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An EVIL Cancer Cure That Turns People Into Nephilim Hybrid Monsters: Chimeric Antigen Receptor Retro-Viral Nanotechnology Enhanced Temporary Disease Cure-All!

Monday, March 20, 2017 15:53
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An EVIL Cancer Cure That Turns People Into Nephilim Hybrid Monsters: Chimeric Antigen Receptor Retro-Viral Nanotechnology Enhanced Temporary Cure-All For Cancer & Diseases, Which Will Be Used To Fight The Soon To Be Government Released Ebola-Rabies-Demonic Possession-ZOMBIE Virus!


2 ESDRAS 5:8 KJV “There shall be a confusion also in many places… 2 Esdras 5:8 1611 KJV: There shall be a confusion also in many places, and the fire … change their places, and menstruous women shall bring forth monsters.(Fully Demon Possessed Nephilim Hybrids Via DNA Manipulation-Gene Editing-Gene Splicing-Gene Reprogramming)


People That Are Not Truely Spiritually Connected With The MOST HIGH And Have Total Fear Of Death And Of This Pestilence Based Virus, Will Blindly Flock To Many Government FEMA Camp Centers/Prisons In Massive Groups To Willfully Accept This Mark Of The Damned, But Once Accepted & Taken It Into Your Body & Soul, It Can Not Be Reversed And Assures The Host A One Way Trip To Hell. This Is Why The MOST HIGH Warned Us Of This Coming Great Deception In The Book Of Revelation, Because Most People Will Do Whatever It Takes To Stay Alive In These Fallen Flesh Body Forms. SELAH


You Must Fully Understand That The Governments Of This Fallen Satanically Influenced World Are Very Wicked And They Don’t Have Your Well-Being At Heart Or In Mind. They Work Directly Under The Strict Guidance Of Fallen Angel Demonic Spirits, “Clouds Without Water” Foretold And Warned Of Their Existence In The Book Of Jude & Ephesians 6:12-18, Which Give Their Wicked Cronies Orders To Try To Control The World Population Through DNA Manipulation, Idol god Worship/Praise, Multi-Media, False Doctrine, Subversion, And Outright Deception Of The Sleep Walking Masses Which Stand In Ignorance Of Their True Nature As Natural WORD BEARING-Spiritual DNA Beings.


We Are Not Supposed To Serve The Angels, Remember It’s The Other Way Around, They Are Servants Unto Us Sent To Help Us By The MOST HIGH. But Many Turned Away From Their Ordered Command To Do Good Unto Us & Watch Over Us And Chose Instead To Try To Destroy What The MOST HIGH Created From HIS WORD-SPIRITUAL DNA. Satan & The Fallen Angels Desire To Be Worshipped And Praised Like The MOST HIGH, But This Is Totally Out Of Natural Order. This Is Why They Desperately Want To Manipulate Or Reprogram The DNA Of The GENES Or Flesh & Corrupt The Souls/Hearts Of All Living Things, So They Can Create Custom Crafted Bodies For The Spirits Of Their Wicked Giant Children That Died During Noah’s Flood Which Became Disembodied Demon Spirits That Currently Roam The Earth Terrorizing People And Causing Mass Chaos & Deaths. In The Book Of 2nd Esdras, It Foretold That Women Would Birth Forth Monsterous Children That Would Break Forth Out Of The Womb. This Is How Giants Were Born During The Time Before Noah’s Flood Because They Have Fallen Angel Spirits/Evil DNA Within Them Causing Them To Grow At Incredible Rates Of Maturity With Supernatural Powers To Control Or Manipulate Matter, Which Is A Talent To Create Or Destroy Given To The Angels, But The Fallen Used These Spiritual Talents To Fight Against Their CREATOR-The MOST HIGH.


