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Huge Prophetic Event Has Just Taken Place, and There Is No Stopping What Comes Next! Fasten Your Seatbelts, Because Literally Thousands Are About To Be Smacked With A Large Dose of Tragic Reality! (Stunning Videos)

Monday, April 20, 2015 7:09
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There is no doubt that President Obama is weakening this nation—a nation that was once a leader, and once upheld as powerful and great—a nation who once feared God and revered Him. Everything God blessed us with is now a curse, including our military! We are no longer a leader. We are no longer great. We have been stripped of our strength by the enemy who has, disguised as an angel of light, has lured us down the pathway of destruction!

Just as Samson, (whose supernatural strength and blessing came from his long hair), allowed himself to be taken by a beautiful woman, Delilah, who clandestinely cut off his hair as he slept… the United States of America has been seduced by the enemy who has crept in and cut away our strength as we slept! Seems like the “bald” eagle is a fine representation for us at this point. 

Isn’t this the very plan of Satan? Didn’t God tell us that he would weaken the nations?  Doesn’t our leader possess this very attitude and spirit dominant in Satan himself? 

Isaiah 14:12-14 clearly states:

12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.


Another Page In Revelation Turned-If God Is Not For Us, Everyone Will Be Against Us!

When a nation turns its back on God and rebels against Him—watch out! Trouble is on the way!

The United States of America has turned its back on God! The very backbone of this nation wants God out and is shutting Him out! Spiritually, our backbone and our protection is God (which we no longer, as a nation, have since we have shut Him out). Physically speaking, it is our military and our government. The United States of America is purging itself of God in every way. What does that mean for us? It means God is going to purge us, or literally, vomit us out of His mouth!

Time and again, recorded all throughout the Bible, even going back to King David—when he (the leader) and his troops did not trust, obey and fear God, they would lose every battle. But every time they upheld God and trusted in Him, they were victorious.  

The same is true with us today. God never changes.  We have a godless leader with a strong spirit of Antichrist who mocks God and literally hates Christians. In fact, he opposes God and everything godly at every opportunity.  And now, this very spirit has trickled down into the military, which is literally devastating! As explained above, the military is our physical protection against our enemies. God can either bless us, as a nation, through our military by giving them victory, or He can lift His hands and look the other way. “You have denied Me. You have rebelled against Me. I came after you, and with great arrogance, you shook your fist in My face claiming you did not need Me! Now, you are on your own!” 

What does this mean for the USA? It means we are headed for disaster, and very soon! God does not tolerate rebellion, which is the same as witchcraft.  God will always show up the enemy and make it clear that He is God and there is NONE like Him in all the earth!  

We should be deeply concerned over these developments, not only because we are witnessing the destruction of our beloved America, but because both Jesus and Paul prophesied that when these things occur, the Church will come under attack and individual Christians will be persecuted. Jesus said that as lawlessness increases, “most people’s love will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12). 

He stated that in this hostile atmosphere, many professing Christians will “fall away” and will proceed to cooperate in the persecution of their former brothers and sisters in Christ (Matthew 24:10). Paul indicates the same thing when he says that people will be “haters of good” and that they will therefore be “brutal” and “reckless,” reviling those who stand for righteousness (2 Timothy 3:2-4).

We are watching these prophecies come true today before our very eyes, both here in America and around the world. As our culture has secularized and paganized, Christianity, the Church, and Christians have come under increasing attack as “intolerant bigots.” The attacks are going to intensify, and it is going to become increasingly difficult for Christians to stand for righteousness. Jobs will be lost. Careers will be destroyed. Christians will even be sent to prison for speaking out against evils like homosexuality because such pronouncements will be labeled as “hate crimes.” What then are those of us who love Jesus to do as we face a rising wave of ridicule, harassment, and persecution for our faith? How shall we live for Christ in the end times?   —Lamb & Lion Ministries

Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog and End of the American Dream website, in a recent article posted to Infowars, stated that If you are a Bible-believing Christian, there is no place for you in Barack Obama’s version of the U.S. military. And, Snyder is right on target!

Christian service members all over the nation are being disciplined for reading their Bibles, talking about their faith publicly and encouraging others to live a moral lifestyle. And just saying the name of “Jesus” at the wrong place or the wrong time while serving in the military is enough to spark a national controversy.  We live at a time when political correctness in America is wildly out of control, and thanks to Obama the U.S. military has become one of the most politically correct institutions in our society.

Things have gotten so bad that dozens of top officers that did not agree with Obama’s views have been forced out of the military in recent years.  The U.S. military is being transformed into an overtly anti-Christian institution, and for those of us that are Christians that is a very chilling development.  Michael Snyder, Infowars  —Infowars

What Snyder writes here is one hundred percent accurate. This is really going on, and it’s getting worse.  Do any of you remember the way the USA used to be, not too long ago?  Sure, there has always been sin and corruption, not just in this nation, but everywhere. However, it wasn’t like it is today!  

Snyder goes on to say:

Well, I grew up as a military kid.  In those days, the U.S. military was actually quite welcoming to Christians.  But now things have completely and totally changed.

