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Crazy Prophetic Vision Half of Which Already Came True…Guess What’s in the Other Half…

Sunday, February 26, 2017 12:02
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(Before It's News)


By Lisa Haven


In April of 2011, retired Florida Firefighter Mark Taylor received a word from the Lord about the future and fate of America.

In that prophecy, reportedly given to him by God, he said that Donald Trump chose to lead the United States of America and bring honor, respect, and restoration to the land. This was fulfilled when Donald Trump became president. Additionally, he stated that one of the Supreme Court justices would die; this too was fulfilled when Judge Scalia died. Now, almost six years later, Mark has another prophecy for America.

All that and more in this report…

“‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams. And on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days; they shall prophesy.” Acts 2:17-18


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  • Taylor’s prophesy was that Trump would win the Presidency in 2012, not 2016.

    • The prophecy he received in 2011 was that Trump would be the next president. When Trump toyed with a run in 2012 and then decided not to, Taylor thought he had misunderstood. God assured him he had not.

  • This “prophecy” so-called “news” article is religious junk food. Read and feed on the Bread from Heaven. Why do 3469 people read articles like this? Donald Trump is just another slick, smooth-talking politician who promises the earth to his voters and after they believe him he fills the pockets of his wealthy friends and family.

    • Mica Molecule:

      “Why do 3469 people read articles like this?” – Mica Molecule

      Probable answer:

      Likely … Because they want to.

      • Assuming that even one in ten who land on this page (each registering one view) actually read the article…

        …is a fool’s errand.

        (And with Hoggie Hoggs as the author, the number is probably more like one in sixty five.)

        • You’re giving Lisa Hogg Balls some very generous numbers.

          • I meant Hoggie Hoggs (Dave Hodges). His numbers for actual readership are far worse than Lisa’s. Lisa actually puts some effort into her work, whereas Hoggie merely dumps his imagination into the BIN.

      • I didn’t realize this was a Lisa article. I messed up. Didn’t read it because I know its complete BS, feeding off the fears of the gullible scared binners.

  • dear lisa, sis, haven:
    [if this message is not directly to her, then, maybe, you could please forward it to her..]

    your faith is strong, and right..keep up the good work, but, in all fairness, fellow christian sister,
    drop the unchristian phraseology…”if he pulled these prophesies out of his —-”; come on, sis,
    you know better than to speak like that.
    not only does it detract from the truth you are trying to disseminate, but you make CHRIST look
    very vulgar and unattractive.
    believe in you, that’s why i’m helping you.
    prayers and blessings.

    • The road to hell is paved with good intentions. If you want to know what prophecy says, read the Bible.

      • you want to know what fairy-tales say, read the bible,, or any other man-made holy book for that matter

        • Andy

          You ARE aware that Christians worship a man who was called Jesus?

          • b4

            god does not read the bible–never has -never will–was not written by god either–some primitive dudes in a cave wrote it–word of men–not god–humans are too petty,immature to understand god so they just make shit up to that parallels their own limited experiences,not gods–but its ok,salvation is for all or hell would already be full of bible thumpers,christians because of their evil,judgemental ways—worship??!! god does not need a bunch of morons kissing gods ass–that is stupid,immature behavior-its god..way above the human experience–go bow down to superman or do some other childish acts you fool or just grow what god intended you to be,not the crap that religions put forth—-

          • god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will – god does not read the bible–never has -never will –

            It never gets old, does it little bee four…

  • Boo

    I have to admit Lisa,,, you’ve won me over. Your reporting skills are engaging, lively an well versed. Keep up the good work.

  • If Donald Trump and his counterpart puppet in the United Kingdom do manage to make the America Empire and “Great” Britain a great axis of evil, they will really be the two-horned beast with a voice like a lamb that deceives all who live on earth in Revelations 13.


    Power of Belief, interesting change from former Spirituality as the heading. Shapeshifter Lisa Haven. Donald Drumpf Trump is a freaking Nazi.

