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Pleiadian Astrophysics: Earth’s Axis Wobble/Coming Big Shift and Nibiru’s Spiritual Effects

Saturday, February 18, 2017 20:19
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image river and trees in Colorado, U.S.

This telepathic message was sent by The Pleiadain Emissaries of Light, The Pleiadian High Command, and the Pleiadian cosmonaut, RaTesh. It came on February 17, 2017 at 4:23 am Mountain Time, at The Star Lodge Healing Centre in Lake George, Colorado USA, by Cody Golden Elk at [email protected].

CODY:   Yes, my sister, lover, wife, and friend. I can now feel your telepathic call and do see the visual images you are also sending me from your ship. Now I understand the importance of what you are showing/teaching us Earth humans………am ready to record now…..

RATESH:   It is of great concern to us Pleiadians, what is about to transpire, according to the highest statistical probabilities of our “future predicting” technology, as you may/might call it. For, your Earth planet, in your common 3D-4D Space/Time frame of reference, is more than likely to HAVE A MAJOR SHIFT OF ITS AXIS, linearly speaking. As it is right now, the Earth, as you know, has been wobbling/gyrating/precessing abnormally, with jumps and moves, as its axis swings around in ever widening circles, or arks……..(psychic attack interruption)

(NOTE; At this point, the Reptilian/Draconian’s tried to energetically disrupt this telepathy. Apparently, the content of this message is detrimental to their control plans for Earth. After reading this, you readers may understand why. This was a very strong attack, and took extraordinary measures to overcome and re-establish the integrity of a clear psychic state.)

RATESH:   (resuming)………This Earth axis wobbling, of course, is due to a variety of factors, but mostly related to gravimetric/magnetic manifolds/force fields, in your limited 3D-4D Space/Time, produced in your solar system. There are, however, other EXTRA, or Higher Dimensional effects related to your planet’s axis wobbling, but, since your understanding of Trans-dimensional Physics is so limited, we will not concern ourselves, here, with this problem/situation. It is to your 3D-4D Space/Time reference that we shall limit this discussion.

As your planet rotates about its axis, several/many factors influence this wobbling and contribute to – what we Pleiadians see with high probability…at least 90%…of a very MAJOR AXIS SHIFT occurring within the next few of your Earth calendar months. The main contributor to this Big/Major axis shift is the passage of the Brown Dwarf System, you call Nibiru. When all the associated gravimetric/magnetic/electromagnetic and other force field parameters, in your 3D-4D Space/Time, begin to line up and are “just right”, so to speak, then your Earth will roll over in one direction….then roll slightly again in another direction.

As the visual images I just showed you of this, cannot be seen by the other Earth humans reading this, we will use your common X-Y-Z Euclidean Cartesian coordinate mathematical system to explain. Simply put, the Earth has a high probability to roll over towards the negative Y axis more than 90 degrees, then roll over about 20 degrees, or so, towards the positive Z axis. This is a simplified, primitive explanation, using your common 3D Space Time linear mathematics. We realise that many reading our words here are not so mathematically inclined as you are, Cody, so suffice it to say that this, likely, will be a MAJOR PLANETARY AXIS SHIFT, as distinguished from the large number of “little ones”, which have already been occurring for a number of years on Earth.

Using your physics terms, the spin angular momentum, of Earth’s planetary body, is altered/affected by several grand forces. INSIDE the Earth, its molten core is influenced greatly by the huge magnetic forces that the Nibiru System exerts from its nickel/iron core. Astrophysical planetary/moon alignments affect Earth’s spin angular momentum, in nodes, or “waves and troughs”, as you may call them. At certain times of alignments, as the flux lines of force congeal, the magnetic forces “shunt out”, or cancel….and at other nodes….they combine, greatly increasing in magnitude. As this occurs, strong, very forceful, magnetic moments affect Earth in a non-linear, non-homogeneous, rather chaotic fashion….as she turns in space. This causes ERRATIC fluctuations in her ambient spin angular momentum, often resulting in partial wobbles about her axis. Also, ON THE SURFACE of Earth, as she turns/spins in space, other forces – like the melting of polar ice caps can affect her spin angular momentum – as non-uniform density changes in relation to surface ocean configurations and hydro-dynamical forces are exerted.

