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Quayle Alert – Pending Danger from Planet X: The Russian, Norwegian & Brazilian Governments have All Made Some Efforts to Inform their Populace about the Pending Danger from Planet X

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 15:00
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Steve Quayle Alert

Original Writing: May 25, 2015 
Update/Release: June 08, 2015 
Memorandum To: Concerned Parties 
From: John Moore 
In Re: Jade Helm 15 

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

In the alternative media, there has been a lot of concern over the goals and intent of the 2015 U.S. Military Exercise: Jade Helm 15. 

There have been occasional reports (none I’ve previously seen backed by any demonstrable evidence) that the real reason for Jade Helm 15 is connected to Planet X, (Wormwood, Niburu). Up until I received the following report, these previous ones I regarded as background chatter. As a side note: working in U.S. Military Intelligence the Fall of 1967, in the Republic of Vietnam, we had “background chatter” about a pending massive enemy attack to take place during the 1968 Chinese Lunar New Year celebration called “Tet”. I learned the hard way to pay attention to background chatter. 

As of today, that’s all changed, I now have intelligence from a private, trusted source that Jade Helm 15 is, indeed, connected to Planet X. 

The Russian, Norwegian and Brazilian Governments have all made some efforts to inform their populace about the pending danger from Planet X. The USA has not, and will not. The extensive (and very expensive) underground cities Russia has built in the Ural Mountains, the several large “ghost cities” built by China far into the interior of their country make no sense whatsoever unless, or until, you factor in the violently rising ocean levels caused by Planet X.

The U.S. Government has decided to not reveal anything about Planet X and to maintain control until the very last moment. In my paper “No Need For Panic”, ( first written in the Fall of 2005, I stated that there would be some pretext to declare Martial Law. I’ve now made my paper a free download for all to read at my web site WWW.THELIBERTYMAN.COM 

I made the point in 2005, and still believe, that the reason for Martial Law must be a pretext and have no connection to Planet X. The reason being people will “go along” with Martial Law due to race riots and/or an economic collapse and/or Islamic terrorist attacks as being reasonable and prudent. Telling people to do anything once they find out about the threat of Planet X simply will not work. 

The three most likely scenarios for this pretext (as of May 2015) are a race war and/or an economic collapse, followed by Islamic Terrorist (i.e. ISIS) attacks. I would be remiss to not mention the clear and present danger posed by Russian and Chinese troops on U.S. soil and in nearby Mexican staging areas. 

There is a lot of focus, by those of us in the alternative media, on the September/October time frame. While I have no crystal ball, I will advise all concerned persons to commence what they consider to be prudent preparations ASAP. 

June 8, 2015 update:

Given the importance of this matter and wanting to exercise good standards of journalism, I elected to delay publishing this article prior to getting a second source reporting the same thing (that the Jade Helm 15 training exercise is Planet X related). Today, I am satisfied that I have that second source. While not my private source, I know and trust Steve Quayle who, today, published an article in his alerts section that the Jade Helm matter is, indeed, connected to Planet X. While the author of the alert does not specifically mention Planet X, he certainly implies as much. The author uses the pen name of Seal Man 


If people can’t see the writing on the wall by now, they’ll never wake up. A military does not transport tons (TONS) of concertina wire, out in the open-not caring if it is seen, unless it is going to be used for something SOON. This wire is used for two things. Keeping enemies out (used to form military wire obstacles), or keeping prisoners in. The cost for transport, manpower to erect the wire and manufacturing far out way the cost for using the amount we are seeing transported for merely an exercise. 

The U.S. military, and other U.S government agencies, are spending way too much time and money for training. Our country’s leaders are scared to death, they are preparing for something big. The speed at which everything is being conducted, prepositioning of assets/ assets relocated, signals to me that whatever has them scared-is just around the corner. 

We have China building islands to preposition assets and conducting large scale exercises, and we have Russia in the Ukraine fighting against U.S. equipped and trained troops, and conducting unprecedented military exercise (largest in their country’s history). We have both China and Russia building their own banking systems (AIIB/BRICS) to conduct trade and invest money + they have developed their own money wiring swift system (CHIPS)-circumventing what has always been used. 

