course, is considered, to be an outrageous conspiracy theory equivalent to the stories that  FDR knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor beforehand; or that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy; or that Wall Street financed Hitler.   The problem with these flippant dismissals (should anyone actually care to investigate these maters beyond required high school school text books) is that they all happen to be true, as subsequent research by serious historical investigators have proven.
In the case of Barack Hussein Obama, here we have a person who was raised in Indonesia in a Muslim country and who has said that the Muslim call to prayer at evening is the most beautiful sound he has ever heard.   While labeling himself a Christian, Obama blurted out during the very first presidential debates among Democrat candidates, that  ”I am a Muslim…” when asked his religion, and then quickly corrected this utterance to “I am a Christian…” after realizing his Freudian slip.   He wears a gold wedding ring on his finger inscribed in Arabic with the motto: “There is No God but Allah” and has stated in his book, “Dreams From My Father” that if and when the feces hits the fan, he “..will stand with Muslims.”   Spoken like a true Christian?
During one of his prayer breakfasts, he attacked the sins of med-evil Christianity, describing the horrors of the Crusades — a very common theme still prevalent today among Muslims of the world, seven centuries later — while ignoring current ISIS beheadings, live burials, crucifixions and immolations of Christians in the Middle East.   One of his first acts upon ascending to the Presidency was to remove all of our troops from the Middle East, over the direct objections of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the head of the CIA, allowing the formation of ISIS.   He praised the so-called “Arab Spring” when the Muslim Brotherhood temporarily took over the Egyptian government.   His response was to shower them with tanks, guns, F-15 fighter jets and millions of dollars — until the good people of Egypt revolted and installed Abdel al-Sisi as their new President.  When France was attacked by Muslim terrorists during the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Obama was the only leader from a major nation who failed to show up and march in solidarity with the French people.
Moreover, based on multiple leaks from inside his administration, we learn that Muslims have thoroughly infiltrated DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and many of our other intelligence agencies.  Far more tellingly, and far more disturbing, is the testimony of Philip Haney, one of the founders of The Department of Homeland Security, a man who speaks, reads and writes fluent Arabic, and who had been tasked with the tracking of potential Islamic extremists throughout the United States prior to the Obama administration’s ascension to power.
In his startling book, “See Something, Say Nothing”  Philip Haney documents the FACT that when the Obama administration came to power, the 800+ investigations of suspicious and potential Muslim terrorist activities in America was summarily and purposely erased from his computer files by a “higher authority.”  According to Haney’s testimony on the Sean Hannity show, he feels that several of the Muslim attacks on America may well have been prevented based on his investigations; and that many radical Muslim terrorists attacks on America that have yet to come have now had their trails erased and expunged, based on the orders of a “higher up” in the Obama administration, or perhaps on the orders of Obama himself.
Before Barack Hussein Obama was anointed as President, a strange story appeared on select web sites that dealt with, shall we say, “alternative” news media.   The story detailed how a young American couple, working in Moscow during the 90′s, were told at a cocktail party by their Russian hosts that America would soon have a Black President.  The Russian host even knew his name:   Barack Hussein Obama.   The Russians told the Americans that he would be “irresistible” to America, but that he was a Marxist through and through, and that he would subvert America and its institutions in every way possible “…because he is one of us.”
Whether this story has any merit (you may read it here for yourself: “The First Time I Heard of Barack Obama” by Tom Fife,( ) it certainly would explain a great deal since it does seem that President Obama, for some reason, bends over backwards (or is that forwards?) to run interference for Muslims who attack Western civilization.
Is Barack Husein Obama a Manchurian candidate funded by the likes of George Soros to “…change our history and our traditions….” as his wife, Michelle declared shortly after his inauguration?  How does one actually “change” history when it has already happened?  And why would anyone want to change American traditions and values — unless one were distinctly hostile to those traditions and values to begin with, a position many have suspected is embedded in Obama’s heart when he went on his famous world apology tour enumerating the sins of America during his first term in office.
