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Pleiadian Message: Nuclear Power Plants, Axis Shift, Antarctica, and Solutions

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 18:14
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                      image the Earth Mother and Sky

This message was received at 5:03 am Mountain Time on March 1, 2017 at The Star Lodge healing Centre in Lake George, Colorado USA by Cody Golden Elk at [email protected].

(NOTE; This was a good telepathic connection, as RaTesh and the Pleiadians wish to help us Earth Humans face difficult times, so that we may grow Spiritually, thereby raising our consciousness higher in the Light. These messages are sent to increase our awareness and to aid understanding, not create fear, like our New World Order Elite planners do.)

CODY: Yes, RaTesh, I feel your telepathic contact now and have stopped my Earthly life’s tasks to record your words. It is so wonderful to feel your Light energy, wisdom, and great love, along with your unerring desire to assist us lower consciousness Earth Humans with higher knowledge.

RATESH: Well, there are only layers of wisdom, knowledge separating all of us humanoids as Divine Creatures, of the Prime Creator – or, that which many of you Earth Humans call God, Allah, etc., etc. We Pleiadians are very much more advanced both technologically and Spiritually, which is why we try to help/assist our little brothers and sisters of Earth. But, relatively few can hear our words telepathically, as their minds are often too full of lower ego concerns, as well as not properly disciplined mentally, as many of our Earth Human channels are, to hold the “stillness” and deeper meditative states long enough to ensure a good, clear telepathic connectedness/transmission. From their lower mental state of ego consciousness, they attack that which they do not understand, or are generally otherwise aware of. As the Earth Human species evolves, they will more and more begin to use the higher mental functions of telepathy, as we Pleiadians, as well as most other advanced extraterrestrial races/groups do.

But, despite all of this, there are some among you who do hear our words, despite the incessant attempts of the other Dark Forces, so bent on psychically disrupting and interfering, with our normal telepathic transmissions. So, my message for you and the other readers of my/our words, is about the many nuclear power plants on Earth, like the Fukishima Japan plant disaster, and the upcoming effects of Earth’s possible large axis shift…if it does indeed occur….along with other geological, climatic effects, which will be inevitably produced with Nibiru’s passage.

Already, upon your planet, the signs of increasing volcanic (evidenced by the recent Mount Etna eruption in Sicily) and other earthquake activity have begun to manifest – despite all the Shadow Govt. secret manipulations of data/information control they are covertly, currently engaged in. At the same time, they frantically attempt to understand, control, and harness the buried ancient alien technology that they work on in your “Antarctic” region of Earth. What they find there will be abused, mishandled, and for the most part, be completely misunderstood. We Pleiadians are now monitoring their activities there.

In our last message we/I alluded to the fact of a high possibility of a big axis shift of Earth in your next few calender months of Earth time and this is still a possibility, although our current data suggests that this possibility/probability has diminished somewhat. All the factors at play to determine the EXACT TIMES of these types of planetary/astrophysical events are somewhat difficult to factor in for “future predicting” technology, as the free will choices of not only Earth Humans, both individually and collectively, along with the other ET groups/races free will choices, have some bearing upon these events, as consciousness is energetically tied into physical forms such as planets, moons, and stars. There have, for instance, been discussions between some of the more advanced ET races/groups as to assisting the Earth with advanced forms of planetary re-configuring/alteration technology…so, many factors are at play, reducing the possibility of exact calculations/results. Most Earth Humans, who are even aware of, or concerned with, such things as this possible big Axis shift of the planet they reside on, always seem to want to know the exact “date and time” it will happen. We repeat that this is only one of many possibilities, on various dimensional time lines, which may end up occurring in your present planetary/solar system. We see that some type of big axis shift will eventually occur for Earth, as is normal, but cannot be specific/exact in these dates/times projections – only refer to advanced statistical trends and possible inevitabilities that will eventually occur.

But, the increased geological/crustal/ and internal planetary magnetic field parameters associated with mass/density and energetic force fields of your solar system dictate that many types of big changes will occur during the normal cycle of this “passage of Nibiru”, as you call it. These things are real on your 3D-4D lower planes of space/time and will certainly have secondary and tertiary effects upon your planet.

One of the MAJOR EFFECTS will be the secondary problems arising as Earth’s many nuclear power plants – which were built, for the most part, on relatively stable geologic formations – will have their footings torn and displaced out from under them.

Thus, your Fukishima Japan nuclear accident will be, in this sense/case, a HARBINGER of events to come for the other nuclear facilities around your world, as similar instances of core meltdowns/reactor damage and radiological pollution ensue. These types of secondary events resulting from plate tectonic, crustal, and molten core alterations generated from the magnetic/gravitational/electric field effects from Nibiru’s passage – will cause a cascading host of, and scenarios of, wildly toxic chemicals to be inadvertantly released onto Earth. As her, the planet’s, crust buckles, breaks, and cracks, and her oceans convulse, many types of these secondary/tertiary effects will become apparent.

