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1 in 5 Children Sexually Abused. You’ll Be Shocked to Read Which Politician Wants to Keep it That Way. Photos.

Saturday, August 13, 2016 8:28
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By Deborah Dupré

One of the high-profile American politicians has been working for years to not allow a vote on the Child Victims Act that would protect children instead of child sexual abuse perpetrators by changing the statute of limitations. Learning about the person behind the block, another VIP involved in protecting pedophiles, and the group of senators supporting this block that keeps pedophiles free to continue abusing children is chilling.

“I’m a sexual abuse survivor, and my story perfectly illustrates the problem with statutes of limitations,” states Gary Greenberg, now campaigning in New York to expose leaders blocking the Act that would protect children in his state. New York’s statute-of-limitations laws have one of the shortest windows in the country for pursuing sexual-abuse complaints through the courts. Greenberg intends to change that.


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Child sexual abuse or child molestation is a form of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation. A child cannot consent to any form of sexual activity, period. The perpetrator engaging with a child this way is committing a crime with lasting effects on the victim — for years, often into adulthood. It usually takes years for sexual abuse survivors to gain courage to report the criminal act against them.

Why would any elected official refuse to hold child sexual abuse perpetrators accountable? When that official is New York’s Senate Majority Leader Senate Majority Leader John J. Flanagan (Republican), one might justifiably question more than why and why not. His religion is Catholic, according to National Vapers.

“Abusers can manipulate victims to stay quiet about the sexual abuse using a number of different tactics,” explains the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. It was named one of “America’s 100 Best Charities” by Worth magazine. 

“Often an abuser will use their position of power over the victim to coerce or intimidate the child. They might tell the child that the activity is normal or that they enjoyed it,” RAINN states on its website, where its victim HOTLINE number is provided (800.656.HOPE (4673)). “An abuser may make threats if the child refuses to participate or plans to tell another adult. Child sexual abuse is not only a physical violation; it is a violation of trust and/or authority.” (Author’s emphasis)

An effort to give people in New York who say they were abused as minors more time to file lawsuits has passed four times in the state Assembly before stalling in the Senate. (Wall Street Journal) The Child Victims Act has never been allowed to the floor for a vote in New York’s senate, because of Sen. Flannagan and a host of other state senators supporting this insanity. For each senator opposing the Child Victims Act, a replacement candidate has vowed to vote for this Act.

The proposed law would eliminate civil and criminal statutes of limitations for sex crimes against minors. It would also introduce a one-time, one-year window, beginning 60 days after the governor signs it, for people to bring civil suits against people or institutions in older abuse cases. An untold number of abusers could be exposed.

“It’s black and white,” Greenberg said in June. “If you’re not going to support the bill, then you’re for the predators.”

Tragically, many predators are lifelong abusers, with as many as 100 victims. Many are viewed by the naive public as upright community leaders.




Not only senators have stalled justice the new Act would bring. Dennis Poust, spokesman for the New York State Catholic Conference, a lobbying group representing the state’s bishops, called the ability to prosecute cases that could possibly stretch back five decades or more “fundamentally unfair.” His rationale? It is often hard to defend against older claims, he said. No surprise there considering what a Boston Globe investigative team uncovered regarding the Catholic Church child sexual abuse cover up.

Starring Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton, the movie “Spotlight” documents the Catholic Church’s child molestation plague. Only three days ago, Fr. Bonifacio Buzzi, a Brazilian priest convicted of child abuse and mentioned in the Oscar-winning film ‘Spotlight,’ committed suicide in his prison cell over the weekend. He had been arrested last Friday, according to the Catholic News Agency (CNA).

In 1995, Fr. Buzzi was found guilty of abusing several youth in a mental hospital. Instead of being jailed, he was sentenced to four years house arrest. In 2004, he was convicted of molesting a 10-year-old boy in Mariana, Minas Gerais. For this crime, he was jailed from 2007-2015 for the crime. He was arrested Aug. 5 in the state of Santa Catarina after criminal complaints that he molested two more boys, aged 9 and 13. He was taken back to Minas Gerais. There, he hung himself with a sheet inside his jail cell on August 7. (CNA)

[Watch the Spotlight movie trailer below]

After Spotlight exposed the church’s widespread pedophilia, the Vatican restructured its proceedings regarding abuse charges. From 2004-2011, 3,400 U.S. cases of alleged U.S. clergy abuse were reported to Rome for review. Of those accused, 848 were laicized and 2,572 permanently removed from ministry. (CNA)

This year, the vote in favor of the N.Y Child Victims Act was closer than ever. The battle for the 2017 vote has begun.  A petition is designed to show New York’s leaders that children are more important than the powerful special interests objecting to the bill.