    Bannon’s turn to be in Dick Cheney’s position in terms of authority. Bannon is not VP, not even an elected official, but just as Cheney was effectively the president & Bush his lap dog, so too with Nazi Bannon. German dog Donald Drumpf is a dog Nazi:

    China thinks WW2 never ended, it thinks Nazis rule the west. Nazi Ratzinger, a Hitler youth Nazi & still a Nazi stepped down to put in Socialist Bergoglio from Argentina all staged theater aimed at China. Bergoglio got Chinese cops to patrol with Italian police in Rome. Jew Soros says we want China in the imperialist seat, Yuan as world reserve currency, down with the US dollar, US become caboose to China’s engine – says Soros. So when Nazi Trump won, Bergoglio blames Freemason Catholic Knights of Malta, when the Black Pope is head of Freemasonry – theater for China. Ain’t our fault Nazi Trump won – Vatican says to China. That is when the pope ordered all Catholic Freemasons removed from the Knights of Malta – theater for China. Ain’t our fault, China, it was those damn Freemasons that put Nazi Trump in power. We wanted to give a Clinton II, you know the one who let you guys into Los Alamos. Just bit and pieces here and there, bones thrown at China to keep them strung along. But in fact it was the Nazi Jew Pharisee Vatican owners who did put Trump in power. China being strung along & before they know, the west strikes under Trump. Nuclear war against China, Russia and Iran. Soon Bergoglio out and Ratzinger in. and expect some more zingers from Bergogio on his way out, after all it is Bannon’s Americans unite under Judeo-Christianity, so do so more outrageousness to generate the NWO Vatican’s desired Christian blow back.

    The great deception is that Trump is a populist. Freemasons gave him his celebrity status & that was what drew the big crowds, celebrity gawkers. Nazi dog Trump is just what NWO Vatican wants in power, and soon Nazi right govt’s in Germany, France, Italy and Greece. China has been played al along, always stalled why Vatican can’t produce for them, why Jew George Soros can’t produce for them as they say they will. They never intended to put China in an imperialist seat, they intend to take out China and Russia and Iran, and then they own it all. India and Japan and all the rest fall in line with NWO west thereafter. But it is not to be, Russia and China defeat US/Nato (Daniel 11:14-19). Proof regarding my statements on Soros see tab George Soros NWO at website. His interview, his own words.

    Bannon wants all Americans united under Judeo Christianity in speech to vatican. The power of belief, they can force their Christianity upon the world to regain what was bequeathed to the Catholic church 2000-2500 years ago, an ideology of Bannon. Bannon calls Bergoglio ‘holy father’.

    Predictive programming Simpsons Trump elected president years before it happened. In the interim, put the gays in as news anchors, push the sexual extremes, now here comes under Nazi Trump the Christian blow back, among other things done to get that push back they want. Christian shapeshifter Nazi Zionist Alex Jones, he’s been groomed for this day. Dog Christian shapeshifter Rick Wiles of TruNews, lots of alternative media Christians in love with Nazi Christian Trump. They think Nazi Trump Drumpf is a gift from God. KKK, skin heads love him too. Trump gives them the press credentials & leaves out some of the mainstream. Feigned opposition from mainstream to generate the push back. Trump-philia being cultivated by the NWO. Not Russia banks Nazi Trump is beholden to, its Nazi German Deutsche bank that kept Donald Drumpf rolling in the money when he was in fact bankrupt and who he still owes a lot of money to.

    • b4

      fairy see nothing you are a very insane person–catho licks hate the masons and masons hate the catho licks–the french king with heip from the catho lick church waged war on knights templar–trump,being a scottish rite mason is going to dismantle the satanist,catho lick church–the founding fathers,usa were all masons–liberty and freedom–your post is total bullshit from an insane tiny brain fairysee nothing–trump never declared bankruptcy ever–4 companies that he was part owner in did–general motors did it–chrysler did it–many companies have–its a 100 percent legal process you moron,idiot.fools like you stay awake all night and then post your total bullshit–go back into your hole demon

  • taylor is a twit.

    It isn’t the “lord” that’s speaking to this nut. ding dong ding dong

    Something else he said that was posted today, Now ‘Jesus has feathers’. Okie dokie. goodbye.

    Lisa, disassociate yourself from anything this dingbat has to say. Your credibility is at stake.

    May the bird of paradise fly up his, uuhhhhh ‘feathers’. Yep, that’s it…………..feathers.

  • schizophrenia & delusion is now prophecy – religtards will believe anything, EXCEPT the facts

  • BS this firefighter did nothing of the sort his vision came from Satan none other.

  • Your not seeing a Savior here people what your seeing is a false prophet and more likely the vile man in scripture.
    Daniel 11 vs 21 read it, and that follows Trump to a T.

    • Obama’s the Antichrist;
      I’m the Messiah.
      Just want to spread it here, nothing else than that.

  • False prophets to tickle the ears.

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