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Shadow NWO has been launching unannounced silent UFOs over us as part of enslaving most of humanity. (lots of incredible video evidence)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 18:23
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(Before It's News)

Shadow NWO has been launching unannounced silent UFOs over us as part of enslaving most of humanity. (lots of incredible video evidence)



{ This has been a BIN exclusive story before a couple of times over the past 4 months.  Please help encourage other news outets to report on this.  This is one of the most otherwize incredible and sensational new stories and technological breakthroughs since the Wright Brothers launched the first powered aircraft into the skies above Kittyhawk; and the system controlled mainstream press has been forbidden to report on it.  Wake up people, please do! }   Dear BIN editors, please consider adding this to the Featured page.  This is a huge and real story; the plethora of video evidence clearly shows. }

udpate: Amazing Febraury 27th video upload included below…

This article should make a household news brand.

Summary: Dark side skynet now in view: ag-ai platforms in action physically targetting individuals from the sky in full public view : This is still massively underreported and apparently one of the most difficult news reports to attempt to surface into the general public’s awareness/consciousness; as these crafts have been operationally deployed over public areas since September 2015.

See these two short videos in whole to ultimately see these crafts (which realized from afar that Michael was filming them) pinpointing Michael "RadioEast1" Weise, of Clifton Park NY, the informed/vigilant patriot recently filming this video in February 2016, with two ulta high tech spying platforms:

A resignation letter (below), as this issue cannot be solved by just a couple of people, most everyone will have to do something, some work, some hours of diligence, to put this utter monstrosity of a tyranny in check, and perhaps also start considering supporting the formation of a We The People's world governement, By, For, and Of We the (Poor) People .

Because right now folks, virtually nobody (much less tham 1%) at this point in time is thinking that way - all mass media signposts that people are still following, speeches, election debates, and events are pointing toward elite(.00001%) - owned world government oligarchy (elite-owned Earth prison planet). 

That is how the world is currently being managed, and this ship is being steered - and you and your children are riding all inside this same Earthship. (if you presume you won't be affected by the quickly emerging dark state planetary tyranny - then it can be further presumed by others that you would have little or no sense at all.)  It will be much better that we all face this issue together now - if people in general would be willing to open their eyes and minds to the mammoth amounts of evidence that has surfaced about all of it.

Forward to this letter:  You know, there is alot of crazy stuff going on; we are all fragmented by it.  We are completely ineffective mush against the global world government conspiracy.  It just keeps causing events, rolling all over us, and now even starting to "levitate" silently above some of our cities already by distrupting or repelling the local gravitational field around the anti-gravity reactors they have on board; powered by whatever is powering it (possilby a solid-state "zero point energy" - also silient, generator).

These jet-sized-and-shaped ag-platorm craft can now park themselves in the air, as examplified by the first video. Even if you all were literally a vast herd of ostriches sticking your heads holes in the ground; it wouldn't make the crafts go away; they are here to stay, either way.

This is one of the most logically sensational yet ironically massively underreported real newsworthy stories that the whole world should be taking interest in.  It only take us to all get on the same page about 1 issue, then when that card comes out, the whole privately managed house of cards becomes apparent to a majority of people.  There is no poltical correctness to this launching of anti-gravity craft, there is no two sides about these first public launching and deployments over the public; termed platforms by the imperial dark shadow state - these shadow state ag-platform piloted crafts phsyically exist; it is visible and this ultra-technological-physics breakthrough is here to stay.

Dear Folks,

Grassroot is hereby retiring from reportng on dozens of in-broad-"night"-light government anti-gravity platform crafts silently hovering over New York state, since October 2015. The call has always been out for other reporters, journalists, and citizens to further investigate and persistently report these events, to others in the public at large, about this incredible new shadow state military industrial complex spying revelation now apparent, in some testing areas, in our skies.

This is herby my 'letter of resignation' from reporting on this issue. Why a resignation?

What we see daily is our individual reality, and we can't escape it. It is what it is. The full reality is how everything appears, when seen as a whole. Maybe God's mind has a grasp on it all moment by moment; but most probably not.

This monopolistic gang of the aptly named ill-umenati - as that is what they represent - is currently a private monolithic "banking", even more lower level than that, a "currency" empire composed mostly of generally reclusive utltra-rich white men, some recognize this as the .000001%.


