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Washington In Flames! What Trump Just Officially Did Will Make Every American Rich! (Video)

Sunday, February 26, 2017 2:17
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(Before It's News)

Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, President Donald Trump has rescued the U.S. He has now reduced the US Debt burden in his first month in office. Check this out, check this out, check it! On January 20th, the U.S. debt was at $19,947 billion. OMG! That’s ridiculous, right?

North America is a continent entirely within the Northern Hemisphere and almost all within the Western Hemisphere. It can also be considered a northern subcontinent of the Americas. Trump is our current President. What else will he do to relieve Americans?

Donald John Trump is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States


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  • Bring back the old BIN format!

    • Actually if you scroll down to where it says “top 50 articles” on the left and click that it will bring you to the old format. Times they are a changin’.

  • What a maroon. The US debt is DOWN by 19.9 billion – not AT 19.9 billion. Give it four years – it’s not over yet.

    • I didn’t realize FACT CHECKING deserved a down vote. Talk about your fake news.

  • doesn’t exactly save America, but it certainly is a step in the right direction and for the first 30 days in office its a good start, Obama probably spent that much on vacations the first month in office…..
    Trump has to cut Federal Government..eliminate half the federal government agencies…mostly they are just a bunch of fat cats doing nothing but figuring out to steal more taxpayer money for themselves and their buddies…..
    Trump needs to work with Putin, defeat Isis (which Putin has already proved before the UN Council to have been created by Obama and Mossad/CIA…..)and then exit the ME….those ME “wars” cost us a trillion dollars a year and for what? For CIA heroin trade protection, Big Oil pipeline protection and general Rothschild Israel hegemony…….no up side for American taxpayers.

    • mitch51

      I don’t know if you have heard this but SCROTUS has taken a vacation every week since he has been in office to the tune of over $10,000,000 a month. I actually think he has Obama beat in this respect.

  • He is really reducing the deficit, which logical reduces debt. Trump said s the first president in decades that has an actual education. Obama, Bush, Clinton are all severely lacking in the education department. Not a single one of them studied a wide array of knowledge, or went to a university worth its weight in gold. Trump did his masters degree at the Wharton S hoop for Business. This is one of the most elite, and difficult schools to get into. Wharton is equivalent to an engineer attending The University Of Chicago and MIT. Trump understands that simple economic reality of the fallacy with goverm not spending. Economists es are not aided, by government spending, they are hurt. Only private sector spending and production of goods and service help economies. Politicians, Lawyers, Teachers and Social workers hurt the economy by burning money that could be used to produce. Teachers I can give a pass to, but the rest need be paid for by private citizens and not taxes

    • mitch51

      Trump didn’t even graduate from college which is why he was never (not even close) on the Dean’s list at Wharton like he had told everyone he was. He’s just a fraud with everything he does. Trump University, Trump Wine, it doesn’t matter. I’m not on the left but Sweet Baby Jebus. And on top of being a fraud now he is also a snowflake. It is what it is, though.

      • “…I’m not on the left…”

        Right up there with the biggest lies ever told here in the BIN.

        And as always, anyone who feels compelled to say that about themselves…


  • No, he is not. Trump is the 44th President of the United States of America.

    Bumma was never a president. Failed to take the oath of office without the big white piece of paper covering the cover of the bible. It was televised up close and personal for all to see. The Freemasons hate blacks and will not allow them to be president. Ever. He was a nothing….a puppet. I kind of think they’ll all puppets whether or not they take the oath. However, the freemasons could not allow this puppet to be president because he was black. But you all fell for it instead of booting his butt out of there enmasse.

    Thus, the freemasons also proved just how stupid and gullible we all are, even when the act of the piece of paper that bumma’s hand was on while allegedly taking the oath of office, was, by design, right in our faces in our own living rooms.

  • Unfortunately, it’s too little too late. David Stockman puts it all into perspective in this USA Watchdog interview.


  • And just how, pray tell, will this make “every American rich?” As usual, nothing but crap videos by Gary Franchi and posted by Jeffrey Pritchett. Do you work for Alex Jones, Mr. Pritchett? Have you EVER posted your OWN work anywhere on the web? Wish I would have noticed your name before viewing this post.

    • You sound like you could use a fiber enema to take away your snobby pig like attitude. Your two cents reminds me of 2 rusty pennies at the bottom of a shat filled fountain. Have you ever looked at my bio idiot and went thru my articles? No because you are a shallow rat baby lips.

      • Now there’s some sound reasoning and articulate debating. Idiot.

  • The biggest problem is the pieces of paper with pictures of dead presidents . This was handed to our forefathers and they were told to hand in the gold and silver coins . Our Constitution called for their heads to be placed in a noose . It plainly told us not to allow anyone to remove the coin system . Why ? Because the actual value was in the hands of those that held the coins . What we have today is pieces of paper made from cloth and wood . There is no gold to back the paper up in Fort Knox . Why because the past presidents allowed for the elites of the world as they call themselves to steal it after it was melted into bars for easy transporting . while our paper system is crashing the government needs to be reaching out to find as much gold and silver so they can begin coining coins again . The next system the elites have in mind for America is the mark system in the computer . This would give them total control . With a push of a button anyone they wish is totally wiped financially out and now they own whatever that individual has . That person is now homeless . This is why our Constitution warned us against anyone fooling with our coin system that had actual value . Even now authorities need to round up those guilty of controlling the financial system to an end means of making themselves dictators over American citizens . Our Constitution states no enitity shall own or possess America or its citizens . The bankers set up a system that no one could win at . Let’s say they printed up a billion dollars . Now for us to use their money it comes with interest . So using a billion dollars as an example , let’s say that it represents all the money now in circulation . So with interest of let’s say 10% ( that’s a little drastic , but is an example ) we now owe a total of 1 billion and 100 million . The 100 million being the interest of pay back . But wait there is only 1 billion in circulation . Where are we going to get the 100 million for interest ? You won’t ! Because if you print off more money to pay off the 100 millions you will find yourself in jail . And of course they are never going to print it because this causes us to always owe them . They have made a no win game and we bought it and now they own us , unless we hold them for Treason against America and its citizens and our Constitution . No wonder they wanted our Constitution gone , it points them out as Treasonist . They knew if anyone woke up and saw this they would be hung for Treason once found . Well now you know ! Right now they want the paper system crashed . Then their computer system they are wanting set up can hold everyone’s money in it . But dont computers system have glitches and crash some times ? This my friends is the last thing in the world we want . From there they proceed to the computer chip system . Now they do own you . Brain wave technology will send frequencies to your chip , via 66 motorola satellites , that your brain recognize and think it is it’s own thoughts . You will hear voices , see holographic images . And worst of all they can control your health . They could even kill you if they wanted with this chip . This again is why your Constitution warned you against anyone removing your coin system . If the markets do crash , then we need an system to replace it . It’s called coining money of different values . We don’t need any system that you can not hold the value of worth in your hands that is being used to buy or pay for products or services . Today an ounce of gold is worth $1487.00 . That would not be a very big coin worth almost $1500.00 . Set the price of gold at a fixed rate . This way inflation could not run away with our economy . Right now it’s going crazy . Loans should have fixed rates also , that way there would be no loan sharks . Everyone would be on equal ground . And other countries would not be questioning our money as they are now doing with our pieces of paper with pictures of dead presidents on them with no gold to back them up !

  • US debt is at $20T not $20B….

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