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What Are We A Country or A Nation State

Sunday, November 20, 2016 19:55
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OK, what are we, a Country or a Nation State and is management a correct word for the changing of our government?  This may appear as a rather frivlous article but wait, words and the choosing of words  are actually very important.  I personally believe our mainstream media has been directed to use words to help weaken our country.

Only today as I read an article in the Washington Times called “Obama Halts Amesty Push in Court, Bows to Incoming Trump Administration”1.  Now that was definately the correct thing to do by President Obama.  President-elect Trump will be taking over the reins of power in January 2017.  Of course it would have been greatly appreciated if Obama had not given away the internet worth trillions of dollars, now under control by other governments when it; the internet, was the rightful property of the United States, and the people.  But, he did!  Now back the usage of words, what I found particularly interesting was how one word can make a large difference.  Here is an example from the above article, ” In documents filed with a Federal Judge in Texas the Justice Department said in light of the new management that will take over next year, the case should be suspended”.  Ah, now look at the word management and remember back to a time, probably in 1989-1990. Around the same time President GHW Bush came up with the “Thousand Points of Light”, which was also known as the New World Order. About this time, if my memory serves me right the description of our country with words went through a metamorphosis.  With new words like management to describe our government.  Another important word change was the phrase “Nation State” becoming the sudden rage, when describing our huge country.

There are 196 country’s in our world today. There are also nations without states. The Kurds are a State-less people.

Now, lets go back to the sentence where management was used to describe government. This time we will read this sentence with government in place of management. OK, here goes, ” In documents filed with a federal judgein Texas the Justice Department said in light of the new government that will take over next year, the case should be suspended”.  Doesn’t this sound more appropriate?  Does it not let you the reader know that it is a new governmment that is going to run the country for the next four years. The word management gives the reader of the article a feeling that a corporation rather then a government will be running our country.  We would not want that to happen, or would we?  I think the globalists would like exactly this to happen, hence the word management instead of government.

Much as the globalist and main stream media would like to turn us into a one world government with the help of  of new words to describe  our government, and our country, we my fellow Americans we are still a country!  In fact, doesn’t it now sound like our president is in charge of a country, a government, not a corporation.  President Trump is overseeing a huge government in a country not a Nation State as I shall explain.

Now, I am an older woman; the author of this article may not even remember back to a time not so long ago when the word government was used.  Or when the word country was used to describe this great big beautiful country of ours.

So we are still a country . A large country surrounded by oceans, with lakes, streams, deserts, and mountains. This is one of the reasons we are a country rather then a Nation State. Now lets look at the difference between the terms country, state, and nation they are often used interchangeably, there is a difference.  Let me share some of the differences.

1  A country is self governing it also is a political entity. You can use state but it needs to be capitalized to mean  a country, such as Nation.

2   Nation is a group of people with a similar culture. Nations are not always within one country. Example Poland, during  the time of the Soviet Union. They were a nation but, under the umbrella and control of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union created the rules, and decsions down to what kind of crops Poland would grow for example.

3 Now, lets see what a State or Independent Country must have:

  • space or territory, international boundaries, people who reside there permantly
  • Has an economy, and this country or  Nation State has both foreign trade and domestic trade, they also issue money.
  • A country or Nation State also educates its people who are citizens of this country, or Nation State.This is known as social engineering.
  • d The country or nation state are able to move goods and people. The country has a transportation system.
  • e The government of teh country is able to provide services, and protection such as police power for their citizens.
  • f  A country has recogition from other countries.
  • g  Finally a country has sovereignty , no other country should have power over this country, or Nation State, and the country’s territory.

There are State less nations, such as the Kurds are a State-less people.  Hence, nation, not Nation State  or country.

Finally, Germany, France and Japan are examples of Nation States, not a country because they have one culture. That is the difference between Nation State and Country.  From what I understand they switched our country from country to Nation State because we are of one culture. I simply can not agree with that theory. Our country has multiple cultures. Here are a few in Los Angeles County alone;  Russians, Canadians, Chinese, Cambodians, French, Isreal, Vietamese, Iranians, Iraquees, Brazians, Peruvians, Argentinians, Cubans,

Hungarians, Bosonians, Danes, Swedes, Irish, Mexicans, Panamanians, Costa Ricans, and the list of different cultures in LA County alone can go on and on. Need I say more, are there not a variety of different cultures right here, right now, in the USA that makes our great Nation a Country, not a Nation State like, Japan, S. Korea, Phillipines, Germany, France.  I am sure you see what I mean, that we are a big country, we are a country and should go back to being called a country, not a nation state such as the above countries with one culture.  Let us use the correct word for what we really are, which is a country and a government. 


D. G. Wendt




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