Fluctuations in coefficients of radiation absorption from your star, you call the sun, can also, to a lesser/slighter degree affect spin angular momentum force vectors, again, in your common 3D-4D Space/Time. Alterations within your stellar, or sun’s, outputs of electromagnetic radiation, gravity waves, and magnetic field lines also add to and complicate the calculations of spin angular momentum force vectors upon your planet. There are also a host of other effects, but these will suffice, for now, to help those reading our words to understand this very complicated situation/phenomenon.

We Pleiadians have kept many records of the numerous times this Brown Dwarf/Nibiru system has swung around in its orbit around your sun. Many of these effects are somewhat devastating to your planet, as well as the ambient life forms and civilisations upon it – many of which we Pleiadians have seeded ourselves – along with other of the ET races/groups, as you call them, have also done. We realise that the “fear factor” of a MAJOR planetary axis shift is high with many of you Earth humans, but it is definitely our intent NOT to create fear…..but, instead, raise your awareness, consciousness, knowledge, and wisdom. Your planet Earth will survive all of this, as she has done many times before. Many of you Earth humans, however, will not survive, as these types of MAJOR axis shifts usually result in very quick – or rapid – climate alterations, like the one that partially helped kill off and extinct your Dinosaurs.

Your human species and civilisations will continue on and survive, although they will be altered greatly. We Pleiadians have, in our astrophysical Records, the effects of several types of alterations upon biological species and their evolutionarily developed civilisations, caused by these Astrophysical events, like planetary axis shifts, solar eruptions/explosions, star collisions, black hole phenomena, comet/asteroid collisions, radiation affects, etc., etc, etc, as well as a whole host of other related naturally occurring events, both inter-temporally and inter-dimensionally.

Your Earth is only one small planet, in a rather ordinary solar system, out on the “edge”, so to speak, of one of billions of Galaxies spread out through the “infinitudes”, to use your words, of Space…..again, using your limited reference system of “common” 3D-4D Space/Time. Actually, inter-dimensionally, the process of Creation is still ongoing and happening simultaneously as we now speak. But this subject is far beyond the usual limited consciousness considerations prevalent with you Earth humans, upon your small blue world……as it tips, yet once again….upon her axis.

We Pleiadians recommend to you Earth humans who are aware of this ongoing/developing axis shift situation to prepare yourselves physically first. But, the utmost concern for you should be to prepare mentally, then SPIRITUALLY, which is why we have sent so many messages…..through a variety of channels/sources, like you, Cody. Due to the almost incalculable effects of such an impending Astrophysical event such as the passage of this Brown Dwarf/ Nibiru system near Earth – with multitudes of variables…like meteors falling randomly/fires/tsunamis/earthquakes/ radical climate change generating famines and shortages/etc., etc. – no one can know, or accurately predict, what kind/type of physical preparation will ultimately work in their particular area – wherever they may be on planet Earth – as this MAJOR axis shift occurs. Even those of the Govt./Shadow Govt. Elite may not be safe in their well stocked underground bases/shelters, due to cataclysmic geological, unforeseen episodes. Your current Fukushima, Japan nuclear accident is a perfect example of this. Therefore, the most PRACTICAL form of “preparation”, as we Pleiadians see it, is TO PREPARE SPIRITUALLY, for this rather mundane (from our perspectives) Astrophysical event………………………….(BREAK: At this point, I had to rest/etc…then after resetting our energy space….we resumed this high level telepathic contact).

RATESH: Yes, our love, my love, now that you have had your break/rest…and we definitely understand your biological need to do so…we must cover some help on the SPIRITUAL GROUNDS, of which we speak. As we Pleiadians see this, it is the thing that will help all of you Earth humans, our “little brothers and sisters” – as we affectionately sometimes call you – the most. To do this, and this is somewhat rare, the Pleiadian High Command itself, as a group consciousness, wishes to speak now. I, RaTesh, am an individual Pleiadian, linked telepathically with them and the others….but, the Pleiadian High Command itself is composed of many “ISHWISHES”, in our Pleiadian language …..or, translated into your English language….as “Kings of Wisdom”. Many/most of them have Spiritually evolved to the point where they can exist as LIGHT FORM BEINGS, but can, as they choose, take up physical bodies as the need arises. Others are still incarnate “in the flesh”, as you call it, or say it on Earth, but are linked in a higher consciousness telepathic manor to the Pleiadian High Command itself. So, after this very brief, limited explanation of what they truly are, they shall/will now speak………………..