The Middle Eastern GCC countries are now forming a stronger military alliance so they can effectively operate jointly militarily together in the future, and they have been disusing limiting military weapons contracts with the U.S. They plan to purchase more hardware from their European allies. Why, because the U.S. will no longer be reliable, that’s right, we’ll be too busy dealing with chaos in our own country + weapons manufacturing will come to a complete halt, and they know it. 

I believe the 500 days of climate chaos spoken about by the French Foreign Minister, with John Kerry standing at his side, has everything to do with all this. When the real chaos begins: super storms, quakes and volcanoes, the U.S will be at its weakest. Much of our military will be overseas, and if you are in the military, plan on being stuck overseas. All Emergency Response Assets: National Guard, FEMA, Red Cross, DHS and other agencies will be overwhelmed. And this is when the U.N will intervene, and all our enemies, from all corners of the earth, will begin their invasion. 

The most disturbing part of all this: It has all been planned, we have all been sold out to the global government corporate enterprise. And in case anyone wants to know who is paving the way, who is in charge, who will light the way? All you have to do is tune into the Popes address to our U.S. Congress (first time in history) and his address to the U.N. a few days later – this coming September. He will be the calming voice, the voice of reason, who will begin the process of unifying everyone. If you are not concerned, you should start becoming concerned, because in order for this man’s message to have the correct impact: answers for despair, fear and desperation, things are going to have to be getting pretty bad. 

And all this is the perfect example of: Order out of Chaos. This is your New World Order people. I’ll leave you with this, and let it sink in: In a Short Time, This Will Be a Long Time Ago. 

I find it more than a little coincidental that the 500 day warning issued by the French Foreign Minister on May 14, 2014 (With U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry standing an arms length away) to prepare for/negate/deal with Climate Change takes us to September 24, 2015 (assuming I did my day count properly). On September 24, 2015 Pope Francis addresses (for the first time in our Republic’s history) a joint session of the U. S. Congress. The following day,September 25th, the Pope addresses the annual meeting of world leaders at the United Nations. Pope Francis will be only the forth Pope to set foot in the United Nations building in NY City. 

While I’m reluctant to make a claim that things will get so bad in the next 90 days that Pope Francis will be courted as a solution to out-of-control chaos, I will concede that that possibility does exist. 

Here is where I recommend reading another paper “An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario And It’s Implications for United States National Security” Published in October 2003, the paper was paid for the The United States Department of Defense. The two authors: Mr. Peter Schwartz and Mr. Doug Randall did their research by interviewing scientists, economists and military experts on the consequences of two possible future scenarios: 

The Gulf Stream (North Atlantic Thermohalene Conveyor) slowing down dramatically
The Gulf Stream stopping.

These may be the 22 scariest pages of non-fiction you will ever read! I first read them in 2005. Once I learned from my interviewing Dr. Luigianni Zangari Ph.D. that the Gulf Stream did, in fact, stop on June 12, 2010, I re-read this paper. It took on a whole new level of importance and concern! Without stealing any thunder from this paper, you will find it prognosticating wars, drought, violent climate change and more! 

In a follow-up to my interview wtih Dr. Zangari, I wrote an article titled “The Gulf Stream Has Stopped”. It’s not terribly long but should be sufficient to make the point, and convince the reader, that one does not to anguish over ‘When will Planet X start affecting our planet”? as it already is and has been since June 2010. The complete article is here. as well as being a free download at my web site. 

My next recommendation: Look at the next several months (between now and November 1, 2015) as your own, personal, training exercise. If your plan is to do nothing, quite simply you’re planning to fail. If you believe that loading the wife, your children into the mini-van with your camping supplies to head for the the nearest National Forest is a plan, I wish you the best of luck! I advocate prudent preparations. That will be different things for different people.

While I do publicly advocate establishing a Hobby Farm as the highest and best long-term solution, I understand that each family will have their own wants, needs, desires, time. skills and money. I respect your personal plan, whatever that may be. Just be sure to have a viable plan! 

No, you’re not going to set up a viable Hobby Farm in the next three months. That takes years. You could, however, locate and establish a safe haven. A place of safety and security where shelter, food, water and everything one needs to survive will not be an issue. A place where you and your loved ones can defend against brigands and common criminals. That’s your marching orders, that’s your personal training exercise. 

