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Putin: ‘Russia Could Wipe Out the U.S. in Less Than Half an Hour’ (Video)

Saturday, September 24, 2016 6:01
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President of Russia Vladimir Putin has claimed that he could destroy America easily if he wanted.

Those who have been paying any attention to politics know that Putin is a potential danger not only to Russia itself but also to America. Jokes have been made about how Putin banned memes of himself, and how the American people ought to be sharing them anyway. While these jokes are all in good fun, it is important to realize that Putin is limiting his people’s right to speak. This can be very dangerous and is often the first step of a dictatorship.

The fear has risen slightly since Putin made the claim that he could destroy America in less than a half hour. Putin and the American president, Barack Obama, have a current relationship that seems amicable but is unstable at best.

Putin took personal offense at America’s plan to build a missile defense system. He believed that this was a betrayal of his trust.





The fears that this will cause comes from the possibility that these countries could get into an arbitrary “my armed forces are bigger than yours” fight. In this instance, there is a possibility that individual building could quickly escalate into violence.

Russia has also been very outspoken about America trying to spread an American version of democracy through the Middle East. Russia believes that America is sticking its nose where it does not belong and that it is causing more problems than it is worth. To make matters worse, the American military claims it may have attacked Syria in an attempt to attack an ISIS group. If this is true, America will be responsible for over 60 deaths and many men harmed, on top of unnecessary destruction. The following comes from a post titled: The Real Reason Putin Hates Obama and Clinton, and Wants Trump To Win.

In the video below, Putin tells a very different story than the one Western media has reported about what happened in Crimea. In fact, he becomes quite angry when asked about it by German reporters. Putin says that contrary to western media reports, there was no “invasion” of Crimea, there were no gunshots ever fired, and not one person died during events in Crimea… not one. He says the people of Crimea held their own referendum, and they chose to leave Ukraine, and become part of the Russian Federation. 




Like before, Putin says the leaders of the United States need to learn to respect the interests of others, and not go changing the rules whenever it suits them. Diplomacy is the art of being able to reconcile your national interests, alongside those of other States, compromising on certain aspects along the way. However, Putin points out that the Atlanticist world view (EU/US/NATO) has shown that it does not allow for mutual respect, nor for cooperation. Through a number of covert means, the west asks for nothing less than for Russia to no longer ascertain its national interests, which makes President Putin #1 Bogeyman in the western media today. When asked if he is a friend to the West, Putin says:

“I am not your friend, I am not your bride, or your groom… I am the President of Russia…”





Russia has made no comment on this, but it does not bode well for the rocky relationship the two countries already have.

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The S-400’s are so advanced, they can follow up to 300 targets simultaneously ranging from anywhere between just a few feet off the ground, all the way to 40 miles above the earth’s surface. That’s roughly 5x the reach as it’s western counterpart, the Patriot Missile. The S-400 can also acquire targets up to 600km away and take them out at 400km away. Finally, for efficiency, the super high tech missile defense platform only requires three people to operate, and as you can see in the videos provided, the system is highly portable. 





Also, don’t forget the Chinese “Carrier Killer” that Russia could no doubt get its hands on if it wanted to. Originally developed as a strategic weapon, the DF-21′s later variants were designed for both nuclear and conventional missions. As well as a nuclear warhead of around 300 kt, it is thought that high explosive and submunition warheads are available. The latest DF-21D was said to be the world’s first anti-ship ballistic missile (ASBM). The DF-21 has also been developed into a space-capable anti-satellite weapon/anti-missile weapon carrier.







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  • And we could do the same to Russia. So no one wins.

  • This IS real and DEADLY SERIOUS !!! I’ve seen several of their ICBM mobile missile launchers up close and the Russian military and government mean business with them !!! Those launchers can set up and fire and then be out of there in very little time and they’re FAST comparatively so they can be back down in one of their underground bases rearming and ready to head out to another location to launch another ICBM with a relatively short turn around time !!! Do WE have those ??? Not as far as I know ! Russia isn’t a joke and Putin ISN’T bluffing !!! The present political and military situation that we are now facing is the MOST dangerous time that the world (especially America) has EVER seen !!! This could easily go full on all out nuclear in a very short amount of time if they aren’t VERY careful !!!

    • How close were you? Were you an undercover spy, for the FBI? Were green teeth involved?

      • I’ve been in and out of Russia 11 times. That’s ALL I’ll say about that .

  • all of the free-speech limits Putin has put on his people are necessary because of a concerted effort BY FED JEW-FILTH to overthrow his government. the endless wars and humanitarian disaster are the direct fault of NATO warmonger filth directed by their jew overloards to save the corrupt FED jew-dollar from self-destruction.