For example, just the other day the Washington Times reported that large numbers of Christians are either leaving the military or never joining in the first place because of the “hostile work environment” that currently exists…

(His excerpt from Washington Times—) “Christians are leaving the U.S. military or are discouraged from joining in the first place because of a “hostile work environment” that doesn’t let them express their beliefs openly, religious freedom advocates say. Michael Berry, senior counsel at the Liberty Institute, a Texas-based legal organization dedicated to defending religious liberty in America, said recent high-profile cases of military chaplains facing punishment for private counseling sessions that reflected the teachings of their religion could cause devout Americans who are qualified for military service to think twice about joining the military. 

“People of faith are going to stay away from the military,” said Mr. Berry in an interview with The Washington Times. “I can’t tell you how many moms and dads I’ve spoken to who say, ‘My son or daughter wants to join the military, [but] in light of what you’ve described, I’m not sure I want to let them join the military anymore,’ and I don’t blame them. I would have serious reservations about my own kids joining,” Mr. Berry said.”

And, here are two fine examples, which Newsmax recently reported:

In December, a chaplain for a Ranger training battalion was sent an administrative letter of concern after a soldier complained that he had promoted Christianity and used a Bible during a mandatory suicide-prevention training session.Last month, a Navy chaplain was removed from his job and may lose his career after complaints about his private counseling during which he discouraged homosexuality and sex outside of marriage.

Not getting the full picture yet? Consider these quotes from high-ranking US retired military officers:

-Retired Army Major General Paul Vallely: “The White House protects their own. That’s why they stalled on the investigation into fast and furious, Benghazi and Obamacare. He’s intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing us as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged.”

-Retired Army Major General Patrick Brady: “There is no doubt he (Obama) is intent on emasculating the military and will fire anyone who disagrees with him.”

-Retired Army Lt. General William G. “Jerry” Boykin: “Over the past three years, it is unprecedented for the number of four-star generals to be relieved of duty, and not necessarily relieved for cause.”

-Retired Navy Captain Joseph John: “I believe there are more than 137 officers who have been forced out or given bad evaluation reports so they will never make Flag (officer), because of their failure to comply to certain views.”

What does all of this mean for us?  

This is God’s land. Every entire piece of earth, body of water, everything on it and everything in it is created and owned by God, including every heavenly body in outer space.  Every living thing that has ever existed and will exist has been given, by God, the gift of life and the gift of inhabiting what He has created.  But when that gift is grossly abused, neglected and corrupted by His very own creations… when that which He has created forgets Him, the Creator, and denies Him that which He is entitled, thus evicting Him from the space we rent…

It can only mean that some serious trouble is headed our way! Watch out and get ready, because God is gathering His heavenly army.

URGENT-America IS Next! Dead Prophet Awakens, and His Catastrophic Warning Is Finally Happening!

For it is written:

That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, andthings under the earth; Philippians 2:10

I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood. 13 And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. 14 Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. 15 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, 16 and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17 For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”  Revelation 6:12-17

We Have One Year Before Panic Grips the Heart of Every American & Then the World!

URGENT Warning! The Most Horrific Event Ever Prophesied In Our Day Coming This Year!?

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  • I personally believe the rapture will occur in our lifetime. We are already seeing the mark of the beast being administered by isis/muslims.

    • Survey says……….XXX.

      The word rapture is not in the scriptures. This is a man made fantasy that would require THREE returns of Christ. It is NOT scripturally sound.

      • AVG Joe

        Who are you to instruct on scriptural subjects in mixed company?

        Back to the kitchen! Back!

        Bros before Hos!

      • @CrowPie

        Don’t let that one pass dear…

      • Wake up World

        Ignore joe, he thinks life is a joke, so of course he hasn’t a clue about what scriptures do and do not say, and let me say joe, I am well versed in scriptures as is “crowpie” obviously, hence why we both say and confirm that the rapture has nothing to do with GOD, His word, His plan, NOR IS IT IN HIS BIBLE, BECAUSE UNLIKE YOU, WE READ IT! It was made up by some idiot, most likely a rat-child khazar-edomite fake jew, who thought he would misguide Gods children, but that is way over your head, we are sure, so go back to playing with your boy friends on the fake jew tube who ONLY allow shows FOR THEIR OWN KIND, so which of you and or your jokster boobs are a fake jew????????? Since it is the fake jew that so loves to tell lies when it comes to Christianity and God, something else I doubt you know anything about, as is the case for most of your kind on the fake jew tube and the fake jews who own your souls! And only a half man uses the chauvinistic term “Bros before …” that the fake jews brainwashed into society and keep pushing their women bashing, like their father satan! Go back to the hole you crawled out of and bury your head and wait for Gods judgement on your kind! Unlike what most freaks in hellywood think, many of us do not worship, idolize or even care about what your kind are doing because it is your kind that destroyed Gods world! I know what you are “joe”, as do many who understand the bible (KJV), and what HELLywood really is and who controls it with only their actors and comedians who are fake jews or bought and owned by the fake jews in hellywood PERIOD and FACT! So back….BACK to your HOLE!

      • Wake up World

        BIN, waiting for my comment, with no swearing just the FACTS about fake jews, have you a problem with that FACT???

      • Actually the rapture is in the Bible. In 1Th 4:17 it says, “Then we which are alive and remain shall be CAUGHT UP together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord”. The phrase “caught up” is from the Greek harpazō: to snatch out or away.
        However, in the Latin Bible (The Vulgate) it is translated rapiemur. The Vulgate is a late fourth-century Latin translation of the Bible. Rapiemur is the proper tense of rapio: Our English words “rapt” and rapture come from the past participle of rapio.

