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New Orleans Emergency Declared: 6 Apocalyptic Storms, 1 Day. Insane Footage.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 17:39
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New Orleans officials are reporting injuries and major damage from six major storms on Tuesday. The extreme storms devastated many homes and vehicles as though they were made of paper. Throughout the region, people are reporting fear and damage.

Several parishes in south Louisiana are impacted. No deaths have been reported. At least two people are in serious condition.

Among areas hardest hit today was New Orleans East, also worst hit by Hurricane Katrina.

The National Weather Service told Associated Press that they had unconfirmed reports of injuries but did not immediately know of deaths in the region. An Instagram aerial view of the destruciton, however, is very disturbing.

The Weather Channel reported ping-pong-sized hail elsewhere in Louisiana. Thousands are without power.

Governor Edwards has declared a state of emergency.

FOX News blamed Mother Nature. Scientists say it’s climate change and expect more of the same.
“While the number of tornadoes has remained consistent, the number of big outbreak days has increased in recent years. Last year, Eric Holthaus wrote that “tornado season, on the whole, is becoming more variable.” He attributed this to climate change.” (Slate)
Note: The original story here reported incorrectly four tornadoes hit south Louisiana. Governor Edwards has since stated in a public statement:
“The storm system brought strong winds and at least six tornadoes, which caused severe damage, including multiple injuries, dozens of damaged homes and businesses, and thousands left without power,” Gov. John Bel Edwards said in a statement.

There were three major hit downs: New Orleans East, Madisonville and Springfield.

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  • Heartfelt prayers for everyone in South Louisiana, even climate deniers.

    • Liked how you included those last 3 words.
      Stick it in their ribs, when they’re hurting the most.

      • Hi NSA, one of my cheery loyal readers. Yeah, well, you know, us folks pushing reality get so little air time, we must use what we do get for the best.

        My real concern right now – and what I’ve been chasing all afternoon – is how people survived in those homes that do not exist any more. How can that be? Are we again being denied truth about this, as the last few disasters in the same region?

        • Your “concern” about the people injured and killed is a fraud.
          You care about the dead and dying, when you can serve your own leftist agenda.

          • How utterly absurd and heartless, Hi NSA. What the heck does people suffering have to do with some leftist agenda?
            Perhaps it is that the right agenda has little to no regard for human suffering? Ah, yes. Thank you for helping to clarify that.


            Yes, what does your leftist agenda have to do with suffering people.

        • Dupre had the audacity to write:

          “…us folks pushing reality get so little air time…”

          Yeah, right. More lefty upside down Twilight Zone nonsense.

          Welcome to reality:

          • And you cite Daily Mail? C’mon. Give me a break.
            How about showing us real science findings, not what’s found in tabloids.

          • You cite tabloids all the time.
            NOW you have a problem with them?

          • Your comment is deeply irresponsible.
            Your citation is of an article in the Mail on Sunday, a tabloid connected to the Daily Mail that welcomes climate science deniers. I quote here from a reality-based source, the World Resource Institute, that uses real science by real scientists, edited for brevity.
            “The author of the Mail article, David Rose, has a history of publishing sensationalized articles that respected scientists have found to be false and misleading.
            “At issue is a 2015 article in the journal Science by scientists from NOAA that showed the alleged “pause” in global warming during the first years of the 21st century never happened.
            “The Science article builds on a large body of research, including many other datasets.
            “The Mail article includes a chart that appears to show a difference in data between NOAA and the Hadley Centre in the UK. However, this effect is almost entirely due to using two different baselines to create the appearance of inconsistency. When this discrepancy is corrected, the difference in recent years – the core of Rose’s argument – vanishes.
            “The article in Science met the publication’s rigorous review requirements and the authors made their data available to other researchers. Multiple peer-reviewed studies independently validated the article’s findings. The editor-in-chief of Science has made it clear that publication of the study was not rushed, and he calls this accusation ‘baseless and without merit.’”
            Finally, “the Paris Agreement on climate change was built upon years of negotiations, drawing on a mountain of research from the scientific community. To say that achieving the Paris Agreement was due to one scientific article being published months before the negotiations commenced is to discount decades of work by thousands of scientists and policymakers around the globe. By the time negotiators reached Paris, 188 countries had already submitted national climate plans. The idea that this study prompted countries to overcome lingering doubts about the science defies logic. Today the media outlet Climate Home reached out to 10 climate envoys and ministers involved in the Paris climate summit and found that ‘no one said this report made an iota of difference to its result.’”
            Stop your transparent climate denial, which does nothing but harm.

          • Paul, you and yours LOST…. deal with it.
            You pick a Left wing site to show… left wing findings.
            Stop your transparent climate change BS… Which does NOTHING but shaft western nations.
            If you’re so worried about it, go live in a cave.
            OH! Wait! You already do… A self imposed mental one.

          • The two of you are willfully ignorant of the forest for the ‘trees.’

            Ever think of exploring the information in the link before your knee jerk response to dismiss it? Hell no. That would take too much work and be too much like actual thinking.

            Your climate scientists are all LIARS tied to an agenda.

            Guess what kids? We know what the agenda is. We know WHY this is important to you and we know WHAT you intend to get out of this colossal ruse.

