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Wow! Brand New Poll Rocks Trump’s Presidency With Massive News (Video)

Friday, March 3, 2017 2:39
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(Before It's News)

Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, A majority of Americans believe President Donald Trump is delivering on his promises, according to a new poll.

A new Morning Consult/Politco poll found 56 percent of Americans believe that in the few weeks Trump has been in office, he has been faithful to the promises he made to the voters while campaigning for the White House.

Only 27 percent of voters surveyed said Trump’s performance has not matched his promises.

Donald John Trump is an American businessman, television personality, politician, and the 45th President of the United States.


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Total 9 comments
  • Phd

    Ja! Bullshit-Berty-Donald-Duck…..

    The Only Thing He’s Done Is :- TALK A LOT OF KAK…..

    What A SHMUK Is This Donald Duck…

    He’s just continuing with OBAMA’S KAK !



    Twitter Twot we call him ~ HE THINKS HE IS SO BIG ~ HE IS NOTHING BUT A FAT USLESS PIG !


    BIN editors, SIMPSONS PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING TRUMP. Go to youtube type in that search and see 15 years beforehand TRUMP PRESIDENT predicted by Simpsons, which is a known outlet of the Illuminati Freemasons to pre-broadcast many years in advance what they will do.

    THEREFORE, BIN EDITORS, why not wake up and realize the so-called ‘populist win’ was ENGINEERED by the Freemasons if nothing else based on the SIMPSONS PREDICIVE PROGRAMMING? BIN Editors, how about the Vanity Fair interivew where Drumpf Trump says he got copy of Hitler’s NWO speech from a Jew friend Marty Davis. Davis is not a Jew, and why German Drumpf want Hitler’s speech, couple that with Ivana saying sometimes he greets close friends with a ‘Heil Hitler’ and clicks his heels. Ivana said that decades ago! Trump threatend to sue VF for that interview, but he never did because the reporting was all legit, not a leg to stand on for Trump in Court.

    Let the intelligent see and run – Habbakuk Ch. 2, the drunk man that rises to power & heaps all people to himself. Bannon says we all must unite under Judeo-Christianity to take possession of what was bequeathed to Christendom “2000 to 2500 years ago”. The remnant of people that survive WW3 shall spoil Bannon and shall say woe to the man that tries to seize what is not his.

    The evil coming is immense The Freemasons set it up that way, bring in massive legal immigration, on top of illegal immigration, then let their Nazi white supremacist rise to power and say, we got to quickly rolll back all of this legal and illegal immigration. They are not going to do it in a slow and steady pace, courteously. Bannon tried to get 100,000+ national guard to start door to door roundups. The police come knocking for them in an unfair way, as to legal immigrants, let the pace be social and orderly. Next the police come knocking for others Bannon wants out of the way. It will not stop at legal and illegal immigrants, but what of all the people who refuse to united under Bannon’s Judeo-Christianity, a key component of Make America Great again?

    BIN will lose readers over their choice to be a Republican operative. The Freemasons are stupid to think alternative media readers are going to think Trump is any different that Bush, Obama and Clinton – he put in all Goldman Sachs men around him, he will not slash taxes, he could repeal Obamacare with the stroke of a pen. Business resume as was BEFORE Obamacare, no problem there. AS to the 11 million or so uninsured who got insured under Ocare, if you gave them all $1 million dollars in a healthcare savings account, problem solved. Shows how absured Trump is. He is a freaking Nazi clown, and Bannon is in Habakkuk prophecy, the drunk who rises to power.

    • Yes BIN has become Trump cheerleading central. There’s a picture of Trump on every page. This really is predictive programming and way too many otherwise intelligent people are falling for it hook, line and sinker. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

      • b4

        both of your are insane–JUST PEE only posts trump hating bullshit-both total leftist tools,fools-2 total brain dead idiots–FAIRYSEENOTHING and JUST PEE–two maggots from hell who hate america and americans–go back to china were you will be very comfy morons

    • Phd

      Excellent elaboration from you on the way it is and what is to come…

      Just one small problem ~ you keep referring to the NAZI’s as the bad guys into the future
      and here i cannot agree….

      Nazis where Anglo Saxon ( New World Order/Knights Templars ) Opposition and Nationalists…
      Lets not forget who started the Boer war in South Africa, ww1 and ww2 and every major conflict since ~ for control of the Cape sea route, strategic minerals, power wealth, Crude and the world drug trade etc,etc…..

      The world seems to have conveniently forgotten the real dictator despots like Stalin , Pol pot, Ho Cech Min and so many other including all American presidents except JFK…..

      Lets never forget :- Anything linked to the Freemasons and Knights Templars and Zion are ultimate Evil….aka Donald Trump!

      The Great Deception of Democracy is upon us :- Socialist Liberal Multiculturism ~ Look at North America, the Brit Commonwealth and the European Union Being over run by Islam/ISIS sponsored by the CIA….

      • Bahahahaha bullshit comments indeed you left wing ballbags are full of brainfarts!!
        I suppose Hitlery was the answer then…….?

        • b4

          yup–nothing but airhead brain dead leftist posting above–they are so insane and think their mountain of bullshit means something-bin does not care what you post as long as your not threatening someone with bodily harm-FAIRYSEENOTHING–the masons are the only hope we have–you believe all that dark side bullshit about the masons–all the usa founding fathers were masons-many great men in our history were mason–the one socialist scumbag was FDR and many masons wanted to kick him out because he was freedome taking(japanese internment) warmonger socialist shitbag..not a true mason–and JUST PEE have proved yourself to be one of the biggest piles of bullshit on bin–nothing you say holds any merit you trump hating agent of satan who crawled up from hell–go back demon asshole

    • Maybe, just maybe you simpletons should take a hard look at MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC and all but a few MSM franchises and it’s total, 24 hour a day brainwashing and you simpletons have the nerve to make such comments?

      Nothing but pseudo intellectual morons :!:

  • Trump is fighting the deep state. Give him time. He and we are a war with the Cabal who are very rich and entrenched.

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