      • Another interesting thing is that there is a possibility that 2 Thess 2:3 could have a different meaning than what has traditionally been taught.
        “Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction” (2nd Thessalonians 2:3). Apostasy in the Greek is “apostasia”.
        Here is some TRANSLATION HISTORY:
        The first seven English translations of apostasia all rendered the noun as either departure” or “departing.” They are as follows: Wycliffe Bible (1384); Tyndale Bible (1526); Coverdale Bible (1535); Cranmer Bible (1539); Breeches Bible (1576); Beza Bible (1583); Geneva Bible (1608). This supports the notion that the word truly means “departure.” In fact, Jerome’s Latin translation known as the Vulgate from around the time of AD 400 renders apostasia with the word discessio, meaning “departure.” Why was the King James Version the first to depart from the established translation of “departure”? Theodore Beza, the Swiss reformer was the first to transliterate apostasia and create a new word rather than translate it as others had done. The translators of the King James Version were the first to introduce the new rendering of apostasia as “falling away.” Most English translators have followed the KJV and Beza in departing from translating apostasia as “departure.” No good reason was ever given.
        The possibility that apostasia most likely has the meaning of physical departure is a clear support for pretribulationism. If this is true, then it means that a clear, prophetic sequence is laid out by Paul early in his apostolic ministry. Paul taught in 2nd Thessalonians 2 that the Rapture would occur before the “Day of the Lord” commences. It is not until after the beginning of the “Day of the Lord” that the Antichrist is released, resulting in the events described by him in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2. This is the only interpretation that provides hope for a discomforted people.

      • Thinkaboutit,

        In using your own scripture, (standing alone) it may seem that you are correct. However,

        when one takes the verses before and immediately proceeding your chosen verse it becomes

        perfectly evident that all of these events take place in rapid succession after the sound of the trump. This is a description of Christs one return….the Day of Judgement.

        16For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17Then we who are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we shall always be with the Lord. 18Therefore comfort one another with these words.

      • CrowPie, you are referring to the second advent when the Lord returns physically to Earth. His return in Paul’s letter in 2 Thess 2 there is no mention of the Lord coming to Earth. One has to settle in his mind what the “Day of The Lord” is. It is Daniel’s 70th week, the 7 year Tribulation period.

        Remember, the Thessalonians had been led astray by the false teaching (2:2–3) that the “Day of the Lord” had already come. This was confusing because Paul offered great hope, in the first letter, of a departure to be with Christ and a rescue from God’s wrath. Now a letter purporting to be from Paul seems to say that they would first have to go through the “Day of the Lord.” Paul then clarified his prior teaching by emphasizing that they had no need to worry. They could again be comforted because the departure he had discussed in his first letter, and in his teaching while with them, was still the truth. The departure of Christians to be with Christ, and the subsequent revelation of the lawless one, Paul argues, is proof that the “Day of the Lord” had not begun as they had thought. This understanding of apostasia makes much more sense than the view that they are to be comforted (v. 2) because a defection from the faith must precede the “Day of the Lord.” The entire second chapter (as well as 1st Thessalonians 4:18; 5:11) serves to comfort (see vv. 2, 3, 17), supplied by a reassurance of Christ’s coming as taught in his first letter.

      • thinkaboutit,

        there is no 7 year tribulation period mentioned in the Bible and neither is there a rapture. 1260 days is what you are looking for.

        Also, the Most High does not have to remove you from the Earth to protect you. Your quote from 1 Thessalonians is speaking about the second coming and 2 Thessalonians is referencing a spiritual departure from the Faith. The faithful will be led through the tribulation, just as He did with Moses and Noah.

      • Semantics .. yes the word may not be “in” the Scriptures.. but the “theory” sure is..
        arguing for the sake of argument is just plain stupid.. and I see a lot of stupidity out here… lol

        the “Rapture” will happen just prior to the great and terrible day of Gods chastisement.. this is written..
        for the sake of the children of God ! the truly innocent in Gods eye will be spared… will you ?
        pray.. repent.. that you receive this grace from God the almighty ! pray…

      • “arguing for the sake of argument is just plain stupid.. and I see a lot of stupidity out here”

        Anonymous, what are you talking about? Many of these arguments are for Truth – to bring out the lies in the articles you love from Lisa and Lyn.

        Sharpen the iron.

      • What would you have the Believers do, ignore the corruption and let everyone attend to their own self-destruction?

      • I respect your belief. I don’t agree with it, but I respect it. Do you read writings from Larry T. Smith? He seems hold to your view. This topic could be debated forever. Either way, trust in the Lord and you will be fine.

      • Pix

        For once I agree with you, there is no mention of ‘rapture’ in the bible. Rapture is an emotion, ecstasy, an internal high, not a literal floated up into the sky high.


