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Agenda 21 Projects are Being Beta Tested in Colorado -This Is Your Future America

Sunday, April 10, 2016 7:01
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The Koch brothers, Pat Stryker, Governor Hickenlooper and many of the Colorado Front Range mayors are all spearheading a movement to enslave the people of Colorado under the dictates of the United Nations created and inspired Agenda 21. Colorado, along with a 15 county area in Northern California and Southern Oregon comprise the beta test for Agenda 21 control over our most precious resources, namely, our water and our farmland.

The Koch Brothers Spearhead the Agenda 21 Takeover of Colorado

The Koch brothers have accomplished nothing. The brothers inherited their immense wealth from their father, Soviet oilman Fred Koch. Yet, these entitled Koch brothers feel that should have the right to dictate to everyone else how they should live.

Whoever thought that his philosophies would have ever seen the light of day in America?

Whoever thought that his philosophies would have ever seen the light of day in America?

Stalin actually brought in Fred Koch in order to develop the Soviet Union’s oil industry and now the sins of the father are being visited upon Fred’s sons as they are bringing a virulent form of communism to Colorado.

Koch Industries is the second largest corporation in the United States and true to form, they have no scruples. The Koch brothers are so corrupt that they have been caught stealing oil from protected Indian lands. This should be a hint to the people of Colorado as to what lies in their immediate future.

The Koch brothers espouse the Agenda 21 belief that you do not control your wealth, land, food, water and air, the state does on behalf of the corporations that they serve. For example, the Koch brothers are attacking social security. They have spent $29 million dollars to put forth the propaganda that social security is broke. It is only broke because Congress keeps raiding the funds. The Koch brothers want the retirement age to go to 70 years of age. They want to get their greedy hands on social security so that they can invest the funds on Wall Street, thus, risking everyone’s social security retirement funds.

Colorado Climate Project

The Rocky Mountain Climate Organization (RMCO) launched the Colorado Climate Project, to bring Coloradans together to reduce the state’s contribution and vulnerability to a changed climate. In the process of enforcing their Agenda 21 inspired policies, Colorado’s farmers and ranchers are under attack. Click here to read the Project’s mission statement. The project followed the model established by several state governments, including those in Arizona, New Mexico, and Montana, but was the first such project undertaken as a private initiative. Click here to learn more about the process the Project followed, including the role of the Climate Action Panel.

Project Directors

RMCO’s project directors appointed the members of the Climate Action Panel, received its final report, and serve as key public spokespersons about the Colorado Climate Project and its recommendations. The project directors are:

  • John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado
  • Steve Burkholder, mayor of Lakewood
  • Doug Hutchinson, mayor of Fort Collins
  • Tom Long, Summit County Commissioner
  • Matt Baker, director of Environment Colorado
  • Tom Clark, executive vice president of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation
  • Former U.S. Senator Gary Hart, the Wirth Chair Professor at the University of Colorado-Denver
  • Gail Klapper, director of the Colorado Forum
  • Pat Vincent, president of the Public Service Company of Colorado (an Xcel Energy company).
  • Al Yates, former president of Colorado State University.

Project Sponsors

The principal sponsors of the Agenda 21 takeover of Colorado includes the Denver Water Board, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Pat Stryker, the City of Aspen, BP America, the Koch brothers and the Rockefeller Family Fund.

Because of the Colorado Climate Change and their unwarranted influence, Colorado farmers are losing more and more of their farmland. The State Legislature and the Colorado Supreme Court are forcing Colorado farmers to forsake the use of well water in the irrigation of their crops during a period of prolonged drought. They have ordered the shutdown of 440 wells. Colorado farmland is drying up, crop yield is down and many farmers are facing ruination. This is classic Agenda 21 in which the only ones who should be able to farm in rural areas are the large corporate farms and the government. Under this group it is illegal to trap rainwater, reuse irrigation water and 50% of all farmland cannot be tilled under their proposals. We are talking about the complete destruction of Colorado farming and the absolute installment of Agenda 21 policies in the state.

Colorado Gun Confiscation

Colorado is also the site of some of the most contentious gun control legislation in the country. These same forces are going after the guns of Colorado residents. Two state legislators have already been recalled and removed from office for supporting the anti-Second Amendment forces of these Agenda 21 groups.

Senator Evie Hudak has been one of the principals trying to ban guns in Colorado. Subsequently there have been efforts to recall this third anti-gun politician. Rather than face a recall election, Hudak abruptly resigned. Hudak is a piece of work. She is despised by Second Amendment supporters for having callously dismissed the testimony of a rape survivor during a legislative hearing in an extreme example of depraved indifference.

In an effort to get Hudak recalled, Colorado activists have experienced extreme harassment, even stalking, with the tacit approval of local law enforcement.

Activist, Mike McAlpine, who headed up the Hudak recall effort, stated that  “We have multiple cars monitoring us at our offices and filming us from the parking lot.”  McAlpine went on to say that “This is not a one-off event. We hold sign-and-drive events on the sidewalks near to busy intersections, and we hold signs inviting people to pull over and sign the petition. Our opponents have taken to blocking us: as cars pull in, they run up to the driver’s side door and physically stand next to the door so that the person inside cannot open the door and come outside.”