We Pleiadians would suggest that some of Earth’s Governments and Shadow Governments, who are very well aware of both our and Nibiru’s existence, yet ceaselessly cover it up…..that they SHUT DOWN SOME OF THESE NUCLEAR REACTORS, at least until Nibiru passes….and Earth’s axis has resettled after its wobbling/gyrating. If some of these nuclear reactors were carefully shut down…BEFORE cataclysmic earthquakes, tsunamies, etc. occur, then the resulting secondary damage to earth, her people, and her creatures COULD BE GREATLY MINIMIZED.

But, alas, we Pleiadians see that many of the “top leadership” of the Elites of your world are HIDING THE FACT OF NIBIRU’S  EXISTENCE. Therefore, how can they shut down these nuclear reactors for something that is just “conspiracy theory”, “fear mongering”, or any of your other colorful euphemisims. If they shut down many nuclear reactors without explanation, the resulting loss of electrical grid power will disturb the masses enough for them to “pull their heads out of the sand” long enough to ask “why”?????….(Cody:  …RaTesh, please slow down!!!!!)…..(continuing); ….OK, yes, you are right my love. You can sense my/our passion on this subject, as the Elites of your world have had such a lock, or control grid, over all this type of higher knowledge for so very long….it perplexes us.

So, first they must admit that Nibiru is, in fact, REAL, and is passing near Earth soon….then second, organize international methodologies to implement in real time TO MINIMIZE ITS IMPACTS.

Many lives and infrastructures could be saved if the Nations of Earth worked together in unison to thwart such secondary and tertiary events.

But, as long as SECRECY prevails, this working together will not occur and many more will die than would otherwise occur….but, dear ones, THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT. Secretly, your Elites plan to let Nibiru’s passage “cleanse off” the Earths human populations, so that they may reset a new Global System upon Earth – WITH THEM IN CONTROL. So, in our viewpoint, your Elite’s “information control about Nibiru” equals “population control and reduction”. It is as simple as that. By withholding key astronomical, scientific, satellite, and other technical data, they are effectively KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE, who, otherwise, might be helped…..or moved to greater safety. So, you can see, the great propensity for evil here. It is to this form of Darkness that this message is addressed.

There are now many ET groups/races surrounding Earth – in a variety of dimensions – not just your common 3D-4D space/time realm you Earth Humans exist in and are used to. They, each group, has their own agendas/reasons why they are here now, as Nibiru passes Earth. We Pleiadians, for one ET race/group, are here to monitor scientifically and also to provide our form/type of assistance with the mental/physical/emotional/ and Spiritual aspects of this big astrophysical occurrence.

The magnetic field and flux line disturbances associated with all of this will greatly affect the psychological/emotional/personality aspects of many/most human beings on Earth, as well as her creatures. Look for even more mass whale, fish, dolphin, or other sea creature beachings and unexplained alterations in bird migratory patterns. As these are some of the tertiary effects that we speak of. Your Spiritual connections to Earth are of paramount importance at this time and should be groomed accordingly – it will help you all the most in both understanding and then dealing with all these secondary/tertiary effects of which we now speak.

Those of you hearing/reading our words would do well to study your nuclear plants more….instead of just taking them for granted…for, one day, soon in your 3D-4D time frame, there could  be EVEN MORE ACCIDENTS AS WORSE AS, OR WORSE, THAN YOUR FUKISHIMA JAPAN ACCIDENT. Also, the possibility and chances are high that another powerful earthquake may rock this same area of Japan soon, adding to the distribution of even more nuclear radiation contamination in your Pacific ocean basin. Indeed, as we have said before, this was the worst nuclear accident ever on your modern planet. There exists a high possibility, after and during Earths axis shifts, of EVEN MORE RADIOLOGICAL DISASTERS, as Nibiru again passes Earth. We/I are here to speak truth, not incite fear – fear is just you earth Human’s reaction to truths you do not like, or do not want to hear or believe. So, work on your Spiritual growth and pay more attention to your nuclear power plants and also to what is happening in Antarctica. This is RaTesh, sanctioned by The Pleiadian High Command.  (end 6:00 am MT)

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  • I will speak in opposition of this idiocy for the rest of my life. Benjamin Fulford’s acquaintance Wilcock is into this space aliens baloney which is why I doubt that Fulford’s handlers are being truthful. Satan knows that he could not stop Jesus Christ’s Jubilee, thereby he will try to hijack it. Credit for this Jubilee must be constantly maintained as Christ quoting Isaiah 61 into Luke 4. The Tribulation will follow the Jubilee as Jesus did not follow verse 2b after 2a. An obvious indicated time delay with HIS words.

    This story is beyond preposterous. I am no Bible scholar, others are, absolutely asinine. I will warn others. Pleiadians hey laughable

  • Hey RaTesh, you got a big one in there? hahahahahahahahah :mrgreen:

  • Wait…….I am channeling a message from Ashtar comand…….no is just gas….false alarm!

  • This is preposterously stupid in so many ways that I can’t even bring myself to laugh at it.

  • Are we sure this isn’t idiot in the machine talking?

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