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Who Is the Young Girl Sitting on Obama’s Lap?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 16:56
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THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today.



TMR Editor’s Note:
The young girl in the following photo has since been identified after the posting of this article. Nevertheless, pictures are worth a thousand words, especially for those who are sleuthing Pizzagate.

The MO, after all, of most pedophiles is to first go after family and friends WHO ARE VULNERABLE, WHO ARE EASY, AND WHO ARE SAFE for the perp to victimize.  Particularly because of how deeply connected President Barack Obama is to many of the key players in Pizzagate, scrutinizing his conduct has become a research imperative. 

Obvoiusly there are commenters who have posted below who are completely clueless about the true depth and breadth of Pizzagate.  They are also unaware of the various investigative techniques that the citizen journalists will employ to identify every individual involved in this “Scandal of the Century

Pizzagate: The Scandal of the Century

The Millennium Report
November 15, 2016  


A picture by one of the citizen investigators raises questions. If you are the parent of this child or someone who can offer an explanation, please let us know on one of the social media threads.

A picture by one of the citizen investigators raises questions. If
you are the parent of this child or someone who can offer an
explanation, please let us know on one of the social media threads.


Citizens use Social Media to Uncover Heinous Crimes. 

Where is Law Enforcement?


By Anonymous Patriots

PizzaGate has become a world-wide citizen investigation, using the power of social media and citizen vigilance, to uncover heinous crimes against children and unwilling adults that the elites and their co-opted partners use for perverted recreation, human trafficking, and satanic rituals.  Using the power of internet searches, WikiLeaks, Reddit threads, videos, and actual first hand investigations, citizens are putting together evidence that LAW ENFORCEMENT needs to investigate and make publically known that they are “on it” so that we can back off and let the professionals do their job.

Citizens will not stand down until we know that the authorities are making serious inroads to solving these crimes. And we expect FULL DISCLOSURE….no matter who the perpetrators are, even if it takes down the entire global elite and governments around the world.

Where the Media Fails, Citizens Take to Social Media

The media should be ashamed that they are not covering this story. Where is the New York Times, the Washington Post….even the National Enquirer, not to mention ANY of the cable or broadcast news shows? Will this be another incident, yet again, where the media provides cover to criminals? If so, be prepared to face a new posse in town—the Fifth Estate of citizen journalism and investigation.

In the last week, citizens around the world have been putting the pieces together in their communities. Below is just a small sampling of what citizens are uncovering:

The Comet Ping Pong summary on Reddit is a great place to go to log your investigation notes. So far the discussion has included videos, maps, internet search results, Instagram and other social media content.  This link is well worth a perusal if you want to join citizens in the investigation so that we begin to uncover new information for the authorities.

Of particular recent interest on this Reddit thread has been a questions about Arun Rao, who “was caught liking a bunch of James Alefantis’s creepy toddler insta posts.” As the post reads: “Guess what area Arun Rao’s actual job is? ASSISTANT US ATTORNEY, DOJ Supervisor of the Southern Division office for the DOJ’s DISTRICT OF MARYLAND.”

The role of this attorney at the DOJ was also questioned on this Twitter feed:



Another citizen investigator questions the role of Lisa Jackson, a former Environmental Protection Agency administrator who the citizen investigator says used an email account under the pseudonym “Richard Windsor” and who sits on the Clinton Foundation. The collage of materials can be found at the following link and could use some more investigation by citizens:


This citizen investigator claims to link the Comet Ping Pong to satanism and a website  Her video explanation is below:

Yet another citizen journalist offers another compilation of materials in a video that questions the Podestas, pizza parties, police sketches related to Madeline McCann’s abduction in Portugal. He asks what is a PIZZAPAC and how is this related to Clinton fundraising? The journalist also questions the possible connection of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to Sterling Allen’s Global Pedophile network.  