Gary Greenberg, a NY survivor and investor, started a Political Action Committee and he is endorsing candidates who support ending New York’s statutes of limitations, what he explains as being “some of the most draconian in the country.” Greensberg put $100,000 of his pension money into a campaign to protect New York’s children.

“My father was admitted to Cohoes Memorial Hospital in 1966. I was just eight years old,” explains Greenberg.

When he went to visit his father, a 24-year old hospital orderly named Louis Vanwie offered a tour of the facility to him.

“Instead of the promised hospital tour, however, he took me into a room and instead took a sexual tour of my body,” Greenberg says. “I was terrified, I didn’t know what to do. He told me he would kill my mother and father if I told anyone.”

Greenberg says he did what most sexually abused victims do.

“I did what most victims do. Nothing.”

That’s the problem. Child sexual abuse by adults is so common, it’s no wonder it’s as difficult as it is to criminalize it and instead use statutes of limitations to keep child molesters on the street, off sex offender registries, and keep all children at risk. 

[Know the Signs: Child Sexual Abuse Signs You See So Often, You’ll Be Shocked]

New York ranks with Alabama and Mississippi as one of the worst states in the country, making it more difficult for victims to report child sexual abuse and for criminal justice to protect our children from the predators who prey on them.

Greenberg says he needs the public’s help. For the first time in ten years New York politicians will be required to take a stand on this child protection issue before the elections. They will have to pledge. Do they protect children, or will they continue to protect the perverts who prey on them?

Greenberg is urging Americans to sign a petition telling New York’s leaders to protect children not predators.

“It’s just not right that New York still has laws that ensure nine out of ten predators remain on our streets protected by our laws. It’s 2016,” Greenberg says. “Time for change. Time to protect our children.”

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  • Are all the guilty legislators Catholic?

  • The tragic circle continues only because too few people will look at the reality of child sexual abuse and how common it is. Hat tip to Mr. Gary Greenberg for having the wisdom and courage to change this.

  • Yes, many become lawmakers to protect their bad habits. Like doing away with the death penalty. And in this case protecting pedophiles or their friends (probably sodomites) to themselves.

    It should be obvious and for all to see…..

    Take for instance the sodomite negro up there. Does not want to shut down illegal immigration or vet immigrant Muslims thus allowing a trojan horse invasion. But remember who put the sodomite negro in – CONGRESS!!!

    But I digress….

  • Excellent Article Deb!, & Gday from the “Lowerworld/down-Underworld”.

    This IS the ROT we need to CUT out of Society…..blocked, by Pollies/Judges/Media(blackouts) of the Catholic persuasion , because they think it is their Society….the Society of Jesus.

    So, to PROTECT the “good name?” of the Church…..the nefarious actions of these PREDATORS is systematically covered-up. Priests not answerable to a Nations common Laws…..because they answer to CANON LAW.

    It is up to you lot Deb, WOMEN, the mothers, of the victims to PROTEST Nationwide. I am baffled that women swallow Christianity at all……a Church that allows NO WOMEN into its Heirarchy. Denegrated in a book, where the fairer sex is DEMONIZED as the cause of SIN on earth, and we have to have “Faith”(gullibility) in a birth from a VIRGIN mother????
    I have pondered how this peaceful PROTEST by Protest-ants (not Prodestants!) might work………

    Since it is now obvious, this Satanic/Evil ritual is at the very highest levels…the Supreme Courts. What is their common denominator, “Symbol” of allegience???…..the FASCI …..
    FASCI~ (NOT an Indian quiver & Tomahawk) it is a “Bundle of Sticks” + an AXE. A brotherhood/league of men, one can be broken, but many sticks together are much “Stronger”.
    It was the logo of Mussolinis FASCIst party, but in the highest echelons of the USA long before Mussolini……..