            That does not bode well for your trajectory, flat as it is, of late. Even spiraling downward.

            You can’t have what you want without a fight. And lies and name calling just don’t pack the punch they used to.

            Enjoy your crusade.

      • I’m hoping someone in New Orleans will explain how there were so few injuries and no deaths when houses were suddenly obliterated. I’ve been unable to contact people I know there. Thank you.

        • Are these real disasters, or were you just unable to contact people.

          • Oh my. Rea; disasters, my friend. Communities and one houses in entire neighborhood wood from houses spread around looks like straw dropped. No houses standing. One area is still barred from public, so it’s a big concern. The tornadoes tumbled trailers in mobile neighborhoods – as it did the semi-trailer in one video in this article.
            Oh – the officials now say 7 not 6 tornadoes hit.

    • Speaking of prayers, isn’t this a hotbed of occultism. Was anyone, among the victims, willing to confront that fact.

  • Chemtrails, thousands of flights per day over the entire US and all NATO countries spraying Aluminum, Barium, Lithium and GOD knows what else, there is no normal weather anywhere on the earth any longer.

    • Agree, bil-e-bon. Add the crisis capitalism and eugenics factors. South Louisiana – every square inch of it – is coveted by oil barons.

  • Yes, yes!

    Are you saying thank G*d for tornadoes because it shows the climate is changing, global warming is upon us, the sky is falling, and Al Gore is a god???

    The guy that leaves his SUV running to step in a cold car and all his lights on in his mansion then jets off in a Gulfstream pouring out 37 times more carbon emission than a commercial airlines? :twisted:

    • Pink who said G-d for tornadoes? Not I. Your comment is really low.

  • Nice article.

    Hey 90% of my Pizzagate article had vanished over at /u-s-politics/2017/02/pizzagate-666-ripper-illuminati-secrets-i-iv-expanded-release-2519640.html

    It is fixed now (some glitch due to code).

    Help me out by checking it out or reading the parts you missed if you were already there when most of it was missing.

    • Hi George – Yes, BIN was having many tech problems I was told.

      It also said my other article from yesterday got pulled completely because it had the word genitalia in it. They re-posted it.

      Obscene Standing Rock Media Blackout: US Militarized Police Butchery. Shooting Genitalia. Threatening to Rape Oil Protesters /alternative/2017/02/obscene-media-blackout-standing-rock-militarized-police-butchery-shooting-genitalia-threatening-to-rape-oil-protesters-3474763.html

      • Your ‘Story’ was Pulled because it was Non Factual Fabricated BS! You aren’t fooling anyone.
        Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter is the only climate change. Happens 4 times a year. :roll:

        • You’re pretty smart for a libtard, Princess.

          And Dupre — ever think about complaining of the ecological disaster left behind by the Standing Rock protesters? Mountains and mountains of TRASH, same as always when a gaggle of leftist hypocrites gathers to make noise and stamp their feet.

          Filth piled upon discarded filth. Always somebody else’s problem.

          Ever notice what happens when conservatives gather in similar form? They generally clean up the place and pack out their own trash before they leave. Who are the environmentalists again?

  • You ever get a feeling someone pushed a switch,
    climate on, climate off

    Climate change is real, a real false flag.

    • Morgawr,
      I believe weather weapons can cause deadly storms. I believe oil American barons will do anything to control the very last drop they can extract from Earth. I believe they have access to geoengineering / environmental modification weapons to do as they want, with zero regard for human life.
      I do not believe this is simply “Mother Nature” as FOX News would have viewers believe.

      • 75 percent of New Orleans children (black) live in poverty. :cry:
        Report examines the poor conditions of black life in New Orleans :oops:
        The Rich countries are responsible for the problems that keep the World Poor.
        How the Government Keeps People Poor #Lookup #Gemtrails :arrow:
        It’s crazy what you can see with your eyes :eek: You can see it with your eyes :eek:
        Flat Earth All in Your Face Ain’t No Big Secret :lol: :cool: :mrgreen:
        You will see it with your own eyes and say, :arrow:
        Great is the LORD even beyond the borders of Heaven.
        I tell the truth therefore people don’t like me :!: :razz: :lol: :wink:

  • The storms are “Man made” get it

  • Deborah, you should have said that at the start, I thought it strange you where coming across like a blind one, we the people are blamed for the destruction on the planet, yet’ it’s the elite that make the oil spills, it’s the elite that intentionally destroy nuclear plants, It’s the elite that full our skies full of poisons and it’s the elite that are responsible for ever disaster that’s killing our planet including the use of unnecessary deadly plastics, the people cause very little damage compared to the elite, yet they manage to give all the blame to us and the sad part is the sheep listen and call for all the elites solutions to fix it, am I the only one seeing this, it’s the blame game and nothing will get done until people see the real enemy for the demons they are.

    • I think you’re right on, and most people on both sides of most issues would agree as well. I think of the “elite” as meaning the rich and powerful who are in control. They have the money but we have the people. Unfortunately we the people don’t seem to be able to agree on what to do about it, as you may have noticed in the comments under most of Ms Dupre’s articles.

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