McAlpine further stated that “… opponents have formed human chains in order to block anyone who wants to sign. “They yell at the person while they’re at the table trying to sign, or blow an airhorn in their ear. There have been a half-dozen examples of that. In addition, when we go out to knock on doors and present the petition, they will follow us down the sidewalk and scream and yell.”

This is where this gets very interesting. The Climate Change Project is involved and they are using their thug contacts, which helped to propel Obama into the White house.

These radical leftist groups have poured a lot of money into the state. “Legal filings reveal that the Democracy Defense Fund, which opposed the recall, received $25,000 from the National Education Association, $10,000 from SEIU, and $5,000 from the Colorado AFL-CIO. Records show that, by yesterday, Democracy Defense Fund had received $120,000. “

Colorado Law Enforcement Runs Interference for the Agenda 21 Forces Invading Colorado

McAlpine states that local law enforcement refuses to respond to the allegations of harassment, intimidation and stalking. He further states that “Our City Hall and the Department of Motor Vehicles, both of which are public institutions…” and, “The police have escorted our people off of those locations with the explicit reason that they would arrest us if we came back because we were asking government employees for signatures, and that is illegal.”  Yet, other groups are permitted to circulate petitions in the same proximity. What we have here is a case of the police protecting the illegal harassment activities of the anti-gun forces in Colorado. Meanwhile, McAlpine states that “We stay 100 feet from the entrance to be approximately safe, “nonetheless, the city has deployed the police to escort us off the premises with the direct threat that they will arrest us next time.”

Stacy Lynn

For the past six years I have covered the Stacy Lynn case in which her son Jaden was stolen from Stacy, his mother by the corrupt court system in Larimer County in Ft. Collins. Ft. Collins is referred to by ICLEI as the “Jewel of the ICLEI empire”.

Stacy was a private citizen who led opposition to the Agenda 21 policies of the globalists. Subsequently, they brought in a globalist judge, appointed by an outgoing globalist Governor and they stole her child without so much as one allegation being brought or proven. Stacy has not seen her son in over three years. She is not permitted to know where he is at. This is Agenda 21 at work. 

Russian Troops on Colorado Soil

In this column, and through such sources as Paul Martin, I have detailed on numerous occasions how Russian troops are in Northern Colorado. I have published pictures of Russian commandos at Ft. Carson in Colorado Springs. All of this is done under their communist leaders in Colorado. 

What happens in Colorado today, is America’s fate tomorrow..


The Agenda 21/2030 forces are ruining farmland, lessening crop production, denying lawful access to water and breaking the law in opposing the pro Second Amendment supporters and their legitimate political activities. The schools and the courts are overrun with Nazi/Stalinist philsophies. 

Colorado is a beta test for the rest of the nation. If the Koch brothers and their Agenda 21 allies get their way in Colorado, they will undoubtedly unleash this tyranny across the country. If any of these things are happening in your State, the invasion, for you, has already begun. 

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  • Koch brothers pick up a gun and draw, just one of ya [leader of the pack]! You lay down your beliefs and I’ll lay down mine, I’ll stand for freedom and you stand for whatever you believe in “Daddy’s boy’!!!

  • They definitely have something BIG planned for Colorado and SOON !!! I’ve noticed in a number of mountain counties that they have been restricting access , entry and use of some of the mountain parks for the past year or two now . They have placed large rocks (almost small boulders) across what WERE parking areas and posted no trespassing signs in some areas . These are SUPPOSED to be PUBLIC parks and parking areas NOT privately government controlled areas ! WHAT are they “up to” in these places ?! I’ve also noticed a lot more military aircraft (as in different types of military) helicopters around my area that weren’t there before . In particular I’ve seen (several times now) groups of 9 to 12 Longbow Apache attack helicopters flying in low just over the treeline staggered in groups of three and smaller groups of Blackhawk helicopters doing the same thing as well as larger Chinook troop transport helicopters etc.. They’re preparing for something SOON !

    • My guess would be is this is Martial Law training of either our military or maybe even a part of Mr. Obama’ one million man civilian armed force that is to become just as powerful as our regular military… Now why would Pres. Obama even need a one million man civilian armed force that was just as powerful as our military? This is something that I would think only a evil dictator would be needing if his desires were to sieves total control of a nation and it’s people.

  • coloradoans, you can have your pot, but you can’t have anything else! no rights, NOTHING!

  • Dave, as is usual for you, your information is misleading and in this case out of date by 10 years! The 440 wells were shut down in May 2006; your article made it sound like this event is part of your Agenda 21 and is current. Farmers are still farming – my brother-in-law farms and does quite well for himself.

    I can’t believe people take you seriously!

  • Probing the sheep’s mind. Seeing if they are RIPE for the slaughter yet.

  • The good news is the beta in the SF Bay Area… clearly has failed… bad news is they picked Co. probably due to the geographic density & minimal inter-dependency. with outside areas.

    Blaming the Koch Bro.’s is understating the breadth of this NWO Fascist Cabal… comprised of the Bilderbergs & a host of Greedy Bankers & Bored Billionaires.

    Russian troops may have trained a year or so ago but now, Russia, China, India, Brazil & many more nations have rejected turning their Sovereignty over to a handful of NWO Fascists.

    They have a slick marketing campaign, intended to fool the citizens… here=

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