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Hillary Clinton ‘Nervous Breakdown’ With No Options Left Now but to Run

Sunday, November 20, 2016 21:14
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(Before It's News)

BIN NOTE: If by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the corrupt government, then I feel for you, but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.

The ‘Trump Train’ is in the station

— Good people are boarding & the Rats are scurrying or kissing ass

If Trump’s Attorney General (Jeff Sessions) decides to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton; It’s not mysogynism, vengeance or hate on Trump’s part … it’s because there is sufficient prima facie evidence (at very least) that Hillary is culpable … on many fronts. Anyone paying the LEAST attention to facts knows this.

Trump is successful, in part, because he chooses his people well and delegates to them — any successful person will confirm as the way to do things properly.

If you haven’t seen Hillary’s post election speech the other day, the first since losing the election, you should.

And when you do, think of this: Hillary’s ego is virtually ‘legendary’ … as is her vanity. Throughout the debates and the general election, who knows how much money was spent to make her up to look healthy and vibrant (her health being a subject of much credible debate.)

Yet she chose (or allowed herself) — doesn’t really mater which as they are the same — to appear on stage, before an audience and on-camera, looking haggard, frail and weak and sounding so mas well.

Why would that be? Well, I have a theory … and since it’s mine I respect it a lot!

My theory goes like this:

Hillary Clinton never expected to lose the election. She did expect that she had it all ‘locked up’ because all the “chips” were in her favor … machines flipping Trump votes to her, machines shaving votes to her favor, dead citizens voting for her (by proxy of course), busloads of ‘undocumented Americans’ (illegals) voting for her (multiple times each), the mainstream media colluding with her including feeding her advance debate questions, Beyonce & JayZ (who graciously accepted a $63 million dollar paycheck for showing up to ‘support’ her & ‘root’ for her on stage) … the list goes on (talk about “buying the Presidency.”) The famous “Clinton Machine” was hard at work for her.

What Hillary did NOT expect is that the average, wholesome, hard-working, bill-paying American (a term it’s doubtful she actually understands) would wake up, stand up and vote for a man who is a total DC outsider … a man who is of plain language (rather than contrived rhetoric written third party for a teleprompter), who actually has ‘family values’ and kids who work hard and make their own successes in the world, who (out of passion and commitment, financed his own campaign — no Wall Street, Saudi, Qatari et al money there), and who showed Americans he was passionate about THEIR well-being. 

It resonated, because any American actually listening heard the TRUTH being spoken, as uncomfortable as that would have often been! 

That kind of plain talk created TRUST … and regardless of CNN/ABC/MSNBC and all the other ‘in-the-bag-for-Hillary’ media efforts … all the tricks, hyperbole and disinformation still resulted in an landslide ENDORSEMENT of Donald J. Trump (popular and electoral) to lead America back to her deserved prosperity.

Obviously, after making such assumptions that she would prevail, Hillary was devastated in her defeat. Not just the loss itself, also the loss of “future options” she simply must have expected to be hers! 

For example;

  • Being able (as President) to seal – under signature as Obama did – her and Bill’s past records
  • Pardoning or diverting (as President) investigations into her closest circle of friends who got her back into the White House … as President!
  • Putting Bill out on the speaking stage for highly increased speaking fees and no doubt more.

So, back on point, why would Hillary show up on stage and on-camera looking so disheveled?

Answer: PITY … for two reasons;

  • ‘Egg on’ all those idiots protesting who can’t seem to fathom that Hillary lost the election on her own because of her past malfeasance and disingenuous persona,

Those ignorant ‘chumps’ protesting Trump have no cognizance of what they are supporting or fighting! Just listen to a video or two of real interviews with them … they are totally disconnected from reality and even from the words and terms they use so ‘confidently.’ … they seem to be on a totally different planet!

  • To set up the ‘stage’ that if prosecuted it could be characterized as a “vicious”, “anti-woman”, “anti-poor-frail-Hillary”, “nasty Republican witch hunt.”

Well the “witch” (could be spelled with a ‘B’ as well!) part is certainly true and there are legions of Secret Service and Military personnel who’d corroborate that … if they could keep their jobs after having done so!

BIN NOTE: If by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the corrupt government, then I feel for you, but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.

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  • Imagine how many more children would be slaughtered in the next four years if Hitlery stole her way in.

  • kom

    Ahem,the electoral college actually votes dec.19 so theoretically those assholes could still hand the election to hitlery.

    • it could go even further and end up being decided by supreme court if the ec vote appears rigged, there might be huge public protests and the entire election process including the electoral college being done away with because the entire system is fraudulent and fixed

  • I’d wager my last dollar that our newly appointed Attorney General will upon confirmation be going strait for the juggler beginning with the mainstream news personalities who are blatantly guilty of Sedition and Treason. The public’s perception of the Trump presidency cannot afford to allow these renegade or fake news propagandists to blanket Trumps legacy with pure controversy. The initial step after taking the baton must therefore be to sever the tongue ripping it right out of the beak of the progressive parrot.

    Folks like Charlie Rose, Nora O’Donnell, Scott Pelley, Anderson Cooper are all co-conspirators who through seditious activity provided material support to those attempting to overthrow an American presidential election and place a known criminal into the presidency. The Progressives or Nazis are continuing there subversive operation paying protesters to further disrupt the legitimate and constitutionally protected election process. They apparently believe they are exempt from the law.

    The nation stealing globalists are involved in a coordinated campaign enabled by media support. Their plan is to first discredit and then overthrow a democratically elected president in an Arab Spring style take over. There is plenty of slam dunk evidence to prove both the formulation of and implementation of their crimes beyond any reasonable doubt.

    I suspect that Obama wont be pardoning anyone either. None that will stand legal scrutiny. Obama is a cohort who according to the Wikileaks email dump on Hillary, Huma Mahmood Abedin and her pet pervert Anthony Weiner Obama is guilty as well as Hillary for using the unauthorized email account. He has in addition been implicated in the purposeful creation and arming of ISIS. Not to mention that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s top document specialists have deemed Obama’s birth certificate a forgery and are scheduled to release the irrefutable facts before the good sheriff leaves office this January.

    God is shining a light on all that is done in the darkness. These powers arrogantly believe they are invincible so they are continuing this attack against America’s traditional way of governance using every trick in the book. Although they are truly masterful at deception and fraud they aren’t intelligent enough to know when to quit. None of these liars will fair very well in a public prison, I am sure in light of what they face their tribulation will be most humbling one.

    • I agree! I supported Sheriff Arpaio for years-donations. I pray Trump will drop all charges. I pray for Trump his team, and all good people of these United States. Thank you Before Its News!

  • Screw her disgusting evil self to the wall, let her hang till dead…..

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