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Shocking Discovery of Ancient 200,000 Year-Old Metropolis

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 10:16
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This is another one of those posts that is really going to stretch the mind to its limits by trying to comprehend that which is incomprehensible to today’s man. Because I think the questions asked in the post are so relevant, I will start by asking what I always do: What If Everything You Were Ever Taught Was A Lie? Why do I ask? Because everything you’ve been taught, and everything your children are CURRENTLY being taught IS a lie. We know this, because it it can be proven, yet for some unknown reason, “the establishment” continues to perpetrate their never ending lie about mankind being 5,000 years old, totally robbing humanity of one it’s greatest treasures: The knowledge of our own history. Over 400,000 man hours by a team of scientists and archeologists recently determined that Egypt’s Great Pyramid at Giza Not the Oldest or the Largest Pyramid on Earth Anymore (Videos). The Pyramids discovered, and the labyrinth of tunnels connecting the FIVE pyramids are suspected to be roughly 30,000 YEARS OLD. 

There are plenty of other ancient structures with no explanation for that I provide links to at the end of this post, but what EVERYONE should find alarming, is the ferociousness “modern science” exhibits when these topics are brought up. Isn’t science supposed to be about questioning things, forming hypothesis, and running tests? Since when did science insert a new staple into it’s modern practice that if a discovery is made that contradicts a previous theory, first try to ignore it, and if that doesn’t work, resort to ad hominem attacks on the discover or researchers until they are thoroughly discredited WITHOUT even investigating the matter? Who wants these secrets kept secret, and why?



I find that hard to believe for several reasons. First, the Ancient Societies have been around thousands of years, so when this grand plan was hatched, there were no issues of “climate change,” “overpopulation,” and all the rest of this nonsense, not to mention the current generation of elites will all be dead soon enough, as they are very old, so what do they care? 


As you read through this piece, one thing should POP right out at you that this 200,000 year old site has in common with most every other megalithic site across the globe: The site’s loyalty to the constellation Orion, and ORION’S BELT. Does anyone honestly think that cave dwellers from all four corners of the globe all had the same imagination, they all saw a soldier in the sky, and the THREE STARS of ORION’S BELT were the ONLY ones of importance in a sky during a time when every star could be seen at night? Uh, really? Ok, let’s assume you ARE that naive, and that somehow makes perfect sense, so you’re on the fence about what I’m saying. Then the following should get you off the fence REAL quick:

If you read, Nazi’s and Illuminati Directly Responsible For the U.S. Space Program, but Why, you’ll find out that the Secret Society’s believe they are lineal descendants of the great Gods of Egypt known as Isis, Osiris and Horus. They also believe these same gods actually come from SPACE. That is why many of the Secret Societies believe that by conducting certain ceremonies under ORION’S BELT, they can communicate with the god Osiris. Don’t you think it’s HIGHLY unlikely that the same group with the power to suppress information, is the same group that has an obsession with ORION’S BELT, which just happens to coincide with the ancients’ obsession with ORION’S BELT, AND any information known about those ancient sites’ REAL history is being suppressed? I’m not a statistician, but I’d say the odds on all that being coincidence hover somewhere around… NONE!  When you’re done with that, be sure to check out, Secret Societies Have Arranged For Trillions to be Spent On Underground Bunkers For Them, Not You.

Sure, some things from the post about bunkers are conjecture of course, because we (the simpletons of the earth) simply don’t know the answers, but MUCH of what is in that post is FACT. Do your own due diligence. One of the videos in that post is a presentation by Michael Tellinger (shown below), the person who discovered the 200,000 year old African Metropolis described in detail below. His discovery shows that either 1) Our civilization goes back over 10x what we’ve been taught; or 2) Someone or something else was here 200,000 years ago. If so, WHO? 

To SILENCE the skeptics, this civilization left behind PROOF that it was here. It left more than 10 million circular stone structures, along with unexplained tools and artifacts that point to higher knowledge of advanced technology, using sound as a source of energy. These discoveries redefine our perception of ancient cultures. Explore how this ties into who we are as the human race today and how the world we live in is not always what it seems. If only we knew how to harness the energy these primitive circles give off: We could have endless power!?!?!


While the video below may seem like a long video, it is a wonderful synopsis and you will be grateful for all of Michael Tellinger’s efforts if you watch all of it. I’ve heard Michael on multiple podcasts on multiple shows, and I’ve read several of his books including Adam’s Calendar and Slave Species of the Gods. One of the most FASCINATING discoveries made by Michael Tellinger is the discovery of the stone circles he found in Africa where the Annunaki are alleged to have mined for gold. He believes the stone circles he found are ACTUALLY evidence of ancient power plants, only they are still producing power!!! The stone circles produce a sound energy using a much higher level of technology than humans are used to.

Anunnaki and Ancient Hidden Technology (MUST SEE)





By Dan Eden for viewzone.

They have always been there. People noticed them before. But no one could remember who made them — or why? Until just recently, no one even knew how many there were. Now they are everywhere — thousands — no, hundreds of thousands of them! And the story they tell is the most important story of humanity. But it’s one we might not be prepared to hear.

Something amazing has been discovered in an area of South Africa, about 150 miles inland, west of the port of Maputo. It is the remains of a huge metropolis that measures, in conservative estimates, about 1500 square miles. It’s part of an even larger community that is about 10,000 square miles and appears to have been constructed — are you ready — from 160,000 to 200,000 BCE!

The image [top of page] is a close-up view of just a few hundred meters of the landscape taken from google-earth. The region is somewhat remote and the “circles” have often been encountered by local farmers who assumed they were made by some indigenous people in the past. But, oddly, no one ever bothered to inquire about who could have made them or how old they were.