      • If you are a novice Christian, do not fall for the trap of a pre-tribulation rapture. While all hell is literally about to break loose, the trap is thinking you will have an easy way out of it. It is in Satan’s interest to have you fall for this trap. Thinking that Jesus will rapture you out of here before all hell breaks loose will only make you cannon fodder for the Devil and his forces when all hell does break loose. Is the so-called Church ready for martyrdom today? No they are not. They are not ready to stand in their faith against the ravages of the beast. Do not be misled by what someone says the Bible says. Read the Bible for yourself. Read the 24th chapter of Matthew and you’ll see that Jesus comes for the Church after the tribulation period. Read the Book of Revelation and you’ll see that Jesus calls us to a patient and enduring faith during the time of the antichrist. We are entering the time period the Bible warned us about, the time the world of the dead will open its mouth wide for. The body of Christ should be in boot camp bracing and strengthening themselves in the LORD, preparing for all-out war, the war of all wars. But instead, the so-called Church is ill prepared for what will soon envelop the whole world because of this false hope of being raptured out of here before the tribulation period. They are oblivious to the sounds of war in the heavenlies and prepare not for what is about to happen and so will be sitting ducks for the enemy to take out. They will fall pitifully short in their destinies, to what God has called them to.

        And if you are a sheep that has been misled by a false teacher regarding a pre-tribulation rapture, I bid you now to cut out this nonsense of thinking you won’t be here and run, not walk, but run for cover in the shadow of His wings (see Psalm 91) if you expect to endure until the end, whether the end for you is martyrdom or the Second Coming, which occurs at the end of this age at the 7th trumpet.

        It is not the prayer of Jesus to take us out of this world before the tribulation, for He said in John 17:15 that His prayer is not that the Father takes us out of the world, but that He protects us from the Devil. This then is what you should set your sights on: being kept safe from the Evil One, overcoming and enduring UNTIL the end, not being raptured out of here BEFORE the end! Only those who endure UNTIL the end will be saved!

        For the truth on the rapture, see:


      • Any Freak that sleazes around BIN with an image of a white-skinned mangod as an avatar cannot be counted on for anything, never mind the quality of his so called information.

        For, you are one mentally sick deluded mutha, amafool123!!

        Just so full of, yourself, of course!

        Run along now!

        The Image of a white-skinned mangod is calling you!


      • Mister CK. We know very well what you think of the Father and the Son but…..

        What do you think of the Holy Ghost?

    • I agree that we are in the end times. But, we have been warned of false prophets and Ms Leahz is the whore of Babylon. This piece is nothing more than her ongoing attempts to self profess in order to make herself appear important and knowledgeable. The prophetic predictions are nothing more than what has been pretty much common knowledge for many decades; if I say the sun will rise tomorrow, I have a pretty good chance of being right–no different than Leahz and her “prophet” sources. Or, is her motivation to deceive and divert the focus from where it should be? Is she an instrument of Satan? Her “proclamations” are far more political (without fail she will blame President Obama for any and everything, including what is out of his control or what is the result of things prior to his administration) than redemptive. She speaks of “predictions” and the great urgency of her message, but these scenarios have played out numerous times on the past.

    • Joshua, That is your tax dollars funding your demise by our wonderful ally, the Khazar Zionists. This is an expanded and much more ambitious USS Liberty getting ready to happen and we cannot count on Russia to save us this time around. WE MUST SAVE OURSELVES AND DIG DOWN AND GET THE COURAGE IT WILL TAKE TO DO SO. WE HAVE DONE IT BEFORE AND WE CAN DO IT AGAIN.

      Only 3% of our population conducted the revolutionary war and we prevailed against the high tech military of the day for that time. All we had then were old muskets and peasants, who were not professional military. But they had heart and courage. WE MUST HAVE HEART AND COURAGE AND CARE ABOUT OUR CHILDREN AND WHAT THESE PEDOPHILES WILL DO TO THEM IF WE DO NOT TAKE A STAND.


      AWESOME Earth Changes Coming Around The Corner

    • There is no rapture, it is false doctrine.

      • Thats right pennywise
        here is some scripture for unlearned 1 Thess 4:17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Look up the word air in the Greek it means Breath of life bodies, Spiritual Body, 2nd witness 1 Cor 15:52. We are not going anywhere Christ sets foot on the mount of Olive at the 7th trump Rev 11:15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

  • “Fasten your seatbelts”

    Dear Lyn,

    You are aware that most of us aren’t driving while we browse BIN, right?

    • You would hope most are not driving and interwebbing Clucker !! Would make texting and driving look absolutely lame !

      • I saw some dipsh*t on 35W in Minneapolis driving while reading a book. He looked up just in time to see his lane end and almost got what his dumba*s deserved.

      • Eating a hamburger,talking on the phone, steering with her knees !!
        Some young women these days have become bigger dickheads than the bloke dickheads of society.

    • I sure hope you’re not that stupid…. You realize that she is using a FIGURE OF SPEECH..right????!!!! “Fasten you seatbelts” doesn’t mean a literal fastening of your car seatbelt….. Man, educate yourself.

  • Many declare that the United States will crumble and fall in economic collapse to be no more a superpower. But that is a direct denial of Christian prophecy. It will have economic problems like all others, yes. But it will never lose it’s global power. In fact, it will become THE power that helps the Antichrist enforce the mark of the beast all around the world. Below is a study in the Scriptures verifying this as fact.

    • Craig, you are only disseminating SDA propaganda. I was one for 48 years till the Holy Spirit woke me up to their lies. Do you really know your own church history? Hint – it came out of Free Masonry. Go do your due diligence homework.
      It appears that China may actually be the place to watch out for. Their emblem is…The Red Dragon!

    • Wonderful copy/paste job. Now where in the bible, is the US mentioned? Considering it wouldn’t come into existence for another 1000 or so years, one can only speculate if the US is the nation in question. Putting your spin on what the bible “means to say” doesn’t count.