THE PLEIADIAN HIGH COMMAND; We are The Pleiadian High Command and will now assist you for a moment, Cody, in energetically adjusting to our very different frequency of telepathic/mental contact that you are used to with our cosmonaut you call RaTesh. As you can sense, feel, our vibratory frequency/consciousness is much higher….greater….and unbounded – as our wisdom and knowledge spans all of the known Temporal and Dimensional/Spatial forms of Creation, of the PRIME CREATOR…

CODY: Please…help me, please teach me…PLEASE slow down and show me how to adjust to and comprehend this new consciousness/frequency….please DO NOT HURT ME and realise how weak, narrow minded, and poor I am……..(took time to readjust to this incredible consciousness energy)…

THE Pleiadian HIGH COMMAND: Yes, we have, in our transmissions, accounted for that, so we must now speak of the SPIRITUAL ASPECTS of the situation of Earth’s axis shift/Brown Dwarf/Nibiru passage/ and other Astrophysical anomalous events situated in your area of Space/Time……(here, they showed me a visual image of the entire Milky Way Galaxy….in real time…like a map of just where Earth is in this huge Galactic spiral system).

Your Earth planet, in its 3D-4D (common to you) form that you experience with your “5 senses” as Earth human beings, is a Reincarnational and Karmic planet, Spiritually speaking. All the indigenous and non-indigenous life forms upon it, as well as the planet itself, are ALL Spiritual Beings. That is; they have energetic Spiritual components of The Great Liquid Light upon their lower planes of existence. These Spiritual energetic forms undergo transformation and growth, as part of Prime Creator’s plan of evolutionary growth/transformation/ and transfusion into the Higher Planes/Spheres of inter-temporal-dimensional Space/Time, as you call it. The minor/small particular events of a planetary axis shift, brought on by Astrophysical anomalies, is a way to help push the Spiritual growth/development, of both planetary and biological evolution. The Laws and Science of all of this, are, of course, far beyond the current Earth human understanding.

However, in your particular evolutionary situation – both physically and Spiritually – this is much needed to spur your civilisation upon Earth – some of which we have seeded, long ago – into higher development and understanding. You Earth humans, like us Pleiadians, are also Spiritual Beings of Light – up above and beyond your limited physical forms. The planet beneath you, that you call Earth, is also a Spiritual Being of Light, up above and beyond her physical planetary form. The energy extra-dimensional dynamics of these systems may be difficult to understand, at first. But, the truth is that the Spiritual forms of Earth humans are TIED DIRECTLY into and through the Spiritual form/body of your Earth. As the Earth flops on its axis, its Spiritual energies alter/change/grow/leap forward. So, too, for you Earth humans. So, this Astrophysical event you call “the passage of Nibiru”, is really only just another opportunity for growth and evolution for the Spiritual forms….OF BOTH THE PLANET EARTH, AND ALL YOU EARTH HUMANS AND OTHER CREATURES UPON IT.

We have – sanctioned by us in The Pleiadian High Command, sent a number of our emissaries/teachers/cosmonauts, etc. to assist Earth in raising up, both the humans and the planet herself. We speak of the Feminine polarity of Earth, since the Soul Group incarnate within her is generally of what you call the feminine energetic polarity – since their Mission and planetary reincarnational Spiritual lessons center around nurturing and providing a place (in this case)….a planet…for less evolved souls, such as you Earth humans….a place to evolve, grow, learn, and understand the Spiritual lessons that they, as a SOUL GROUP, have long ago mastered. So, you can now see how you Earth humans, as well as the planet Earth, are TIED SPIRITUALLY TOGETHER.

If you want to maximise this wonderful Spiritual opportunity for major growth, or leaps, in Spiritual evolution during this Astrophysical event you call “the passage of Nibiru”, then we suggest that you Earth humans (both individually and collectively), tune into, or tie energetically into, the collective consciousness of the Soul Group incarnated into the physical planet body beneath you….that you call the Earth.

Just as you, Cody, are now tied into and linked telepathically into our Soul Group Collective – that we call The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and The Pleiadian High Command….so too, can many Earth humans tie into the consciousness and energetic frequency of the Soul Group incarnate now in the planet Earth.

Thus, by so doing, you each can help each other. As all the energies change, or dance, on a variety of Temporal and Extra-dimensional levels associated with these Astrophysical events of your planet…your consciousness, both individually and as a group – has a wonderful opportunity to symbiotically enhance the overall effects of Spiritual growth, of this approximately 3,600 Earth year cyclical event. Thus, this is a beneficial event associated with and caused by a “planetary axis shift” to exponentially grow Spiritually in “leaps and bounds”, as your vernacular. Approaching any of this with fear is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE to Spiritual Growth. Instead, learn to see through the lens of your normal Earth human perspectives and consciousness frequency limitations, into the “bigger picture’ at hand.

