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CERN Will Open New Dimensions – But is the Knowledge Worth the Risk?

Monday, September 28, 2015 7:29
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CERN is amazing – and our scientists have already discovered many things about subatomic particles and how matter and energy are held together.  But in opening new doors to see through their looking glass, what risks are involved?  If Stephen Hawking is concerned, perhaps we all should be.

We know that physicists have created small amounts of antimatter, and that it must be magnetically contained or it combines with regular matter and converts completely to energy.  The explosive potential of this antimatter is far stronger and more explosive than nuclear fission or fusion.  Have they also managed to create small amounts of dark matter, and is this any more dangerous?

(Just how much – and how little – we know about dark matter and dark energy is described in an awesome video embedded a few paragraphs down – please resist the urge to skip to the video, you’ll understand it better if you read the next few paragraphs first.)

My thoughts are drawn to the subquantum kinetics theory of Dr. Paul LaViolette, (IF I even understand them correctly) who believes that all matter forms as the result of a confluence of waves in another spatial dimension, (think “ether”) and that at the intersections of such waves, there is a creation of matter (as we know it) and antimatter – in very tiny, subatomic particles – tiny protrusions into our dimensions, but still existing in that original dimension or dimensions beyond our own as a confluence of waves.  The important thing to understand is that all matter and energy as we know it, in this theory, comes into existence when the building blocks (two intersecting waves) cross the right way in dimensions beyond our own – and that very tiny particles are constantly coming into existence this way in our dimensions.

Now, almost every time, these particles annihilate each other instantaneously and never even last for a billionth of a second in our dimensions of space and time.  But in very rare instances, perhaps when three waves intersect exactly, particles are bumped into our reality and accelerate away from each other – they do not self annihilate, but continue to exist in our dimensions.  Think of such particles as two waveforms locked together at an intersection that now links our dimensions to their original ones – the tip of a little vortex like a gravity well drawn in two dimensions.  That would mean that all particles in our reality offer the most likely local point at which three waveforms can still come together in the ethereal dimension or dimensions beyond ours (lets just call it a fourth spatial dimension) because two of the three waves necessary to intersect correctly to form a particle of matter (and antimatter) here are already locked in, just waiting for the arrival of a third wave.  Think of it as if lightning strikes actually created lightning rods, making it more likely that future lightning would strike a spot again.  Pretty soon, you would have a big pile of lightning rods, growing exponentially.

For particles, this would mean that the most likely spot for new building blocks of matter – new subatomic particles – to come into existence is where matter already exists.  There may only be a trillionth of a trillionth of a per cent chance to have a new particle created at any particular existing particle in our lifetime, but if we understand how many particles already exist, we will understand that there must be continuous particle creation inside larger objects, with planets making a measurable amount of new matter coalesce into existence, and ever greater quantities fueling stars and black holes.  This continuous creation process could be what fuels our observable universe and makes it constantly expand.

But where is all the antimatter?  If an equal amount of matter and antimatter are always created, and matter and antimatter almost always destroy each other right away, then on those rare occasions when the new particle and its antiparticle are created here but fly apart and continue to exist – where does the antimatter go?  Because our observable universe is made up of only “regular” matter that attracts itself with gravity and electrical charges and clumps together.  Yet scientists estimate that the MAJORITY of the universe is made of dark matter and dark energy.

One theory is that while our “normal” particles all flow forward in time, antimatter flows backwards in time.  There could be another universe flowing through ours but rarely interacting, flowing the other way.  If we imagine time as a spatial dimension for a moment just to perceive it better, imagine if we and everything around us were bubbles of air in the ocean, and all we ever perceived – the sum of all our known existence – were bubbles floating up.  Imagine if “UP” through the water was all we could understand, like moving forward in time.  But there are also denser objects that are falling, all around us, rarely causing a disturbance in our path, incomprehensibly going into a hypothetical direction our upward rising bubble scientists call “down.”  Another universe of down all around us (in addition to the ethereal ocean itself.)  In this view, antimatter instantaneously disappears into the past.  Where we know cause and effect, that realm would experience effect and then cause.  (There have been many experiments related to this, such as testing a thousand children on vocabulary words, randomly picking five hundred with whom you teach the words AFTER the test, and consistently finding that the group that studied the words [after the test] always did better on the test.)  Is there a link between consciousness and creation and time and other dimensions that we don’t clearly understand?