Also offered in his video is a story written in 2007 about the CIA’s connection to the sex slave trade that may be associated with two companies in the military industrial complex.Secrets of the CIA Global Sex Slave Industry.

Of course we can expect the MSM to call us all a bunch of conspiracy theorists as theWashington City Paper writes that the alternative right has “become obsessed with a purported connection between the pizzeria and the Hillary Clinton campaign, with forum posters obsessing over everything from the restaurant’s decor to its owners.” Read story HERE.

How to Help the World-Wide Citizen Investigation  

Calling all Patriots to the job of exposing these crimes:

If you prefer to do your reporting on Instagram, this thread is on fire and offers some interesting leads

Even My Posting Career has a thread from “Millennials with Nothing Else to Loose”

A Steemit thread claims to link Andrew Kline of the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DOJ to Besta Pizza, which is down the street from Comet Ping Pong in Washington:

Another Steemit thread looks at the relationship of James Achilles Alefantis, James Brock, Hillary Clinton, the Podestas, Barak Obama, George Soros, and Arun Rao to Comet Ping Pong:

Other researchers are looking beyond Washington and seeing other possible pedophile activates in Hollywood that may be related:

What is happening in your country or neighborhood?


The full disclosure that humanity is getting ready to witness is more than extraterrestrials, aliens, and Area 51.

This FULL DISCLOSURE is about the global network of human trafficking and pedophilia that has been going on since Babylon and the Roman Empire. It never stopped. It just went underground.  

In the next few weeks, the Anonymous Patriots will be providing an in-depth examination of how these activities relate to politicians, charities, refugees, military-industrial complex, off-shore abortion clinics, and much more.  

In the meantime, we need to seed the internet with as much as we can from citizen investigations. In this way we will “overwhelm the system” (to use a little Cloward-Piven on them) and provide cover for one another until the media and professional investigators can take over. Remember many of them are compromised—so we have to give them cover as much as we give it to each other.


We can all do something. You can do on-line research as exampled in this article. You can do first hand investigations. You can start paying attention to what is happening to children, refugees, homeless, and persons underage or detached from their communities.

Are there any suspicious pizza restaurants in your neighborhoods? Who owns them? Are they neighborhood friendly or suspicious fronts for perverse activities?

Do you live in an area where underground tunnels might be used for nefarious purposes—human trafficking, sex crimes, pedophilia?

Have you noticed suspicious links of politicians, government officials, or charity heads to child related causes and activities that would give perverted individuals access to children or displaced people?

Please join us in FULL DISCLOSURE so that we can end the heinous and ancient practices and deeds of cruelty against one another in any of its forms: slavery, sex trafficking, pedophilia, satanic rituals, murder.  

If by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the corrupt government, then I feel for you, but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship crap. 

Citizens use Social Media to Uncover Heinous Crimes. Where is Law Enforcement? | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today.

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  • TinEye is your friend people.


    ““The President snuggles with his niece Savita Ng after his sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, and her family dropped by the Oval Office.” (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)”"

    But I guess 45 seconds of research is just too much when you can regurgitate someone elses poorly written article here on BIN wihtout doing any research at all.

    • You have a lot of pictures of this lying, foreign national, proud you must be

      • I don’t have pictures laying around. I’m just smart enough to do a reverse image search on any image anyone claims to be proof of anything.

        That’s the oldest version of the picture I can find, and it just happens to be officially posted by the white house, along with a description of who the kid is.

        Which is the whole basis of this article, since its what got me to click here.

        I solved the case!

    • So do you think its normal to have your hand on your nieces private parts? I certainly dont.. Good hunting on reverse image but i think it looks pretty suspect no matter who that is mate.. While hes having a good sniff of that virgin meat….. None of my family act like that at all… These muslims will screw anything. Nice find qoutes

      • Thy shall not bear false witness. Dude I usually don’t make personal comment but I’m going to make an exception here. Truth is we live in a world in total chaos that is run by some truly evil people. We are provided with more than enough REAL smut about Obama to deal with, we don’t need to fabricate on top of it.

