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Pieczenik Explodes: Issues Warning to Trump, Mattis and Mcmaster About Going to War in Syria

Tuesday, April 11, 2017 1:26
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America’s foremost expert in international affairs, having served under 5 Presidents, instrumental in the Camp David accords, in addition to playing a key role in regime changes around the globe for decades, Dr. Steve Pieczenik exploded with rage on the Alex Jones show yesterday — warning Trump and his team that war crimes would follow if they pursued a neocon agenda of war in Syria, which the American people do not want.
“This is a warning to our generals, Mcmaster, and others, who think they can do a regime change in Syria. Number one, that will not be possible, not with the military, not with all the forces you have and not with the quality of the soldiers you have, the generals. Any notion of a regime change through force is both absurd or criminal. The issue of Syria and Assad have no national security interests to us at all. This will be an incredible dereliction of duty if we go to war in Syria.”
He then warned Mcmaster and Mattis directly, saying that he will “come forth, and be tried for criminal activity, as will Mathis.”

“There is no reason to put our men and women in harm’s way for oil pipelines, or whatever nonsense that is military industrial complex thinks we need to do to get in the middle east. We have no interest in the middle east.”
“There is no cause for war.”
“Again, we’re going through the nonsense of the neocons.”

Dr. Pieczenik made his first public appearance in more than 30 years during the Presidential elections, saying in no uncertain terms that he represented a faction of the American intelligence community that would not allow Hillary Clinton to become the next President. Moreover, he claimed to be part of an organization that released the Podesta emails to Wikileaks. Interestingly, the mainstream media continues to ignore the good Doctor — in spite of the fact that is resume is anything but conspiratorial. He is the real deal.
At one point in the interview, he got so heated that Jones had to cut him off when he threatened legal action against the President.

“If this goes any step further, this is a warning to our generals, to our President, and anyone involved. Once again, we will react quite vociferously and strongly. This is grounds for all types of legal action against the President.”

He further elaborated on the situation in Syria as a war that is unwinnable, describing how the Assad family was firmly entrenched and could not be displaced by American forces, who have ‘no idea what they’re doing.’

“The people I know in the military are increasing their force structures to the degree that there is no strategy whatsoever. If you have no strategy, and regime change isn’t a strategy, do not go to war.”
“The President needs to understand, if he goes to war, that’s his problem and we will have a major blowback, domestically. Our military is not prepared for this type of war. Our generals have no idea what they’re doing.”

A confused Jones, obviously caught off guard by the acrimonious tone of Dr. Pieczenik, asked what had changed from Friday to cause him to issues these warnings.
Pieczenik described, from a psyops point of view, the things he learned over the weekend that caused him to worry.

But once I hear, and I understand there are more forces placed there over the weekend, there was artillery placed in there. And in fact, they are creating in the White House, what we call a dichotomy or two messages.”
“You have a purposeful confusion.”
“Do not go to war in Syria.”

A must listen.

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  • Please prosecute war criminal President Clinton for killing those 80+ USA citizens in the Branvh Dividian Waco church with CS poison gas that is so toxic that the military are not allowed to use it in battle.

  • Pieczenik and Robert Steele should both be in Trump’s cabinet with Bannon instead of the Zionists.

  • What the public should sense, should feel here, is the perverse sense of urgency in Washington!
    Ill-considered, immoral, unethical and illegal actions by Washington are moving forward despite all good common sense…
    There’s something squeezin’ them. Various speculations about it.
    My sources say the economy is very bad – worse than anyone knows – and war is the time-honored and traditional method of imploding the economy of one’s nation.
    But there’s definitely something going on, and restless impatience is winning out over prudent diplomacy it’s clear.
    I’ll say again, Russia will hammer anything within Syria that is neither Syrian military or Russian military.
    Syria is under their protection and they have been very clear about it…

  • He said it all: “There is no cause for war.” Syria hasn’t and won’t attack the U.S. so why the aggressive action on a sovereign country? We don’t need their oil, but others want pipelines across Syria. Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other oil countries likely funding this fiasco which lead to WWIII. WHY is America so dumb to follow Israels and others “demand” to kill Assad and take control of the country and its oil ??????

  • finally, pieczenik is calling it for what it appears to be.
    as a trump voter, it now appears that trump is just warmongering.
    there is no explanation for it.

    this is not what i voted for. trump indicated we were done with these foreign actions.
    he’s now turned 180 and is on track to being the biggest liar in a generation.

  • Keep your mouth shut Alex when a man like Dr. Pieczenik is speaking. You keep cutting him off with mindless noise and it makes me think that you do not want us to hear what this great man is saying. Put a goddam button on your lip.

  • “Dr. Pieczenik made his first public appearance in more than 30 years during the Presidential elections,”

    If I’m not mistaken, this the same Dr. Steve Pieczenik that literally laid the foundation for counter-terrorism at the state department. If so, he appeared publicly and admitted on the record in April of 2002, that Osama bin laden died in 2001. He said Bin Laden died, “Not because special forces had killed him, but because as a physician I had known that the CIA physicians had treated him and it was on the intelligence roster that he had Marfan syndrome.”

    I believe he told the truth then and hope he’s telling the truth now.

  • You been sleepin’ for ~20 years, friend?

  • b4

    yup–it looks like the kids have taken over including the son n law–Bannon has been placed on the back shelf–the jewish neocons have taken over–the same crap we have been dealing with since the first idiot bush man george senior–sick of it all and trump was going to be different..nope..he sold out and young punks are running things now–for the sake of usa i hope Bannon hangs in there but probably not….

  • Also in the video, for those who refuse to believe it, here’s the man who laid the foundations for counter-terrorism at the US state department admitting that “ISIS was created by us, by the CIA and our military intelligence.”

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