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Five Days Before Trump Is Inaugurated Obama Will Do This… and it Can’t Be Undone!

Friday, December 30, 2016 11:34
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(Before It's News)

By Lisa Haven


Why would the Obama administration do something just five days before another president was inaugurated into office? Simple, because what he is about to do involves an international body that includes 69 other countries, and considering it’s an international affair, Donald Trump will not be able to ‘undo’ what’s been done. 

Obama is doing everything he can to cause tension before exiting and what he’s about to do is quite “explosive!” All that and more in this CRUCIAL report…. 


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  • High noon a the OK coral cool hand Luke disarms Charlton Heston……A Men.

    • Let’s serenade Obozo at the inauguration with a rousing chorus of “Hit the Road Ba-Rack, and Don’t You come back no more”.

  • Your eye shadow is ssoooooooooo much better Lisa. Now BLEND the EDGES of it so it does not look painted on. Eliminate the silver or gray liner or shadow directly above your upper eye liner….DONT use two colors….only ONE… the auburn :) ))))))) You want your eyes to look soft and natural… not harsh. You can also use LESS mascara. Take a look at Candance Cameron Bure’s photos and copy her.

    • Momma said Make up is deceivingly evil. Just like Foosball ;)

    • I notice that lipstick color was different and looks cute on Angle#1. :lol: :lol:

  • What really scares me about this whole thing is the possibility that Obama and Trump are going to play good-cop bad-cop. Israel is being severely persecuted by Obama right now, and it seems their support from the US has completely eroded leaving them forlorn with nowhere to turn. If Trump comes in and tries to negotiate an agreement with Israel and the Palestinians, Israel will almost be forced to accept it as Trump will be their last and sole support. Obama has set the stage for Trump to actually achieve a peace agreement. This is all the more likely to happen now that Aleppo has been regained by Assad and the Syrian conflict appears to be dying down. If Trump comes in we can expect him, Russia and others to clean house of terror rebel groups in the Mideast creating greater stability and peace causing the appearance of the threat to Israel to diminish to the point Israel can be pressured to make a peace agreement. The wild card is how Trump will deal with Iran and what sort of influence he will allow the Saudi’s to have on his policies.

    I have robustly rejoiced at Trumps victory and consider him by far to be the best presidential candidate we’ve had in generations. I’m greatly heartened by his stated support for Israel. But ironically this could lead to Israel’s undoing as now Trump will have a disproportionate ability to affect (almost force) Israel to sign an agreement if Trump pursues it. And I believe Trump has stated he will negotiate a great agreement for Israel with the Palestinians. I would rather see continual unrest, than see Israel give up their land for a false peace that will not prevail.

    • Poor Israel. They will have to dial up Larry Silverstein and see if he will need their help in staging another 911 or USS Liberty. Poor Israel!

    • God help us that there is no peace in the middle east. When they sign that peace accord that will mean that the end is very near. You cannot make a peace accord with satan and say its from God. The reality is, is that the palestine which have NO claim in Israel onlr want to destroy what God gave His chosen nation. God NEVER gave Israel to other nations, He gave it only to Israel. I you look at the Bible(O/T) how many wars were there with the philistine’s, now palestines. Not one but many and every time the Israelite’s won.
      The Tempel will be rebuild-ed and ten the world drama will begin and those who are saved will escape the great prosecution with the first reaping.