Then, seize on this ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL situation for Spiritual Growth and learning. Your decisions of how you approach Earth’s axis shift generated by Astrophysical events, like this “passage of Nibiru”, will be felt across this galaxy and beyond – manifesting as waves of energetic consciousness Thought Form Causality….affecting and across, within Temporal Inter-dimensional Space. We watch with hope and anticipation to see the effects/results of the free will choices – both individually and collectively – that you Earth humans make…(Cody; please slow down)….

Know, that we, the Pleiadian High Command and the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, are certainly willing to help – if asked – without violating free will choice, or creating Karma in any way – as are many other Spiritual Forces of Light associated with the Service To Others polarity, across the many dimensions of Time and Space. The Syrian Arch Angelic League of the Light, The Arcturian Council of Light, The Andromedan Councils of Light, and others of the Star Councils are all ready to assist….for these combined STAR COUNCILS of LIGHT have several emissaries and helpers on a variety of dimensional planes, to assist wherever and whenever, as they are called. This is the Soul Collective of The Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, enjoying and pleased to have this opportunity to speak…..(Cody; now readjusting back to RaTesh’s telepathic energetic frequency….)

RATESH:   So, dear one, it is I again, as I was also telepathically monitoring/hearing their transmissions. It is good that they chose to bypass me, since their level of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding is much greater than mine. But, we see that you are VERY TIRED now and have reached the “limit” of your Earth human body/biological system….after so much telepathic contact. Rest now….I am sending images of how to better facilitate your recovery ….so, go do these things and rest. We will send more to help your fellow Earth humans, as the time of “Nibiru’s passage” grows near. This is RaTesh….. (end at 6″05 am MT).

AUTHORS NOTE: These messages are sent to awaken and help. While I was working on my Master of Science degree in Physics, I once flew the Space Shuttle Simulator at NASA, in Houston, TX. However, the level of technology aboard these Pleiadian ships is “light years” (no pun intended!!!) ahead of our Earth technology. It is our hope that these messages will spur enough Spiritual growth so that we humans can catch up to our technology, and balance it with the Light of Higher Spiritual Understanding. Perhaps, then, we will stop destroying our beautiful planet, and each other, so that…one day, we may be like our “big brothers and sisters” in the stars. The Spiritual information in this message, was, no doubt, why the Draconian/Reptilians psychic attacked, since they wish to keep us Earth humans ignorant and enslaved, by suppressing higher Spiritual knowledge, like our New World Order Elites do.  Also, we would like to thank our donors who make this work possible.  Cody Golden Elk

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  • “We are The Pleiadian High Command and will now assist you for a moment, Cody, in energetically adjusting to our very different frequency of telepathic/mental contact that you are used to with our cosmonaut you call RaTesh”….

    This reads like a bad beginner sci-fi movie script.

    And you spelled “JohnTesh” wrong.

    Get it right, as he will spare no illiterate on the day of his impending musical spelling quiz…

  • Someone needs to tell Cody that these are not allies. In fact, the list he named is straight off the invader list.
    Not a bit of the info he’s giving is correct.
    They don’t get their nibiru crossing. Thats why it hasn’t happened despite…17 years of claiming ‘its happening’..
    What they do get, is a nova. Look at the sun.

    • Well, YellowRose and Paul Tarsuss above, I’ve read it over three times and from my perspective it’s absolutely correct. No mistakes in it. There are mental effects of this passage and the vibratory rate of our physical atoms limits or permits our understanding of it. We are connected to this shift and to the evolutionary push opportunity it provides, through the Earth Mother. Basically, we should respect the Life and lives in the other kingdoms of Nature because they are identical to us Spiritually/in Unity, they are only on a different part of the journey to us, learning as we do by experience. Often we twist things into high and low/more important-less important, according to what personally advantages us. But when we disadvantage others/animals/ plants through genetic manipulation, control, we unconsciously create a hook into our own being, which has to be reversed by free-will choice at some point on our many incarnate lifetimes. We cannot have these negatives, of pain, on our minds and in our spirits to evolve, grow, extend our selves deeper towards the Source within our very beings. As the Pleiadian High Command soul group says, “….learn to see through the lens of your normal Earth human perspectives and consciousness frequency limitations, into the “bigger picture’ at hand.”