In the meantime, I will continue to be the watchman on the wall. doing my daily radio show on the Republic Broadcasting Network and my public speaking engagements. 

May God Bless You, May God Bless the United States of America. 

John Moore

Jun 9, 2015


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  • I believe they are getting ready to declare the illegal foreign negro sodomite as president for life like they do in Africka.

    • Why bother when they have no end of pathetic puppet princesses to choose from?

  • LavenderRose

    It’s so very amazing the sites like this tell the world the truth, thanks for the post, good information

    This is the reason there are so many underwater cities including massive pyramids underwater. It was predicted that ALL volcanos would blow and we are seeing that now with many inactive volcanoes erupting all over the globe.


    • I’m a Norwegian, living in Norway and have seen NOTHING of this information.

      So what is your sources for this plea?

      • I was about to to say the same thing. The Norwegian government have NOT prepared the people for anything, no info what so ever. If there is a cataclysmic event on the horizon, we will let you know, because our SumoWarrior/Primeminister, Erna Solberg will without doubt tell us…

    • Ken

      LavenerRose is gone. Go look for her.

      He will morph very soon. Wonder who she will be next.

      This is very Steve like behavior.

      Very consistent MO

      Clones everywhere.

        • You don’t have BIN friends because most of your stories are lies so you disable the comments to avoid being called out. On top of that you have the nerve to post links to your articles on someone else’s articles like a hypocrite.

          Shame, shame, tisk, tisk.

          • The Clucker,
            Leave LavendarRose alone, please!
            GO, and PREY to the ONLY true god, MACHO MAN Randy Savage!

          • Ken

            Clucker my friend! Hello!

            Didn’t you read my comments on “How Can We Make BIN Better” yesterday? Go and read why I think LavenderRose is really Steve Quayle. I am not the only one who thinks this.

            We have some pretty compelling arguments for such Musings*. For one, I have also listened to Steve for years so I am very familiar with his writing/speaking style and temperament.
            (In some ways we are almost like distant siblings. His Mom and I both went to Gale Aeronautical School; and we both have ancestors from the Isle of Mann who probably were good pals at the grove. Ships passing in the night I guess)

            Having said all that, these MUSINGS are only my/our opinions so make up your own mind about just who this LavenderRose really is. No pressure at all. Let me know what you think:


            So you see, this article is just yet one more infomercial for what ever Steve is selling today to prepare you for the “End”. OH OH OH!……… Don’t forget he also sells some really great Fairy Tale books to keep you entertained in your bunker. What a guy!.

            Hey, a ‘family’ man has to make a living some kind of way. :???: Times are tough!

            See you around Clucker and keep up your great critical thinking and intelligent comments. They are greatly appreciated especially by “The Firm”!

          • Thanks Ken. I think you are right about it being Steve. It seems like a lot of the contributors here are just a made up front person for the people like Steve Q., Rick Wiles, Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, etc. The list of shills goes on and on and on.

            Who is “The Firm?”

          • I find it suspicious that when LavenderNose has been called out on being Steve Quayle he suddenly disappears without a peep. Liars are funny like that.

          • Ken

            Hey Clucker. LavenderRose is gone. I can’t find any of her articles. I think she has pulled up stakes. Never fear, She will morph.

            This is very Steve like.

        • The BIN does allow trash comments because it’s NOT real. It is really nothing more than a pulsating gelatinous pillow in a fish tank. As you were, Steve.

        • So Steve Quaylude is pretending to be a girl now?

        • I never tire of the ‘gelatinous pillow’ talk. :mrgreen:

        • if BIN was a real company, they would have banned you and your epically long rants about ‘nothing’ a LONG TIME AGO.

          But thanks for commenting on other posts, too bad you disable the comment section on your drivel.

        • Ken

          Heads up??

          No worries. There are lots of heads up.

          Your temperament is showing LavenderRosee. Very consistent you are.

        • SD,
          Yep. He’s pretending to be a girl. Pathetic.

          I never tire of the gelatinous pillow talk either.