      • Henri :::::::: First of all the writings of old stated that God would send his Only Begotten Son, namely Jesus too save the nation of Israel , and he must turn back the hearts of sons towards fathers, and fathers towards sons, and mothers toward daughters, and vicea versa, before the coming of the fear inspiring day of Jehovah. That being told you are mistaken. The Nation of Israel was warned during the times of Isaiah, too the day of Malachi, too accept the coming Messiah , sent from our Heavenly Father, too save the nation of Israel, along with all mankind, BUT only if the Nation of Israel ACCEPTED HIM!!! The nation if Israel Rejected Jesus, and chased him out of the Holy places , then they circled him too try too kill him on numerous occasions too kill him, then finally the Pharisees, conspired, and basically hired one of Jesus own disciples too turn traitor on him for a few silver pieces!!! Then when Jesus was brought before Pontus Pilate , he remained silent while being questioned, further impressing upon Pontus that he was a King. Then when about too released for doing nothing wrong , the JEWS demanded blood saying they wanted him killed!!! They finally demanded it soo much that he was then Flogged!!!,, and extremely painful process where the FLESH of the Human body is torn into shreds by sharp bone fragments on the ends of whips!!!!! There is your Jews Henri!! The Son of God being beaten too death, and killed BY JEWS!, not the Romans btw. It was truly the Jews of Jesus day THAT HAD JESUS KILLED!!! The nation of Israel LOST favor with their God Jehovah on that day because they Rejected His Son. Because they rejected him the whole world was given too the gentiles. At least the Muslim world accepts Jesus as a Prophet!, even though that isnt acceptable too God, it is at least better than the JEWS who rejected him entirely!!!

        • Read Romans chapter 11 and repent (change the way you think). Yes Israel rejected Christ in His day – but the time is coming when they will repent and God will graft them back in. Please don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

      • That UN made land you call Israel is not the regathering of Israel and if you consider it a fig tree then think what Yahshua said about the fig tree he approached and it had leaves but no fruit, also consider the parable of the Fig Tree.
        Also consider that those who call themselves Jews are liars and the synagogue of Satan and that is only part of the two out of seven churches in Revelation that Yahshua finds no faults.

        Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Ashkenaz the grandson of Japheth, not Shem.
        Khazar Jews are descendants of Khazar proselytes to Judaism in the 8th century.
        Sephardi Jews were transplanted into Israelite towns.
        Judea was a nation, a Judean was a resident of that nation such as Benjamin who calls himself a Jew which doesn’t mean he was from the tribe of Judah as he could not be from both, it merely points to the fact he lived in Jerusalem.

        Jews. false ones or descendants of Judah and not part of the New Covenant are not part of Israel either.

        The New covenant is made with the two houses, House of Judah and House of Israel.

        The name Israel never belonged to Jews, the name was passed by Jacob to his grandsons Ephraim and Manasseh of the House of Joseph (The shepherd stone of Israel).

        Israel is a peoples today probably numbering around a billion people or more. Israel is a multitude of nations today with key nation such as Great Britain and America at the top. Read Gen 48 and 49

    • I would rather see Israel obliterated.

  • jdp…Trump already call Egypts president Sisi and the thing has been shelved for now.

  • jdp…Egypt: Trump convinced Sisi to withdraw UN resolution | Israel.

  • jdp…there is no money for the REGs, so null and void

  • yes it can be undone

  • Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. The NEGRO IS ON A RAMPAGE!!! He ought to get madder after what Putin did today which was basically to IGNORE the negro and laugh it off. As you know I have said many time the world does NOT respect Negroes. They live with them on a daily basis and don’t like them.

    It is a shame Americans have to learn this the hard way with this jiving lying incompetent Negro who only believes in his RACE. All Negroes do and why you’ll never ever get along with them. They resent their history (which is none) and their skin color more than you can imagine.

    I might not saying to resent them – that’s their problem! I’m just saying don’t put them in charge!! They just carry too much baggage and we don’t need that! Seen too much trouble when you put Negroes in charge.

    This incompetent hateful envious Negro (who practices sodomy) has been given too much ridiculous power by the left and all of it illegal. Many people need to be arrested or this will continue unabated. Already there seems to be plans in place to keep the negro in control.

    The left will continue to use this despicable negro to be a thorn on your side.


    Charlie (not pulling your doughnut on this one) :mad: :mad: <- :lol:

    • :!: Oops Alert. :razz: :razz:

      “I might not saying to resent them…” <- :lol: :lol:

      Gramma's error. Blame Gramma!! :lol: :lol:

  • Putin has already said he isn’t interested in any retaliation against Obama bin Laden. He states that even he is waiting for Trump and has even invited all of Trump’s entourage and THIER families to his home to sit at His Christmas tree and get to know each other. … Trump has his first executive order already written to make null and void every single thing OSAMA has done in the last eight years.

