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The “Big Switch” – The scheme to remove Assad in Syria is still in play

Monday, March 20, 2017 20:59
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~~What is the motivation for these wars and conflicts?

  The international banks work on a program of  money flow. In recent years they have hit a brick wall as far as expansion is concerned, and a war generates extra money flow that has a ripple affect throughout the economy. They have already exhausted a lot of financial tricks to keep the system going, so a war will solve several issues for them. And, it is intertwined with the long term goals of taking Russia down, and in time – China as well.

  The war college think tanks have thought this through, and they concluded that we could extract slave labor for a few decades from China.  But, there would be a limit to how far we would let them go before we would stop their military expansion. As far as Russia is concerned, they are not going along with the new world order plans and at the same time have huge oil and gas reserves that could be transferred to Europe. The conspirators kill two birds with one stone by balkanizing Russia, taking the resources, and eliminating a nuclear threat to the new world order.

  In the Middle East, they are also operating on a long term plan of eliminating potential enemies of Israel and getting oil and gas reserves easier into Europe. These plans are not negotiable. They must carve up Syria so they are not a threat to Israel and the oil pipelines can run through that nation towards Europe. The word has been given to fulfil these plans, or else. They have no plan “B” except for full nuclear war if need be -  they are up against the wall now, and probably a few years behind schedule.


  Things are heating up, and the stage set for any number of conflicts to break out.

What they are trying to do in Syria is the “big switch”. The US wants to openly appear to be fighting against ISIS, and also be prepositioned to install a new government once something bad happens to Assad. Then the politicians will do their best acting routine, shrug their shoulders – as if things happened spontaneously and without planning. And, it “tragically” ended up with Assad dead or fleeing the country. Then the politicians will say they have “no choice now but to do the right thing and help form a  new government”. Presto, you have regime change,  and putting US troops into Syria made it all possible. 

  Things are getting bad in Damascus. There are secret tunnels all over the city where ISIS troops are prepositioning arms and explosives. There are dozens of citizens killed every week from ISIS insurgents. It is possible that it is only a matter of time now until Damascus falls. This has been planned for a long time, and it is accelerating now that the US has quite a few troops on the ground in Syria. We don’t get the real numbers of troops in Iraq or Syria, but I would imagine it is about 6,000+ in Iraq and about 2,000+ in Syria – and growing everyday.

The US and Israel has been playing a very deceptive game with Russia and Syria. The US figured that they could get away with sending troops into Syria with the assumption by Syria and Russia that the US will help fight against ISIS. But the group they joined up with in Syria are the SDF, Syrian Defense Forces, which are AGAINST the current government and are fighting to remove Assad. This little tidbit of information was conveniently left out in the majority of the news reports.

  This is a tricky operation, and it appears they are going to go for the “big switch”. Which is to be present in Syria when something happens, then be able to capitalize on it and be involved in regime change. In my opinion the Israelis and the US , and others are laughing about what Russia has done in Syria. They allowed Russia to blow their wad of money and kill the expendable ISIS army, while the US and others conspired to take Syria down in another way. All they have to do is destroy the Assad inner circle, and it is game over. Once he is out of the picture, the US and others will assume control and force a regime change. It will look like it was a random change of events that just happened to arrive at that point where Assad is removed and the nation needs help.

   We have to realize we are dealing with the most ruthless and deceptive schemers possible. They have no qualms about innocent people being killed in the process or to create false flag events. The only thing that matters to them is the final result. This kind of trick is no big deal to them, it is a cake walk. What Russia did was “allowed”, and now the ISIS army is nearly destroyed – except for the underground forces near Damascus. When you add that fact to the secret plans Israel has for Syria, this is a slam dunk for them.

  I could be wrong about what will happen exactly, the plans the US has for Syria could get derailed along the way. But if there is a stumble in what ISIS and Israel does in the final push, they will have a back up plan. And, that back up plan is anyone’s guess, ranging from airstrikes from Israel to a rogue nuke going off somewhere, perhaps in Damascus. Besides, if a nuke does go off that eliminates Assad, the world will blame a destroyed and fading ISIS army. That way they get a freebie to use a nuke, take out their enemy, and blame it on an already destroyed terrorist group.  George Eaton, The Priority Report

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  • Boo

    I wonder when the US decides to make war on Canada and China, since their oil reserves are in competition with our economy. Syria was truly a jewel of secular governance and civilized growth making a peaceful contribution on the world events. Another victim of Globalization. Just a mass of rubble swept back in time to desert and dust. Israel is not in better shape, it’s now more vulnerable to whats left of the survivors. Survivors out of hell aren’t your everyday social graces type individuals. These are harden … street smart … finders keepers … survival of the fittest by any means people. Life has no meaning unless it’s their own. Dog eat dog…here we come.

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