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The New World Order from an Outliers Point of View, the 2030 Agenda Exposed

Thursday, April 6, 2017 7:11
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This short story is written in response to the World Economic Forums article “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.” Just as the author (a dear friend of mine) states at the end of her article that what she has written is not a fictional story but a projection of what they believe will happen in the future, I state the same. She paints us a picture of a utopian society built with invasive technology in a way to sell it to people. My “outsider” version is based in reality and truth. The utopia they plan on building is far more than a tech paradise, and while they only sell you on the positive light of it, I want to expose the reality of it.

I invite you into the future. All the world governments have collapsed like a house of cards as the politician’s crimes were brought to the light. Everyone lost all they had in the economic collapse. And today we are faced with a choice of where we will spend all of eternity.

In the morning I take my journey to get water from a nearby stream. I have to duck through bushes and take hidden trails through the woods so that the guards won’t see me, but lately, they have been so distracted that moving in and out of the guarded woods has become easier. Some days I sit on a hill to watch all the activity on the roads beneath. It’s my only way of knowing what has become of most of the population.

I watch as the ‘enhanced’ humans go about their day. They bustle about like busy bees in a technologically advanced world. They pretend to share and live communally. The last couple decades I witnessed far too many of them sell out. Businesses went under, people lost their family members, and the more they lost, the less they cared until finally, they joined up with the tribe.

The tribe is full of lies. It looks beautifully enticing, especially when you are just scraping by like me. But what you have to do to be a part of the tribe makes being poor and hungry look good.


As the economies around the world started to crash, chaos ensued a mass panic that cost millions of lives. After that everything became dark and cold. A third world reality set in where there is no thriving, only surviving.

That’s when ‘they’ arrived, and posed themselves as gods. People threw themselves at their new savior’s knees and pleaded for mercy. The rulers built an empire for themselves in which only some humans were allowed. There were strict rules, but no one was even told the rules until they were ‘linked.’ A new chip was inserted into them. What started as one chip would become many that would flow in and out of the bloodstream to the targeted part of the body to be monitored.


I got to watch as lines of people waited to be chipped outside the empire gates. I saw people mindlessly offer their hand to be injected, and I watched them become complacent afterward, robot-like and instantly less human. I mourned for them because I was warned these days were coming. I knew what the chips were, and I knew what happened if you didn’t accept one or went against the rulers.

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One day I was watching them from the hill, hidden behind a big oak tree. It was the day I knew the earth would never be the same again. It was the day that I saw the fate of the outliers like me. A woman by the name of Joan was being led into the line by her sons. I saw her internal struggle reflected in her expression, and I wondered if she would take the chip to stay with her family or turn away. Then I heard her screaming, “These are the last days! Don’t make this mistake of taking the mark, Jesus came to this Earth to give us eternal life. This life is but an instant!”


Tears came to my eyes. I wanted to run out from behind my tree and hug her and wipe her tears. She was showing more compassion than I had seen in a long time and it reminded me of the bravery and love of Christ. But before anyone could even react, the technologically advanced soldiers grabbed her and carried her away from her sons kicking and screaming, and reaching out to them.

As they dragged her along the outside of the gates, I heard the chief of the soldiers yell, “terminate her!!”

It was one of those times you know you shouldn’t watch, but you can’t turn your gaze away. The soldiers made a public example of her, beheading her in front of the crowd. The demonically possessed were cheering and taunting the most high. I broke down in tears for her, in a bittersweet feeling and almost a jealousy that she got to escape, I knew her soul would be in heaven.

I watched her sons, they were the ones I was praying would stand beside her, but they just stood there, numb. Their hearts must have been hardened from all the death and chaos over the last years. They just continued inching forward in line toward their ultimate demise after they would take the mark and become part of the kingdom of darkness.

By the time the kingdom was built, barely anyone owned anything anymore. Killing, rioting, looting and violence filled the streets in cities. Due to urbanization, most people lived in cities at the time of the crash. Most of the farmers had been replaced with machines and factory farms. Food lost its integrity. With the growth of genetic engineering, the crops were all GMO and sprayed with toxic chemicals. Looking back now I can’t believe how easy it was to get food. We even had the option to have the groceries delivered to us by a drone! Most people still wanted to go to the store and choose their own produce, but with the rise of large corporations like Amazon, there was no need to.

I wish more people would have known what companies like Amazon were doing in the background before it was too late. The corporations wrecked the small businesses because they just couldn’t compete with the wholesale prices. What started there spiraled into the economic crash. No gold, silver or riches could have saved us. The richest people fell the hardest; they had the most to lose.

I remember back then driving by preachers on the corner who were warning us of what was to come, and then I remember the stories about how they got arrested for hate speech. How could the love they projected through warning us of what was to come to save our souls be labeled as hate?! I long for people like that, but with every day they become fewer and farther between as they go to be with the Lord.

During the day I prepare my camp, I gather food and most of all I pray. I lay in the sun and look up to the sky and even in the midst of the pain and heartache I smile because I know Jesus is coming soon. This world offers me no hope; not even the false saviors can get me to hope in the world again. I look up because every ounce of my hope is in Jesus and I know with all my being he is coming soon.

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