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Oroville Dam Worsening – Erosion Is Not Repairable – Must Evacuate Now!

Friday, February 24, 2017 21:59
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Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

I have been overwhelmed by locals in the Oroville area wanting to get the word out, this crisis is not over! 

An examination of the following videos, all taken today, 2/24, will show the erosion of the spillway.  This cannot be repaired unless it is cemented and it cannot be cemented unless the water levels drop dramatically.  

You will also see some locals are self-evacuating. 

Do not believe the MSM, there are still 2 million people in danger from Oroville to Sacramento.  More storms are forecasted for the coming days. 



From the Oroville Dam Area taken on 2/24/17 – Does this look like the danger to this dam is subsiding?  Quite the opposite. This crisis is not over by a longshot.  

Where is Governor Jerry Brown? I was on Fox News Radio today and that was the theme. Where’s Jerry? Lives are at risk. 

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  • Haarp is responsible for most if not all of this carnage. Why doesn’t the government do something about it.

    • HAARP only got turned back on about 5 days ago so it can hardly be responsible for the pre Feb 7th water buildup.

      Might as well blame Russia because it makes about as much sense as blaming HAARP.

      • For your information there is way more than one HAARP facility bro! There are even portable generators and other stationary ones used to power facilities like CERN. The truth is that the manmade atmospheric river that flooded Oroville Dam originated at a facility in Hawaii. The elite powers have of course removed the video proof from all the search engines. It was impossible for me to find the clip to post here that I just viewed a few days ago. The best I could find now is an admission of HAARP’s use by the military.

        HAARP Acknowledgement:


        • The military was interested in HAARP for it’s potential to enhance communications and surveillance systems. They found that they could very weakly excite a minuscule portion of the ionosphere for a very short period of time with extremely sketchy results so they gave up.

          The first video says nothing at all about weather manipulation but does say that the experiments were concluded and the military proposed to dismantle the array after failing to flog it off to other governmental or private interests. But of course, ASOTW, your video is cut short so here’s the full version so folk may know that i’m not making this up.

          By the way; what the imagery, included in the first video, of a Raytheon SBX-1 floating radar station has to do with the price of fish escapes me.

          The second video is by Dahboo 7 and i’m frankly insulted to have to address such sniveling hogwash but what-the-hey lets do this. The video makes a big deal out of a perfectly natural phenomenon called an “Atmospheric River”…

          … colloquially known as “The Pineapple Express” when it dumps weather on the west coast of the continental United States. Californian weather forecasters coined this phrase, in the 1960′s, when they noticed atmospheric rivers travelling from Hawaii to California…

          Later on it was concluded that such anomalies are caused by the Madden–Julian oscillation, first discovered in 1971, which is considered to be responsible for extreme weather events dating back to the great flood of 1862.

          The video that you allude to, the one you claim TPTB expunged from the internets, had a Hawaiian coal fired power plant as the cause of the current weather affecting the Oroville dam not a HAARP facility and what CERN has to do with this discussion is quite beyond my ability to comprehend.

    • mitch51

      Because it isn’t true, that’s why.

  • You state “cannot be repaired unless it is cemented and it cannot be cemented unless the water levels drop dramatically.”

    Yet in the very first video, you show concrete boom trucks pumping and filling damage over the emergency spillway. You are so f’n full of shit its unbelievable. Do you even watch the videos you post? Keep milking this non-news story for a few more months.

    • The meaning was: the main spillway cannot be fixed, with concrete, until water levels in the lake drop. So they can stop dumping water like crazy.

      The cement you’re seeing is being dumped below the emergency spillway. To prevent the kind of erosion that is happening at the main spillway.

      They’re not FIXING anything. They have dumped rocks onto the ground, and they are cementing them in place. In case they have to use the emergency spillway again.

      It was eroding away really fast, before. That’s why the sudden evacuation order, and the resumed use of the main spillway.

      Look at the main spillway, which is reinforced concrete, to get an idea of what will happen if unreinforced, uncured cement –under the emergency spillway– is subjected to that flow of water.

  • “it is cemented and it cannot be cemented unless the water levels drop “

    But David the Romans developed cement that could set under water so that bit does not stand up to the facts

    Yes high water, no it’s not the end of the world so you will have to wait a little longer to go to heaven as you call it

    • Sigh. What needs to be fixed, with concrete, is the main spillway. The erosion there needs to be stopped.

      It is turbulent, flowing water. It has carved chasms in the hillside. Anything dumped into that flowing water will wash away.

      The cement under the emergency spillway is WEAK cement. Cement cures underwater, sure, but it takes time. And until it CURES, it is not STRONG.

      What’s there right now is uncured, and unreinforced. If the emergency spillway had to be used, it would wash away.

  • Not concrete, but it can be repaired with grout. This was done on the Wolf Creek Dam on the Cumberland river, repairing what was at the time, the most dangerous dam in the US.

  • According to Jim Stone, the Oroville dam is 53-54 feet below max capacity

    I am wondering if this article was posted to destroy BIN credibility.

    The upstream resovoirs are maxed out though.

    • I don’t know about right now, but yesterday they were dumping water like crazy, using the main spillway. There was more splashing than we’ve seen before. And the reservoir was once again up near the lip of the emergency spillway.

      stripedhorse about this grout..that’s for pumping into the ground, to seal cracks. To keep water from seeping through and widening the open spaces. Seeping is not the problem at Oroville. Chasms are the problem. At the emergency spillway, they didn’t pump grout in, they dumped boulders in.

    • Did the BIN’s ever have any credibility to destroy?

      • Yeah. Back when your avatar was some hooplehead on a motorbike catching some serious air.

        Remember dem dayz?

        • It seems like a lifetime has since past and while i recall the avatar i’m struggling to remember the credibility.

  • Seems first two vids are no longer available on youtube. “Account terminated.”

  • Video unavailable. Youtube must be in the tank with Jerry “The” Brown. Where is the stinker anyway?? Smoking pot with his SOFT hands again??? :twisted:

  • East of USA sank into the sea due to the sanctions by the Creators
    Feb. 25, 2017
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