    WWIII -like WWII- is being started BY JEWS. Russia is in the exact same position as Hitler in the 30′s. Putin put his jew-banksters IN PRISON and then -because of US economic sanctions and warmongering on Russia’s border- has started a new currency which will eclipse the corrupt FED jew-dollar. to make matters worse for the jews, Putin is fighting US/NATO backed terrorists in Syria, a country coveted by Israeli jews into which Israel wants to expand… the psychopath, jew-puppet, Obama and his sabre rattling henchmen, John McCain and Paul Ryan are taking the world closer and closer to nuclear war and it’s all for the lying jews. google: David Cole on “the holocaust”. HITLER DIDN’T GAS ANYONE. IT’S ALL BS!

    • Millions of jews died at concentration camps, regardless if it was from starvation and exhaustion or from getting gassed by chemicals. The jewish media emphasize the gas chambers for sensationalism to get everyone on their side to keep israel a sovereign nation. It serves their national security interests. To call the holocaust a hoax is just as misinforming as to say 6 million jews were gassed to death. I have seen documentaries on tv of boney jews like you see africans begging for food in civil war countries after the allies freed europe.

      • The Germans treated the Jews far better than the Nazi-American jarhead marines do
        at Guantanamo and 99% of those being detained at Guantanamo are teens that did nothing and the USSA knows this. The boney starving Jews we have all seen were starved along with many other races when the NATO idiots cut their supplies of food and needed supplies. This is pretty well known to most of the wolrld but of course not in censored America. America also has no idea
        of what happened in Dresden of the millions murdered for no reason in North Korea during the Korean War. An un-informed un-educated population is much easier to control.

        • In one hour Babylon will fall and will be nothing but a ruinous unlivable heap. Get out while you can. I think Putin has almost had enough of Obama’s shenannigans and Hilary’s legacy. I don’t think that God really cares that much about america any more. Save yourself, get out while you still can.

        • You mean Club Gitmo? Except for preventing the animals from killing innocents, I thought they had it pretty good. They probably do miss having sex with their goats, and raping children.

      • Millions of jews did not die in the camps. The red cross put the total number of deaths at around 250,000 total if I am remembering correctly.

        That is the total, not just jews.

        Also alot of the footage that is shown of starving people and piles of bodies is actually footage of what the jews in Russia were doing to the Russians in the gulags.

        • Ukraine. Stalin killed far more than that through famine in the 1930s. Most interesting if a majority of the photos happen to actually belong to that horror.

    • Chem trail loony would have you believe it’s the “Jesuits” that are the problem. ….what utter BS….we of ration capable independent minds know the number one enemy of humanity is the Zionists and their fake Jew masters

  • the american people are FOOLS. obama is a jew-puppet who put “sanctions” on russia for stopping their war-fun in the mid-east. Putin acted in the 11th hour and with great restraint after watching NATO destroy Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. all the mid-east countries that have been attacked by NATO were trading oil in a non-FED jew-dollar currencies and that is the crux of the endless war and refugee crisis….. China, Russia & Iran MUST stand united against the jew-banksters who are desperate to enslave the rest of the Mid-East to US debt.

  • War is a racket of the bankers and rich capitalist class. It is one of those industries that requires constant conflict to grow or at least maintain the military industrial complex. No wars equals no profit from high turnover of weapons manufacturing. It is just like the war on drugs, war on terror, the religious complex, exploiting race and sex for political gains, etc.

    We should be seeking space travels and planetary defense from asteroids and alien invasions. Instead we are stuck fighting each other for the interests of billionares and trillionares. The millionares tend to produce, where as the billionares and trillionares are simply parasites creating and exploiting conflicts.

    • So the millionaires are good guys and those who have more $s are bad?
      What a total crock of BLEEP.

      • He’s right in that the billionaires (the merchants of war at least) that are involved in the worldwide “Military Industrial Complex” ARE completely corrupt and EVIL and THEIR money gained at the expense of lost and maimed innocent lives is tantamount to MURDER by being complicit in wars as well as ENABLING them and those that are sent to murder innocents !!!

  • “it is important to realize that Putin is limiting his people’s right to speak. This can be very dangerous and is often the first step of a dictatorship”…WOW! the Russian are catching up with america.

  • Well yes Russia could wipe out the USA in litter over an half and hour and still have change to hit Israel, Japan and Europe too so in the game of “MAD” i guess that Russia wins.

    Maybe the USA has better stop invading places all over the world and pushing it’s look before it gets a well deserved bloody nose and americans need to look in the mirrow when they want to blame someone for not standing up and being counted when it became apparant that 9/11 was an inside job.

    “Putin took personal offense at America’s plan to build a missile defense system. He believed that this was a betrayal of his trust.”

