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Is Military Action Inevitable With North Korea

Sunday, April 9, 2017 23:41
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Once again my Patriot brothers and sisters, the media is all over the map on the subject of North Korea and it’s psychopathic dictator Kim Jong Un. With the stunning bombardment by President Trump of the airbase in Syria, now all attentions are directed at North Korea. Will he, won’t he, what about China, what about little Kim’s supposed limited nuclear arsenal? All these and a thousand more questions are being answered by half the retirement budget of the Pentagon and dozens of former government officials (who actually know nothing as they are no longer in the loop).

With all that said, let’s break this down by using the most accurate prediction barometer on planet earth. No, I am not talking about the supercomputer “Watson,” I am using something much better. I am using good old-fashioned common “horse sense,” and knowing human nature to come to my conclusions. Saddle up and let’s get started.

The Biggest Fear;

  1. North Korea completes weaponizing their nuclear program and figures out how to install nukes on an accurate and functioning missile system, which can be delivered to either Japan or our West Coast.
  2. China loses control over North Korea, and now we have no way of having any impact on the Little Big Man (Kim Jong Un) at all, and he goes totally rogue. This is particularly problematic as we know North Korea has a vast Army and thousands of tanks. We also know that the “Little Bag Man” has threatened to invade South Korea (Un has threatened both invasion and nuclear strikes) on numerous occasions. If he does, he would no doubt send a million man army to the border with a thousand tanks, and we would lose 25,000 United States soldiers (latest count of troops stationed on the border of North and South Korea) almost instantly unless we used low-level nuclear weapons to stop them.
  3. Kim Jong Un actually attempts to go nuclear on Japan or the United States.

Our Options; 

Kim Jong Un is surrounded by aging Generals who served his father. This confrontation with Donald Trump is not going to end well for him.

So where do we go from here? The problem with dealing with North Korea is, we are attempting to address a drunk. If you have never tried to negotiate with a drunk, don’t, it is a losing effort as they are not operating mentally with a full deck of cards. Little Kim is a spoiled, privileged kid who grew up in a Korean version of a Royal family and believes he is (for lack of better description) “all that and a bag of chips.” He was never trained to assume the duties of being the leader of a nation and how to negotiate or deal with anyone on a world stage. North Korea has been off the international arena and community since Harry Truman was President.

With that said; in a nutshell, what we have is a spoiled rich kid trying desperately gain respect outside of his nation, and he is trying to live up to his father and grandfather’s reputation. He is surrounded by aging military figures who served his dad, and he is trying to wear his father’s shoes and doesn’t know how. That is tremendously dangerous for the rest of the world. His father started the nuclear testing many years ago, and Little Big Man thinks the best way to gain respect is by having the rest of the globe fear you. In other words, he want’s to be treated like President Xi of China or Vladimir Putin of Russia, and he wants to be put on the same level. Un wants the state dinners, meetings with world leaders and all that goes with it. In his mind, he figures the only way to accomplish this is by having nuclear weapons. The problem for us is, he cannot be trusted as we know he is mentally unstable and North Korea is simply a nation that is far too aggressive with a chip on their shoulder.

NBC News ran an analysis in a very in-depth article today. The options for the United States to stop the Little Big Man are probably limited, but a lot depends on what China would or could do. They also depend on “what was agreed to by President Xi in his meetings with President Trump.” That is the $64 question.

Let us assume for a minute that the Chinese told Trump, go ahead, do what you need to do, but “don’t decimate the nation and don’t kill Kim.” This would open the door for us to slide in and bomb their nuclear development projects back to the stone age. The first thing we would do is; send in stealth aircraft or cruise missiles to take out their communications towers, radars etc. This clears a path for our bombers to go in and do their voodoo on his enrichment and storage facilities.

This would stop the enrichment and give us time to catch our breath. But what would happen next is an almost guarantee. War on the Korean Peninsula would be next. Little Kim could not sit back, take his lumps like a big boy and look the other way. He is going to thump his chest, scream at his Generals for allowing America to enter his airspace, and he is going to invade South Korea.

Worst Case Scenario;

Undoubtedly the worst case for the United States is if China says; leave them alone, we will deal with Little Big Man, but nothing is actually done to stop the rogue dictator from continuing his mission of garnering nuclear weapons. The other worst case is, we do attack North Korea, bomb their facilities and then China retaliates against the United States. What that retaliation would look like is anyone’s guess.

As of this morning, this is where we are at Patriot’s.

Super-Carrier U.S.S. Carl Vinson with its escort task force is steaming to Korean Peninsula.

President Trump has ordered the 7th Fleet (led by the Super-Carrier Carl Vinson) to the Korean Peninsula.

Fire Power of the 7th Fleet;

Not that it matters, but I served aboard the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk CV-63, and have traveled these very waters many times. We ported in South Korea several times and I have a very warm affection for the South Korean people. This is what Kim Jong Un is playing with and I don’t know if he realizes the devastation that the 7th Fleet can inflict on his people or nation.

The Carl Vinson will carry approximately 80 warbirds. These would include several squadrons of F-18 fighters which are fast and can shoot down enemy aircraft from nearly 100 miles away while having never even seen the enemy. These state of the art fighters can also run low-level bombing runs at supersonic speed making them some of the deadliest fighters in the world today. Can they be shot down? Probably not, because prior to their entering Korean airspace, the Vinson would have sent up E-2’s to jam all of the Korean radar systems, assuming they had any left after our cruise missiles had destroyed most if not all of them, to begin with.

Several of the Vinson’s escort ships carry the same cruise missiles that were used the other day in Syria. I don’t need to give you a description of what these bad boys can do. Then we have destroyers which can put a wall of fire up to protect the Vinson, not to mention the Vinson’s own missile defense systems. In other words, Little Big Man can do whatever he wants, but he is not touching this battle group, lest he get’s blown out of the sky.

Now we get to the nuclear submarines that travel with the group as well. Our submarines are without question (possibly Russia) the most dangerous on planet earth because they carry dozens of nuclear missiles that strike with pinpoint accuracy. One of these submarines has the capacity to wipe out the entire nation of North Korea with only 3 or 4 rockets being fired. Yes, these have thermonuclear warheads. This is not counting the Carl Vinson’s nuclear bombs that it carries. Although, they may or may not have them on board. We did, but I cannot speak for current mission’s the Vinson is on.

I will end with saying this; “If Little Big Man wants to play General, he is about to have a very bad day“. We now know that Donald Trump doesn’t play games with evil people. If I were Little Kim, I would stand down and live to fight another day, this is not going to end well for him.


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