Whatever the reason, a prudent person might easily conclude that there really is “…something…” about Barack Hussein Obama that has yet to be revealed which would explain his apparent antipathy for America and everything for which it stands.   We do know that he was raised at the knee of Frank Marshall Davis, a hard-core Communist; he attended the Church of Jeremiah (God Damn America) Wright for 20 years and thought nothing of it; and his best friends were Pentagon bombers Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, in whose front room Obama began his political career in Chicago.   A less than “presidential” background, to say the least.
Is it really too much of a stretch to examine the irony that Barack Obama, our acting President, could not pass the security clearance for the position of janitor at The White House, and yet he is now entrusted with the security of the United States and the free world?  No, it is not!
We know that Obama lied to America about his recent nuclear research enrichment agreement with Iran;  traded an American deserter, Bo Bergdahl, for the release of FIVE hard core terrorists from Guantanamo; and continues to bring in Muslims from Middle Eastern countries into America and lard them with free everything (housing, food, transportation, cell phones, education, medical care, schooling, legal aid, etc.) over the objections of our FBI Director, Assistant FBI Director and Head of Homeland Security, all of whom correctly state that ISIS has openly declared that they will infiltrate this flow of refugees into America so that they can implement radical Jihad against Americans.  We also have learned that Obama’s minions have even forbidden the use of certain words such as “Jihad” and “Sharia” in the filing of internal reports lest it offend Muslim sensibilities.  And nearly every day, Obama continues to disparage and criticize any American who dares try to link the word Muslim with the word “terrorist.”  
Jamaes Kahlstom, former head of the FBI in New York City, has publicly testified that the FBI has been forbidden by this administration to gather “signal” or “humint” intelligence from Muslims or mosques unless it is freely provided by Muslims to the FBI first.   In other words, the FBI has been ordered by the White House not to gather and pass on intelligence of possible Muslim terrorism unless it is offered to them.   This is an American President?
Obama’s policies that have not only produced one of the worst economic records in American history, stripped and weakened our military readiness, and threatened America’s safety and security by the introduction of an army of potential Muslim terrorists within our borders;  he  also continues to attack all American citizens’ right of self defense based on our 2nd Amendment while subverting American morals and traditions, and uses the IRS to intimidate his political opponents, while dividing the races by turning a blind eye towards any criminal investigation that does not facilitate his narrative of perpetual Black victimhood.
Barack Obama is not only the embodiment of the Peter Principle in the flesh; he is also the product of years of subversion of our educational system by the disciples of John Dewey.   One can only surmise that his permanent, petulant “chip on his shoulder” attitude must be the result of the terrible “oppression” he and Michelle have somehow had to endure as they were condemned to a life of historical prominence, prestige and power as the President and First Lady of the greatest nation on this planet.
Is there “something” about Barack Obama that does not quite pass the smell test?   Inquiring people would like to know.   For I truly feel that It is not coincidental — in fact it may actually be providential in a revelatory sense —  that Barack Obama’s initials are B.O. 
Obama’s continual coddling of Muslim terrorists, his puzzling track record regarding National Security, his decimation of our military, his willingness to disarm Americans on the flimsiest of pretexts, and his blatant disregard for our Constitution and Bill of Rights speaks far more eloquently to his real agenda, and his utter disdain for America and American values than any words can say.   
This hopeless narcissist, this self-hating White/Black man who only identifies with half of his genetic inheritance, this Walt Disney cardboard cut-out whose animatronic eloquence disappears whenever his teleprompter stops and his mind and tongue stutters to find a fragment of coherency, this person who loathes America and American values, and regards the Presidency as his personal burden, this perpetual apologist and enabler for radical Islamic terrorists…   this IS the REAL  Barack Hussein Obama!
Copyright 2016, LCVincent, all rights reserved

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