        I believe in calling a spade a spade however this type of unsubstantiated accusation demonstrates malicious character not a legitimate observation. The POTUS, whom I have been very open about my disapproval of is merely showing affection to a very receptive little family member. There is no inappropriate touching anywhere except in your sick mind bro. That suggestion is a huge stretch!

        If your family doesn’t act like this I honestly feel sorry for you, you have been truly deprived. The loving embrace of another human being is one of the most heart warming and inspirational acts known to man! Holding our hands in the air while doing it so idiots like you don’t make ridiculously damning comments about innocent interaction just isn’t a requirement most normal people will embrace. Put yourself in check!

        A Student of the Word

        • If your family or any family you know permits middle aged men to act like this with little girls and you think is normal then the whole lot of you need to seek professional help.

      • He doesn’t dipshit. Its just around her waist. Jesus. Go back to your basement.

      • GRR

        The picture is one of a disgusting adult mauling a little girl. Potus, or no Potus, it is highly inappropriate.

    • The fingers on his right hand are doing some inappropriate “snuggling” there Rube. Or is your name Podesta?

    • Nope, never said I thought it was normal, just answering the question posited by the article.

      They’re probably just keeping it in the family like all the 1%s trying to keep the bloodline pure.

    • To Anonymous with a picture.. You seem to be the only one here that thinks this is normal behaviorur. An :s i also congratulated qoutes on image search because yes truth is most important but this is not normal. If i sat like that with my niece id probably be shot. Look where his hand is! Or is that normal with people that seem t9 know religion? With respect anom that aint normal. Plus the info i gave millenium report theres no need to make stuff up.. Theres plenty of real evidence ive witnessed on thats my bible.. Its more honest than any so called holy writing on earth.

    • Please explain Millenium report! Why this when ive sent you REAL EVIDENCE? And the thousands of other emails as proof.. Do you know how to search I already told you how to easily find them? Now if you post my evidence i doubt it will be believed after this ….

  • Looks like you had some luck with those code words i mentioned? I sent jeffrey pritchett the codes email and two pics attatched of soros and pope.. Note on bottom of pope photo the book of satanism?.. Sorry it took longer than expected.. Fakebook keep screwing my file but he has them now as soon as he logs on to fakebook.

    • My crappy phone hates email.. Why arent you on fakebook?

  • Once a human believe something is guilty, evil, less god, less good, than one self, the mind will automatically see all actions and words of who it see as guilty, as nefarious, and ultimately, will not need any evidence for what it self thinks, and this, be the human build/condition, that makes a mind naturally lead it self, into a totally delusional state of existence, where mob mentality, or chaos rules, and lawlessness the do gooders even embrace, as they only heed others who FEEL, the same as they them self, which create the pivotal confidence and assurance needed in the deranged mind, that it self is correct, just, and sanctioned by and of it self, to take extreme extremist words and actions against all perceived guilty parties…

    Such time in any civilization has always preceded major societal upheaval, with rioting and even civil war, as there be nothing more inciting of war and violence more than one of the things humans hate the most, being spoken of negatively…

    so prepare for all that your societies were yesterday, to become a fond memory, since their all pullin out the big guns…

    wonder if those that are, are actually ready to absorb all return blows.

    • Once a human believes something is not guilty……

  • IF that picture is true – WEIRD MAN!

