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Whoa! The King is About to be Introduced (Videos)

Friday, March 17, 2017 9:46
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Awesome, prophetic, good and hopeful news to see and share!

From PaulBegley

The King Is About To Be Introduced

The King is about to be introduced to the world” also Help Us Spread the Word

How to Escape the Hell and Doom that’s Fast Approaching


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  • Strange! Considering that americans don’t do kings and not about to change that fact. Try to keep that in mind!

  • Yes, god has returned. God, Jesus and our Blessed Mother. Have been with me all these years. But, realize that many times they were carrying this non believer. Now believer! The last nearly three years have been very difficult. I was and still am a targeted Individual. But, god has been protecting me, giving me a friend to rely on. But, trust me I went through hell. Poisons, emf, microwaves, theft, followed 24 hour a day. Plus they put tracking devices in my dental work, and a elected surgery.

    Yes, life has been hell, but god has been here and has given me a believe in him that I had never had before. I have an audio if you care to listen to it. on Before its news. It is on the first article, or may I say within the first article.

    Thank you for sharing, Diane Bourdeau Wendt

    • b4

      your insane–only thing been with you is your crazy mind!!!

  • diane . . you must have failed High School English . . God has a capital “G” . . usually . .

    • b4

      god does not care how you spell his name you fool=god is way above any stupid humans and their insane bullshit–no human can give anything or take anything from god–all those idiotic ramblings that come from the bible were written by some primitive dudes in a cave–word of men-not god-god does not read the bible–never has–never will-was not written by god either–the bible is adult baby food for petty immature little adult children

  • Pointless to listen to as he’s quoting corrupted Jesuit translation !

    • Right. There’s no way we can ever possibly understand the Scriptures unless we pretend we’re actually reading Hebrew and invent a few new words of our own.

      Your points and arguments are all highly suspect, FDM.

      • FDE.

        (Don’t know where that ‘M’ came from. Rebellious little index finger working overtime again, I guess.)

    • The Pope and “Christians” have hijacked the Hebrew Faith and corrupted Original Scriptures calling the Creator “lord” and the Messiah YAHUWshua, jesus h. Christ made in the image of Zeus.

      • “The Pope and “Christians” have hijacked the Hebrew Faith and corrupted Original Scriptures calling the Creator “lord” and the Messiah YAHUWshua, jesus h. Christ made in the image of Zeus.”

        This is yet more DEMONSTRABLY ERRONEOUS (do you know what that means?) assertion by you.

        See here:

        1. There wasn’t ever a ‘pope’ until the late THIRD CENTURY.

        2. We have Greek Manuscripts and other document forms of New Testament writings dating back to the VERY EARLY SECOND CENTURY – that means those texts are much OLDER than the first pope and much older than Constantine himself. This is a FACT, FDE.

        3. In ALL of these Greek texts – as indeed ALL of the New Testament was (provably) written in Greek — , the Greek words translated into English as LORD and JESUS are as follows:

        Κύριος – (Kurios), that is, LORD. This word is directly translated into English as ‘lord’ and that too is a fact. No one came along hundreds of years after the earliest Greek New Testament Manuscripts were written and then artificially inserted this word.

        Ιησούς – (Iesous), that is, JESUS. Now the first letter (Greek Iota) conveys the modern ‘J’ sound. The second (Greek Eta) originally conveyed the long ‘A’ sound, but modern Greek has it a long ‘E’ sound. The third letter (Greek Sigma) is comparable to the English ‘S’. The fourth letter (Greek Omicron) is rendered in translation as a short ‘O’. The fifth letter (Greek Upsilon) is as the English ‘U’. And the final letter (Greek Final Sigma) is pronounced the same as the previous Sigma.

        What’s that spell, FDE? Not Yee-sous or Yay-sous, but in MODERN ENGLISH, which is the language we are here speaking, JESUS.

        Once again, your points and arguments are ALL highly suspect – if not, as in this case, outright false.

        Put down the fake Hebrew and the Hebrew Roots nonsense and learn some sound doctrine. Are you a follower of the Way? Do you think the Messiah would want you bickering about how to pronounce His Name, when none of us knows for CERTAIN what His Hebrew name even was?

        Do you think when we call Him Jesus He doesn’t respond to us because we’re calling Him by the wrong name?

        Do you think we don’t know WHO we mean when we call Him Jesus?

        We speak English here friend. You do too. If you want to speak Hebrew, then go learn Hebrew. Stop pretending you have cornered the market on good information. You have done nothing of the kind. Pay attention to what matters.

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