This changed when researcher and author, Michael Tellinger, teamed up with Johan Heine, a local fireman and pilot who had been looking at these ruins from his years flying over the region. Heine had the unique advantage to see the number and extent of these strange stone foundations and knew that their significance was not being appreciated.

“When Johan first introduced me to the ancient stone ruins of southern Africa, I had no idea of the incredible discoveries we would make in the year or two that followed. The photographs, artifacts and evidence we have accumulated points unquestionably to a lost and never-before-seen civilization that predates all others — not by just a few hundred years, or a few thousand years… but many thousands of years. These discoveries are so staggering that they will not be easily digested by the mainstream historical and archeological fraternity, as we have already experienced. It will require a complete paradigm shift in how we view our human history. “ — Tellinger


Where it was found

The area is significant for one striking thing — gold. “The thousands of ancient gold mines discovered over the past 500 years, points to a vanished civilization that lived and dug for gold in this part of the world for thousands of years,” says Tellinger. “And if this is in fact the cradle of humankind, we may be looking at the activities of the oldest civilization on Earth.”

To see the number and scope of these ruins, I suggest that you use google-earth and start with the following coordinates:

Carolina — 25 55′ 53.28″ S / 30 16′ 13.13″ E

Badplaas — 25 47′ 33.45″ S / 30 40′ 38.76″ E

Waterval — 25 38′ 07.82″ S / 30 21′ 18.79″ E

Machadodorp — 25 39′ 22.42″ S / 30 17′ 03.25″ E

Then perform a low flying search inside the area formed by this rectangle. Simply Amazing!

Did gold play some role in the dense population that once lived here? The site is just about 150 miles from an excellent port where maritime trade could have helped to support such a large population. But remember — we’re talking almost 200,000 years ago!

The individual ruins [see below] mostly consist of stone circles. Most have been buried in the sand and are only observable by satellite or aircraft. Some have been exposed when the changing climate has blown the sand away, revealing the walls and foundations.





“I see myself as a fairly open-minded chap but I will admit that it took me well over a year for the penny to drop, and for me to realize that we are actually dealing with the oldest structures ever built by humans on Earth.

The main reason for this is that we have been taught that nothing of significance has ever come from southern Africa. That the powerful civilizations all emerged in Sumeria and Egypt and other places. We are told that until the settlement of the BANTU people from the north, which was supposed to have started sometime in the 12th century AD, this part of the world was filled by hunter gatherers and so-called Bushmen, who did not make any major contributions in technology or civilization.” — Tellinger

A Rich and Diverse History

When explorers first encountered these ruins, they assumed that they were cattle corals made by nomadic tribes, like the Bantu people, as they moved south and settled the land from around the 13th century. There was no previous historical record of any older civilization capable of building such a densely populated community. Little effort was made to investigate the site because the scope of the ruins was not fully known.

Over the past 20 years, people like Cyril Hromnik, Richard Wade, Johan Heine and a handful of others have discovered that these stone structures are not what the seem to be. In fact these are now believed to be the remains of ancient temples and astronomical observatories of lost ancient civilizations that stretch back for many thousands of years.

These circular ruins are spread over a huge area. They can only truly be appreciated from the air or through modern satellite images. Many of them have almost completely eroded or have been covered by the movement of soil from farming and the weather. Some have survived well enough to reveal their great size [see above] with some original walls standing almost 5 feet high and over a meter wide in places.

Looking at the entire metropolis, it becomes obvious that this was a well planned community, developed by a highly evolved civilization. The number of ancient gold mines suggests the reason for the community being in this location. We find roads — some extending a hundred miles — that connected the community and terraced agriculture, closely resembling those found in the Inca settlements in Peru.

But one question begs for an answer — how could this be achieved by humans 200,000 years ago?

An example of what you will see on google-earth.

This is what you will see on google-earth at 25 37’40.90″S / 30 17’57.41E [A]. We are viewing the scene from an altitude of 357 meters.

This is not a “special” location — just one we picked at random, within the previously described area. It shows artifacts that are everywhere and we encourage you to search the area with this great internet technology.

The circular stone structures are obvious from this view, even though they may not be visible from ground level. Notice that there are many very long roads [B] that connect groups of the circular structures. If you zoom out and follow these “roads” they travel for many miles.

The fact that we can see these structures is mainly because natural erosion has blown away the dirt and debris that has covered them for thousands of years. Once exposed to the wind, the rocks are scoured clean and may appear deceptively new.

If you look closely at what first appears to be empty land [C], you will notice many faint circles, indicating that even more dwellings lurk below the surface. In reality, the entire area is packed full of these structures and connecting roads.

Why has no one notices these before?





How the Site was dated

Once the ruins were examined, the researchers were anxious to place the lost civilization in a historical perspective. The rocks were covered with a patina that looked very old but there were no items sufficient for carbon-14 dating. It was then that a chance discovery revealed the age of the site, and sent a chill down the spine of archeologists and historians! That’s next…

Amazing Metropolis Discovered in Africa is 200,000 years old!

Dating the Site

Finding the remains of a large community, with as many as 200,000 people living and working together, was a major discovery in itself. But dating the site was a problem. The heavy patina on the rock walls suggested the structures were extremely old, but the science of dating patina is just being developed and is still controversial. Carbon-14 dating of such things as burnt wood introduces the possibility that the specimens could be from recent grass fires which are common in the area.

The breakthrough came quite unexpectedly. As Tellinger describes it:

“Johan Heine discovered Adam’s Calendar in 2003, quite by accident. He was on route to find one of his pilots who crashed his plane on the edge of the cliff. Next to the crash site Johan noticed a very strange arrangement of large stones sticking out of the ground. While rescuing the injured pilot from about 20 meters down the side of the cliff, Johan walked over to the monoliths and immediately realized that they were aligned to the cardinal points of Earth — north, south, east and west. There were at least 3 monoliths aligned towards the sunrise, but on the west side of the aligned monoliths there was a mysterious hole in the ground — something was missing.”