      • “Considering it wouldn’t come into existence for another 1000 or so years, one can only speculate if the US is the nation in question”


        But Bill, you should consider the following reads:

        Isaiah 13 & 47, and Jeremiah 50 & 51.

        IF America is in the Bible, this is where you’d find it.

        (Daughter of Babylon)

      • In Isaiah 13, the only thing I can see referring to any country, would be the “Jewel of Kingdoms” reference. That still leaves interpretation wide open. Hell, Vietnam is known as “The Jewel of Southeast Asia”. Just because the US has a superiority complex, I don’t think this chapter proves anything.

        In Isaiah 47, I can somewhat see a connection, when the above-mentioned superiority complex is taken into account. Now what I’m wondering, is considering the Babylonian ruins are located in present-day Central Iraq, could the bible be referencing Babylon’s replacement in the area? Certainly, Saudi Arabia would qualify for the title of “New Babylon”.

        As for Jeremiah 50, what I read seems again, like a reference to the Middle East. I’ll be the first to admit I’m no bible scholar, but that’s the way it reads to me.

        Jeremiah 51 is quite possibly the most confusing thing I’ve read. I understand that these two books predate Christ by approximately 600-700 years, and were written before God’s 180 degree turnaround in the New Testament. I’m not saying that the Old Testament writings are to be discarded, but given the Loving God that Christ taught about, wouldn’t that mean that God softened his approach to dealing with humanity? In the OT, God was vengeful, jealous, and ill-tempered. The prophecies in the OT reflect that. Could it not be said, that with the arrival of Jesus, that the old prophecies could and should be considered from a NT perspective? Could the destruction mentioned in these prophecies not be of a mental nature, instead of an actual physical destruction?

        Just a thought.

  • If there is a fema camp roundup, when all the people disappear, the government will just tell the remaining christians that it must have been the Rapture and they missed it. The christians will fall for it hook line and sinker just like they did when Bush jr convinced them that it was God’s will that we kill millions of Arabs.
    You Christians who went along with it have blood on your hands, soaked through your soul, and don’t expect some dude in a robe to pay off your karma for you.

  • tempestking

    nowt is going to happon as im 100% shore of that

  • WTF…did I not tell you to stop narrating your own pieces?

  • leader of what
    state terrorism
    mass murder
    false flags
    the list is endless

    • don’t forget poisoning its citizens via Monsanto, Geoengineering, fluoridated water, Moochelle’s forced school lunches, police brutality, lack of justice, Lady Gaga to name a few more, biological warfare, smart meters. NSA spying…oh my the list continues to grow, all the while the population has been implicit in these crimes by supporting these policies……..straight to the rubbish heap for America, there is nothing much left to salvage from this train wreck.

  • Hello Angle#2,

    Charlie here. This is so funny because the skinny mahoo* negro sodomite is not even legal to be president and therefore it is YOUR RIGHT NOT to obey the negro otherwise SHOCKINGLY you are committing yourself to TREASON!

    Do you see how silly this all is, that when you back down you are kowtowing to TREASON when you should be moving forward and kicking the negro to kingdom come out of that office with your steel-toe boot?

    Has the time come when God hath said:

    “But if you do not obey Me and observe all these commands— (Lev 26:14)
    ….if you reject My statutes and despise My ordinances, and do not observe all My commands — and break My covenant, (Lev 26:15)
    I will turn against you, so that you will be defeated by your enemies. Those who hate you will rule over you, and you will flee even though no one is pursuing you”. (Lev 26:17)

    The time has come the Walrus said….


    Charlie (who sees it times for his doughnut break)

    *Hawaiian word for tilly girlie homosexual man.

    • That “negro” you are talking about (Could be a negress) is only following in the white fella’s footsteps.

      also put there by white fella and takes orders from white devil.

      who you take orders from to insult black man – your white devil master . huh?

      get back in your cage. trash talk can only come from trash.

    • Pink slime–what an appropriate name. For a scripture quoting ignorant, racist, bigot who certainly don’t practice what you preach. ” But if you do not obey Me and observe ALL these commands— (Lev 26:14)
      ….if you reject My statutes and despise My ordinances, and do not observe ALL My commands — and break My covenant, (Lev 26:15) I will turn against you,” Christ’s greatest commandment (covenant) is to love one another as He has loved us. Your attitude is far from Christian and your misuse of scripture is apprehensible.

      • You do not understand about God. What He has ordained, what He changed, and what remains.

        For I, Yahweh, have not changed, and you, O children of Jacob, have not perished. (Mal 3:6)

        I describe what the negro wants to do and what he wants to be, therefore, you must call him the racist and bigot. Do not call the mirror that!

  • Hey Lynn, judging by the headline you seem to be running the whole show…..I said whole show…not whore show….btw what was your previous profession….don’t tell me .. social work.

  • I don’t know but every time I read these apocalyptic titles of you and Lisa Haven, I can’t help but laugh! It’s like you two are seriously wanting all this disaster to happen….When are you women starting to understand that whatever you through into this universe and focus on will more likely to come true as when you focus on the positive….It seems it’s kind of a way to satisfy an addictive attention seeking journalism that doesn’t carry any substance , which probably doesn’t even matter to you either or you are trying to put negativity and fear in this world! That may suggest you both are psyops…Dunno…just sayin”

    • ‘Psyops”? maybe. Lesbians as well? who knows?