This jounalist endorses Donald Trump and points the WCP nomination to Donald Trump for President 2016.  Or will he persist in trying to work changes from deep inside the  Republican Party Roach Country Club Motel?  Or rather Trump be independent with a majoroty populist people backing of him for the fist point man of the World Citizen’s Party?  Please extend the invitation to Mr. Trump to join the WCP World Citizen’s Party.  Please get the message to him let him know about this.  He would have to sit down for an hour at a computer to basically read this article and to see the video evidence, send a crew of his own investigators perhaps,  and then discuss it afterwards.  It would be good for the people to get Trump’s views announced on this new particular subject asap since these ufo craft deployments are currently unannounced.

This monopolistic empire currently manipulates, from behind the scenes, the ubiquitous theatre of all their influence; all managed extensively through the power of issuance and control of money.  This particular system is certainly 'not' generally publically owned, contolled, regulated, managed or represented by the great majority of humanity. Again, this private sytem is not represented by humanity, it is represented by financial elites, and it has long been that way.

Their greatest deception they have cast possibly is that you don't feel owned by them; they don't want you to know that as then you might react - but in the bigger picture the elites do think they influence, control, culture, and for all intents and purposes own you and your families.

That is the invisible Elephant in the living room; so much so that everything you are perceiving at any time, as seen on tv, what the local news is reporting any evening - even 'weather' conditions, every athlete making any kind of expression, whatever you might be thinking in the moment, etc; is only doing in that moment because of the long history of constant huge manipulations in the world under this ever-maximized, always abstracted, influence of the ultra-wealthy tiny cirlces of tillionaire elites. Yes, even the weather is being massively manipulated by horrendous amounts of dangerous and toxic particulates they have commissioned and launched and are having sprayed by 'chemtrail spider pilots' into the atmophere daily - increasingly so over the past two decades; generally known as "chemtrails" (just google it - even tiny aluminum plated fiberglass particles have been discovered under microscopes: /environment/2016/02/chemtrail-dust-analysis-microscopid-shards-of-aluminum-plated-chipped-fiberglass-swabbed-from-a-womans-throat-lining-and-viewed-under-a-microscope-2547766.html ) - after these particulates have been sprayed out into the general ocean of air... and subsequently the particates have settled back down to Earth; having lodged themselves into the general enviroment and into all of us.

This generational nepetistic (even inbred amongst elite families) group has stirred the pot so much and so often over society and the world around for many hundred years; that everything in the world has been tricked up, put into an entirely different phase, logically a more degraded or negative phase, or "rendering" of potential reality, by their influence.

Sadly, our current reality is a lower revelation of general world happiness, health, posture, and glory of the whole world compared to what it could have been or can otherwise be; actually it can be imagined far from how perfect and perfectly governed the world could be if we only were much more vigilant and acted smarter.

But the reality of this control group's current experimentation with our current reality persists daily, hourly, still today.

Financially and major-media engineered wars, including the past two world wars over the past century, are still stealthily wagered upon the world at large by these elites today.

In the US, precious freedom rights, which should be defended, outlined in the Bill or Rights, has for the most part sliced and diced, especially in regards to privacy, and next freedom of speech. What we should be doing now is declaring some other obvious rights of freedom - such as the "freedom to read" whatever and to also think in a 'politically un-aligned' manner. Everyone should be allowed, even encouraged to read a letter like this, review the facts, and come to their own conclusions about the overall situation. Those obvious rights also should be written down.

A simplified but invisible big truth is that nearly non-existent amounts of terroristic activity would be happening if the wealth and resources were fairly distributed around the world, and everyone had enough and everyone's basic needs were met; synergized by a more intelligent management of world affairs and resources. We live on more of a 'privately controlled' planet than that vision; an therefore an induced lower revelation of world reality/general happiness.

Part of the current full reality is the unnanounced, since at least October 2015, launching of marvelous, ultra high tech, anti-gravity 'platform' (crafts), covertly, planning to slowly assimilate the populations into accepting much more invasive system spying, and intimidation, and ever inreasingly prosecution by an out-of-control police state; such as what was portrayed in the 1984 film Blade Runner. (Coincidentally, Blade Runner II is to come out soon in theatres this Spring 2016.)

This technology is not intended to be given to (or its technical secrets divulged to) the public at large. However, these lower level subordinate pilots of these crafts probably don't like being entirely enslaved and spied upon themselves. I'm sure they would rather serve the public by flying loads of commuters each morning instead; but they would need our protection step out of the closet as honorable public figures.

