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Does Trump Realize: Legalizing Marijuana Would “Lower Healthcare Costs, Boost the Economy”?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 15:47
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This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at his Of Two Minds blog.

Editor’s Comment: Let’s see, legalization could spur economic growth in independent small businesses at the expense of private prisons, the pharmaceutical industries and the capitalization of servitude. The reason it would be great for almost everyone centers around freedom and prosperity; and the reasons it would be bad for a handful of rulers is that they stay profitable when people are controlled, imprisoned and constantly harassed… is that an over simplification?

The benefits it would create in terms of easier access to basis relief from pain and many other ailments, without the addiction and risk of death posed by opioid prescriptions and illegal heroin, opium, etc. are enormous – in their ability to drain guaranteed monopoly profits from those who hold shares in health care services – from drugs on down. While the healthcare system itself may be unmanageable and difficult for the average individual to get good treatment in, at a reasonable price, it is off the charts for those providing goods and services to an industry that now represents 20% of the economy.

Does anyone have any questions as to why the federal government is going after marijuana – despite nearly half the country voting to legalize it in either medical or recreation aspects?

Dear President Trump: If You Want to Lower Healthcare Costs and Stem the Opiate Death Spiral, Legalize Marijuana

by Charles Hugh Smith

If there is anything the left and right, progressives and conservatives, and everyone in between can agree on, it’s ending the counter-productive, destructive “war on drugs” that has generated crime and violence, a “we’re number one in Gulags” prison complex and pushed people into harder, far more dangerous drugs (see chart of “legal” opioid deaths below).

Dear President Trump: if you’re truly serious about lowering healthcare costs and stemming the rising tide of opioid addictions and death, then fully legalize marijuana via executive order now.

The usual justifications for continuing the criminalization of marijuana have moved from threadbare to completely disconnected from reality. We’re told that marijuana is surrounded by violence–well duh–the violence is the direct consequence of Prohibition.

What happened when alcohol was prohibited? Crime and violence exploded around the production and distribution of the outlawed drug. What was peaceful when legal becomes violent when outlawed. This is so obvious, yet we have “leaders” who are blind to the dynamic.

By outlawing medical marijuana, we have pushed everyone with chronic pain into extremely addictive and increasingly deadly “legal” opiates. This is the height of insanity: outlaw natural substances with pain management potential while legalizing highly addictive and often deadly synthetic opiates.


Legalizing marijuana would eliminate the violence, lower the costs of operating the Drug War Gulag and lower healthcare costs by reducing the dependence on addictive opiates for pain management. Yes, there are circumstances that require opiates–but does it make sense to make opiates the next step above over-the-counter pain relievers?

The social, human and financial costs of the opiate pandemic are skyrocketing.Adding marijuana products to the spectrum of choices would reduce these costs and the death toll. Regardless of whatever critics may claim about the negative effects of marijuana, the truth is death by marijuana overdose is essentially non-existent.

Compare that to the tens of thousands of deaths caused by “legal” opiates and the millions of lives destroyed by the “war on drugs” and its American Gulag.While those benefiting from operating the “war on drugs” and the American Gulag propagandize a completely false pathway from marijuana to opiates, the reality is grandmothers are benefiting from medical marijuana and it is the sick-care/Big Pharma cartels that are the pathway to opiate addiction and death.

Dear President Trump: you say you want bold solutions that unite us: start by fully legalizing marijuana. Listen to your young advisors and those in law enforcement who see the counterproductive insanity of the “war on marijuana” first-hand. Listen to the elderly who are benefiting from medical marijuana.

Do the right thing and fully legalize marijuana. It’s time to move beyond addled fictions and deal with the ugly realities of a system that actively promotes “legal” opiate addiction and death while outlawing marijuana.

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This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at his Of Two Minds blog.

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  • You are absolutely correct however Trump can not “Legalize Marijuana” because it was never illegal in the first place. All items or substances are either “Prohibited’.. “Regulated”.. or otherwise… “Legal”.. A Congressional Convention to Amend the Constitution is required to Prohibit something which has not been done for Marijuana so it is not prohibited. As the Supreme Court has ruled in many similar cases, an item or substance must be publicly available in order to regulate it. To circumvent the Constitution the government tried to “Prohibit” Marijuana through classifying it as a drug which requires “Regulation” but as it is not being made publicly available it is not being Regulated either. The only remaining legal status for Marijuana is it is therefore… “Legal”… Any attempt to search or seize your property or arrest you for possessing marijuana is an unlawful & unconstitutional act & you have every constitutional right to resist that unlawful aggression… “Know your Rights”….

  • Of course Trump is towing the globalist agenda. Is anyone actually surprised? Am I allowed to give the Trump supporters the ol’ “I told ya so.” yet? Why else would he go after pot when actually legalizing pot would help him achieve his other goals?

    • Exactly.

      The problem is, everyone here is so far right, they think there is actually a difference.

      The ENTIRE system is rigged.



    • Never thought I would be agreeing with Cluck but reality is definitely setting in.

  • trump is just another nazi jew federal mafia british slave running mut.pushing the federal mafia’s agenda and slave credits

  • Yup, thats not all:

    ‘We’re soon going to have a one-party system’ –Donald Trump 3/1/2017

    Is it getting clear yet that the person that becomes President, is always the person that TPTB WANTS to be President?

    A one party system in the US first, then a one world government to follow.

    NWO here we come, good job thinking another billionaire was going to do anything in your favor.

  • If someone wants to get uptight with drugs, why is no one looking into the relationship of the Clintons/CIA and drugs? Obama is no longer protecting anyone.

  • Legalizing dope just makes a few more dopers. Legalizing alcohol only caused more alcoholics.

  • I don’t want to have to drive home at the end of the day on the freeway with a bunch of stoners foggin’ mosquitoes out of their cracked driver window….bad enough to have to drive around bubbah who puts his coors lite into a mountain dew coozy to fool the cops…they aren’t fooled, they let it slide because they are waiting for the idiot who considers it his constitutional right to drink and drive with his beer can out, being proudly displayed…

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