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Obama Just Birthed Another Executive Order—Invasive “Humans” Dealt With! As World Economic Forum Drops Shocker!

Thursday, December 8, 2016 11:56
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(Before It's News)


By Lisa Haven


“Welcome to the year 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.” Ida Auken, Member of Parliament, Denmark (World Economic Forum Website)

How about that! I bet you feel all gooey inside, don’t you? Imagine a world that controls your ever move, knows what you are going to do next, and in which you own nothing because it’s all FREE!!! Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Well maybe if you’re the one doing the controlling it does, but for the average every day person, it sounds like a living HELL! 

Well this is exactly what the World Economic Forum is suggesting via Agenda 2030. A plan in which everyone works with no pay, because they get their payment through “FREE Services” (food transportation, shelter, etc). A plan in which everything you own belongs to everyone else; your clothes, your home, all of it! So if someone needs to use your space for business, no worries, they are welcome to it! This is socialism/communism at its finest. No need to be rich or earn a good living because everyone simply and MINIMALLY get’s their needs met… never mind the fact that you are dirt poor and the elite are dirty rich and control it all. Just take your vaccines, stop having children and comply, and they’ll be good to you. 

Ugh! There are the times I just get so sick and tired of the crap these globalists spew, and fact their agenda is already underway via Agenda 2030, America 2050, DAVOS, the World Economic Forum, The United Nations, and multiple other globally minded groups. 

Most recently here in the U.S., the Obama administration signed another Executive Order which furthers the agenda you just heard above, called Safeguarding The Nation From The Impacts of Invasive Species. This EO further ensures the compliance of the National Environmental Policy Act, the Act that calls attention to the HUMAN population problem: 

“The Congress recognizes the profound impact of man’s activity on the interrelations of all components of the natural environment, particularly the profound influences of population. growth, high-density urbanization, industrial expansion, resource exploitation, and new and expanding technological advances and recognizes further the critical importance of restoring and maintaining environmental quality to the overall welfare and development of man, declares that it is the continuing policy of the Federal Government, in cooperation with State and local governments, and other concerned public and private organizations, to use all practicable means and measures, including financial and technical assistance, in a manner calculated to foster and promote the general welfare, to create and maintain conditions under which man and nature can exist in productive harmony, and fulfill the social economic, and other requirements of present and future generations of Americans.” National Environmental Policy Act Section 101 (a)  

Not only does Obama’s new EO further implement the population bomb lie, but it also labels “invasive species” that are threats to the environment. Here’s more on this BOMBSHELL report…. 


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For More Information See: 

Executive Order-

National Environmental Policy Act-  

Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act of 1990-

Plant Protection Act-

The Lacey Act (bans trafficking of illegal wildlife)-

World Economic Forum-

America 2050-

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  • Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. Most of the people working in government are lawyers. What are lawyers trained to do? Just write laws and why something like 14,000, (if I recall) was introduced to America last year. One estimate in 2010 said more than 40,000 laws and regulations was introduced.

    And still another site said it was impossible to know so many are written every year. Yeah, you give a guy a hammer and everything begins to look like a nail. Ask carpenters how many nails they pound every year? They wouldn’t know and they wouldn’t care either.

    Sort of like the lawyers that you elect every year to government. Heck, one of them even said they will find out what’s in it when they pass it.

    Now you see why this world is headed for a cliff. It’s not the debt that is actually killing US. It’s the nonsense.


    Charlie (and that is why I eat doughnuts) :lol: :lol:

    • always blew my mind that,, how can anyone in good conscience pass a law they haven’t even read? is that even constitutional ?

  • hi Lisa, better picture on your contributor profile. Less make-up is a better look.

    • agree entirely – personally prefer to see the real Lisa rather than the toxic chemical mask

    • Yes, her eye make-up is still waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too strong and eye shadow is STILL the WRONG color. Her under eye black should be softened 10X…..extremely harsh looking!!!!! Eye shadow is still not correct. Your face is no different than a canvas….art work… apply color with highs and lows to present something beautiful. The new photo is great….but Lisa’s eye make-up is what an actor would wear on a stage production so the audience can see in the 50th row back. Soft eye crayons and eye pencils are FAAAARRRRR better than the CHEAP looking solid black liquid liners.

      • I want to make a law that forbids women from removing makeup and causing 50% of the divorces in America. :lol:

        Scaring men in the morning like that!! :twisted:

        I find it odd women must wear makeup so as not to look so scary whilst men must wear makeup to look more scary.

        I remember my Aunt once said (about makeup for women) that men were more handsome than women. I think she was saying women were inherently ugly compared to men (the glory of Yahuah).

        She told us the story of my other Aunt (very glamorous lady married to a jeweler) appearing at her door with no makeup on. I guess she must of been :eek: :eek: at how she looked without her makeup on.

        Someone also mentioned how men and women take off their t-shirts differently. Men naturally reach behind to pull off their t-shirts whilst women naturally reach in the front to pull theirs off.

        I explained that this is because they won’t repel each other before sex. Proving men should have sex (wife) and not other men who would end up fighting because each would bump and elbow each other just to get their t-shirts off. :lol:

        So women are designed to complement men (proven t-shirt theory) and not sodomites! :lol:

      • Also as I have explained before the under eye liner should be a softer DIFFERENT shade than the black liner above. For instance I use black-brown liner above and a soft violet eye crayon on lower. It looks fabulous!!!!! Lisa above your eyes, above the eyelid crease, your eyes particularly bulge A LOT, more than most at your age, on the fatty part, on the bone above the crease. For you that is the ONLY place you should ever apply eye shadow….onto the fatty part… flatten (camouflage) the bulge and provide depth. The ONLY colors you should EVER use is BROWN-AUBURN shades for eye shadow. For your eye liner above eye, black is OK for another 10 years then go to brown-black. But your lower eye black is sooooooo wrong…..change it to an auburn eye crayon…..NOT black!!!!! You remind me of Tammy Faye Baker the way it looks right now!!!!! It is awful and you can do better. Get the blush from nose to ear. I would not earnestly try to explain to you if I didn’t care.
        As for TV female anchors, many use paraffin base makeups and grease paints with a combination of shades placed upon the face to create the look of those like Mygan Kelly and others. The on-looker cannot see those blends because they are so well done. But for the everyday female you must use shades of creams, blushes and paint brushes.

        • I hate to see Me-gain Kelly without her makeup on. I swear to you that lady is UGLY man!! :lol:

        • What is your problem lady! Get off the make-up tips! This is not a beauty blog!

  • I’m pretty confident that if you had to go out and actually work for your money you wouldn’t be sitting over there in the lap of luxury spewing your UN-informed BS!!

  • When are the people going to wake up ? Executive orders are Treason as stated by our Constitution . They are NOT laws ! Only when we do or say nothing then they become laws , not really !

  • Gotta love the way they squirrel in the phrase “in a manner calculated to foster and promote the general welfare” to try to make it sound as though it is in synch with the constitution.

  • When a group of people are trying to kill humanity to enrich their own selves and their off springs because they want to inherit the whole earth it’s ok for humanity to kill them back.

    It’s kill or be killed.

  • To wiseoldlady:
    That pic of Lisa is beautiful. Leave her alone. U R jealous.
    We’ve got your number.
    Go back to ur knitting. Go Granny Go. While ur at it…get ur eyes checked.

    You might want to refocus on political happenings or were you attempting to divert our attention? hmmm.

    All of us should be on real high alert. Don’t let these various debunkers divert our attention.

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