After weeks and months of measuring and observations, Johan concluded that it was perfectly aligned with the rise and fall of the Sun. He determined the solstices and the equinoxes. But the mysterious hole in the ground remained a big puzzle. One day, while contemplating the reason for the hole, the local horse trail expert, Christo, came riding by. He quickly explained to Johan that there was a strange shaped stone which had been removed from the spot some time ago. Apparently it stood somewhere near the entrance to the nature reserve.

After an extensive search, Johan found the anthropomorphic (humanoid shape) stone. It was intact and proudly placed with a plaque stuck to it. It had been used by the Blue Swallow foundation to commemorate the opening of the Blue Swallow reserve in 1994. The irony is that it was removed from the most important ancient site found to date and mysteriously returned to the reserve — for slightly different reasons.

The first calculations of the age of the calendar were made based on the rise of Orion, a constellation known for its three bright stars forming the “belt” of the mythical hunter.

The Earth wobbles on its axis and so the stars and constellations change their angle of presentation in the night sky on a cyclical basis. This rotation, called the precession completes a cycle about every 26,000 years. By determining when the three stars of Orion’s belt were positioned flat (horizontal) against the horizon, we can estimate the time when the three stones in the calendar were in alignment with these conspicuous stars.





The first rough calculation was at least 25,000 years ago. But new and more precise measurements kept increasing the age. The next calculation was presented by a master archaeoastronomer who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of ridicule by the academic fraternity. His calculation was also based on the rise of Orion and suggested an age of at least 75,000 years. The most recent and most accurate calculation, done in June 2009, suggests an age of at least 160,000 years, based on the rise of Orion — flat on the horizon — but also on the erosion of dolerite stones found at the site.

Some pieces of the marker stones had been broken off and sat on the ground, exposed to natural erosion. When the pieces were put back together about 3 cm of stone had already been worn away. These calculation helped assess the age of the site by calculating the erosion rate of the dolerite.


Who made the metropolis? Why?

It would seem that humans have always valued gold. It is even mentioned in the Bible, describing the Garden of Eden’s rivers:

Genesis 2:11 — The name of the first [river] is Pishon; it flows around the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold.

South Africa is known as the largest gold producing country of the world. The largest gold producing area of the world is Witwatersrand, the same region where the ancient metropolis is found. In fact nearby Johannesburg, one of the best known cities of South Africa, is also named “Egoli” which means the city of gold.



Is there evidence that mining took place, in southern Africa, during the Old Stone Age? Archeological studies indicate that it indeed was so.

Realizing that sites of abandoned ancient mines may indicate where gold could be found, South Africa’s leading mining corporation, the Anglo-American Corporation, in the 1970s engaged archeologists to look for such ancient mines. Published reports (Optima) detail the discovery in Swaziland and other sites in South Africa of extensive mining areas with shafts to depths of fifty feet. Stone objects and charcoal remains established dates of 35,000, 46,000, and 60,000 B.C. for these sites. The archeologists and anthropologists who joined in dating the finds believed that mining technology was used in south- ern Africa “during much of the period subsequent to 100,000 B.C.”

In September 1988, a team of international physicists came to South Africa to verify the age of human habitats in Swaziland and Zululand. The most modern techniques indicated an age of 80,000 to 115,000 years.

Regarding the most ancient gold mines of Monotapa in southern Zimbabwe, Zulu legends hold that they were worked by “artificially produced flesh and blood slaves created by the First People.” These slaves, the Zulu legends recount, “went into battle with the Ape-Man” when “the great war star appeared in the sky” (see Indaba My Children, by the Zulu medicine man Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa). [Genesis Revisited]

It seems highly probable that the ancient metropolis was established because of its proximity to the largest supply of gold on the planet. But why would ancient people work so hard to mine gold? You can’t eat it. It’s too soft to use for tool making. It isn’t really useful for anything except ornaments and its physical beauty is on a par with other metals like copper or silver. Exactly why was gold so important to early homo sapiens?

To explore the answer we need to look at the period of history in question — 160,000 to 200,000 years BCE — and learn what was happening on planet Earth.


What were humans like 160,000 years ago?

Modern humans, homo sapiens, can trace our ancestry back through time to a point where our species evolved from other, more primitive, hominids. Scientists do not understand why this new type of human suddenly appeared, or how the change happened, but we can trace our genes back to a single female that is known as “Mitochondrial Eve”.

Mitochondrial Eve (mt-mrca) [Right: An artist's rendition] is the name given by researchers to the woman who is defined as the matrilineal most recent common ancestor (MRCA) for all currently living humans. Passed down from mother to offspring, all mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in every living person is derived from this one female individual. Mitochondrial Eve is the female counterpart of Y-chromosomal Adam, the patrilineal most recent common ancestor, although they lived at different times.

Mitochondrial Eve is believed to have lived between 150,000 to 250,000 years BP, probably in East Africa, in the region of Tanzania and areas to the immediate south and west. Scientists speculate that she lived in a population of between perhaps 4000 to 5000 females capable of producing offspring at any given time. If other females had offspring with the evolutionary changes to their DNA we have no record of their survival. It appears that we are all descendants of this one human female.

Mitochondrial Eve would have been roughly contemporary with humans whose fossils have been found in Ethiopia near the Omo River and at Hertho. Mitochondrial Eve lived significantly earlier than the out of Africa migration which might have occurred some 60,000 to 95,000 years ago.

[right] The region in Africa where one can find the greatest level of mitochondrial diversity (green) and the region anthropologists postulated the most ancient division in the human population began to occur (light brown). The ancient metropolis in located in this latter (brown) region which also corresponds to the estimated age when the genetic changes suddenly happened.

Could this be a coincidence?