    NATO said it would not move one step closer to the Russian border and Putin has a good right to be concerned with these so called defensive missiles in Poland and if I was him then I would use mini nukes to take them all out because it’s a direct threat to russia and is just like the Cuban missile crisis in reverse.

    I sleep so much better at night knowing that the world is stating to stand up to the USA thats been taken over by bankers.

    • Yup ! Actions speak MUCH louder tan Words !!! Don’t listen to what they SAY , Watch what they DO !!!

  • Yeahhh I stopped listening when you were complaining how its unacceptable to let our nuclear weapons deteriorate. As if having them is reasonable. It’s not, for anyone. Putin and Russia are an extremely defensive country. They have these because of the hegemony across the globe has every intent to take down Russia as much as possible in every way imaginable. Largely because he refuses to join in the infinite debt system that runs the rest of the world. He stands against our modern and easily corruptible “Democracy” and won’t agree to criminal deals that effect so many people.

    You can even quote me on this. If the US changed it’s obvious subversive and criminal policies, both here and abroad, and worked with other countries as equals, Russia would not be in a constant panic to arm themselves enough to stop our aggression at a moments notice. The US has upgraded the systems and created many new ones since the cold war, and it’s policies towards the rest of the world have only gotten worse.

  • Lol. Like the usa hasnt trampled all over its own people.

  • Jeez this is just a fricken game because they want you afraid and a 3rd WW would serve as an economic reset for the global economic collapse that is coming. The US could also destroy Russia in less than a 1/2 hour, its called mutually assured destruction. Nothing new here just helping the fear mongers spread their propaganda.

    • Sorry, but MAD isn’t what it used to be. I grew up during the Cold War era and the USSA and it’s military are far different from back then.
      The Russians are not stupid, nor are the Chinese. They adapt and change to fit the moment, UNcle allowed them to infiltrate and destroy him from the inside without a shot fired, so far in the latest version of the Cold War.

  • this is mostly fear porn..but it may serve as a warnining to the pentagon to back off poking sticks into hornets nests..the eastern blocs want peace..america wants war…easy to see who to watch out for

    • When you talk about “fear porn” I would respectfully suggest you go serve some time working in the local VA hospital as I have, you might just rethink that.

  • There is simple solutions to Carrier Killers and the S-400 missle system.

    It has nothing to do with technology but strategy. Called MASSIVE RETALIATION! No choice…… :twisted:

    • Hard to do if they blast everything you have to retaliate with before you can launch.

  • When the SHTF and hostilities begin, let’s hope that among Russia’s first action is the nuking of Washington DC, nuking before the delusional psychopathic Neocons vacate the city and get in their bunkers.

  • Ban the right to speak? You mean like our Attorney Criminal saying she would prosecute “hate speech” against Musloids? Like Oblowme wanting to ban reporters from Fox in the White House Press Corpse? Like Democratic Socialist wanting to outlaw speech pointing out the man caused Climate Change, Global Cooling, Warming etc is BS?
    America HAS destabilized the middle east. Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc. Pedophile worshiping cave men, who have been inbreeding for 1400 years are not compatible with Western style Democracy.
    The US is not the hero on the world stage, and Russia is not the villain. Both countries advance their own interest.

  • Russia isn’t going to do anything that the */atican DOESN’T want her to do, and vise versa, and the same goes for the U.S.. The United States is the */aticans global muscle and cash cow, so don’t expect to see any mushr00m cl0uds out your kitchen window just yet. America, or (“The Lamb horned Bea$t”) as the Bible refers to it as, still has a purpose to fulfill for the */atican as the global enforcer of the “MARK”, and that’s coming in the not so near future.

  • Go after the top leaders like the global elite , not the country. When the people that are trying to get a country to do something is out of the way. The country will just have a normal business day.

    (your friend and allie)

  • We got responsibility, if we care and we do.
    Anarchast Ep. 261 Ken O’Keefe: Become a World Citizen and Starve

    • Josephus said Israelites are the Hyksos people (that ruled Egypt for only 150 years, North of Egypt. Egyptians ruled the South.)
      Why Is Jesus Missing From The Historical Record? Ralph Ellis With Vinny Eastwood

  • This article is biased. What Putin says is that the question of friends or not does not apply to relationships between sovereign nations as it does to individuals. He says he is the elected president of 146 million people and his job is to protect their interests. He says he will do that in a NON-CONFRONTATIONAL way and one that respects rights of other nations and international law.

    Now that is a good answer!!

  • The world leaders are all mortals as we all other humans are. Before God, they are only one step away from a heart attack or stroke. God can take them away whenever He wants to and they cannot save themselves. BETTER NOT TO BOAST!

  • Justin Tyme

    :arrow: MOSCOW, CHILL OUT!!

    This could be YOU. :shock:

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