If this backwards flow through time (for antimatter) is the case, how could we possibly create any stable antimatter?  Even a tiny quantity should disappear into the past as soon as we create it, if this theory is correct.  Unless, in the process of ARTIFICIALLY creating antimatter particles, we have “rotated the starting gate” in regard to how they enter the stream of time.  What if one of the artificial inputs of energy is given a reverse charge?  What if the natural particle creation always manifests antimatter going backwards in time, but our man-made “particle launcher” reverses this, allowing the antimatter to stay with us?

If we could magnetically contain it to prevent it from touching other regular matter and annihilating in a burst of energy, in theory we could continue to accumulate stable antimatter flowing through time in a way that is normal and forwards to us, but backwards to most antimatter.  This unnatural, man-made, stable (within a magnetic containment system) antimatter (is that what dark matter is?) could probably be created at a faster and faster rate, because its mere existence (assuming each subatomic particle is the intersection of two waveforms in an anti-universe) will allow for continuous creation of more such particles even without human intervention.  After enough years, there could be measurable and self-sustaining growth of a glob of dark matter – in a man-made magnetic containment device that can only hold so much before it bursts catastrophically.

And now it’s time for the awesome, highly informative and entertaining science video I mentioned earlier:

<iframe width=”854″ height=”480″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

I am not a physicist.  I am speculating on theories here.  I do not know for a fact that most antimatter is oriented to flow backwards through time – I am just accepting it as a reasonable guess because otherwise the existing universe might be half antimatter.  I don’t know for a fact that the theory of continuous particle creation through subquantum kinetics and waveforms in extra dimensions is correct.  But I’m pretty sure that what I have described so far is reasonable speculation.

What we are about to dive into next is far less certain, less reasonable, and less scientific – but when scientists are determined to break through the normal barriers of time and space into other dimensions and create a tiny portal or wormhole or doorway – can we really know what might come through?  If someone or something opened a doorway into our realm, and it was stable, what might we do?  If we didn’t seek to close it back up, destroy it, or block it out of fear, we might use it.  We might send a message through, a signal.  We might put a probe through.  If the door was one-way, and no information or matter ever came back – if we couldn’t contact our probe, and nothing from the ever side ever sent us a message or a visitor – we might eventually use it as a convenient dump for everything we don’t want.  Toxic waste storage problem?  Put it in the portal to nowhere.  Nuclear waste?  Send it through. 

And what if we could rid ourselves of negative emotions?  I understand we can’t just shed our hate and fear and sadness at will – but if we could separate them out and be rid of them, wouldn’t we do it?  What if there were a spiritual realm where evil could be cast out and be disposed of “somewhere else.”  I only pose this question because the Bible basically tells us that evil is cast out of the heavens and comes to Earth.  If we open a dimensional doorway, is it at least the slightest bit conceivable that we could become the spiritual dumping ground for another dimension?  I would say it sounds far fetched at first, but not impossible.  Especially with the Book of Revelation in mind.

So it concerns me that I hear RUMORS of all sorts of problems at CERN; of growing clumps of dark matter, of spiritual and demonic paranormal experiences.  It concerns me that Nostradamus warned (in quatrain 9:44) of a “RAYPOZ” that will “exterminate” everyone at “Geneva” when CERN is just outside that city:

Leave, leave Geneva every last one of you,
Saturn from gold to iron will be changed.
The opposing RAYPOZ will exterminate all
Before it has started the sky will show signs.

Saturn is indicative of old man time, maybe the dimensions of time.  RAYPOZ could refer to a positron ray or other radiation.  Changing gold to iron could mean atomic fission – changing elements – or a more symbolic golden age of prosperity changing to a dark age of war.  And if the sky is to show signs beforehand, we just saw some of the most hyped and publicized astronomical signs in decades – just last night, we saw the last of the four blood moon eclipses on Jewish holidays – right before CERN is supposed to fully power up.

Does all this prove we are about to enter the final years of Great Tribulation?  Although in my books I do argue for such a timeline fitting end times Bible prophecy from 2016-2019:

End Times and 2019

Antichrist 2016-2019

none of this information and speculation about CERN proves anything.  If interested in the possibility of prophecy unfolding soon, read my books, or watch this guy’s video about CERN, and decide for yourself.

<iframe width=”427″ height=”240″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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