Ancient Sumerian history describes the ancient metropolis and its inhabitants!

I’ll be honest with you. This next part of the story is difficult to write. It’s so shocking that the average person will not want to believe it. If you are like me, you’ll want to do the research yourself, then allow some time for the facts to settle in your mind.

We are often made to believe that the Egyptians — the Pharoahs and pyramids — are where our known history begins. The oldest dynasties go back some 3200 years BP. That’s a long time ago. But the Sumerian civilization, in what is now Iraq, is much older. What’s more, we have translated many of their history tablets, written in cuneiform and earlier scripts so we know a lot about their history and legends.





The seal image [above] depicts the legend of the “Great Flood” which consumed mankind. Many Sumerian legends are strikingly similar to Genesis. Like Genesis, the Sumerian legend, Atrahasis, tells the story of the creation of modern humans — not by a loving God — but by beings from another planet who needed “slave workers” to help them mine gold on their extra-planetary expedition!

I warned that this is difficult to believe, but please keep reading.


Who made the metropolis? Why?

This story, the Atrahasis, comes from an early Babylonian version of about 1700 BC, but it certainly dates back to Sumerian times. It combines familiar Sumerian motifs of the creation of mankind and the subsequent flood — just like Genesis.

The story starts out with the “gods” — beings from a planet called Nibiru — digging ditches and mining for gold as part of an expeditionary team. Modern humans (homo sapiens) did not exist yet; only primitive hominids lived on Earth. There were two groups of “gods”, the worker class and the ruling class (i.e. officers). The worker gods had built the infrastructure as well as toiled in the gold mines and, after thousands of years, the work was apparently too much for them.

The gods had to dig out the canals
Had to clear channels,
the lifelines of the land,
The gods dug out the Tigris river bed
And then they dug out the Euphrates.
–(Dalley 9, Atrahasis)

After 3,600 years of this work, the gods finally begin to complain. They decide to go on strike, burning their tools and surrounding the chief god Enlil’s “dwelling” (his temple). Enlil’s vizier, Nusku, gets Enlil out of bed and alerts him to the angry mob outside. Enlil is scared. (His face is described as being “sallow as a tamarisk.”) The vizier Nusku advises Enlil to summon the other great gods, especially Anu (sky-god) and Enki (the clever god of the fresh waters). Anu advises Enlil to ascertain who is the ringleader of the rebellion. They send Nusku out to ask the mob of gods who is their leader. The mob answers, “Every single one of us gods has declared war!” (Dalley 12, Atrahasis).

Since the upper-class gods now see that the work of the lower-class gods “was too hard,” they decide to sacrifice one of the rebels for the good of all. They will take one god, kill him, and make mankind by mixing the god’s flesh and blood with clay:

Belit-ili the womb-goddess is present,

Let the womb-goddess create offspring,

And let man bear the load of the gods! (Dalley 14-15, Atrahasis)

After Enki instructs them on purification rituals for the first, seventh and fifteenth of every month, the gods slaughter Geshtu-e, “a god who had intelligence” (his name means “ear” or “wisdom”) and form mankind from his blood and some clay. After the birth goddess mixes the clay, all the gods troop by and spit on it. Then Enki and the womb-goddess take the clay into “the room of fate,” where The womb-goddesses were assembled.

He [Enki] trod the clay in her presence;

She kept reciting an incantation,

For Enki, staying in her presence, made her recite it.

When she had finished her incantation,

She pinched off fourteen pieces of clay,

And set seven pieces on the right,

Seven on the left.

Between them she put down a mud brick. (Dalley 16, Atrahasis)

The creation of man seems to be described as a type of cloning and what we would today consider in vitro fertilization.

The result was a hybrid or “evolved human” with enhanced intellect who could perform the physical duties of the worker gods and also take care of the needs of all the gods.

We are told, in other texts, that the expedition came for gold and that great quantities were mined and shipped off the planet. The community in South Africa was called “Abzu” and was the prime location of the mining operation.

Since these events appear to coincide with the dates of “Mitochondrial Eve” (i.e. 150,000 to 250,000 BP) and appear to be located in the richest gold mining region on the planet (Abzu), some researchers are thinking that the Sumerian legends may, in fact, be based on historical events.

According to the same texts, once the mining expedition ended it was decided that the human population should be allowed to perish in a flood which was predicted by the atronomer of the “gods.” Apparently, the cyclical passage of the home planet of the gods, Nibiru, was going to bring it close enough to the orbit of Earth that its gravity would cause the oceans to rise and flood the land, putting an end to the hybrid species — homo sapiens.

According to the story, one of the “gods” had sympathy for a particular human, Zuisudra, and warned him to construct a boat to ride out the flood. This eventually became the basis for the story of Noah in the book of Genesis.

Did this really happen? The only other explanation is to imagine that the Sumerian legends, acknowledging life on other planets and human cloning, were extraordinary science-fiction. This in itself would be amazing. But we now have evidence that the mining city, Abzu, is real and that it existed in the same era as the sudden evolution of hominids to homo sapiens.

Just think about this for a while.





Temples of the African Gods

My new book “Temples Of The African Gods” is now in print and will be available in South Africa, UK and USA from about Feb 2010. It is a follow on to It deals extensively with the ancient stone ruins, their link to Adam’s Calendar (Enki’s Calendar), the ancient roads, terraces, ancient mines, and what we now call the FIRST PEOPLE who lived on Earth. It presents evidence that this was the first civilization, from where the Sumerians and Egyptians got most of their knowledge and symbolism.

It is the first ever scientific look at the ancient ruins of southern Africa, and presents groundbreaking new information. It is a real privilege being able to work on these ruins and being able to walk through thousands of them in the mountains of South Africa. We reach some startling conclusions about who these ancient people were, what they did, how they did it and why they disappeared. What is most fascinating about this new discovery is that for the first time we can pull together the different strands of disjointed knowledge, from religious, esoteric, and historic circles and fit them together. It is astonishing how the dark mysterious past suddenly makes a lot more sense.

