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Atlanta I-85 Bridge Collapses After Red Mercury Reported Downtown

Friday, March 31, 2017 5:13
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(Before It's News)

UPDATE: This appears to be deliberate. False Flag. Three people were arrested last night, one is in custody for setting the fire on purpose. No reason given. They claim he is homeless, but how hard would it be to pay a homeless man to set the fire, because I’m certain someone brough Lithium 6 (being called Red Mercury) to downtown Atlanta yesterday. This is why they are blocking laptops from coming in, because intel suggests they (ISIS) has been working on substance that will fool airport scanners…..

Scanner evading bombs a concern to US intel.

North Korea selling Lithium 6 on open market.

Yesterday, a couple of very odd events took place in Atlanta, which will have profound impacts for the next few weeks.



Then, coincidentally, a major artery to downtown catches fire, and collapses.


What is Red Mercury?

Red Mercury – The WMD No 
One Wants To Talk About

Edit to add: This video shows there were two other incidents yesterday involving hasmat. Something big is going on in Atlanta.


Yesterday, during the news coverage, the anchors @ 7:12 in the following video say a witness saw a median wall (support structure) explode….


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  • Fires can not bring down a bridge made of structural concrete and steel. Not hot enough! Not going to happen. This was no accident.

    • And although PVC can catch fire, it’s very hard to ignite because it has anti flammable chemicals in it…and the fire station is about 500 ft away from this place…

      • For example, the ignition temperature of PVC is as high as 455°C, and is a material with less risk for fire incidents since it is not ignited easily
        Ignition temperature of PVCFurthermore, the heat released in burning is considerably lower with PVC, when compared with those for PE and PP. PVC therefore contributes much less to spreading fire to nearby materials even while burning.

    • This may be the first wave before the water recedes ! We are facing a Tsunami eventually. Only in the USA can a one hour fire melt and destroy steel & concrete ! To bad our fellow man is ignorant of the facts and continues on in their cartoon world they like to call reality !

      • It appears from the pictures that the bridge section landed intact so i’m not sure where you get the idea that concrete and steel was melted.

        Now what about those expansion joints, what are they made of?

        • expansion joints are neoprene plastic or rubberised strips placed after the spans are in place usually to cover the joint in hot cold situations..their stretch capacity is not large and they are only there for the surface smoothness..the beams sit on at least 300mm of support each way with a neoprene pad to allow non friction movement. even if they were to fall off this pad or the pad get melted it would only sink the depth of the neoprene pad 50mm at max.. the govt narrative is BS they are hiding the true facts..sometimes (often) I wish the education system was more educating to these obvious lies from the government officials…question everything..believe nothing…check online ..ask what is possible and what is not regarding the official statements …ask on you tube or social media ..there are enough out there who can keep you advised on what is possible and what is not.
          as a respoders always refers to themself as “jet fuel cannot melt steel beams”. it cannot

          • First up, tonyw, if you knew anything about me i’d hope it was that i keep my mouth shut unless i know what i’m talking about and that i don’t take condescension at all well.

            Now then; expansion joints must periodically be replaced and to do this the span is lifted to a height, above the adjacent section, and the bearing material is swapped out.

            Given the bridge section in question is on a slope, on-ramp/off-ramp styles, it’s reasonable to imagine there’s a certain amount of kinetic energy available for the span to slide to its limits lubricated on a bed of molten expansion strip material.

            Of course so long as one end didn’t rise up to the point where it can override the adjacent downhill section then what you say is absolutely true however it isn’t inconceivable that the lower bearing was less melted, heat rises after all, and galled up to a degree causing that end to lift up and over the rest of the structure.

            300mm of travel later, your figure not mine, and the higher end would slip off its bearing block which would then reverse the direction of slide causing the entire span to land with a thump directly below.

            Is this what happened? I don’t know but it’s not impossible and one thing that is safe to assume is that by allowing for thermal expansion/contraction the designers didn’t have fire in mind.

            Therefore what is needed are photos of the ends of the span and bridge superstructure to see if the fail safe recesses are still intact or not. If not then it’s more likely to have been caused by human intervention but if so then my argument becomes much more tenable.

            Finally, tonyw, did someone say that Kerosene (Jet A1) could melt steel beams or did you just throw that 9/11 reference in to try and quell debate?

  • Atlanta boy here, Last night at 8:00 ch2 news reporter said, “We do not know what caused the bridge to collapse but we do know that is was not good”. That raised my eyebrow and the fact that the fbi was there so quickly. Oh and by the way where this happened is only a few miles away from where Barrys loving immigrants were sent here to live in Atl. Take that for what its worth. PVC burning will not drop a bridge. :wink: :eek:

  • Interesting that Red Mercury may be another name for Lithium-6, which is indeed a substance that can make a suitcase bomb…..

    • Also, recent electronics ban from Africa, could that be tied to Lithium batteries…?

    • I originally heard about that radioactive red mercury while reading SS Brotherhood of the Bell. It is believed to have been used in the Nazi Bell aka Die Glocke. The Soviets were also believed to have been using it. Gary Powers was flying the U2 over nuclear facilities that may have been using this stuff.

  • The site Whatdoesitmean claims that ISIS attacked the bridge and it’s being covered up.

  • Definite inside job!!!

  • false flag psy-ops. they want to see how it will fly when they make the big announcement. about the banks. and your pensions.

  • concrete does not burn..the amount of plastic conduits in / on a bridge would not make any difference to the structural could light a hundred bonfires on the bridge and it would not fail…so terrorism is the most likely cause. do not believe the official story it is total BS. I have built quite a few concrete structures including bridges and I cannot believe the BS they are spinning
    as a favorite observation points out “jet fuel does not melt steel beams” or concrete reinforcing
    americans are so believing of their governments
    red mercury I have no experience with but is the most logical explanation to date
    time for the people to stand up and question the incompetent governments of fed state and local to tell the truth

  • How many sheep will buy this inside job. Fire did not bring down the towers, the three of them, demolitions did.

    When has anyone seen their fire place fail due to fire?

    Diesel fires produce a lot of smoke to cover the demolitions.

    My guess is that they want to raise more money for rebuilding bridges or cut off access to cities and get more control. Major scam by the people who hate Americans.

  • it sounds like the steel on the bridge was affected by burning magnesium to melt it. once the “thermite” is lit it cannot be put out with water. if you place a block of thermite on a tank it will burn a hole into it.

  • Why was the bridge not replaced with a Bailey bridge type of structure to get traffic moving again if only cars not trucks if weight problem as only section damaged and not bridge support bases? This would have been done straight away in time of war.

    • Its a major artery, just as many semi’s as cars drive that road every day. Up to a half a million vehicles a day. They are also going to replace the sections on both sides of the collapse. 3 months.

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