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Will Trump Send in Troops and Tanks to California? Paul Preston and Dave Hodges

Monday, January 30, 2017 12:10
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U.S. Army M1 Abrams tanks from the 3rd Armored Calvalry Regiment conduct a combat patrol in the city of Tal Afar, Iraq, Feb. 3, 2005. (U.S. Air Force photo By Staff Sgt. Aaron Allmon) (Released)

U.S. Army M1 Abrams tanks from the 3rd Armored Calvalry Regiment conduct a combat patrol in the city of Tal Afar, Iraq.  When CALEXIT forces won’t back down, will Trump have to send in the tanks to restore law and order. This willl be Trump’s constitutional crisis? California’s leaders fully intend on leaving the USA.

For the people that have been saying for months that Paul and I are making this up, we do not have time for their negativity. This is approaching a crisis stage. Brown announced that CALEXIT is going to the ballot next year. California has opened an embassy in Moscow, and the Chinese as well as George Soros are involved.

For the people that say let California go, you do not understand the economy or national defense. It is time to get serious and make this THE issue because it soon will be.

The Governor of California is partnering with former Obama officials. Even Obama is moving to California. Brown is also partnering with the cartel, and it is going to get ugly according to the embedded sources.

Last night, Paul Preston of laid it all out. Frightening is the word everyone is using to describe the coming events and this is going to engulf the country.

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  • Funny how a Presidential election changes everything. While we were hoping the entire Midwest & south would secede from the Union if hitlery won, & watch the west coast & North East collapse under their own lunacy, now the nutcases are planning on doing the same thing in reverse.

    Well the first thing to do before they get this on the ballot is to go on the national news & advise everyone in California, that you will lose all your social security. Next thing to tell them is that NAFTA will be cancelled if calexit passes.

    Reason NAFTA will have to be cancelled is that it’s rather obvious California will try to merge with Mexico. We can’t allow that to happen unless they were to truly to remain independent. Texas can be trusted, California can’t. Ca has traitorous leaders.

    • Now that the shoe is on the other foot you’re willing to defy the constitution? You’re as bad as the liberal toadies. Texas can be trusted? As least when Obama was in office conservatives were united to DEFENDED the constitution. Now they will trash it to get their way – just like the left did.

  • These people want another Civil War. The failed completely with their sodomite Negro Lincoln, failed with Hillaryous results and now they are going for the jugular by a direct secession that started the ORIGINAL Civil War.

    That is the only way the left can survive is through violence and mayhem. A cursed bunch of people you could ever know.

    You can avoid this by arresting them. You don’t need tanks you just need a lot of paddy wagons. Pack ‘em in the old Walmarts you always talk about.

  • Good Riddance. They will miss us more than we will miss them…they will make a devastating mistake…

  • Trump should work harder at making the liberals happy…for instance…he should relocate every muslim refugee to Hollywood…yes. let the “stars” adore them, shelter them and pay them the $4500/eac per month that we taxpayers are now paying…and I know a lot of citizens that work hard in the legal workforce and pay their taxes and don’t clear anywhere near $4500. month….

    Trump should allow San Francisco to be the only designated sanctuary city – providing they take all other sanctuary cities illegal immigrants…so they are all in one place…and all the liberal communist party should be herded into California too…so all of this Dante’s circle of hell is actually contained in California…..and they should all be allowed to vote…but on machines that aren’t really hooked up to anything….but they can pretend the rest of the country gives a flying fukk what they say or vote for…they can even have SAn Francisco under Sharia Law if they want…

    Make California into what liberals want…but contain it…and let the “star” of Hollywood foot the bill for it….

  • I am sure the CA voting system is massively rigged too so it they want to pass the exit, it will pass by fraud.

  • The Quake will take care of it

  • No!

    FBI agents in teams ought to do the trick for the arrest of public officials.

  • California is not going anywheres, they do not have large enough manufacturing base to put their population to work, nor do they have gold reserves for their own money. They can not afford to up keep their vast welfare state population without Federal funding. So this is going no where, they can not afford it. They have no means to support and sustain them self, they as a socialist run state have taken and not put back and have not built infrastructure for self sustainability. So they are not going anywhere, this is a non story.

  • It is understandable that California be so stupid in the intellect department . Why ? Because California had the first satanist church in the United States . Satanist are the opposite of GOD . GOD says be honest , satanist say lie . GOD says don’t steal , satanist say use 5 figure pickup discount often , but be sure no one is looking . GOD wants good to be in people . Satanist want to be filled with demons and evil spirits . Many prophecies talk of California falling off the mapp ! In this case I hope our army looks up the prophecies and stays in the safe zones . Recently alarms were given talking about the shelf off of Washington ,Organ and California sliding and the coast land sliding under the other causing a massive 700 mile total wave . Then the other fault possibly breaking and working on the southern part of California . Seems GOD is giving HIS last warnings to them . Come out from among them MY people !

  • Trump needs to begin taking steps now to deter the Calexit movement. He should make a public statement that includes affirming there is no legal right for California to secede, he stands with the patriotic Americans who live there, and that he will not lose California on his watch. Then he should use his supporters with media connections to promote the idea that it’s dangerous to America to have this movement and that it could lead to an invasion or giving aid to the enemy should any conflict arise. California has no right to endanger the national security of everyone else. The Chinese connection to Calexit must be publicized enough so that the msm will be forced to acknowledge it. Having others promote this idea will put it in the public’s mind while shielding Trump from allegations he is delusional. Then when things escalate more, Trump needs to sign executive orders arresting anyone for sedition and removing them from public office if they continue to promote Calexit. It is also extremely important to give those Californians who oppose Calexit a voice. They need to be in the news often, participate in marches against Calexit, and testify before congress as well as sue their leaders who pursue Calexit. Trump may mull allowing California to split into two states as a peace offering, though I’m not sure I would support that idea without more study as that may further consolidate the power of the anti-Americans.

    I also think it’s extremely extremely important for Trump to vet all the high ranking military commanders to assess whether they will stand behind him should a civil insurrection occur. Obama purged the military which leaves me wondering about the loyalties of the replacements.

    The one thing that really keeps me up at night:

    Trump seems like a one man show in Washington. I don’t trust any of his picks or supposed allies to stand by him if he falls. Trump is the only one we have looking after our interests. Everyone will revert back to serving the nwo if anything happens to him. Trump is in this to do or die. Of that I have no doubt. It is imperative that we all pray for him every single day. Otherwise we may be faced with grieving the loss of the only one that has ever been on our side.

  • Hell no, not yet. Let them have their independence. Let all the flakes in their little Pink Horn Hats go live there. Keep it peacefull until they cause the first problem. Then when we have all the idiots and Hollyweird whores packed in like rats in calif, declare war and drive them into the sea like the Lemmings they are.

  • They can try but the constitution says other wise.If they do anything against the constitution they can be arrested for treason and if they think we won’t arrest them, they are in for a rude of wakening.

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