We are about to start numerous scientific experiments at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University to get more accurate dating on many of the artifacts, predominantly, stone tools. I see this only as the humble beginning, as we hope to launch several archeological digs, and invite international experts to get involved. Please support the MaKomati foundation ( ) to help us protect and preserve some of the more important ruins and do more research. Until now, all the research has been funded by Johan Heine and myself, from the sales of my previous books, Slave Species of god and Adam’s Calendar.

We urge international donor organizations with an interest in ancient history to get involved and help speed up the research.

Michael Tellinger

Zulu Planet Publishers & MaKomati Foundation

PO Box 204, Waterval Boven, 1195, South Africa.

[email protected]

Fax: +27 (0)86-600-6420

Cell: +27 (0)82-321-3105

Read the article at ViewZone here:



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  • Why, judeo-christo-CREEPS!
    Don’t you realize those giants are Anunnaki individuals?
    They ARE the gods that engineered your DNA, making you a modern human that you are!
    Why don’t you get the white-skinned mangod FABLE of plagiarism out of your eyes and ears, brother?
    And, admit the FACTS!

    You are a Prison guard, judeo-christo-CREEPS, that force others to believe your one-mangod mantra!
    A prison guard that forces others to prey, to lose their very energy, to your one-mangod MONSTER, who is NOT god at all.

    My favorite ancient peoples are the Sumerians.

    While their cuneiform script is subject to human (and software) interpretational mistakes because of lack of a similar comparable concept between cultures, the tens of thousands of drawn pictures, inscribed on “roll” printing wheels, and printed on a variety of plant/paper and clay mediums, ARE NOT subject to the same extreme “translation” interpretations.

    Clearly, one can see, in a literal sense, the messages these people left for us. And remember the forms of agriculture, accounting, numerology (Arabic numbers, base 10), the first examples of cylinder shaped mass printing presses, and mass sanitation, enabling cities to be formed, ALL seemly sprang out of nowhere, and just, suddenly, appeared, with the Sumerian culture AND REMAIN TO THIS DAY, the primary systems used world wide in the described areas. One would agree that without the Sumerians existence, modern society would not exist in it’s present form.

    What did they “see’, and draw? Double Helixes, the solar system with all planets in the proper place, plus one, Humanoid Beings (described as “gods”) that are 2 to 3 times in size larger than the “Sumerians” pictured with them, gold mining is pictured, clear beakers positioned in the hands of a god, showing the mixing of unknown substances, and so much more.

    These beings (the giant humanoid gods, male & female) were declared as ‘their makers”, and, in “their image” Sumerians were made on a “smaller” scale.
    Sumerians were genetically made specifically to mine gold for the giant humanoid gods, male & female, that were present with them physically. The giant humanoid gods, male & female, used part of their DNA combined with Neanderthal Humanoids that were native to the planet at that time in history. The result was the genetically modified lab created humanoid we identify as “Sumerians”, the “Origins” of Modern Man, and “his” civilization!

    There is NO “missing link” in the evolutionary development of modern man.

    There is NO “symbolism or imagination” employed in creation of this art.

    The Pictures portray, literally, what the Sumerians saw. They did NOT understand it, BUT, they could picture it, and spread those images far and wide.
    They did NOT call them “gods”, they called them by a specific noun Proper name, the Anunnaki, or, closest translation, “”those who from the heavens came to earth”.

    The “mental construct” cannot stop them, for their “god” simply does not exist, but the psych-op “mental construct” does keep them all preoccupied, and NOT focused on the present, but their “soul’s” future).

    Humans really do not even know why the universal human lust for gold is inherent in all.

    Very few even consider the question.

    The earthly universal reaction for the over whelming majority of humans is to “Posses it, as much as one can.

    Governments base Fiat currencies on it, by how much tonnage of gold they can secure vs. the amount of fiat currency issued.

    Every civilization that has appeared on earth.
    Every culture.
    Every religion.
    Every time line of history in this current human epoch of time.

    All agreed on one thing, the “inherent” value of gold.

    Even today, with the exception of some “circuitry”, there are NO major industrial uses for this mineral.
    And, yet the LUST to possess gold does not abate with time passing.

    Like programmed “Honey Bees” with a HIVE mentality, you folks, world wide, locate it, mine it, purify it, form it into bars (bullion), and then STACK IT UP INTO BIG HUGE PILES, to LET IT SIT THERE?

    And do NOTHING of a practical nature with it, other than to HOARD MORE of it?
    AND LOOK AT IT???????????

    Well, I HAVE presented the reason why all humans LUST for gold.

    The REAL DNA genetic customizers, or “makers” “, the Anunnaki, made us that way mentally”.

    For their sole purpose for creating our “species” on this planet was to mine gold here, for them.

    So that the Anunnaki would NOT have to mine it anymore, themselves.

    WE are “their” “Programmed” bio-ROBOTS.
    And, as a species, all perform the ASSIGNED TASK.

    The Christian “religion, as well as their old testament tribal brothers (Muslims and Jews) are solely responsible for arresting (for a period of time) the very evolution of mankind, itself, on this planet. Their one-god MONSTER is not god at all. The believers that force you to believe are your Prison Guards on earth to force your compliance. They teach you that you have NO will. All is a Lie.

    For, whenever a person would appear that would revel to church elders the extra ordinary abilities they might have, the monolithic all male run “religions” KILLED THEM.

    This aberrant, unnatural behavior has been on going since the accursed all male run religions first appeared on the earth.
    It will end very, very soon.

    • Man already knows how to use the gold, as those in the past did. Finding gold for himself.

