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Secret Russian Weapon Could Wipe Out NYC, Boston and D.C. in Minutes With a Massive Radioactive Tidal Wave

Monday, March 20, 2017 11:26
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Image: Secret Russian weapon could wipe out NYC, Boston and D.C. in minutes with a massive radioactive tidal wave


(Natural News) According to a high-level Russian source with ties to the military (named in the podcast below), Russia not only possesses a devastating secret weapon against the United States; they’ve already apparently put it in place off the East Coast shoreline.

The existence of this secret weapon — which could unleash a massive radioactive tidal wave that devastates cities along the East Coast — has been covered by the BBC in this article:

The Kremlin says secret plans for a Russian long-range nuclear torpedo – called “Status-6” – should not have appeared on Russian TV news. The leak happened during a report on state-run Channel One about President Vladimir Putin meeting military chiefs in the city of Sochi.

One general was seen studying a diagram of the “devastating” torpedo system. Launched by a submarine, it would create “wide areas of radioactive contamination”, the document says.

The “oceanic multi-purpose Status-6 system” is designed to “destroy important economic installations of the enemy in coastal areas and cause guaranteed devastating damage to the country’s territory by creating wide areas of radioactive contamination, rendering them unusable for military, economic or other activity for a long time”, the document says.

Nuclear Moles: Warhead-carrying underwater drones that can be timed to unleash massive, radioactive tidal waves of destruction

The weapon is known as a “nuclear mole,” and it’s an underwater drone that carries a nuclear warhead, then burrows into the seabed floor off the coast of the target country. Once buried into the sea floor, these nuclear weapons can be remotely detonated to cause a massive tidal wave that would wipe out coastal cities in minutes.

I have estimated that a series of these weapons could be detonated in a timed sequence that multiplies the amplitude of the tidal wave, causing a much larger and more devastating wave than any single weapon by itself.

In addition to the physical destruction that could result from such a weapon, the tidal wave would contain radioactive sea water, making it a “dirty bomb” in addition to the physical destruction. The “dirty bomb” aspect of such a weapon would deposit deadly concentrations of radioactive isotopes across the affected cities, leaving behind a toxic legacy of radioactive elements such as iodine-131, cesium-137 and various isotopes of uranium and plutonium, both of which have far longer half lives than iodine (approx. 7 days) and cesium (approx. 29 years).

Washington D.C., New York City, Philadelphia and Boston are all highly vulnerable to this weapon system, as they sit very close to the U.S. coastline and are well within reach of nuclear-initiated radioactive tidal waves.

Russia is at least a decade ahead of the U.S. military in weapon systems innovation

Russia has also developed many other highly innovative weapon systems that are years ahead of the U.S. military, reports Dave Hodges at The Common Sense Show. These include the “Plasma Fighter Jet” that fires a plasma weapon, the “Naval Proton Gun,” the Krasuha-4, a mobile electronic warfare system, and the S-400 Triumph, a highly advanced anti-aircraft system that can track 300 airborne targets and fire surface-to-air missiles to almost any imaginable aircraft height, including 40 miles of altitude (essentially low Earth orbit).

The U.S. military, meanwhile, was forced under Obama to focus on transgender rights and twisted, Left-wing social experiments rooted in feminism and LGBT agendas rather than battle readiness. America’s military, in other words, has become a liberal “safe space” while Russians’ military has become a dangerous fighting machine… which is, of course, the entire point of a military force.

If this isn’t immediately turned around under President Trump, America’s ability to fight and win a conflict with Russia (or China, for that matter) is seriously in question. This in no way condemns the fine men and women in the military itself, who despised Obama’s pathetic policies. The spirit of our troops is fully intact, and they are ecstatic that Hillary Clinton is not their Commander in Chief. But they need our continued support and investment in weapons systems that can compete with the innovation of Russia.

I explain more details about this devastating radioactive tidal wave weapon system in my Health Ranger Report podcast:

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  • Secret weapon ?? I thought the U.S. Weatherization Forces had this system working already in Japan, Indonesia, etc, etc. and likely in the U.S..Started as a warfare weapon system and like all weapons, used against its own citizens. What else explains the droughts, excess rain. tornadoes, etc. ??

  • This planet is nuts! People being used as puppets believing in whatever being told to them and get agressive & sick by all pollution. Not only chemtrails are gone wild, Fukushima isn’t much better. Why do you think all these animals die and wash ashore? It’s in the entire food chain nowadays. Top predators get the most pollution in the sea. Still eating sushi? Animals gonna leave anyway. Just give your boss a certain finger if he demands something which is not feeling right else your just a slave and a pussy!

  • Boo

    You can only hope this type of warfare system is still on the drawing board. If not, you would hope our own coast guard has measures to detect and remove a threat of this nature. There are obvious solutions to neutralizing an enemy’s war weapons. Are we employing them? If not why? Two additional pieces in a fact pattern of this scenario I would think should be included in this report if it’s purpose is to be informative and not fear mongering.

  • Obama used this on Japan’s fukashima to kill everyone in America from nuclear radiation coming across the ocean

  • The outbreak of major radiation disasters from Fukushima occurs soon
    in Japan, the Far East countries, USA and Canada
    March 19, 2017 T. Tatsmaki (Japan)
    According to a notice from the Creators:
    The nuclear explosion of 3rd and 4th nuclear reactors of Fukushima-1 nuke plant was caused on March 14, 2011 with mini nuke bombs, which were set beforehand by Israely Magna BSP (in charge of the nuke security), in cospiracy of Magna BSP and GE, US (designer of the nuke), after the massive earthquake in the Eastern-North Japan caused by the US Obama Admin, as well as the massive earthquake in Kobe and island Awaji by Bill Clinton Admin in Jan 17, 1995.
    Because successive USA Admins have regarded Japan as the largest economic rival and threat of the US since Bill Clinton’s presidential period.
    Thus, the international scatter of radioactive materials is continuing now too. Accumulation of low dose radiation internal exposure exceeds the critical point, and hundreds thou. people die every month, totally tens of millions people die in Japan, in the Far East countries, and totally tens of millions people die there. To USA and Canada also these so-called lethal ashes come flying across the Pacific Ocean with westerlies and tens of mill. people die there too soon.

    These disasters happen soon. The Creators pointed out the outbreak of these disasters.

    Moreover, the 5 times larger planet Nibiru is rapidly approaching to Earth now. Thus, the Pole shift of Earth occurs till the end of March, 2017. Thereby, the US East inc. NYC, Washington DC, etc. and CA State sink into the sea, as well as Biritish islands, Japanese islands, the East and the South of China, Korean peninsula, the East and the West of Australia, Russian Moscow and Petersburg, etc.
    Moreover, according to a notice from the Creators, the General cleanup of our cosmos is staged by the Creators. This causes diasppearance of Earth, its invaders-rulers from ancient times: reptilian humanoids’ planet of the Lizard and their bosses, draconian lizards’ planet of the Draco (the official emblem of UK capital London) together with about 20,000 planets of evil and corrupt civilizations, for normalization of the order of our cosmos by the Creators.

  • Is this the weapon that caused the 3/11 in Japan? So, did Russia make it?

  • you hit your russian fear porn quota for the day yet?

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