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Crisis! Two White House Officials Just Exposed! (Video) Live Stream!

Thursday, March 30, 2017 12:20
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2 White House officials helped give House Intelligence Committee Chair Nunes intelligence reports – NY Times

Two White House officials helped House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) acquire information that he says shows President Trump’s transition team was incidentally surveilled, according to The New York Times.

The Times identified Ezra Cohen-Watnick of the National Security Council and Michael Ellis, a national security lawyer with the White House Counsel’s Office, as the two officials who played a role.

The report did not make clear exactly what the pair did to assist Nunes. 

Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who co-authored the story, tweeted that Ellis showed the information to Nunes while Cohen-Watnick had seen it in “another context.”

Nunes has faced criticism since the revelation that he secretly went to the White House last week, meeting with a source who gave him the information. One day after the meeting, Nunes revealed in a press conference he had new information that showed the U.S. intelligence community incidentally surveilled Trump’s team during the transition.

The chairman has said that he met with the source at the White House because he needed to use a secure facility, although there are other secure facilities around Washington, including those used by his committee in Congress. 

After his press conference, Nunes briefed President Trump on the findings without touching base with the rest of the House Intelligence Committee. He has said he will not share his intel with the committee. 

Nunes told Bloomberg earlier this week that his source was an intelligence official, not a White House staffer. 

In a brief statement Thursday after the Times report, Nunes spokesman Jack Langer said that “Chairman Nunes will not confirm or deny speculation about his source’s identity, and he will not respond to speculation from anonymous sources.”

White House press secretary Sean Spicer last week cast doubt on the idea that the intelligence came from the White House, saying it “doesn’t pass the smell test.” 

Spicer during Thursday’s briefing did not comment on specific allegations in the story, noting that the White House has invited the House and Senate Intelligence Committee heads to view the documents in question. 

“I’ve read the report, and respectfully, your question assumes the reporting is correct,” he said. 

“We are not going to start commenting on one-off anonymous sources that publications publish.” 

He added that his “smell test” remark was based on Nunes’s words at the time. 

Spicer added during the Thursday briefing that he does not know who cleared Nunes into the White House.

The Times story said Cohen-Watnick found classified reports of top foreign officials talking about developing connections with Trump’s family and allies.

And the report said the intercepted communications are not related to the investigation into Russian influence, a point Nunes has stressed publicly. 

Cohen-Watnik came into the administration via former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was ousted after it was revealed he misled the administration about his conversations with Russia’s U.S. ambassador. 

Earlier this month, Politico reported that new national security adviser H.R. McMaster had attempted to remove Cohen-Watnik from his position but that Trump intervened.  –


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  • jdp…The left don’t want the real data out that Trump and his team were under surveillance, all they want is to destroy his people, ISay enough is enough if its true then trump is vindicated and stop wasting my yax diollar digging for a hopeful suprise.

    • BS- every word you say has been recorded and document to be used against you at a later date. Same illegal treasonous technique previously used against our patriotic president. Wake up useful idiot Libtards…your next.

  • jdp…The left don’t want the real data out that Trump and his team were under surveillance, all they want is to destroy his people, I Say enough is enough, if its true then trump is vindicated and stop wasting my tax dollar digging for a hopeful suprise.

  • jdp…Times headlines should have said Truth comes out by two WH INDIVIDUALS, Trumps vindication. This is about what Trump said if true then Comey and Rogers lied who produced the Intel for Nuens the data on the paper not the revealer, doesn’t the classified data have any bearing on what Trump said? Of course it does but the left only want to sabatoge the data by citing the individuals who show it. If you had info showing that a certain person was a murderer, you would not go after the producer of the info, but the murderer in this case the data shows Trump correct he was beeing surveilled and ComeyRoger in contempt of congress.

  • You are so right. It is about destroying good people that want to bring change. We are in deep trouble as a nation.

    Ezra Cohen-Watnick from the National Security Council and Ellis the White House Counsel’s Office national security attorney are both appropriate venues for investigating members to review of classified material. There is absolutely noting nefarious about this action. In fact nobody without the highest level of security clearance can access these classified documents without the assistance of a qualified guardian of state secrets such as the two mentioned. The mere fact that the head of the investigation visited the White House grounds to review the classified materials means nothing. Where else would he go?

  • yeah, totally ridiculous. If its fact, then Nunes is doing his job.

  • So who holds the highest security , the president or the committy appointed to search out if Trump was spied on or not ? Trump already knows he has been spied on . So does every American citizen of the USA . Burn their asses !!! Trump is doing this for the American people . Then maybe spying on Americas without a cause is a crime , it is suppose to be law already . So video proof was delivered to Trump . What grips these bastards is that now it can’t be sweep under the rug ! What American citizen can trust the Senate , the House or even the judicial system ? What Trump needs to do now is clear more than half of all the offices I just mentioned ! How ? With the pizza gate that more than half of them have committed . Almost every liberal is in crap above their heads . Many have killed children enjoying their sex parties provided to them in order to have blackmail on them to hold over their heads . Why do you think they are running so scared for and are fight against Trump so hard ? Trump needs to get ANGERY as the Bible tells him to do but sin not . Anger can be a motivation to engage powers within ones self that they never knew they had ! The American people has had enough of these sorry ass bastards ! Clean house of these sick scum bags . They have rob the American people excepting bribs from foreign entities and allowing them to rape America and it’s citizens . These Treasonist nuts have to go ! I dont blame Nunes , I won’t trust anyone on capital hill either ! He did the right thing . Trump with proof in hand , the liberals can not sweep it under the rug now or loose the video or kill the person giving information . With this proof Obama goes down , Hillary goes down and every liberal playing patti cake with these sorry excuses for human beings . Oh that right , most of them are negative blood reptilians ! They only look human . YouTube has many of them shape shifting . I have seen it on regular news broadcasts too ! They are trying to make ready for the king lizzard , the devil , the beast , the dragon , the man of sin , the abomination that makes desolate , the Satan !

  • it was bush jr that got permission after 9-11 to spy on the tech using public because the muslim terrorist threats inside the usa , they stopped the practice later after it was agreed/decided to be illegal

  • Yes, The clock is ticking. Have a look see here. The Root of the problem lies within.
    What was it that Mr. ‘T” used to say? ” I pity the fool…” :lol:

  • I don’t get why we get so many postings here INCRIMINATING EVERYONE UNDER THE SUN yet NOBODY EVER gets arrested!!! If these are complete truth and there are people with reputations stating this stuff and it’s out in the open WHY NO CHARGES AGAINST ANYONE??? SO SICK of the “we got them” crap THAT REALLY NEVER GETS ANYONE! I read and read constantly here about all the terrible things done by so many powerful people then corroborations from influential and people in the know come out and yet STILL NO CONVICTIONS.

  • This is all BS to take down the Trump administration. Do you really expect as to believe the Fake News coming out of the network? Please!!! What about the Clinton Foundation Uranium scandal? Hello!! That’s what they don’t want you to see. That is what they are trying to cover up behind all this Fake News. Please get a grip and post the truth. If I wanted to watch the MSN to get my news I would-but I DONT, Thank you very much.

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