        • Thank you Ken for the information regarding LavenderRose…how sad is it that Quayle would troll BIN due to being so insecure about his own nonsense…if in fact he is, which it appears at this point he is. Good find.

      • Ken

        The Clucker SAID:
        Yep. He’s pretending to be a girl. Pathetic”

        It is my understanding that Testosterone injections are safe and effective. We could take up a :eek: . :roll:

      • Ken

        The Clucker SAID:
        Yep. He’s pretending to be a girl. Pathetic”

        It is my understanding that Testosterone injections are safe and effective. We could take up a collection. Always glad to help! :!: :idea:

      • Peter Rabbit

        A Testosterone injection is approved only if FDA determines that it is safe and effective for its intended use.

  • tempestking

    And yet someone els as come on hear just to give us bull crap and LIE about planet CRAP or is it planet X ho cares its NOT coming ………..

  • So Lavender Rose . . what’s the weather like there on your home planet?
    You are either a paid jewish troll or an absolute, complete moron!

  • man people are stupid to believe in this one,
    I remeber youtube when it first opened an they pople posted videos and dates that all came an passed,
    this guy writting is more then likely a person who get paid to write false articles an deceive,
    or they truly believe this will happen, Which is fine,
    I two researched this and thought it was going to happen way back in 2006,
    everyone pay attention, read the evidence,
    take every article you read with a grain of salt truth!
    you cant trust no one these days! they want us all confused!

    • Ken

      Good call B Stallard. Right you are!

  • “The Gulf Stream (North Atlantic Thermohalene Conveyor) slowing down dramatically. The Gulf Stream stopping. … did, in fact, stop on June 12, 2010…” I believe that but say that the function of the Gulf Steam has been understood falsely.

    I am living in Finland at the Arctic Circle and as long as I can remember (I am 75+ now), it always has been said that the Gulf Stream is making the climate of Finland milder than it were without the Stream. If the Gulf Stream has stopped on June 12, 2010 and even before that date, slowed down dramatically for years, our climate should be remarkably colder than it was in my youth. No, it is not! I can feel it in my old bones, and I have observed the climate of Lapland, the northern part of Finland, Sweden and Norway, from my childhood on. The most terrible Siberian frosts that we still had in 1980′s, seem to be gone for good. New species from the south are inching more and more to the north. The growing season has lengthened. The spring comes earlier and the winter later than before, etc. What does that all mean? What else than the scientists have understood the function of the Gulf Stream incorrectly at least in the Scandinavia. It is not their first error.

    What is a better explanation? I say that earlier, the Gulf Stream worked like a heat screen at the door of a building to prevent a free flow of the warm air out and the cold air in. That way, the Gulf Stream only warmed up a narrow zone on the coast of Norway and beyond, until Archangelsk on the northern coast of Russia, but mainly prevented a lot of the warm air from the Atlantic Ocean from coming into the interior of the Scandinavia. As a consequence, the most severe Siberian frosts were allowed to drift into Finland and elsewhere into Scandinavia. I still remember them, brr!

    Warmer air from the south and southwest is flowing into Scandinavia now but of course, it does not stop there but drifts over the Arctic Ocean, melting the sea-ice and the glacier of Greenland. The latter is growing more and more unstable and it has a potential energy of about 900,000 times the energy of the Indian Ocean tsunami (as calculated by some scientists) in December 2004. The rim zone of the glacier of Greenland has been deep-frozen on the base rock and it has kept the vast glacier at bay for now, but how long can it do that? Who knows.

    One day, the Planet X around or not, the rim zone of the glacier of Greenland will break off, and then begins a gigantic version of a scarcely studied but very real annual phenomenon named “ice-shedding”. In the springtime, when the thick ice-cover of the Arctic rivers has melted enough, an ice-shedding starts in every river. When in a river, melt water gathers under the ice-cover, it eventually loosens the ice that tarts to float and pile up downstream. The ice may stop and create dams but cannot prevent the process of the ice-shedding from going on to its final end in a short time. Whether the ice-shedding is small or gigantic or something in between, the factors are the same: a certain amount of potential energy, a height difference, ice above and water below, and the ice loosened from the ground.