  • It’s gonna be hard to do anything when they are unfunded by the US and moved to another country isn’t that the plan.

  • jdp…Not tetally true, Trump can rewrite and modify the hell out of NDAA gutting most of o’s stuff.

  • OMG, there is nothing more terrifying than Peace Talks. It’s treason: peace is the enemy!

    Talking of peace is so warlike!

  • raburgeson

    He can undo it. If he does not know how I am available to show him how to smash a treaty or anything else.

  • lf only everyone shared donuts together the world would be at peace.l prefer a lighter shade of lippy on angel 1 would make her look more elegant.

  • Trump can undo it
    It will take some doing but he CAN change this

    De-funding the U.N. and nationalizing the property and evicting everyone and razing the buildings would be a good start.

    Then it would be easy to establish new treaties with Israel that would re-establish all our relationships with them.

  • Our officials already have enough evadance to try this slime ball for Treason. I suggest they get their butts in gear and stop this muslim nut from bringing GODs judgement on America because of this low live scum ! This last Russian spy charges is beyond stupid . Have we not forgotten this nut ordered with Treasonist executive orders 15,000 special force Russian troops to surround him in region 3 to protect him from the American people . He has now over 150,000 russian troops in America . This is double talk from this dumbass . Remove him now before he starts world war 3 and crushes Israel and brings GODs wrath in upon us . We need to act now , not later ! Hold him in a jail cell until Trump is officially President . Then try this Satan for Treason . After finding him guilty build a cheap gallows on main street in fron of tge capital building . Then hang him , the Clinton’s , the Bushes and everyone else that committed Treason with this NWO , Vatican , natzi , Edomite Esau pieces of slim . Every president since Reagan has been NWO and UN , Muslim minded . Hang them too ! Let the world see we are tired of this natzi Esau mentality . GOD in Malachi 1:1-4 states HE hated Esau . The only person to my knowledge that the Bible repeats this anger towards this person . Rebaca must have been raped by lucifer around the time Isaac also added his seed . The German natzi and the Vatican luciferian worshippers are good examples of these individuals . They are negative blood types . Science says they are reptilian or alien when comparing humans to them . Some of the negative blood types include Obama , the Clintons , the Bushes , the pope , the queen of England and her brude and many officials that have been trying to destroy America . When Trump rounds up the illegals I hope he also gets the lizzard people too . Before thinking I’m crazy I challenge you to check out the truth about the negative blood types . Even Hitler was negative blood type . The Phareos of Egypt also fall into these lines . Here is the sons of darkness that Jesus said you are of your father the devil and his works you will do . Like I said get the Muslim nut our of our White House now , not later , before he damages America any further ! The Pentagon needs to step up because of the stolen 6.2 trillion dollars he gave to Iran , Isis and the other radical Muslim nuts he has brought into America to destroy it . Federal Marshall’s , Congress , Senate and Supreme court need to step up because of the Treasonist executive orders he has put forth in writing that will I inable him to be dictator if he can push Marshall law into being with his mass caious . The nuts in the mall going crazy , maybe a false flag attack on New Years like his proven false flag shooting at the schools and other shootings done by actors trying to create fear so he could take our guns . Those involved need to be rounded up . His Signing a treaty with the UN to take over America which is also Treason by our Constitution . Our Constitution says deal with these Treasonist nuts and do it openly for all to see what happens when you try and destroy America and its people . They want population extermination , let’s deal with them first and let them lead by example , then we can think about the need for any farther extermination , which I don’t think will be needed . Time to do it is now , not later before these lizards do any more damage . The sons of light need get tgeir hands out of tgeir pockets and step up to the plate it’s time to play ball ! We need to pray so hard that GOD must honor HIS words and destroy the evil from our land . Make it so HE must remove us in order for Revelations to be fulfilled . This would truly make HIM happy . The answer to the question ask , will the son of man find faith on earth when he comes could be YES he will ! We don’t have to set and say tge Bibke said it was going to happen , so I can’t do nothing about it . Yes you can ! Block all of the devils moves , Pray continuely for the strong holds to be destroyed . Take actions to prove to GOD this is also true with your actions by standing up and withstanding the evils trying to be brought upon us . When they pass things that are wrong , pray for its destruction and for GOD to deal with those doing and pushing the agenda . Then do everything tgat is righteous to destroy the evil passed . Example , allow men acting as women to go into womens restrooms , if this isn’t evil in stench then what is ? The Bible tells us this is our duty any way . Over and over GOD has repromanded HIS people for doing nothing to stop the evils that went on around them . The reason we have had so much evil to deal with is because we have done nothing to try and stop it allowing the enemy to tell us listen to the government this is GODs will . Bologna ! We are the Government , for the people and by the people so our Constitution states ! These people pushing the evils are of Satans seed , they are not of GOD ! They must be stopped or you will suffer greatly later ! Like I said if GOD wants the world to end as HIS prophets said it would then we must intervene to the point that GOD will have to remove us in order for HIS words to become true . Here is where many say the rapture takes place . I say it’s we’re Revelations 3:7-10 takes place . Were GOD states that HE will keep the church of Philadelphia ( those that kept the faith ) from the hour of Temption that shall try the whole earth . So if you want to get out of this world alive then get busy breaking strong holds with prayers and standing up for righteousness and exposing evils . Or as I read it you will be among the other churches going through the tribulation period to help refine them into what they were supposed to be doing anyway ! It’s time to remove the NWO , UN agenda from America ! Pray for GOD to deal with everyone pushing the agenda to fail and be exposed as evil . Then the courts can try them for Treason !

