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Isaiah 47: NY CITY Is TOAST And It’s Not The Only Wicked City That Will Be Destroyed! It’s A Repeat Of Sodom & Gomorrah!

Monday, March 6, 2017 18:13
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Isaiah 47: NY CITY Is TOAST And It’s Not The Only Wicked City That Will Be Destroyed! It’s A Repeat Of Sodom & Gomorrah! 


Please, Read The Post Below To Gain Some Critical Understanding Of What Will Soon Befall Wicked Cities Within The USA-Babylon & Some Others Around The World, With NY City Being Ground Zero For A Flood Of Supernatural Fire & Brimstone Sent Down From The Heavens By The MOST HIGH.


Please, Don’t Let Obama Deceive You, He Is The Abomination Of Desolation (During The Time Of Jacob’s Trouble, Obama Himself Will Be Possessed By The Spirit Of Nergal Before He Receives The Deadly Wound To His Head Before The Start Of The Great Tribulation) And The Future Antichrist (A Master Cloned IMAGE-BODY Of Obama Will Be Empowered Directly By The Spirit Of Satan When He Get’s Cast Down From Saturn Along With The Angels Of The First Heavenly Rebellion Known As The Grigori), Obama’s Wicked Rule Foretold In The Book Of Daniel Concerning The Endtimes. The Satan Driven Obama Cloned IMAGE Will Be Back With His Wicked Partner-False Prophet Hillary Clinton (Empowered By The Spirit Of Isis-Ishtar-Lilith) To Lead The NWO Under Matriarhcal Rule Through Satan, In A Wicked Attempt To Try To Subvert The Natural Order Of The MOST HIGH, Most High-Holy Spirit-Ishi-Man-Woman-Child. Remember, Obama Passed The Wicked Gay/Lesbian Marriage Law, And He Does Not Desire Women Himself. Please Wake Up.


Obama Is Secretly Walking In The Footsteps Of Nimrod/The Black Zeus: Testing Of The Tower Of Babel Will Commence Very Soon!

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  • Wow ! Many democrat preachers are going to have trouble with your post because you have left the Bible and brought in names of gods that your are saying Obama and Hillary will be filled with . It’s interesting and I understand where you are coming from . Obama did exhibit many of the outlined prophecies written about the beast . To me the pope who is of Esau linage whom GOD said HE hated in Malachi 1:1-4 is the anti-Christ or false prophet . The pope told the authorities of Jerusalem that they have rights to old Jerusalem and are going to build a temple their which will be a universal temple . And recently the pope did stand in Jerusalem and even went to David’s tomb . But now if you want to say that Obama is the beast I may agree with you . This basterard ( which the beast will be ) set up the state of Israel up for destruction before leaving office . First he gave Iran almost a trillion dollars in all the deals made with them . Next he set the palestinians up with money to help push them towards a 2 state nation with Israel . Then his UN treaty written up by Obama’s regime that allowed the world to turn against Israel . Then the nut cases curtain horn speech , plus the White House tweeter account of him setting in a chair with goofy looking swords or whatever it was sticking out of it and in his hand a crown , on the table was a cross bow . To those knowing Bible they understood what he was conveying , even the Muslim world understood it also ( Mahdi ) . But they reject him because of homosexuality . But the Bible did say he would not have feelings for women . Everyone , well almost everyone knows Michell was Michael Robinson the football player in college who took hormones to make his breast grow like a female . But everyone if they paid attention could also see in his dresses and slacks , like on Ellens when Micheal was exercising his dick was clearly seen wiggling around . Obama did much to damage Israel ( lost 10 tribes which are America , Europe and Australia ) . Bringing in Muslim Isis refugees and paying them $4500 plus housing , food and medical . He cut up many of our war ships and sold them for scrap , Closed bases , brought in Russian troops starting in May 2012 with executive orders (15,000) . Today there are over 150,000 Russian troops in America . He showed Chinese officials our power grid and how to shut them down , thanksgiven 2013 . Christmas 2015 he signed America over to the UN , Muslims . Shortly after that UN troops begin arriving in America making ready to remove Americans guns . He drove America into $20,000,000,000,000 of debt . He spent 85 million dollars in the 8 years of office for vacations . He set himself up with I believe I remember 291 million to take care if him till 2030 . But it was found out and stopped . His greatest desire he said is what he plans to do next to America ( Israel ) . Judea is living in Israel and does not carry the name Israel according to Genesis 48 , Ephraim and Manasseh does . Durning Solomon’s ( Judea) reign he began marring strange wives of other nation which lead him into worshipping other gods . God removed 10 of the 13 tribes mentioned in Genesis 48-49 from him and gave them to a descendant of Ephraim to be king over them . HE even picked the king . The Bible brings out that the beast will deceive Israel . But he did also try and do damage to Judea living in the nation of Israel . But Trump told Israel that America will stand with them as our greatest ally . The division in America today is because of the giveaway programs Obama created . 51% now taking care of 49% . 2 more % and we are down the tubes . All the people receiving drugs and money , and free medical , free housing , free food , free fuel assistance are now angry that they may have to go to work . No longer will they be able to stay up all night and rob or terrorise tax paying law abiding citizens . So yes I believe that after the Church promised Protection in Revelation 3:7-10 ( Philidelphia ) and the one that restrains is removed then Obama may get the UN seat that will allow him to rule as a dictator and give him power over all the world working with the NWO , Vatican . Seems Esau will be the religious nut ( pope) and Ishmael will be the beast . Revelations tells us with detail who the false prophet is and his home setting on 7 hills . But the beast we will have to guess at , except for those left behind like the other churches that have to make it to Revelation 20:5-6 ( First resurrection ) after the last trump or 7 trumpets have sounded . Then they will get to see who the beast is . But Obama is the sorriest piece of scum from hell to have ever set his ass in Our White House . I hope Trump had it cleaned out very well .

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