      ORME______Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements

      What is it ? Manna

    • And with luck, so will your strange belief that fiat currencies are founded on gold.
      The very reverse is true.
      Since 1933, the US currency has been liberated from any dependence on gold to back it.
      That is why it is called a fiat currency today, ie “Let it be, or become”, as in “Lux fiat”, or Let there be light.
      And incidentally, the Christian does not believe that God is one, as do the heretical jews and muslims.
      We believe in a Father, and a Son; which in case you missed it, is a duality.
      Briefly returning to your equally strange ideas about why we like gold so much; common sense, which is not always the possession of all, indicates that it is regarded highly for two reasons, neither of which is genetic in origin, ie that it does not corrode, whereas all other metals do, or at least tarnish and oxidize; also it is very rare, although plentiful enough to be possessed by all, albeit in small quantities.

    • No, you have that part wrong about fallen angels creating man, however the good angels make very wll have had a hand in the creation.

      Gen 1:26-27

      26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

      27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

      I believe the above does not include the Adamic man at that point as Adam was created alone for some time, it doesn’t say how long, his wive is created from himself and not a male and female creation as a separation. Also, I believe all the races were created male and female for each race as the race features could not be in one set of parents, then you have the flood to deal with also as Noah, his sons and their wives cannot be all races.

  • Excellent post. THIS IS OUR HISTORY – FACT
    Oh and lookey here, not a single mention of Jesus, or the bible, or your christian “god”……….phew
    Graham Hancock, Sitchin, David Icke and many others have been telling us this for years, but main stream archaeologists have been lying through their collective teeth for years and years becuase they don’t understand it and cannot therefore accept it. If it’s not int he university text books then it cannot be real, hahahahaha :lol: :lol:

    • Is that your real face, Nobby?
      Thought so.
      Too much fluoride, GM, pink slime, and aspartame, I suspect.

      You know, for such an advanced and ancient civilization, they don’t really seem to have mastered the simple art of creating circles, do they?
      If their vehicles had wheeels as circular as these stone formations, I think I would probably rather walk.

  • Read the truth about the Annunaki / NWO alliance on a leaked NWO secret website at

  • theawakezone

    Thank you good article! Hope more people could wake up and really read this.

  • People want to get rid of God so they can sin and not feel guilty . Ok , type O blood type came into creation proven by science 150,000 years ago . Now the bible ! Genesis Chapter 1 in (Hebrew ) the female Spirit created the first man and woman ( type O ) . 5900 years ago science says type A blood came into being . Genesis chapter 2 . God the male Spirit ( by the Hebrew ) form a man and put Him into a garden He had created called Eden ( Type A blood type White ) . So type A blood type starts the reason the bible was written . These are the ones God will use to instruct so they can bring the others to Him also ( but still having free will ) . Adam comes in after the rest of the Sabbath day ( Genesis 2 ) . So type O white blood type are already here . Black type O comes in after Noah with Ham . It says God look to see and there was not a man to till the ground . But wait in chapter 1 There was a man created . But this verse says not a man was tilling the ground , they were meat eaters and what ever grew . No one was making vegatables or fruit to eat . So Genesis 2 : 5 is we’re God decided to form a new man out of the dirt and cause Him to have knowledge to be able to do and make things . He breathed into this man His breath or Spirit . And by many writings this man became the first king of Earth . God makes a woman from one of Adams ribs . They later disobey God and eat of the tree that opens their eyes to what evil is . They are removed to keep them from eating from the tree that would allow them to live forever in pain and sufferings . Eve bares a son name Cain . Later another son named Able . Because the knowledge of evil now dwells in all of them , Cain becomes jealous of Able and slays him . We find then that God marks him to keep others from killing him at Cains request . And tells the others no one is to kill Cain . What others , Mom and Dad ? No the type O blood type people . Cain moves away from home going eastward ( China ) to the land of nod and marries . Where did she come from ? Because Adams next child comes in at 130 years of age , named Seth . The next children born to him are not until Adam is 800 years of age . But wait Seth marries and has a child at 105 years if age . This makes Adam 235 years old . Where did the wives come from ? From type O blood type . Now Cain being mark was also given type B blood type ( Asian ) . Type A and B will mix but type O will not mix . The father will determine the blood type in this case . Type B by science came into play about 5500 years ago . Type AB came in about 4800 years ago . After Cain leaves home and begins to build cities and walls to protect himself from everyone that might kill him , some of his children begin finding the type A blood type people ( Seth’s and Adams children ) . Enter type AB . So as you can see the bible is still on course . It’s just the ones reading it that do not understand . And why is that ? Because God does not allow those given over to evil to understand it . He says in seeing they shall not see and in hearing they shall not hear . Only until they decide to return to righteousness will He open their eyes of understanding . And then their hearts must be in it or they will not understand . He calls them babes in the word . And the great structures built that even today we can not build we’re built by the fallen angels that was once given charge to watch over man . As some of the power that is toward Godliness was stripped from them they began building structures that pointed to we’re they once were ( Orion ) . God says He resides in the constellation in the north of Orion . They did this in hopes of drawing power from heaven in order to feel their emptiness . Even the Huble telescope picks up something around Orion’s belt that looks like a mountain with a road of diamonds leading to the other side of it . And on the other side is lights shining forth that they say are colors that we do not even have on our color charts . Just might be ! And Oh the Sumerians lived in and around Iraq . The place that is called satans seat . God says you Babylon are the root of all evil on earth . Every hateful bird and evil has been brought forth by you . See after the flood of Noah some of Noah’s children that were actually by other men before the flood , began building a tower that was to reach heaven . But not really because it was actually spiritual . They and the fallen angel that was screwing everything was attempting to make there way back into Gods throne room . But God said let Me go down and see what they are doing . And God said the people’s minds are one and least they accomplish this task I will change their language . So he did . And maybe even their skin color and structures . Now we have the different races of peoples . And because of Mrs Noah either playing the harlot or being raped while Mr Noah was building the boat all blood types got on the boat . But God chose Shem , type A blood type . As he left Mt Arrat going towards Armenia the others named the mountains after their descendants ( Caucasian Mountains , meaning mountains that the white people dwelt on ) . Then later when God uses the Babylonians to punish Israel they are among the Iraqy people . And maybe some of the stories Shems people had was stolen from them and changed just like the Vatican stole some of Israel’s religion to make up their own . But many reading this have made up their own minds and are blinded and can not see the truth . Just like which came first the chicken or the egg ? I guess Aliens brought that to . The structure of life if one would but examine it tells you someone of intelligence put the building blocks together to make the complex structures that we see and enjoy around us . Even man is fearfully and wonderfully man . And yet our understand still does not know all of man kinds secrets . Everyday we learn more and more . That’s why a doctor has to go to school 10 years to study just one part of whatever he is going to work on . But still he or she does not have all the answers to just that one section of the body . And yet we in ignorance stand and say that there is no GOD ! The bible says the fool has said there is no GOD ! And he spouts forth that which he has not stopped to analyze . God said doesn’t even nature teach you that there is a GOD ? The acorn does not bring forth a peach . And the squirrel does not mate with the monkey . Each after their kind . But in the end the fallen angels will start up their stupidness again . And you will begin seeing strange things again . This is to keep those that have chosen to deny GOD from believing in GODs creation of things . So that when everything is finished and all have to stand before Him , the fallen angels won’t be alone , but will have company . God said Hell was made for the devil and his angels . But if Man chooses not to except GOD and His way , then the only place for them is with their master Satan .