If anti-gravity technology was 'permitted' for the general public to utilize, such as smaller anti-gravity levitated and propelled cars, vans, trucks, buses (even trains) that would be too much power in the hands of the general populous. That would be a threat to their imperialistic dynastic-control over the whole world. Currently this group of elites are invested into you being dependent on fossil fuels instead of "Zero Point Energy" transformers that these crafts are almost-clearly-enough silently being powered with. ( a couple more revelating videos are embedded on  page 2 of this article ).

We don't know how silent anti-gravity crafts are powered, because the completely unelected and black-bugeted shadow state is not announcing what they have been clearly levitating around the night skies above the Albany International Airport for many months, again otherwise completely unnanounced. Albany airport appears to be a base/hanger of dozens of these incredibly outfitted 737-shaped and 'alienish' shaped craft that the dark-side has been basing and launching into the gravitational field from there. Yes, previously hidden compartments of the shadow system are phsycially being observed emerging in this fashion, and in this ultra-creepy unnanounced manner.

This writer views the bigger picture reality as clearly as the crafts levitating at very low atitudes above Albany can be viewed, by anyone with eyes and a mind that can see. It is real and part of all of our "full realities". You could go for a ride in these tax-payer (and national debt) financed crafts, if they would 'let you'. We don't even know if weigthlessness occurs within the crafts, if these crafts levitate by disrupting and/or are repelling the local gravitational field around it. We aren't being told much about it at all. We are currently in a knoweldge-censored environment and our natural curiousities, even about technology, are to even to be stunted.

First currently there is no substantial demand by the public to know; 'we the people' have let this sytem do whatever it wants to do: unaudited, unchecked, unnoticed, unregulated and undisclosed and unannounced. It simply is a very creepy system that we are currently under dominion of, and domination by. By allowing it to happen, by not caring that it has this much ever increased power over humanity, it is almost like we want to make for worse history, and even destroy ourselves. We have a common enemy and it is embedded into the very constitution-and-bill-of-rights-trashing system that we have all allowed to be concocted by dark and powerful groups; not just over America, but all over the world in the form of a non-fully disclosed sociopathic authoritarian dictatorship.

Either we are all too afraid to allow this intrigue, and also obvious physical presence allowed into the our views or reality, or we are afraid of consequences of even pointing it out, or speaking about it - that this incredible news story hasn't surfaced in the minds of more than a few hundred people in the past several months; who seem to hope that it is only someone else's singular job to present this new aspect of reality to others. 1 person cannot change the world, even empowered with the an expanded book of truth of a 4 billion year chronicled biography of God in hand... but humanity as a whole can change the world for the better, and quickly, if most of humanity decided to try together.

Therefore, it was never the intent for just this one person to persistenty report on this particular newsworthy story.  Other reporters, and the more the merrier, who possibly don't have anything else to report on, can report on the activites of these Unnanounced-Flying-Objects.

The freely distributed 161-page "War Stars" ebook was produced to be a "press kit" for others to begin their own journalism into the matter. Hundreds of people have downloaded it already around the world over the months past - but where is the further reporting about it today?  Again, this topic is certainly not about a single or a handful of people.  This topic of this news story will ultaitmately affect everyone.

So, Grassroot on BeforeItsNews, is retiring from reporting on this topic; with only 1 exception, if Micheal Weiss of Clifton Park, New York, who has filmed these crafts in over 100+ video clips taken with a hand-held video camera, is hurt or killed or disappeared - if these crafts are ever used for a hot war on the people. Then I would be inclined to personally report on this again; and I would again hope many more would too.

However, if and until that point, you - who might be compelled to have read this, join in now with a grassroots team of reporters who are fully covering this issue - especially as these crafts are deployed over more cities across America and the world; by the kingpins of this abusive global network of control together and now further empowered this very much 'alienish' invasion force.

If you are concerned to speak or report on this privately, which is a logical consideration at this time, then you can do what I do - type your report on a Linux laptop, drive across town and find an open wifi signal, log in through a proxy such as "Tor" (the onion router/browser), and post to various news sites and blogs all around the internet, also by email. We should always take security precautions when we feel the need. The irony of this is that reporting on this new news topic - is that it is also a form a societal security precaution.

This marevelously amazing technological breakthrough should certainly be of common interest to every man, woman, and especially child on Earth. So ask yourself, do you want to be like an ostrich and stick your mind in the sand about this topic, or do you want to be upstanding men and women and little adults; in the eye of God and future recorded history? And if you have children, do you care about them enough to help potentially ensure a better future for them?

