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Found! The Man-Made Source of California “River of Rain”!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 19:26
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(Before It's News)


The plant making the so-called “pineapple express” causing so much havoc in Northern California is . . .

E X P O S E D!


Jump to 5 minute mark of this video – and share it widely -

WeatherWar101: Oroville Dam – CA Rain: Proof Flooding is Manmade -

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  • Oh PUH-LEEZE !!!

    Sorry folks, this is so ludicrous it plumbs new depths of stupidity.

    The energy and quantities involved in this deliberate disinformation are many orders of magnitude too low.

    It is utter balderdash, sorry.

    • So nice of you to pronounce your judgement on this post. Care to provide any reasoning at all, to explain how you arrived at your verdict? I apologize, I just don’t readily accept unsupported, unsubstantiated claims, posted by anonymous individuals, without even one single reason to doubt or discount the validity of the post, on which, they are commenting, let alone providing contradictory facts, or evidence. Or, should your comment, really, be enough to assure, or satisfy any reasonable and/or intelligent person?

      • Love your response, very well put.

      • ^^^ “Or, should your comment, really, be enough to assure, or satisfy any reasonable and/or intelligent person?”

        Given the ‘content’ of the video, I would go with the latter. Maroon. :mrgreen:

      • one tiny 38MW geothermal plant on Hawaii is causing all the rain in California? but the 210.4 QUADRILLION watts of solar energy hitting the pacific ocean has nothing to do with it right?

    • If 1 geothermal plant creates that much moisture to cause flooding in California, why doesn’t this happen every year? Or are you trying to tell me the geo plant only operates on years California floods?

      • reply meant for the not so idiot proof

      • does not take to much math to figure out that it would be impossible for this plant to produce enough water vapor to produce that much rain in a specific spot! do the math, and then decide

      • Yes, Michael Rivero who lives in Hawaii, stated that the geothermal
        plant has only been operating for the last 20 years folks! So if it is
        the cause, why did California have a drought up until recently? Okay
        put on your thinking caps folks! Why would California have any
        droughts at all, if this plant has been running for over 20 years??

  • FC

    This story is attracting trolls …..
    because it exposes the heart of devilish wackdoodle minds behind information manipulation as well as destructive weather modification.

    Want to see trolls go into overload and melt down?
    Wait til tomorrow …..

  • FC

    some real ODDITIES about the dam area shown here -

    picture of the PYRAMID at the fairground/evacuation center -


    GO HOME Dumb ASS

  • Pineapple express? I live in the Mother Lode, elevation 3000.’
    Temp: 30° last night.

    Cherry trees went into bloom mid month.

    Agenda 21, weaponized weather?
    Ask, the cherry trees.

    • mitch51

      That’s some of the best evidence for global warming. Everything is blooming at least six weeks early, and most bloom even earlier. Bigly sad.

    • um….ok. So you have trees in one area blooming early. Where I live, we’ve had all of 5 days now above freezing in the last 2 months. We’re under feet of snow which is not normal.

      Psstt, weather changes.

    • “Climate Whiplash” is what is happening now, i.e. climate extremes.

    • I am in Florida. My fig trees usually do not put on leaves untill next month and they had them on back in January! A lot of our plants that flower each spring have already flowered and dropped them off! Something is not right with the weather these days. That’s for sure!!

  • It is unfortunately true that there are numerous articles on this and similar sites that are deliberately placed in order to promote ridicule and downgrade the site’s reputation. This is to make the articles that really do have merit look bad and lessen their impact.
    As the original commenter I will say that I reacted as though this was an article of that type. If the article is a sincere attempt to get to the truth of the matter of the Californian deluges, I apologise for my tone. More power to people who try to uncover the truth by their own investigations.
    I will explain briefly how I came to my conclusion.
    The plant at Puna in Hawaii uses a number of large fans to effect the cooling of the working fluid. These fans draw in cool moist ocean air and exhaust hot air vertically. Making some reasonable assumptions about the total area of the fans (roughly 3000m2) and a generous allowance for the exhaust air speed gives a figure of about 100 million cubic meters of air exhausted per hour.
    The hypothesis is that originally cool (about 30 degrees Celsius) and near-saturated ocean air is heated and finds its way upwards and eventually across to the West Coast.
    Since saturated air at 30 degrees Celsius contains about 28 ml of water and we say there are a hundred million cubic meters of saturated air per hour, this is saying that a mere 2800 cubic meters of water per hour are being transported across the Pacific to a state with an area of 424000 square kilometers.
    And that assumes that it all gets there.
    The reader may like to finish the math, but should be obvious that vastly more water that 2800 cubic meters of water per hour fell on the affected areas of the West Coast, hence my skepticism.

    • “It is unfortunately true that there are numerous articles on this and similar sites that are deliberately placed in order to promote ridicule and downgrade the site’s reputation. This is to make the articles that really do have merit look bad and lessen their impact.”

      Well said.

      I usually give new contributors benefit of doubt, if the information they provide seems logical and applies common sense, which for he most part is few and far between on this site, but I am too lazy to search on the internet to prove otherwise and comment accordingly.

      The troll contributors eventually expose themselves and post something stupid. Unfortunately this causes collateral damage with their intent and dumb ass’s readers follow and repeat the nonsense and continue feeding the disinformation and around ‘n around we go.

      Makes me question why I even bother coming to this website. I suppose I like to find the elements of truth reading through all the b.s. Or maybe I am the dumbass for having to do so lol.

  • You nailed it Godspell, I totally agree with you

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  • Jerry Brown is an Agenda 21 globalist, he is in on it, even if he doesn’t know all the details.

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