    • HEY, INSANE writing judeo-christo-FREAK named Everett!
      SCEW your god, and screw you, too!
      Bye Now, you freak0 for a VIOLENT and Tyrannical god!
      You just do NOT scare anyone, anymore!

      • “And so terrible was the sight, that Moses said, I do exceedingly fear and quake”.
        There is Someone far more scary than Everett waiting to make your acquaintance, Stickler.
        “And as it is given unto men once to die, but after this, the Judgement”.
        Be ready.

    • Pix

      So basically your ‘deity’ is more Mafia thug than all loving. ‘Believe and fawn, or I’ll get my side kick the talking snake to torture you for all eternity’, is the epitome of ‘thuggery’. What an unimaginable bastard.

      • Pix, as usual, understanding nothing.
        But let him understand, that every idle word that men shall speak, shall be required of them, in the day of judgement.

        His understanding is such that he calls the one Whose face was so marred more than any man, and His form more than the sons of men, in some yet-to-be-explained way, well, whatever vile epithet he used.
        May God forgive him, for he knows not what he says.

        “And there appeared an angel unto Him from heaven, strengthening Him.
        And being in an agony, he prayed more earnestly, and His sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground”.

        “Say unto them, as I live, saith the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way, and live”.

    • TLDR

      Hitting the ENTER key every once in a while and using paragraphs wouldn’t hurt either.

    • Paragraphs, Everett, paragraphs.

  • Some people believe that mankind is spread out over multiple planets, and that when civilization crashes here on ours, “gods” (other humans from one of the other worlds we inhabit) come down and teach and lead and take control and breed with our women etc. The only way extraterrestrials could possibly interbreed with us is if they were the same species – humans.

    If you don’t think that humanity has ever had the technology to colonize other worlds (would we be the original home planet, or one of the colonized worlds? Odds favor one of the many colonies…) as ancient Indian texts describe with hundreds of pages of technical details…

    There is still plenty of evidence for periodic (and very predictable) catastrophes that crash civilization and start the unprepared survivors off in a new stone age. Of course, any secret society that knows the duration of the cycle could make sure their descendants ARE prepared at the right time – and they would have the preparations to rule over everyone else.

    There seems to be a cosmic trigger for catastrophes on Earth; an active phase at the galactic center – which pushes out a burst of many types of energy, traveling outwards in a spherical wavefront at light speed. Dr. Paul LaViolette’s galactic superwave theory makes sense in this context. Also read:

      The Truth About Pole Shifts – FATE Magazine

      Third Secret of Fatima – Prophecy of a Pole Shift

      End Times and 2019

      Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

  • Pix

    Well, south east Africa is the right location to be that old, however the chances are it is no where near that old, I would not go beyond c30’000 BCE, for the simple fact that erosion would have done it’s work well in that large 200’000 year time span, there being two interglacial periods within that. The oldest modern human remains date back to c200’000 BCE from that location, but we have found no structural artifacts from that time period. While I agree that history is incorrect, that is mainly due to who wrote it. In the west history was written by all Christian scholars. If you were not a Christian you would have been denied an education, denied publishing literature of any kind. Which is why there are now revisionary anthropologists who use more forensic scientific means to determine history. rather than trying to force fit everything so it fit’s in with a dark age created magic fairy story book.

    • We are instructed not to cast pearls before swine, but I will make this one exception, as it is Christmas Day.