  • Regarding the title of this article… Who the hell has seatbelts on their computer/office chair? I think it’s a fair question. Just sayin…

  • When I go to your website and click What Is The Gospel I get this:404
    We seem to have lost You in the clouds
    The page You’re looking for is not here.
    Maybe You should go home or try a search:
    Do you follow Lisa Haven? I was unable to find Jesus and His teachings at all on her site. He seems to be getting scarce on your site as well. Just an observation.

  • Lynn never stops trying to scare people into becoming an out to lunch holy roller like her.

  • I think your article is great.
    Many in the military are waking up. It is important that people like you and I keep warning people because these men are being tricked into fighting for the wrong people. Some leaders are forcing military people to fight to protect rich corporations and elites.

    Crow pie should read about a young women from Scotland named Margaret McDonald.
    The rapture does not say anything about Christ returning… Rather it suggests he is going to be calling up the elect to the heavens in some type of supernatural event.

    He also says he will close the eyes of some and will shut the ears so some can not hear the truth. Some people will be blocked so they cannot understand this mystery…
    Behold I tell you a mystery…….

    Some big mind blowing things are coming…..
    Cosmic disturbance are part of the sixth seal. It will provide proof for many people…
    People need proof and the sixth seal is going to provide some people with the truth….

    Good for you Lynn for writing these articles… People need to know the truth even if it hurts..

  • ONLY GOD IS ETERNAL & ALL POWERFUL. Mighty powers have come into being and have DECLINED/DISAPPEARED. America is NO DIFFERENT. The power of the USA WILL DECLINE, because AMERICA IS NOT GOD. Other powers are on the RISE AND the USA will also one day become an INSIGNIFICANT NATION.

  • Dear lyn,

    It sounds like the only reason the U.S. is collapsing is because Christians have turned their back on God. You did not blame the atheist which would have been more credible. If you had said that immorality was caused by non-believers that had taken over, then you could have left the moral without blame. What your saying is that Christians have given Satan power because God is very disappointed with your lack of faith, and your unable to uphold it. And so Christians must also bear the horrors that are about to be unleashed on all. What is real the cause of all hell breaking loose? It’s that we loved darkness more than light. Who are the lovers of darkness? It is the Christians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists all rolled into one big gigantic false reality. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! And the true Paradigm will be revealed. :eek:

  • am sure God will look after you even if you believe in him or not as for the rest the SWHTF yes its coming but unlike most Christians am not going to sit on my hands and wait , I will be helping the poor the dying and the dead I will be helping the cats dogs birds fish that never had a choice while the rest cheer and clap when the world collapses around them thinking God is Near

    if you had a choice to enter heaven and live in paradise or would you turn your back on it all and help the innocent men women and children that are left behind
    I would turn my back on anyone that refused to help God or no God

  • Dear Lyn, I am writing from South Africa. I pray for the safety of all Christian Americans. You are doing a great job as “watchman” and “Messenger”. I am also an aware Christian. I know I am a sinner and I pray daily for forgiveness and strength to be ready for our Savior’s soon Return; or if I get taken out of this world by death I trust that my next experience would be to be in Paradise, like the thief on the Cross. I am just a little concerned about American Christian’s attitude toward Modern Israel. It IS NOT the fulfillment of Prophesy as they have not kept to the stipulations that God gave when He made His Covenant with Abraham. As Jesus our Lord stated, he told the Pharisees that their father was satan – “The father of lies”!!!! I would like all American Christians to do their home work on this and not just swallow the lies of the Mega Church Pastors. Here is a link at VT that puts the current situation in America very well. Much better than I could.—
    Thank you for putting out your thought provoking articles and videos. I pray that God will watch over you and your family too. It’s very difficult being a single mom. God Bless. I hope to meet you in Eternity one day.

  • Hate to steal your thunder but “rapture” predates anything christian by about a thousand years.
    “Rapture” is one of the Ten worlds of Buddha and means intense joy or elation. Buddha lived about a thousand years before the totally fictitious, never ever existed in the flesh, “Jesus” was alleged to have. That’s despite “Jesus” being a Greek name made up to have a numerical value of 888 which represents the Sun (the Sun because christianity is based on Sun worship – Sun of God, God’s only get the gist). The big J even says this in the Bible (“I am the Amen”) in Revelation, Amen referring to the Egyptian Sun god Amen Ra (that’s why you say Amen).
    Can I get an Amen (Ra)?

    • Can you say Ramen? I eat it 2 or 3 times a week. :lol:

    • I’m no Christian, but you may want to check this out:

      It brings up some interesting points. Worth the watch.

      May you be touched by the noodly appendage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (cheese and sauces be upon him)

  • Time to turn our back on ‘soldiers’ carrying weapons with tags and yellow blank devices on the barrels. Time to turn our back on our Traitor-in-Chief ‘president’ Obozo, the scum of the WH. Time to turn our back on anyone that THINKS they can start taking things from us. Time to stand up to them and say ‘Screw You!’ and ‘Mess with me and I’ll kill you’. To hell with all that BS. :mad:

  • Pix

    “There is no doubt that President Obama is weakening this nation..”

    Wrong, Obama is a sock puppet PR man of big business and corporations who funded him into office. They are the people responsible, the puppet masters, including the too big to fail privately owned Federal reserve bank. Kill the bank and the likes of Monsanto and Nestle who are poisoning the land and stealing all your water, your problems would be mostly solved.


