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Pleiadian Wisdom (April 2017): Our Solar System, Earth Changes and Nibiru

Thursday, April 6, 2017 18:22
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This message was received at 6:24 am Mountain Time on April 3, 2017 at The Star Lodge Healing Centre in Lake George, Colorado, USA, by Cody Golden Elk ([email protected]). It was sent by the Pleiadian cosmonaut RaTesh, in response to questions about our situation on Earth.

NOTE: We share this information with the hope of raising awareness, stimulating personal thought, and promoting higher consciousness. Learning to listen intuitively, through the heart instead of the mind, can sometimes reveal higher shades of understanding. Ego centred lower consciousness is what the Pleiadians are trying to help us Earth humans step up out of. It has created the world we all live in today on Earth. The old paradigms are failing now….look around for yourselves….what do you see?

CODY: We have recently been experiencing odd, strange weather, unpredictable energy swings, or shifts, greatly increased chemtrail sprayings, a big increase in dimensional portal openings, and movements in normal star constellations with changes in where the sun rises and sets. RaTesh, can you tell us, or help us understand what is happening with regards to this, on Earth now. Does the date of May 15, 2017 Earth time, have any significance?

RATESH: It is good to make telepathic contact, yet once again, with you….as we see that you are again using the Lemurian crystals to assist in holding an energetic frequency to both induce and maintain a deeper level of telepathic contact, despite the great, generally negative psychic interference surrounding you. This is why, dear one, that we Pleiadians often use our Telemeter Ships…like your robotic drones….to gather information around Earth. Your planet is surrounded by such a high degree of psychic negativity, that it often physically hurts us to feel it. The combined thought forms of humanity upon Earth, are difficult for many of us to endure for too long….this is why we often use channels such as you, and some of the others, to communicate.

We are not so far away, in your 3D-4D space/time, as we were on our last contact, but much nearer now, instead….in the more central part of this Milky Way Galaxy, as you name it, or call it. We/I are now monitoring a similar planet to your Earth, with humanoid, ape like creatures upon it, although of a much less evolved nature than us, or you Earth humans. This planet, we call Argonis, is experiencing similar astrophysical anomalies associated with their star’s variable/fluctuating output….which is wreaking havoc upon both their planetary and biological structures. It is, however, the inter-dimensional aspects of their solar and planetary bodies that we Pleiadians, and other ET groups as you call them, are studying and cataloguing, to help us understand stellar evolutionary processes better, in and throughout the lower dimensions of space/time. This helps us navigate our inter-dimensional and inter-temporal drive systems aboard our Beamships, precluding/reducing accidents, or navigational errors.

Your Earth’s current stellar/planetary dynamics are similarly being affected by the normal/natural approximately 3,600 Earth year cycles of the Brown Dwarf/Nibiru passage, some of you Earth humans are so concerned with. This is a cyclical event, indigenous to your solar system. But, its path is not entirely the same on each particular cycle/passage of this Brown Dwarf/Nibiru system’s closest proximity to Earth. Instead, the physical variables/parameters of each so called “near passing” by Earth, change each time….altered due to perturbations of gavimetric/magnetic/electric and electromagnetic forces/force vectors, along with combinations thereof….of your solar system’s natural mechanical workings. We/I Pleiadians, also study the Higher Dimensional aspects of this naturally occurring astrophysical phenomenon peculiar to your Earth to further aid our understanding and development of space travel technology in your area of this Milky Way Galaxy, as you call it.

Thus, we have a large number of ships and other robotic devices poised, in several layers of your space/time, to observe these associated variable effects. Life upon your planet will be altered greatly, but will continue on as it always has, as the planet Earth herself will not be destroyed – only altered greatly. Each cyclic event of the Brown Dwarf/Nibiru system passage generally affects axis/pole shift characteristics of each planet/moon system it interacts with. However, the planet Earth, with all the life upon it, has its delicate ecological balance affected to a generally higher degree than the other planet/moon systems in your solar system. These events occur naturally many times/places throughout this Galaxy, and the other Galaxies in the infinitudes of space.

Energetic parameters of all the Force Vectors of various forces in your lower 3D-4D common reaches of space/time affect our Hyper-dimensional and Inter-temporal drive systems and energy balances – but, more importantly – affect the Higher Dimensional mechanics of SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION generally associated with interfaces between biological/incarnational DNA, 3D structures, like your human Earth bodies, and also the 4D-6D re-incarnational energy dynamics….like your Spiritual bodies…..which, as we have said before, are composed of multi-dimensional energy we call the Great Liquid Light, on a number of inter-dimensional and inter-temporal levels.