      The magic fairy tale book you describe has, encoded within its very first verse, a host of heavenly realities.
      Its words sum, in Hebrew numerology, to 2701.
      This number is unique amongst the first 5 quadrillion.
      If you imagine that mankind could ever, during his brief history, have known this fact, then you are more insightful than I.
      The very first word in this revelation, aka The Ultimate Assertion, is “Barasheet” in the Hebrew.
      Letters have not only numerical equivalents in Hebrew, but also intrinsic meaning.
      Thus the meaning of the first word in Genesis is “The Son of God will die by His own hand upon a cross”.
      Knowing how much the jews hate their Creator, it is therefore not likely that they would have encoded this message in their fairy-tale book’s very first word.
      Simple arithmetic also reveals the transcendental number pi in this first verse.
      This is a number without end; and thus it is highly analogous in kind to the One Who causes all things.
      ( Incidentally, the similarly-transcendental number “e” is encoded in John 1. 1 in precisely the same way. )
      Genesis 1, 1, as stated, sums to 2701. Add it to its reverse, and you obtain 3773, which proves to be its only factors.
      3 and 7 ?
      Where have we seen these numbers before?
      They are unique inasmuch as they are trifigurate numbers, and may be represented as stars, if assembling them with cent coins, pennies, or whatever coins you use.
      Thus Genesis 1, 1 can be represented pictorially as a Star of Stars, which, like the gates of some ancient city, were designed to impress all who entered therein.
      Ther is so much more, but I realize that attention spans are limited.
      “The Other Bible Code” w/s has much more evidence of the divine underpinnings which validate and support the Word of God.

      • Re. the number “pi”; this is a number which continually reveals more of itself, without end.
        What does this remind you of, when it is related to the Creator?
        Did He too, continually reveal more of Himself, as in “Jehovah-jireh”, etc, as events developed?

  • *waves hand* Hey Mr. Raccoon, im a Judeo-Christian and it was following YHWH that set me on the path of the hunt for our ancient history. He filled me with a great curioiusity and a understanding of the written word of the Bible that let me see more than what most took for granted.

    What set me on the track in the first place was that it appeared to me that Genesis was actually a conglomeration of TWO creation stories. With the first, the order of creation runs along the lines of order like one might expect from the theory of evolution, plants, fish, birds, reptiles, mammels, man AND woman, etc. And all of the heavenly host rejoiced.
    The second time, Man created BEFORE animals, apparently genetically altered domestic animals, that are brought to him for naming and called help mates. Then Woman. And at this point the heavenly rebellion has occurred and the Serpent is in the Garden, as Lucifer’s mouthpiece.

    With the ‘fall’ of man and his expulsion, we see that the connection with God (or rather the heavenly council) is not severed totally, there is still communication.
    From reading this, I never believed Adam and Eve were ‘cavemen’, not when you are tutored by divine beings, and tought all sorts of sciences, or when your children go out and directly found cities.

    The unearthing of the Sumerian clay tablets gave us more informationi to fill out what came down to us, greatly summarized, in the Bible. While following the custom of substituting the local city god as the hero of what ever stories were recorded, the stories themselves were painstakenly copied by scribes, like those that copied the Bible texts later, very painstakenly, seeking to preserve the original texts. While we do not (at least of yet) have the actual original texts from before the flood of Noah’s time, we do have the parallel stories that have down to us from the various peoples of that early time.

    Now we can put together some of the history that even the middleastern peoples knew at Christ’s time that we didn’t know today. The Great serpent for instance, we automatically think of Lucifer, but….the serpent in the Garden was not Lucifer but a separate entity that spoke for him, kind of like a possessed indivual or ‘henchman’. Sometimes we forget that these early ‘divine’ beings were also telepathic. Origionally not called Gods but shining ones /Nagas. They were not reptilian but mammalian. The reptile association came from the word that translated both as Shining one and Serpent (dinosaur /dragon actually). As well as the profession of DNA scientist, with the twin entertwined serpents symbol of the DNA strand.

    The linage of the Serpent, was the linage of the Egyptian gods such as Path, Thoth, Osirus, Horus and Ra. Both before and after the two great floods. Enki ruled over the Lower Earth, being Africa, before he and his annexed South America. The mines, with the depths at their deepest points hot indeed, became Hades and the underworld, and the Serpent’s offspring still being servents of Lucifer.

    The Fallen, Fallen angles, known as Gods of the past, and Jesus’s deciples claimed that these were the present day ‘devils’. To add a bit more to this… Jesus walked in the Garden of Eden, and is both Alpha and Omega. So he is also one of the Old ones of the heavenly host origionally. He prays to God as his father, in Heaven, so he is not exactly THE God of Heaven , yet to be with him is to be in God’s presence. This is understandable if you can realize that this Son of God, his only begotten, is also completely spiritually bound with him. Spiritually and Telepathically they are as one. Look further and compare prophesies and titles and you find his old testament identity is that of Michael, both being the Prince of Israel and Leader of the Heavenly Hosts.

    Yes, there are ET’s. = the heavenly hosts, both fallen and unfallen faithfull. War in heaven in the past, and continuing in the present is litteral. If the fallen violate the binds of the ‘rules of engagement’ concerning earth, they are bound up and removed from the picture. We are warned though , a time will soon come when the imprisoning Abyss will be opened.

    A false Christ or prophet returning in a space ship is not an impossablitly. Lucifer imitates a shining angel of light.
    But , there is a NEW Jerusalem of 200 by 200 miles heading our way as well. It will not land but orbit the earth, until after the millinium. There is much more of course, a lot of warnings about what the evil men are doing ..that we can see happening now. And I think a part of reveiling them and warning the rest of us about them, is divine interfearance in the cover-ups of the ancient History. What the Oligarchs wish to keep for themselves (they want the NWO being a ‘Earth Federation” with them at the top, envisioning a Star Trek style government), will be exposed for all to see. God deals DIRECTLY with mankind though each indivual, and they hate that. Remember WHO it was that Jesus chastised and outright condemned while he openly walked in Jerusalem? Not the sinners, just told them to repent and not continue…. but the RELIGIOUS Leaders, for what they had done to religion / dogma, instead of keeping things simple and plain. They served themselves and hungered for power, rather than served humbly the people.

    I have, in part seen some of the disasters that will happen soon, but also am uplifted by what the Redeemer will be bringing with him as presents for the people of Earth. Besides life itself, includes beautiful golden cities and unpolluted landscapes.

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