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True Blood – A Series Review, from Heaven

Friday, January 30, 2015 22:35
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Did you ever wonder, “What would Jesus say…” if He gave a review of the TV Series True Blood?  Wonder no longer.  The Two Witnesses are now walking the face of the Earth, and they are now sharing Reviews from Heaven.  They shared this following review with us.


Jesus said: To sum it up, My children, True Blood – the Series, is nothing more, than a psychological operation [a.k.a. PSYOP] – done, by those, with in ‘the entertainment industry’ – for the mere purpose, of brainwashing people, to believe, that they can be “alive”, when they are already dead.  For what is “a vampire” My children? It is, “the walking dead” – it is that concept. 



They, want, the people to believe, that “life” comes from shedding blood.  So, ‘cut-clear’ – My synopsis, My children.  But in contrast, as you know, you are My ‘True Family’ [(- referring to the Two Witnesses)]; and you have My Life Blood, flowing through your veins.  The people have the enemy flowing through theirs.  And this series, was simply created as ‘a mirror’ – for people to look to, and see ‘a reflection of their interior lives’…



…because that’s, what Hollywood like-minded producers, and directors, can offer the people – that’s all they are able to do – nothing ‘edifying’; just a reflection, of their horrific lives.  But “the kicker” is: the people see it as ‘fantasy’ – and not as ‘a True reflection’, of themselves.  People want “blood and gore”, and the series True Blood, offers that. 


Pope Peter the Last:  So the Series is, actually ‘an occasion to practice self-deception’, for the people, without souls, who watch it.



Jesus: People will not acknowledge ‘the state’ they are ineven if Hollywood puts it ‘right in front of them’ [(- notice the note from the Hollywood producers, on the above image.  In other words, the Hollywood Producers are mocking the general public, and their present spiritual state)] – because, the people have no sins – according to themselves, that is – certainly ‘nothing they need to root out’. They can just ‘let it fester’, and allow ‘the gangrenous puss monster’ inside to grow – until, they can’t contain it any more.  And that’s when they ‘pop’.  You’ve seen a lot of that lately.


Pope Peter the Last:  Like the woman we saw crossing the street – like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, this evening.



Jesus: Yes.  It is because, the people are not ‘human’ any more.  And what is on the inside, will eventually come on through to the outside – because I will ‘Will it’. 



In Kate Perry’s song, “Roar”, what is she conveying to her listeners, but that, she is no more than a beast – and somehow that makes her ‘more powerful’ in the real world My children. She is ‘just a façade’ – filled to the brim, with emptiness: empty lyrics; empty songs; an empty hole – where her heart should be. I know, because I See her; I See ‘the creature’, she has chosen to become. 



And no, ‘bestial eyes’, or ‘outlook’, are going to save her. People cannot ‘sing their way’, into Heavenespecially, with lyrics like those.



Heaven is for “the Pure of Heart’.  Blessed, are, the pure of heart, for they, shall see Me.  But cursed are those, who are ‘wantonly wicked’ – in their ways, for they shall never, see My Face.  And those who follow, in her footsteps, will never see My Face, either!  Come, to ‘the water’, My people – My very own; and drink from My abundance; and shun all of this ‘worldliness’.  The Table is prepared, for you, My True Bride.  Understand?  My children?



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