    Still say’n when the negro sodomite and Michael leave office all kind of crap are gonna come out SHOCKING everyone at how WICKED liberals are. :twisted: :twisted:




  • and on the other side of the reality…

    of the two sides of a coin, as all things are…

    one will clearly see all words and pictures are provided, and see past the small slice handed, all as a whole picture…

    a vision much needed as we progress into darker and darker days…

    and lighter and lighter days for those that were last…

    if any human mind access not words or actions using it self as arbitrary self judge of reasonable facts based upon emotional bias, or eat of the tree of knowledge of who be good or evil as it was said…

    then this anyone will sea past the ions of deceptions…

    and that there was for a plot, right in plain view.

    a reason…

    a formidable reason.

    a most very important reason.

    to make wise…

    so if one needed deception to become wise, and it’s creator provided deceivers to accomplish such…

    should one hate, despise, even with egregious malice, the one who play the role of deceiver?

    so the lamb should hate the wolf who prey upon it?

    than that lamb cannot outsmart that wolf.

    and able to maintain good reality under duress and pressure, it be not not just what be hearsay and rumor mill used to infuse commoners with rage to make them self the target thereby indemnifying the enforcer in the eye’s of all that see.

    • I didn’t understand your poetic theology once again. I took some of what I managed to decipher and came up with my own poem.

      Please read with a Dr. Seuss voice :grin:

      The coin you refer to,
      the coin of reality;
      It has many sides
      in regards to duality

      They all have a reason, their purpose divine;
      Like lightness and Darkness,
      or morning and night;
      The low and the lofty,
      the wrong and the right

      The story was written,
      for us to make watch;
      To beware of the wicked,
      the ploys and the plots

      Look out for the message,
      the answers are there;
      In actions and symbols,
      step over their snares

      That thing about judgment,
      how it’s not up to you;
      That thing’s near impossible,
      This reason proves it true;
      For when you know of Good and Evil,
      You can’t deny what sin is due

      That two sided coin, ironically true
      deals the good with the bad stuff
      The false and the true
      for each role defines us;
      For troubles, be glad
      and don’t hate the evil,
      it makes you guilty too;
      Instead shine a light,
      it’s mercy can heal

      For out of our pains, our hurts and our fears,
      Comes a deep understanding,
      of why we are here;
      To overcome Darkness,
      to love and not fear

      So, learn from the wolf
      and study his actions;
      when he lurks near the flock,
      when disguised as your fellows;
      Be smarter than he,
      and shout out a “hello” :razz:

  • “Asian Ladyboy Hooker” is who she is. :wink:

  • Bin is a “Govt Disinfo” site.

    Someone stumbled onto this disgusting “Pedo Pizza” operation involving many politicians.

    BIN has then to take that information and discredit it by posting a photo that is from the Whitehouse website and easily searched and found.

    Clever but once you discover how they operate they do the same thing over and over again.

    I can see a huge room full of IT guys and in Camo working for the Govt, gathering IP Addresses and email addresses for people, who post here.

    The phone is linked here :

    So what do you think seems like BIN is throwing a terd into what could be a very interesting find.

    I very seldom post here but this was over the top Disinfo..and not a fan of Barry as well but this is all being staged as something else.

    • Thanks for sourcing this. It’s now even more creepy.

    • One false picture can ruin the credibilty of any millenium reporter which pisses me off seeing the real evidence just handed them.😤 Funny though that fakebook just banned me not for posting this picture but for proving that the pope and soros are connected with these parties!

  • Pedo Bear in his Pedo Chair.

  • They can order some ‘Cheese Pizza’ in prison – sick mothers!


  • While I admit, its normal to play around affectionately with your nieces and nephews and your children, something looks kinda weird about this picture. I don’t like to take things out of context, without seeing any other photos taken during this “photoshoot”, you can’t say for certain what’s really going on. However, with Children you can never be too careful. Many people are absolutely oblivious to the sickness and pure evil that exists in this world. People refuse to believe that people are capable of doing the most heinous, disgusting acts ever concieved and then parade around as “normal” or “responsible” people. No my dear friends, these acts are not limited to trailer park child molesters or thugs high on drugs. No, true evil….the one with the real power, uses people in high and lofty places to do its bidding. In thier drunkedness of positions of power, they must feed the evil within, they indulge themselves of forbidden things in secrecy, they prey on the weak, this only makes them feel more powerful, untouchable. Power almost always gives way to evil, usually it begins with greed, then they are sucked into it.