    • Well….in the spirit of agreement.

      How do the masses think their favorite, beloved most trusted, and be-knighted Senators and Congressional Represenatives are bought an office? Or would it be more accurate to say, “A seat for the next few years ride?”

      • Crowpie I must ask, is that a pic of you? Was it in the 1940′s or 50′s when it was taken? So that must mean you are in a rest home somewhere? :lol:

      • Nope. I posted this pic in honor of Lauren Bacall shortly after her passing.

        I suppose I could post a pic of myself…..but no one else does.

        Only ‘writers’ do that.

      • Joshua24:15,

        BTW… didn’t comment on the subject at hand. How do YOU think your favorite, beloved, most trusted, and be-knighted Senators and Congressional Represenatives are bought an office?

      • Pix

        “How do the masses think their favorite, beloved most trusted, and be-knighted Senators and Congressional Represenatives are bought an office?”

        They don’t think at all, as far as can be seen. They act exactly like a bunch of dumb sheep believing every word they hear on mainstream media. Incidentally all owned by the same tiny few people that fund/own the politicians.


      • CrowPie:
        Thank you for clearing that up. I was trying to figure out who that was. She was one of the all-time beauties. Right up there with Rita Hayworth, and Mamie VanDoren.

      • Bill,

        I just figured everyone Knew. :lol:

    • to PIX that is a very christian attitude. I’m glad you are on board in spirit at least

      • Pix

        “to PIX that is a very christian attitude. I’m glad you are on board in spirit at least”

        Far from it. I wouldn’t steal from, torture and publically burn people alive for disagreeing, I have way better morals and attitude than Christians.


      • Anonymous

        PIX- any receptacle in which wafers for the Eucharist are kept…….your a tool :grin:

      • Pix

        mattrick “your a tool”

        Did you mean ‘you’re a tool’?

        It’s easy look, you’re = you are. Sound it out now, nice and slowly, yyyooouuu aaarrreee.

        :roll: :lol:

      • Anonymous

        thank you , truth hurts so good. use me and abuse me.

  • AllRoadsLead2NWO

    The Prince/God of this Earth is Lucifer- not to be confused with -satan a lesser entity. The Judeo-Christian Church and the Roman Emperor (the Pope) have brain-washed their subjects into believing they are the same just as many Christian ignorantly believe that Jesus Christ and God are one in the same which if was true Jesus would have been praying to- himself and begging -himself to ‘spare himself’. This is the same church -that like the God of the bible has always and still wishes to keep knowledge from man and keep him ignorant- it was so bad the Judeo-Christian church did not want people to get eye-glasses when the became available in the 1500′s. The God of the bible wanted to keep man ignorant and naked in the garden-forever. Without the Prince of the world -the Sun/Son of morning- that was banished and cast down to live with ‘man’ for all eternity -brought the world knowledge, fire, everything and without Lucifer man would still be running around naked and ignorant inn the garden. Lucifer told that God lied and that man can become as God which soon we will have the ability to resurrect people from their DNA. You would not have internet or anything with knowledge being brought into the world. Lucifer is the SUN-our Star, “O Son of Morning’ – the ‘Eastern Star. It should be called STARSHINE NOT SUNSHINE. There is NO SUN RISE AND SUNSET. Man is still ignorant- which was the goal of the church- to keep man ignorant for total control over him. The God/Dog of the bible YHWH would be considered today as the Ultimate ‘child abuser’ lol.
    YHWH IS A VAIN A JEALOUS GOD WHO PLAYS FAVORITES the jews are his ‘CHOSEN PEOPLE’- (Deuteronomy 7, 6-8.0)I have zero fear of ever being judged by a supposed God that has POORER VIRTUES THAN I. THIS IS THE ROYAL SECRET OF THE 33RD MASON- LUCIFER IS GOD OR STAR OUR SUN AND WITH HIM NOT MUCH LIFE WOULD EXIST HERE AT ALL. LUCIFER’S EYE IS ON THE BACK OF THE ONE DOLLAR BILL AN IS THE SAME EGYPTIAN GOD OF THE MYSTERY SCHOOLS. THE LOGO USED BY ALL OF THE NWO COMPANIES SIGNIFIES THEIR ALLEGIANCE- EVEN THE SUN/EYE OF THE PYRAMID THE SAME HOLOGRAM JUST SEEN AT THE NUCLEAR SECURITY SUMMIT WITHOUT OBAMA AND ALL WORLD LEADERS ATTENDING. LOOK AT THE HOLOGRAM- WALMARTS LOGO IS THE EYE IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT LOGO AND IS THE SAME COLOR. Pick a major corp.- they al use it Time Warner Criminal?- Check, the eye of Lucifer is their logo, and just about every bank the eye and pyramid over an over and over. The best kept secret kids is one that is not all and is right out the open., The all seeing omnipotent eye our SUN Lucifer.

    • Pix

      “The all seeing omnipotent eye our SUN Lucifer.”

      You’re an idiot. Lucifer has a single specific meaning, the planet Venus on the dawn horizon, the bright morning star.