    • That’s the longest paragraph ever!! Well done! :P

  • There are LIES LIES and YOUR LIES

  • “Hit the road, Ba-rack and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more, hit the road, Ba-rack, and don’t you come back no more. “Wouldn’t it be GREAT if a few dozen patriots at the inauguration broke out in that tune, the second Trump took the oath of office. Remember what they did to Bush with the Na Na Hey Hey tune ??

  • lisa , have you ever thought that israel was around before 1948, if so you need to look at historical maps ,im not a obama fan, im not a new world order fan, but i might add palistine has lived in a gulag since govner amshill rothschild bought a peace of palistine to move the zionists to after ww2 they did a war to steel more ground in 1967 called cast lead and the un is letting palistine have state hood, that meens it has to have defined boarders to be a state, nothing wrong with that is there? did you know the zionists are the zi in nazi? have you ever seen the einstine letter of warnning to the president about who rothschild was moveing to israel ? good read there. obama caant do anything that cant be undone, for he is a imposter ,fake eveything, nothing he has done is binding and if it is against the costitution its null and void apone passage ,that was a supream court ruleing long ago. the un is rothschilds army and im sure they are communists ,and now that we have a republic back we can hold our american middle finger up and tell the new world order to kiss our american asses and get the f out of our country. the crap for goverment weve had has done nothing for america since the federal resurve law was inacted ecept feed of it .its time we change agree? by the way like your stories keep it up.

    • Jews. false ones or descendants of Judah and not part of the New Covenant are not part of Israel either.

      The New covenant is made with the two houses, House of Judah and House of Israel.

      The name Israel never belonged to Jews, the name was passed by Jacob to his grandsons Ephraim and Manasseh of the House of Joseph (The shepherd stone of Israel).

      Israel is a peoples today probably numbering around a billion people or more. Israel is a multitude of nations today with key nation such as Great Britain and America at the top. Read Gen 48 and 49

  • Why did you remove the tacticool pen from your article? Was it not black enough, or not tactical enough? I’m confused.

    And why did you delete my comment? You should really go work for the DNC with that kind of censorship.

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