    There is so, so much immoral sex /orgies/child porn/sex slave/ ritualistic shit going on in the upper echelons of society (Hollywood as well) that it’s easy to understand why people don’t believe it, it’s too “horror movie” but its real. I guarantee you that your Governer is more likely to be a pervert, coke head attending swinger parties, than your buddy at the shop. There is a reason outsiders are not welcome, they are considered uncultured swine that won’t understand thier aristocratic abominations. I’ve encountered sexually sick bastards several times in my life.

    About the picture, It’s not proof of anything really, but one must consider the fact that whatever evil force his behind this mass brainwashing of America does do “hidden in plain sight” it’s obsessed with symbols and is downright blatant and bragging about what it’s doing. All of Hollywood is guilty of mocking us dumb sheep or desperately trying to tell us without “telling us”, I haven’t quite decided which yet, but either way they are still manipulating the asleep masses with their messages. Child molesters love for children to sit in thier laps, I know of this favorite pastime personally.

    She is not actually sitting on his lap. It looks like she was sitting beside him and he grabbed her pulling her onto him. Her bottom is lifted up in the air, and she leaning over his lap with her weight on her right arm. But, she looks like she is posing (placement of her hands and feet) which is strange because the only excuse for this inappropriateness of BOTH of his hands is if he was in the act of moving her and “accidentally” landed there, but she is too still, too ready for the picture. And he just looks like he’s dead in the middle of taking a big double fisted whiff of someones panties. She has on skirt, he should have been more aware of that, if not for accidentally touching her inappropriately but especially to cover his own ass knowing someone had a camera. Perhaps it was a disinformation ploy, perhaps it was just Gods way of confirming whats really going on.

  • At first sight, my impression is “Damn, I wish my husband still touched me like that” so, im gonna go with “inappropriate” :wink:

    • There is something very, very sick about the mindset of people who desiring to be revered build themselves at the expense of others. They without reservation attempt to paste inaccurate and hurtful labels on others in absence of a single ounce of proof. This type of mean spirited and conscienceless maliciousness is truly an indication of mental illness, not personal awareness. Normal people try to review and evaluate all the available information, basing their opinions on reality not on everything demented under the sun that is physically possible. Examining this photo without prejudice one can easily see that there is nothing nefarious going on in the picture of Obama and his niece. I don’t care too much for the sitting POTUS either, but shame on you for forwarding cheap, unsubstantiated gossip.


  • she sure has a big smile on her face

  • she sure has a big smile on her face.

  • Straight away my mind was polluted by what your desperate for me to see and for a while it did, but then common sense kicked in, I think we see what we want to see.
    Now I can’t stand these criminals and I fully believe pedophilia is rife in Government and the scum need hanging BUT, to claim someone is a pedo because of a picture that could and most likely is totally innocent is wrong, how many of us would be labelled pedo’s for 100% innocent family photo’s we have, MILLIONS, you can’t even take pictures of your own kids in the park where I live because of crazy notions, we can’t even film our children in School plays, if your going to label someone a pedophile and least give real proof, what you did with that Header and Pic is wrong and I think it should be removed, if we are to ever take the scum out we need to do it the right way and not the way of THE ELITE.

  • The heavy breathing website is a satanic band? Here is a video that may explain what its about…

  • Asian women are the best!

  • GHW Bush was alluded to but not specifically to a pedophile ring found to be operating out of the Reagan White House. The investigation conducted by former Republican senator John DeCamp was published as “The Franklin Cover-up.” An ensuing film documentary, “Conspiracy of Silence” was quashed from airing on he Discovery Channel one day before its scheduled airing. If this is the case, it might explain why the Bush siblings are so completely dysfunctional and bat shit crazy and evil, all trying to prove their manhood to daddy because daddy spread them around like candy to his wealthy friends for political support and support of CIA clandestine operations.

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