      Lucifer (/ˈlʲuːsɪfər/ lew-sif-ər) is the King James Version rendering of the Hebrew word הֵילֵל in Isaiah 14:12. This word, transliterated hêlêl[1] or heylel,[2] occurs only once in the Hebrew Bible[1] and according to the KJV-influenced Strong’s Concordance means “shining one, morning star”.[2] The word Lucifer is taken from the Latin Vulgate,[3] which translates הֵילֵל as lucifer,[Isa 14:12][4][5] meaning “the morning star, the planet Venus”, or, as an adjective, “light-bringing”.[6] The Septuagint renders הֵילֵל in Greek as ἑωσφόρος[7][8][9][10][11] (heōsphoros),[12][13][14] a name, literally “bringer of dawn”, for the morning star.[15]

      Revelation 22.16 “I am the root and offspring of David, and the bright morning star” – Jesus.

      Oops. :lol:

      • TCB


        Pix: “I never call people idiots. I only call what they do idiotic.”

        Pix: “You’re an idiot.”

      • Pix


        Have you seen my two bad fingers? V


      • Pix

        WALTER There’s an exception to every rule, this is one of them.


      • Hey, Jed!

        I proved your all male created and run Plagiarized religion called christi-HOMO-anity is nothing but a World Wide Criminal Enterprise!

        But, you skipped right over my PROOF!

        Didn’t you, FRAUD MAN named Jed Bozza???

        What a big mouth deluded BLOW HARD you really are, little man!

        Take your ten grand and shove it up your arse, you proud member of christo-HOMO-anity, Jed Bozza!

        YOU NEVER WOULD AWARD YOUR “PRIZE” ANYWAY, you Shylock SOB for the white-skinned mangod FABLE!

        Hey MORON, since everyone now does know your real name and personal contact information, why don’t you “Go Honest”, and use your real name, Jed Bozza, as your Pen Name, and a recent picture of you as your Avatar on BIN?

        I mean, you are so honest, truthful, and blessed by the white-skinned mangod FABLE, why not present yourself as you really are, instead of all the lies, trickery, pompousness and deceit you have consistently shown here on BIN, Jed Bozza, christo-CREEP Warrior1 the POPE of Defenders of the FABLE of the white-skinned mangod (that YOU fell for, SUCKER)!!!!!!!!!

        Sing to “Fairy Tales Can Come True”

        Yes, this Jed comes to you, he can infect your post, too, if you Post on BIN a lot.
        Just post something good and the christo-TURDS gather like sludge
        If you post a lot.

        Yes, Bozza is mad, like the cat in the hat.
        And he’s lonely as hell, look how he talks to himself

        But don’t feel too bad, cause Bozza is stark raving mad
        Cause he loves the white-skinned mangod, a lot!

        The most on his block
        Cause Jed’s MAD a Lot!

        I am fairly sure that “christian” is a kind way of saying retard :!: :!:
        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

        Also, christo-CREEPS, Please give up all beliefs and switch to critical thinking. :wink: :wink:

        :idea: :idea: Consider, christo-CREEPS, that Jesus answers all unknowns…
        And if you don’t accept our lord and saviour jesus… I kill you! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
        But, jesus does love you, unconditionally! :grin: :grin:

        christo-CREEPS, seriously, I’d sooner mainline speedballs into the vein in my cock than read ANY plagiarized judeo-christo-CRIMINAL all male wrote BOOK OF INSANE Babble!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

      • Perhaps it’s time for “Nome Chris the American” to look into the john mirror and see his self grown old and weak. It’s a sad tale.

        Quote: “But, you skipped right over my PROOF!”

        mirror mirror just above the balls… where’s this evidence brought by the pig to the BIN hall?

      • YOU’RE a mor*n

        Prometheus – morning star

        Epimetheus – evening star

  • did it ever occur once to you religious fanatics that you and your preaching of doom and gloom for hundreds of years have caused the chaos that exist on this planet today? and now to reinforce that we have the stupid newagers and bringing up the rear is the liberals, those three groups are what have destroyed humanity.

  • Plot line has a lot of holes in it, some of the character development is lacking and the genre is overdone and overused…. try a more creative end of the world dialogue and I bet you could sell it….Other authors on this site have been spicing their fan fic with Planet X and multidimensional invaders…

    Here is a thought to spice up your narrative… make your Jesus a creature from another dimension….might work…

  • Lets see what God says about flying away

    Ezekiel 13:18-23 18 And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Woe to the women that sew pillows to all armholes, and make kerchiefs upon the head of every stature to hunt souls! Will ye hunt the souls of my people, and will ye save the souls alive that come unto you?

    19 And will ye pollute me among my people for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, to slay the souls that should not die, and to save the souls alive that should not live, by your lying to my people that hear your lies?

    20 Wherefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly.

    21 Your kerchiefs also will I tear, and deliver my people out of your hand, and they shall be no more in your hand to be hunted; and ye shall know that I am the LORD.

    22 Because with lies ye have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad; and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should not return from his wicked way, by promising him life:

    23 Therefore ye shall see no more vanity, nor divine divinations: for I will deliver my people out of your hand: and ye shall know that I am the LORD.

  • Pix

    Talk about ego problem, having the poorest but most expensive education in the world, the most expensive health care, the highest unwanted teenage pregnancy rate, the highest rate of poverty, the most capitalistic with the largest number of money grubbers, the biggest warmonger, with the least trained troops, and a track record of the highest number of military home kills etc, is nothing to crow about. The USA is a tiny part of the world, not it’s be all and end all. The world will thrive without America’s constant sh*t stirring and warmongering.

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