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Trump’s frightening turnaround on Syria – a strong signal about who really runs the show – the nightmare world America is building will only get more nightmarish – here is what is going on

Thursday, April 6, 2017 8:20
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“Trump flipflops bigly on Syria”

The United States no longer makes any sense from day to day.

One day, they talk reasonably about Syria and Assad.

Virtually the next, they are threatening consequences and war.

What happened in between?

Some of America’s and its allies’ rag-tag army of mercenaries – aka, the opposition to the legitimate government of Syria – launch yet another attack of a deadly poison gas.

Of course, they blame the Syrian government, but how could that claim be any more outlandish?

Assad has no motivation for such an act.

Indeed, he has the strongest motivation to avoid such behavior.

Chemical weapons, while always horrible, are actually, on a whole, not terribly effective. That is, unless you want to launch them in great masses. Many leaders in the Middle East maintained a stockpile of them precisely as their only possible counterthreat to Israel’s illicit nuclear arsenal, knowing full well such use was self-destructive, but its threat nevertheless provided a diluted form of the Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) doctrine maintained for decades in Cold War Europe.

There are far less provocative and consequence-laden ways to kill seventy people. Assad’s army is fighting for national survival, and risking nearly useless attacks which arouse outrage in the world would plainly be stupid, and the fact is Assad is a very smart and capable man, unlikely to even think of such acts.

After all, we have the entire history, going back to 2012, of Obama and his “red line” over the use of chemical weapons, and we know that was all a stage play to declare Syria a no-fly zone, leading ultimately to the kind of air bombardment with which he destroyed Libya, a peaceful and well-run country whose only fault was having an independent-minded leader who did not accept every directive sent from Washington.

That was all avoided in Syria, largely owing to some deft statesmanship by Putin. Syria disposed of its entire arsenal of chemical weapons.

But from that time to the present, chemical weapons have been used numerous times on a small scale. Sometimes, these have been substances not difficult to manufacture at home, such as chlorine gas, and sometimes these have been sophisticated horrors like Sarin nerve gas.

The various incidents, under American pressure, have never been honestly investigated by appropriate international authorities, and only vague and suggestive charges of responsibility appear in the American-dominated Western press, the whole matter much resembling the phony American-pressured investigation of the muddle-headed shoot-down of MH-17 in Ukraine.

Suddenly, we have a really serious incident, involving we think a sophisticated product like Sarin, and it comes right on the heels of American statements and initiatives concerning Assad’s future and concerning reduction of American direct support for some of these terrorists.

Was it a deliberate provocation by the terrorists to knock Trump off his position of only the day before? If so, the Sarin came from someone, a source like the CIA or Israel, which, of course, means those two ugly actors were not on board for Trump’s altered policy in Syria, something I think we all suspected.

Both of those two ruthless entities, CIA and Israel, are perfectly capable of extinguishing scores of lives to get what they want. We have seen such acts from them many, many times.

And remember, with regard to Israel, right now it has announced several times by senior officials it might have to invade Lebanon yet again, including the Nazi-like statement that civilian areas will be attacked. If it does so, it will add thousands of new victims to the tens of thousands of victims of its past several invasions and brutal attacks on Lebanon. Such a country as Israel is proved entirely capable of promoting an act like the gas attack in Syria.

And, of course, the army of zealous psychopaths at CIA, the well-financed creeps who have generated horror after horror in the Middle East, provide the bones and sinew of America’s never-ending quest to control just about everything on the planet. We know they have been involved in Syria up to their armpits for years.

We also know that key players at CIA have attacked Trump relentlessly, afraid he will upset their carefully-laid plans and operations. They were involved in everything from the phony nonsense about secret deals with Russia to that utterly laughable “dossier” which just happened to be put together by an old associate at British Intelligence, Britain being hands-in-glove with America’s long-term efforts to topple Assad and balkanize Syria.

Of course, since Israel is effectively America’s colony in the Middle East – all the rest of the stuff about biblical homelands, etc. being pretty much sentimental hogwash to bolster what really was going on, a gradual build-up of the colony and the gradual dismantling of all opposition to it in the region, including the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria, and the maintenance and subsidy of long-term, brutal (but American-friendly) dictatorship in Egypt.

Dictatorships in places like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, etc. are just fine because they, too, are American-friendly, offering no opposition and even offering support in return for favorable treatment by America. The endless stuff about nasty dictators like Assad is just complete hogwash. What matters with Assad – and what mattered with Qhadaffi or Hussein before him – was that they did not automatically and completely support America and its colony, having their own natural national interests at heart.

So, there has been a long-term marriage of interests between CIA and the leadership of Israel, and I am sure they are more tightly bound together than most of us can possibly imagine.

Having your own national interests at heart is actually something not allowed in the contemporary American empire. It leads to many ugly things, including coups like the one in Ukraine or the intense new hostility towards Russia with the launching of an entirely unnecessary new Cold War fraught with incalculable risks. And so, too, in Asia, where great new hostility towards China has suddenly appeared.

We live in a nightmarish world today, and it is only going to become increasingly nightmarish because both the United States and Israel face some serious structural problems threatening their future predominance, problems which cannot be avoided, only delayed. The power establishment in both places, always working in some unity, has demonstrated, time after time, ruthlessness and unwillingness to compromise. There is absolutely no recognition of the legitimate national interests of others, except for the odd public relations blurb with no meaning.

Lord Acton uttered one of the truest thoughts in human history, and it is unfortunately forgotten time and time again: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

America’s hegemony in world affairs is definitely moving towards a kind of extremely dangerous absolutism, and Israel depends on it completely. 

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