      This is excellent teaching!

      • “As the Pleiadian High Command soul group says,”

        Ok, Cara. Alrighty then, I guess.

  • oh…..pssst….and by the way….the earth is……


    • dont boggart that shlitz

    • your a prime example of why NOT to drink flouride water and watch TV at the same time!! LOL, your couch is flat and so is YOUR world!!



    i LUV THE FLUX CAPACITOR!! DOC!! :shock:

  • “transpire” is NOT another word for “occur” What has transpired is the information being relayed by one to another and may or may not be the whole of the occurrence. What has occurred is everything.
    Transpire is second hand information, in other words, “hearsay”.

    • b4

      they let me out of my padded cell for 30 mintues–can i get into this conversation with my peers?

    • I’ll just say, in response to this, people ought to do their own research.

      Joseph-C-Moore, you’re trying to chip-away at, to undermine, the major focus of the Pleiadian’s message: the 90° then 20° big pole shift with the passage of the Nibiru System, and with a host of other factors including alignments of stars, of planets and of the moon. They’ve explained it beautifully, why there are small wobbles before the big one. If you want to deny what’s going to happen you ought to be like the other naysayers, and say there is no Nibiru.

      I look daily for more pictures of the Nibiru, and will post when they come to hand. Antarctic Astronomer wrote in 2006 that it was exhibiting “quantum anomaly”, i.e. position or velocity but not both at the same time (i.e. behaving like an electron), then he went on to say, “The masking software can’t handle the random light frequencies….” It’s not an easy system to observe. When it comes, it will come, but it’s nice to have a little foreknowledge too, even if just to accept mentally and do some preparation… But physical preparation is not the most important; spiritual preparation IS the most important, as the Archangel Michael has said, published in autredimensions, “WASH YOUR ROBES”. In other words, purify yourselves – don’t slip on sexual energy, trend vegetarian/ vegan, and bring the emotions under your control. Calm the mind – Plug into Peace. There is a way through all of this.

      • You tell people to do their own research, then you go on to cite “Pleiadian Messages” as sources. If you don’t see the problem with that then you’re too far gone into the “New Age” stuff for anyone to really help you understand anything. Look into how this New Age movement was started and what it’s nefarious purposes are, then you might have a clue as to how you’ve been intentionally led down a dead end road.

        I suggest you do your own research and focus on that before you start posting wild ideas about messages from aliens and trying to pass them off as fact. For all you know you could be leading someone astray at the cost of your very own soul, as well as theirs.

        Where is your proof of these “Pleiadian Messages” being legitimate? I doubt it can be proven, aside from taking someone’s word for it.

  • pole shift? where’s the pole dancer?

    • Sum of 7

      I’m sorry guy’s, once again, if you think this all stinks then why are you here bothering peoples concepts if you don’t agree! Go back to your dirt bikes and porn! We have bigger fish to fry! This place won’t be fit for minions when the truth rains down. The sky has changed, a second sunrise exists, and second sunset prevails! Look at the sky, the weather, the animals, they know! Wheat from the chaff! Give Cara a break. I have seen the eastern sunrise in Australia and I agree with her notion.
      I have noted a major energetic shift in my being and my animals in the last few months and can only correlate it to this potential paradigm. Sorry, if you don’t feel it or see what we see, have mercy on your soul. Oh! Did I happen to mention a lot of shit is going down worldwide at the mo! Well, it’s just the circus to keep our eye off the prize!
      Keep it up Cara!

  • The Creator is affirmed:
    “These Spiritual energetic forms undergo transformation and growth, as part of Prime Creator’s plan of evolutionary growth”

    Then this advice comes:
    “If you want to maximise this wonderful Spiritual opportunity….. we suggest that you …tune into…the collective consciousness of ….the physical planet…that you call the Earth.”

    I find it highly doubtful that tuning in to the consciousness of a manifested, still transforming speck of creation is preferable to seeking the will and guidance of the eternal and unchanging Prime Creator.

  • All bs. NASA and Space X is a big lie for all the sheeple. The earth is fixed and not spinning. The sun and moon circle the earth. They can not get past the firmament. Thus not actual photo of earth from “space”, all CGI for all the “believing sheep. There is no curvature. My buddies get better photos of earth with weather balloons and gopro cameras, go figure where the millions go for “space exploration”, hahaha.

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