I quote one anagram from the overall 200+ anagram prophecy that shake out of the letters of "President Barack Hussein Obama", rearranged spelling: "Sane kids impeach SOB EU barnrat". Maybe it is their intention to replace the dollar with the euro oor a digital dollar or digital euro or digital SDR (special drawing right)? The european people got stuck with most of the refugees from America's wars, they would be relieved for the euro to replace the dollar in turn.

I extend an open Thank You for listening, and your interest in informing others too, if you do.

Now quietly retired from further reporting on this topic. From my understanding, Michael Weise wishes to continue regularly or occasionally filming the antics of these crafts above his subdivision and the skies surrounding Albany, all of which so far have been uploaded/posted and can be permanetly viewed from his "RadioEast1" youtube channel. ( )

- Grassroot

p.s. And Michael deserves the whole community's backing/security on his reporting; again, not just from me.  It is also time we invited Edward Snowden back into his home country, he was just a whistleblower. The corrutped goverment was braeaking the surpreme law of the land, notably the 4th Ammendment; which requires a warrant before being totally privacy invaded.  All he did, at worst, is tell us about it.  He deserve our love, not scorn and so do other whistleblowers such as Michael.


video c. Look how an anti-gravity jet just levitates only 100-200 feet above the ground on the perimeter of the Albany NY Airport before landing, in full view by all the sufficiently-dumb sheep on the night of October 3rd, 2015 (one of Michael Weise's (youtube channel: RadioEast1) orginal sighting videos (I knew most people are kinda dumb - but this dumb - that this can happen in plain view to hundreds of people passing by on the highway during this one event? Wow - we have been so dumbed down. )
{ Again, This has been a BIN exclusive story before a couple of times over the past 4 months.  Please help encourage other news outets to report on this.  This is one of the most otherwize incredible and sensational new stories and technological breakthroughs since the Wright Brothers launched the first powered aircraft into the skies above Kittyhawk; and the system controlled mainstream press has been forbidden to report on it.  Wake up people, please do! } 

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  • Trump should talk about next to bring in alot more wind into his sails. He doesn’t need to uncover the conspiracies of the past; which is more defiicult to do; as most of it has been covered up.. He simply needs to unocver present day, and amazingly highly visible, conspiracies in our skies – namely these unnanounced (for 4+ months) ag-plagtform craft deployments and all the horrible chemtrail spraying in our skies that half the country is aware of already. Please help get this message to Trump. I don’t think he is a BIN reader yet… he is just too busy…

    • WE NEED TO GET TRUMP TALKING about the AG-AI platform craft deployments above New York State – and also the ongoing “CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING” distaster being dumped on us all over most of the planet. Why is the world is Potential President Trump not answering any questions about the chemtrail spraying yet at least? What a rubberheaded twilight-zone culture today!


      Dave Hodges, you are most brave, and ironically most calm. I heard you being interviewed, I think by Doug Haggman. You were driving in your car on speakerphone while on the show… anyways…

      American people used to be able to think about more things at any given time, but now their brains have been so programmed and miswired, they can think (or care) about less.

      So, we must just rally around one topic. Really, let’s think about this. One of the NWO’s new superweapons against us is the zero-point energy anti-gravity spy platforms:


      If we can all wake up to the fact of the reality of this, and all work togethe to demand full disclosure on how these crafts were developed, and demand access to the technology – as our taxes and debt were surely used in financing Area 51, etc. Well, we could have a new economic revoloution, even worldwide because of this technological breakthrough. The technology also includes Zero Point (unlimited) energy from the so called “vaccuum” or space itself.

      This is something everyone should get excited about. It would take away one of the NWO’s ultra-powerful weapons, it would provide us adequate defense against such technology in the hands of enemies (and even unfriendly aliens), get us off the gridlocked highways, and power our whole world. First, we’d need to manufacture millions of the new vehicles first – public transportation needs would be met first.

      Otherwise if we foucs/fester on the 100 other ways we are being demonitated, we’ll all be fragmented and made downtrodden and ineffective. We need to focus on this single issue that can ultimately solve all our greatest problems. The pilots flying these are enslaved. They don’t like being enslaved, and being used to enslave the rest of us (their families and friends also). They would defect if we could keep them safe to do so. All the many other conspirators would jump on the bandwagon to have anti-gravity technologies freed up too. If we can do this, it would be a very fun and prosperous new era instead of a hellhole tyranny – if you can see what I am saying.