    There is a lot of ice-water slush under the glacier of Greenland and even without a celestial body, the enormous ice mass will start to rush into the Arctic Ocean after the weakening rim zone is broken, some day. This process that I call the Ice-Shedding of Ages, could start spontaneously or it may be started by a strong earthquake nearby or under the glacier, a celestial impact or a gravitational shaking of a visiting celestial body, a sudden pole shift or a number of hydrogen bombs detonated inside the rim zone. The result will be a global series of never before experienced earthquakes and kilometers high tsunamis rushing over the entire world. Within a half of an hour, the tremors will concentrate on the Antarctic, causing at least its rim glaciers to discharge. A double ordeal will encounter the Earth, from north to south and south to north, both processes melting together.

    I have written a book concerning these events that pertain to the Seventh Bowl of God’s Wrath. Much must happen before that phase of the Revelation but still, I think that it is not far away anymore. The name of the book is “Ice-Shedding of Ages” and it can be found on the net, published at the CreateSpace of the Amazon.

    Kauko Loukas

  • theawakezone

    Nibiru will NOT come anytime soon. Nibiru will pass Earth only in about 500 years. Sitchin showed us all calculations and did the math on this. So keep the facts straight. And when it comes around, the people living in the future, keep this in mind:

    It is not always so Nibiru causes problems for EARTH. But when this happens, it is because the path has changed or disturbed by chaos theory. What happens when chaos theory insert is that the device is disturbed by a sudden fluctuation in chaos theory. It is therefore sometimes Nibiru just doesn’t go in the exact trajectory it had
    last time.

    Anunnaki were NOT gods. Enki told the people this on clay tablet 15348. People were praising him like a god when he walked out to them saying: STOP THAT! We are not gods, there isn’t any gods. We are humans just like you. Everything we have done you can do to. All you need is to care for each other and show love to one another.

    Anunnaki were NOT evil, all that is CRAP dis-info from sleepers.

  • You have to check this out, Microsoft basically added Nibiru too their WorldWide Telescope software!

  • Twenty Two in Your Face ~ Witty Eye NWO or UN Fact

  • Here’s the scoop. If planet X / Nibiru were anywhere near our solar system, our calenders would cease to work accurately. That is because the massive gravitational pull of this vast solar systm would either retard planetary motion or pull the planets off course. It would be noticed by Cornell and other universities with an astronomy department.

    It’s not happening. Sorry.

  • Regarding Norway: That’s BS.

  • Where is Nancy Lieder when we need her most. lol






    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • With utmost respect, referring to the following lines in the above article and I quote:

    “All Emergency Response Assets: National Guard, FEMA, Red Cross, DHS and other agencies will be overwhelmed. And this is when the U.N will intervene, and all our enemies, from all corners of the earth, will begin their invasion.”

    John, unless I am completely off beat here, surely nobody will be invading an America in chaos and trying to sort out what Planet X had dished out on the USA, as the UN and all other enemies of the US and countries globally, will be coping with the utter chaos the rogue planet dealt out on them? I mean, we are talking about a case scenario here that from what ZetaTalk has predicted, to be absolutely cataclysmic for the first few months for those who live through it. I just think, that communications for instance such as satellites will be gone — so it will be back to repairing surface communication lines (land lines) for some time and possibly only radio wave communications will be working? Maybe modern aircraft and ships could operate, but GPS and other electronics will not be operable until satellites are up again, so surely it will be back to analog compasses?
    I have very little knowledge of all this, but one thing I’m sure of, nobody will be attacking the US during such a time and no other countries will be attacking each other either, as each country will be overwhelmed with attending its own crisis. I cannot speak for the global elite [comfortably ensconced in their bunkers], but ordinary people will be sobered to the soul and most will probably end up helping each other. I will go download your e-books and thank you very much for your care and concern for others.

  • Quayle is a fraud, and so are his cohorts.

  • Bout a year ago or more Holy Ghost moved in me after observing eye-proof of PlanetX for about a two year period
    (brightness in the South,Red Iron Oxide,Dark Blue Clouds=system of it).The Holy Ghost moved and gave me quick responses,
    specifically by leading/guiding me to our KJV Revelation trumpets.