We Pleiadians study the effects of these types of astrophysical events, like this Brown dwarf/Nibiru passage near populated planets like Earth, to learn of this Spiritual Scientific Wisdom. At times, we trade this Spiritual information to other ET groups/races for various things…like technology, materials, and other forms of knowledge……. I see that the Lemurian crystal you are using is getting very hot now, during our telepathic conversation. This is good, as it helps even out some of the energies associated with fluctuations of ambient psychic energy around your present Earth location.

Your question about the May 15, 2017 Earth time significance, holds no particular concern, as we see it, for us Pleiadians. For all these astrophysical great forces congeal and combine in ways that are generally difficult to predict, to isolate them into a specific point in space/time….even in your very limited conception of 3D-4D reference. The panacea of often conflicting free will choice parameters of over 7 billion Earth humans, of such chaotic, stratified consciousness layers, also makes futuristic predictive analysis rather difficult.

However, your Earth could tip on its axis, as distinguished from its wobbling, as we have previously alluded to… almost any time, depending upon a whole host of related variables. Our best advice to you all is to continue preparing, both physically and Spiritually, learning to master your innate fear responses/systems inherent in your biological brain structures, you call the Medulla Obliganta – or “the reptilian brain stem” – the seat of your fear responses. ET intervention upon your Earth and its morbid/sordid affairs is always possible, but generally unlikely, as Karmic considerations, of a Higher Dimensional nature….for both polarities of ET races/groups, usually take prominence.

The extreme weather events/anomalies on Earth, as well as some of the other planets in your solar system, will, proportional to the Brown Dwarf/Nibiru system’s proximity to your planet, take a dramatic increase in both intensity and frequency. Resonance patterns of various forms of energetic waves will manifest in your oceans, making sea travel/shipping more treacherous. The Earth’s crust, being pushed and pulled by unseen forces at a distance, will peel and crack….great earthquakes will occur as plate tectonic forces even out. What most of you Earth humans know and believe will be shattered to the core, as all of this increased volatility/tumult ensues.

This IS NOT – WE REPEAT – NOT a time for fear, foolishness, or rash actions…..but, instead, a wonderful opportunity for each of you to face the Earth changes that the Brown Dwarf/Nibiru system brings with A PROCESS OF TUNING INTO YOUR HIGHER SELVES, then following the guidance given therein. Those who are able to do this will have a much better chance, or chances, of survival. There will later be…after this…a great need for teachers, Lightworkers, and Starseeds to rebuild, after the “initial cleansing”, so to speak. This has happened many times before in Earth’s past. Those who are needed for these tasks will be led to places of safety with higher Spiritual Wisdom and Knowledge. Follow your hearts and relax, for fear is not necessary here as these great solar system forces and events play out….yet, once again…

Many new disclosures of quite potentially damaging secret information will also soon come out, or appear, upon your world. The higher Spiritual energies bombarding Earth now generally exhibit energetic characteristics associated with “flushing out’, or exposing, hidden/buried, or covert secret agendas….as well as old, unresolved Karmic Spiritual issues. So, this, our “little brothers and sisters” of Earth, is a good time to push up and out buried things. We applaud your efforts, all of you Earth humans, in the work you have done – both individually and collectively, to raise your consciousness vibrations towards Spiritual growth. All that this astrophysical event in your solar system now is doing…this passage near Earth of the Brown Dwarf/Nibiru system…from a Spiritual perspective…is generally providing impetus for change and growth for this Creation System….in all its phases and characteristics…all on the pathway of both physical and Spiritual evolutionary growth within the framework of Higher Creational Law of the Great Liquid Light….the energies of all Creation.

Planets are born, species/lifeforms evolve, or are deposited, upon them….solar systems cycle, stars die and are reborn….entire Galaxies and Galactic Systems collide….”black holes”, as you call them, appear then disappear in quantum Inter-dimensional and Inter-temporal “jumps”. ALL of it occurs on multiple multi-faceted and multi-connected rings of energy associated with dimensional portals…..All of it….ALL OF IT….is occurring now. Learn to tune into this Higher Field of Great Liquid Light, to see and feel these things of Creation – in the Creation….as you Earth humans, like us Plieadians – are both part of and also “separate” observers of it. Gain solace from this “higher wisdom and understanding”, then gain comfort emotionally that all the “troubles” of your small blue world, silently spinning in space, ARE AT THE SAME TIME, BOTH IMPORTANT, YET INSIGNIFICANT. We/I leave you now to ponder this, in peace and wisdom. This is RaTesh, on authority of The Pleiadian High Command and the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. (end 7:05 am MT).

AUTHORS NOTE: When transcribing RaTesh’s words into English grammatical constructs; sentences, paragraphs, etc., I often have trouble breaking her very advanced/evolved thought forms down into a readable coherent message. My apologies for my ignorance, as we only try to bring her words as accurately as possible. Hopefully our efforts will assist others in a gentle, loving way. Cody Golden Elk.

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