    My PROTEST ??…….Imagine a peaceful rally of “young girls” outside all of these law courts, holding a small bundle of twigs/sticks. When one of these “Judges” appears, the girls walk up to him, pull out one stick……and BREAK it with their delicate hands in front of their face. The message being…..this bundle , can be BROKEN, one stick at a time. Once they realize the “common people” know their “secret hidden alignment”….the FASCIsts and their FASCI symbol are the TRUE rulers of Society…..we might be able to progress as a Society….and DEMAND Transparency at the highest levels….who obviously are aligned to a different agenda than protecting the most innocent of Society..our children……..
    I dont think even the most ARDENT NWO Security enforcer , be it Police or whoever, will be able to SHOOT a little girl who’s only crime is breaking a twigg ……and if they did…..How on Earth could MURDOCHs Media “Justify” such a reaction?
    We all know the IDF in Palestine has no qualms about shooting little Muslim boys for throwing “rocks” so it is up to the girls…..they have played on our emotions long enough, it is time to play on theirs…..GUILT.

    The Problem?…..Teenage girls, being maturer than boys, realize the concept of this eternal damnation in Hell, and so are easily swayed into the “Fear”. This “GoDspell/Curse” is what stops them from examining “Gods words” in much greater detail…..they are scared of angering god, and so become Defenders of the Faith, thinking they are good Christians. How many men have gone to WAR, inspired by the singing of Women on PEWS? ..>..(.Onward Christian Soldiers)……and now pushed with images of “Christians” being beheaded?…….and pollies promoting this cause with “GOD BLESS AMERICA”…….when the commandment is “Thou Shall NOT KILL”?

    As I have told you before how these “JESUIT MISSIONARYS” are the ones responsible for this child abuse in Australia, even stealing a generation of Aboriginals , children in “Christian Missions”…..easy access for this Predatory Pedophile Priests……ex-communiting our 1st Saint, MARY McKillop, for she told the Cardinal about their evil deeds!

    Continuing TODAY, with the HEAD of the CATHOLIC Church in Aus, CARDINAL PELL, currently hiding behind the Vatican Walls , to escape the “Spotlight” of the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse>PEDOPHILIA. Initially wanted for questioning about the intentional cover-up , and now HIMSELF, facing allegations.
    And the level it reaches is incredible. One investigator, has had to move residence several times because of Harrassment, Threats, & Intimidation to himself & family members…..and I myself, was “DUMBFOUNDED” by the actual Police reaction to all of this when my own daughter was in a “suspicious incident”…
    I , an angry father, was TOLD to “Stand-Down” or face charges myself…..

    YES Deb!! For the sake of the future of Humanity, this ROT has got to stop!

    How does a Priest “Justify” scaring the congregation/Commune with “Eternal Hell-Fire Damnation”, but then proceeds to PREY on the youngest?……Does anyone think , that a few “HELL MARYs” and Jesus/God will forgive all of this?…..THIS IS THE HYPOCRACY that never ceases to amaze…..and this “GoD-spell/Curse” so heavily promoted in the USA Bible-belt ~ being BELTED around the head with a heavy KJV…….

    • “How does a Priest “Justify” scaring the congregation/Commune with “Eternal Hell-Fire Damnation”, but then proceeds to PREY on the youngest?”

      Simple. The doctrine taught to all Roman Rite initiates (read, the priest-class) is that among the possible methods for gaining entrance into the kingdom of god, is the sodomite gateway ritual. This is when the ‘Key of David’ (use your imagination) is used in a sodomite ritual to perform the ‘eye-opening’ (use your imagination) ceremony of ‘illumination’. ALL ‘illumined’ initiates have been on the receiving end of this ritual.

      The fact is this: sodomizing young children is not viewed as an act of perversion or even merely an overt act of sexual impulse gratification for the Roman Rite initiates. Ritual sodomy is a very important element of worship which the Roman Rite priest-class practice habitually. They actually believe they’re doing children a good deed when this criminal act is perpetrated. They think their god requires it. And they’re correct. The god of the Roman Rite initiates does require it.

    • Hello Deano,
      No wonder your were and are angry.
      We’ve come a ways over the past decade but still have many miles to go to curb this crime still being covered up by too many people.
      I was in the outback stationed in Alice when martial law was forced on those people back in 2007 or 8 under the false pretense of child molestation happening in the Aboriginal communities. What a lot of rot. Guess who was on the heals of the army when it rolled into those deprived communities with its heavy military gear? Uranium miners, offering the Aborigines brand new houses with swimming pools if they gave up their land. Yes, that’s what it was all really about, my friend.
      Nothing is as it first appears. The truth was that there was more child sexual abuse happening in Sydney and Melbourne burbs than on those communities, according to researchers battling the unjust martial law on behalf of the Aborigines.

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