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Obama Moves to Bunker and Prepares to Fight Trump—30,000 Man Army Ready at His Command

Monday, February 13, 2017 11:42
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By Lisa Haven


Earlier this year I reported that we had not seen the last of Obama and that he would rear his tyrannic head once again. As it turns out, I was right! 

Throughout American history, most ex-presidents have moved away from Washington D.C., once their terms have ended, and the vast majority of them have tried very hard not to interfere with their successors. However, Obama has done the exact opposite. 

His new home, a bunker, is a brisk two miles from the White House and is coincidently positioned as a “command center” for his 32,525 man army of Anti-Trump activists that he can activate at his beck and call. Check out this report… 



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  • Lock him up!

    • Or just HANG him from the nearest tree !!!

      • beyondfantasy

        Or Just HANG you upside down with cross like jesus

        • Oh , YOU must be a little LIBERAL !!! Did I “offend” your Sorry Snowflake ass Jerk*ff ?!!! I sure as Hell HOPE So !!! Now go crawl off and kiss your black false Messiah’s ass (old Barry the “FAIRY” sore ass Soetoro ; AKA Bo Crock Who’s INSANE Omamba) !!! Hopefully all of us that are REAL patriotic Americans will get the chance to hang and cut up ALL of you limp wristed little liberals for real , REAL SOON !!! :twisted:

          • While I do not agree with most Liberals, I also have my concerns with Conservatives. My interest is the truth no matter for politics muddies the truth for the benefit of a particular public policy.

            If I may ask, please focus on having a true discussion and not lower yourself to insulting others.

            Be the leader you wish to see…


          • Honestly, just the mere mention of this, possibly warrants a investigation…

      • Red – would you reaaaaaly want to defile a perfectly innocent tree like that?


  • 000bama wants to be a black martyr, may have a double for the body…

  • I think I’ll march in the street and chant Not my President!

  • 123’s of true Christianity v popular & damnable heresies
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  • This is more than fake new, it is insanely moronic news. :shock: :eek:

  • Are you serious, Cinderella? Lost your slipper or reason at the last dance? :cool:

  • NUTTY LISA is at it again!

  • It’s time to drop the rod of God on him ? China got a taste of it when nut case Muslim that tried to mess up America . It blew up the entire factory . It’s a solid piece of metal attached to a docking station in the sky . It made like a rocket . When it comes time it is dropped and the energy created by it is like an asteroid falling to earth . The empack is horrific . I bet that would beat its way down to Mr. Nut cases bunker ! Then say nothing and let it be as if dumb dumb fell off the face of the earth . Break out the drones for the other idiots . We can at least thank nut butt for having 30,000 of them made so they can fly over America to spy and mess up their agenda . Put some spray in some , bullets in the others and Napom bombs in the rest . I bet that will heat things up ! Lawlessness has to end !

  • raburgeson

    Deport that illegal, he can’t even prove he was born in the country.

  • Who cares – Trump restored the 2nd amendment and now has a standing army of over 100,000,000 each with an average of 7 guns – wonder who’s going to win?

    • No politician can delete or restore the 2nd Amendment.

      They have no duty to regulate or legislate our unalienable Rights that were granted to us by God.

      unalieanble = un – a – lien – able = or un – alien -able

      These unalienable rights are absolute.

      However, if you fill out applications or forms to register your rights in exchange for a deed, a license, or a permit, then you have abandoned your rights and accepted a whole new contractual relationship and then, yes the government who governs that system can regulate you and also adjudicate you for violating your trust indenture (duty) to that contract.

      Most people have no clue what’s going on. They do not even understand how the Constitution of the United States of America works. They do not know that the U.S. Constitution is a municipal corporate charter/constitution for the District of Columbia and it is a completely different contract.

      They do not understand that that there is a huge difference between a, for example, a Citizen of Texas; a Texan, to that of a U.S. citizen.

      Anyone claiming to be a U.S. citizen has waived their rights and taken on a diminished capacity as a second or subject-class citizen.

  • just take the musilim usurper out. for our goverment dont have the balls to do it.they would kill an american but not a communist globalist doing as much harm as he possably can to america.

  • As nutty as the frenchie. Get a goddamn life!

  • I do not believe the fags will actually fight!

    • If they did, what else besides their bitching, would they bring to fight: rocks, bottles, maybe even knives to a GUN FIGHT…

  • jbw

    You have a purdy mooouf….

  • That’s just ridiculous.
    no one would gain anything from an open civil war in the US.
    they would lose their n°1 position and potentially allow foreign intervention.

    The tactic of harassment + media will suffice to create exacerbating tensions.
    And any misstep from the current US gvt will give rise to an impeachment.

  • someone needs to stop Obama. Who the fuck does he think he is. He is just an unemployed sodomite nigger with a fake family and a man for a wife. Put him down, put the world out of its misery.

  • Obama, you are a sad old tart – it’s over, why don’t you just give it up.

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