    This will cause The First Four Trumpets to sound off in Revelation. And by reading it, it seems very logical.
    Any ways, right when Jade Helm started I knew this PlanetX/Nibiru is what had them closing Wall Marts and preparing.
    So I warned ppl all here on BIN and Google Plus. I’ve been warning ppl on Google Plus for two years now on PlanetX,Nibiru.
    And throughout the whole time here on BIN I never once saw Jade Helm was related to PlanetX. I still warned and put the
    message out on various posts since Jade Helm began here on BIN.

    Great article John Rolls.

  • Ken

    Clucker, You asked who “The Firm” is so I answer here:

    My definition of “The Firm” is the rather extensive network of Fear for Profit pseudo-Christians and Occultist who sell God and any other thing they can scare you into buying. These people frequent basically the same circuit of radio shows and news sites with their infomercials. Most of them seem to be friends so they cover for, promote and prop each other and claim to be men/women of God. They get sick a lot too or so they say.

    It is my opinion that LavenderRose has the most integrity of all of them. At least she is more honest about who and what she worships. Yesterday she said “Namaste day my bin friends!” so yesterday she was most likely a Hindu. This is not cast in a White Stone however, and probably subject to change. Girls can be fickle so tomorrow she might be almost anything I guess. .

    Some refer to themselves as a type of a “Watcher” but in my opinion what they watch is gold, silver, fine art, classic cars, South and Central American Property and other tangibles such as antique suits of Armour. You just never know when you might need to be a Tin Man. Hopefully the Tin Man will find a heart. Maybe a muse with help him look.

    • All about The Negative only. So what you sew you also shall reap. Let’s hear about The Real Believer’s shall we. Something Positive,so you can withstand all the fiery darts of negative-thoughts only from Satan and his cohorts :idea: .

      • Peter Rabbit

        If you are looking for something Positive Ministering S you have come to the wrong site. And Steve Quayle et al are absolutely spooky.

  • Time for Vivos. Limited space available.

  • Steve Quayle and his apostate, Masonic zionist sponsors never quit peddling their garbage. BIN should mandate that they be banned when everything they say is REPEATEDLY WRONG.

  • Here is a breath of troll-fresh air …wonderful article … September … September … September … September.

  • Here is a second breath of fresh troll-free air. September … September … September … September !

  • Planet X will be visible in September as Orion comes out from behind the Sun … just look where the Sphinx is looking . It is the same place just left of Orion’s belt where the “resonance la Maya ” cup and figurine artifacts are looking . The time period is 3456 years ( 12 x 12 x 12 x 2 ) and last occurred in 1446 bc and will next occur in September of 2015 ! September … September … September … September !

  • September 2015 … start with the Mayan counting artifact which gives 3456 years beginning in 1446 bc at the Exodus and count forward deducting the four years that Augustus ruled as Octavian and also deducting one year as there is no zero year and thus leading to 2015. Also note the updated Mayan long count calendar which expires in September 3, 2015.

  • September … Pope … September … Jade Helm … September … Shemitah … September … September !!!

  • Take a deep breath … a fresh troll-free breath …. September ….the fourth blood moon 9-28-15 … September … the end of the Kerry 500 days on 9-24-15 … September …September … September

  • Ban trolls from BIN as a matter of air pollution control. ALERT ALERT …. AIR-PORN … AIR-PORN ALERT !!!!

  • My name is Toni and I live in Staten Island NY USA. On Nov 24 2015 at about 10:30AM was on the train heading southbound for home. I was looking out the window saw the sun as the clouds were passing by it covered the sun. Then I saw it, with my own eyes at the 12:00 position from the sun was a planet. NO it was NOT THE SUN, it was not Mercury, nor Venus, nor Mars, could be Nibru or Hercolubus. It was white in color, NOT THE SUN,the sun was behind the clouds. I could not take my eyes off it, until the clouds moved and let the YELLOW SUN out and could not look anymore because of the glare of the sun. Kept on looking up every now and then. Then it happened again, the clouds passed in front of the sun and stopped the glare, but again it was right there at the 12:00 position from the sun. Yes, it is here and has made itself known to all who look for it. It is coming. As for me I have no money, no bunker. But I have the Lord, I have GOD, and my house is in order, I am ready. Get your house in order, time is near. GOD BLESS

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