Obama, Hillary Clinton, And Joe Biden Have Initiated A Fast Track Program To Release & Force Upon The Public Under Duress, A Satanic Fallen Angel Inspired DNA Manipulation-Full On Gene Editing Agent Known As The Chimeric Antigen Receptor Retro-Viral Nanotechnology Enhanced Disease/Cancer Cure-All. This So Called “Cure-All” Will Be Pushed Upon The Public As A “Miracle Of Science”, But Unknown To Most Which Are Totally Unwared Of What’s Really Inside Of It, Is The Total Destruction Of Their Own Bodies And Souls Through Complete Fallen Angel Manipulation & Reprogramming Of The Cells Of Their Flesh Bodies Via Chimeric Antigen Receptor Retro-Viral Nanotechnolgy Enhanced Gene Splicing Of Their Original Vessels.


After This Level Of DNA/Gene Manipulation-Splicing-Editing-Reprogramming, The People Who Undergo This Evil Transformation Will Become Loveless Monsters, Total Mindless Slaves To The NWO Under Satan, Isis, And The Other Fallen Angels. The People Who Take This MARK OF THE BEAST 666, Will Not Be Able To Reverse The Damage Done To Their Bodies And Souls, Because They Will Willfully Absorb The False Doctrines Of The Fallen Angels Which Will Cause Separation From The MOST HIGH For Eternity After This Level Of DNA Manipulation. This Is Why The MOST HIGH Warned Us That The Deception Will Be Very Great, Because They Will Say That They Can Fully Heal You And Most People Are Going To Blindly Believe In What The Fallen Angels/Demons/Wicked Ones Have To Offer To Sustain Their Lives. That’s Why “He Who Seeks To Save His Life Will Ultimately Lose His Life”, Because Most People Who Are Afraid Of Death Will Do Anything To Try To Prolong Their Lives In This Fallen Satanic Dimension And Within Their Corrupt Fallen Bodies.


The MOST HIGH Will TRUELY HEAL The Righteous Hearted And Purge The DNA Of Our Flesh/Heart/3rd Eye So The Two Men, Who Currently Spiritually At War Against Each Other Within One Vessel/Temple, Which Are The (Soul & Body), Can Merge Together In UNITY As ONE Through The SPIRIT Of The MOST HIGH Via Complete Spiritual Cleansing, Thus Putting Off Corruption Through The Satanic Thorn DNA Of Rebellion Being Purged From Us, Allowing Us To Obtain An Incorruptable Celestial Body Once This Old Temporary Prison Tent For The Soul Is Made New. Remember We Are Created To Be Temples Or Dwelling Places Of The MOST HIGH-ISHI-HOLY SPIRIT, NOT Made By Man’s Hands, ie. Through Genetic Manipulation-Gene Editing-Reprogramming-Gene Splicing, Ect.


Please Don’t Be Fooled By This Great Deception, Natural Seed Normal Spiritual DNA WORD BEARING Children Of The Original 70 Tribes Of People Which Descended Directly From Noah’s 3 Sons (Shem, Ham, & Japheth) And Didn’t Bear The Curse Of Snow White Leprosy Which Is Part Of The MARK Or Curse Of Cain. When Melanated People Willfully Take Or Accept This “Wicked Fake Cancer Cure-DNA Manipulating Curse” Into There Bodies/Vessels It Will Quickly Turn Them Into Loveless, Totally Unrepentant, Snow White Leprous Cursed Chimeric Hybid Monsters Or BEASTS Under The 666 Protocol To Trap Their Energy From Rising Past The Neck Area Or The 6th Chakrah Vector Of Their Bodies, Making Them Immortal But Not Totally Impervious To Fiery Destruction Or Death By Beheading. Stay Sober, REPENT, Seek The MOST HIGH To Do His Will Which Is His WORD, And Through The HOLY SPIRIT Show True Charitable Love To “The Least Of These” Foretold In Matthew 25th Ch., Which Is Anybody That Has The SPIRIT Of The MOST HIGH-ISHI-LOVE Within Them In The Form Of Spiritual DNA, Saint Luke 17th Ch. We Are HIS.



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