      Please write a followup article about this based of the plethora of information and evidence branching from the following article:

      beforeitsnews dot com/science-and-technology/2016/03/shadow-nwo-has-been-launching-unnancounced-silent-ufos-over-us-as-part-of-enslaving-most-of-humanity-lots-of-incredible-video-evidence-2812250.html

  • Other reference links concerning atmospheric fiberglass shard spraying, a incredibluy witty decoding based on the letters of President Barack [Hussein] Obama, a 17 page peer reviewed report on coal powerplant ash being used as toxic geoengineering base, and the “War Stars” ebook that goes into more detail of the currently unannounced ag-platform craft deployment.

    On another topic, here is another hugely important article about how chemtrail dust now is showing evidence of containing not only coal powerplant ash but also aluminum plated fiberglass shards that lodge permanently into the environment, an our breathing passages:


    Here is something especially for people who love the English language: beforeitsnews dot com/prophecy/2016/02/believe-it-or-not-this-is-what-is-actually-contained-in-the-letters-of-president-barack-hussein-obama-prophetic-2477766.html – a 300+ two channel amazing increbily witty and perhaps accurate anagram prophecy encoded into the Enlgish language itself by God over the course of history? Wow, it seems so!

    beforeitsnews dot com/environment/2016/02/chemtrail-dust-analysis-microscopid-shards-of-aluminum-plated-chipped-fiberglass-swabbed-from-a-womans-throat-lining-and-viewed-under-a-microscope-2547766.html

    The 17-page peer reviewed report on the chemical analysis performed by of the most common type of chemtrail residue, identitifying the base of it as coal powerplant ash toxic waste is included in the freely distributable Anti-gravity – AI Skeynet War Stars ebook:
    or here

  • So now your asking for money for video’s you didn’t create and for work you haven’t done :?: :eek:

    • Yet another contrived and bizarre attempt at discreting all the freel-distributable evidence above. Bowhere did/do i ask for money, nor Michael, from anyone over the past 4 months. We, and tens of millions of others so far, just don’t want to see the world being engineered into a prison planet enlaving the majorty of everyone. We wish to see these crafts serve the common public good in terms of levitating vehiculation (single-person vehicles or cars, buses, crafts, trains, etc )

      The ebook is free to download, it doesn’t contain any advertisements (other than the Albany (ALB) Airport itself), no trackers, nothing but 161 pages intelligent reporting and solutution ideas in a clean PDF ebook composed on a linux laptop using Libre writer.

      or the following free to download 360mb audio/visual compilation press kit on this most newsworthy story:

  • Michael’s on the scene videos can also be downloaded easy here from this cloud-disk folder: (or on youtube “RadioEast1″ channel itself using a youtube video downloader.) Show kids especially, they love the idea of levitating into the sky in a new class of vehicles even more than more close-minded adults.

  • Obviously someone out there, a video dude or dudetete, with a hiollywoood-ish like video tudio needs to create an awesome documentary film based on Michael’s citizen whistleblowing (videoblowing) that would get million of views. Please pass to to any person/people you might know who has video production skills. Maybe call it “RunnerBlade” when Blade Runner comes out or prior to it – it will exemplify the variois shades and inensities of fiction vs. reality, or the hollywood version of their interpreration of anticipated world reality in the near future. In the 1984 version of Bladerunner, these crafts that they have levivating today as showing in Michael Weise’s videos are called “Spinners” (In the Bladerunner script). Video people can download the videos from the archive of Michael’s “RadioEast1″ youtube channel. Just get to work quick!

  • did anyone pee in their pants? I never did, I was too amazed at this incredible technological breakthrough. Also here is another good mind-expanding article: /awakening-start-here/2016/02/another-prophetic-option-god-has-woven-into-world-history-6138.html LOL

  • Here is the link you can copy & paste and send out. Yes there is typo in one of the words, but hopefully that will cause people only to focus in more on the message:

    beforeitsnews dot com/science-and-technology/2016/03/shadow-nwo-has-been-launching-unnancounced-silent-ufos-over-us-as-part-of-enslaving-most-of-humanity-lots-of-incredible-video-evidence-2812250.html

    This is all I am doing for this topic, as I plan to ot post any more articles about it. This one should be sent out by many people simultaneously, emails, bcc’d, social media or however addressed. The link above is the one to post all over the internet on every different type and kinds of websites, and other future article links that some more various people will publish.

    People need to get over propeller drones, and not focus their interest into how these crafts are powered so well, and the science of every facet of this antigravity technology. The people of the USA were once known to get excited about the switch from records and tapes to CDs. Airplanes into silently parkable platforms in the sky is ever more exciting if you think about it! Plus be one of a multitude to fully inform the public, for everyone’s obvious eventual benefit.

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