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Planet X Accidentally Disclosed by NASA at Recent Conference

Thursday, September 10, 2015 4:43
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In a word: Yes. Contrary to those who want to yell “Conspiracy Theory,’ or point fingers and  laugh, the United States learned as early as 1953 with one of our first infrared telescopes that we has an inbound bogey, or bogey’s I should say. Planet X is far more than just one massive planet. It just happens to be the outermost planet within a smaller solar system that is orbiting a dwarf star. You see, it has always been a well known fact that our solar system was a bit “different” than other solar systems, because we were not a binary system, meaning a solar system with two starts, once of which is typically a dwarf star. As it turns out, we’re not so different. 

In the first video below, you will see an unmistakable giant sphere in the heavens… one that with current astrological maps show is not there. So what is it then? As I said, scientists are well aware that many other documents solar systems contain two stars: A primary star, much like our own sun, and then a much smaller one, known as a dwarf star. Why would our solar system be different? The video shows our own solar system’s dwarf star (named Nemisis), with it’s outermost planet known by many as Nibiru, or Planet X. Nibiru is not the only planet orbiting the dwarf star Nemisis, however it is by far the largest and easiest to see. 

At some point further down, I am going to come back to what I am about to say, because I believe it to be the single most important series of events to ever take place on earth, and the knowledge surrounding them has been robbed from humanity by the global elites almost since the beginning go time.  I’ve been bringing up for these topics for weeks now with the help of work done by Un-Silent Majority, because contrary to popular belief, Planet X was known about even long before it was seen up on infrared telescope in 1953. It’s original discovery dates back to the 1800’s. All this time, the power brokers of this planet have sought to discredit anyone who learns pieces of the truth, and see to it they are ridiculed into silence by their lapdogs in the media. For over a hundred years their plan has worked. The only problem is technology is making it too hard to cover up any longer. That fact that global elites are becoming increasingly desperate and worried, is cause for great alarm, and I will discuss that shortly. Global elites likely just became even more worried when just recently, Google Finally Reveals Heaviled Controversial Planet X to the Public At Large. It did so by finally casing to cover up the heavenly body in its Google Sky App. In addition, at a NASA NEOWISE Conference, NASA Mistakenly Confirms the existence of Nibiru as well. Check out the gaff in the video below:

Is Nibiru real? Does it take Nibiru 3,600 years to complete one orbital journey? As you can imagine, the gravitational effects of a sizable planet moving close to the inner solar system would spell big trouble for planet Earth. Earth has been acting up lately with an increase in earthquakes, volcanoes, global warming (oops..I meant “climate change”), blending of seasons, and more. Open your mind a little and stop believing everything our so called scientists and NASA folks have to say. Every week NASA seems to have learned something new that was unthinkable.

First you have to understand that we might be part of a binary solar system. NASA just found a binary solar system last year. It would explain the earth’s wobble which is still unexplained today. Would it be too far off to believe that a planet can share both solar systems? If you took the time to watch this video, then you might be interested in this newspaper article and these Planet X abstracts. Explore this site and ask questions and share your thoughts.





Don’t let nay sayers fool you by saying that is “conspiracy nonsense.” Scientists have known about Planet X since the earliest days of Neptune’s discovery. Even back then, there was an unexplained enormous heavenly body large enough to pull our outer planers out of their normal orbits. Only recently has Nibiru come out from behind our sun where it has remained hidden for such a long time, but regardless of where it was, science know it was out there. Start out with the first video. It is the best video I have found that seems to include all of the factual knowledge we know about our incoming celestial neighbor. Take note the tone is calm. No one is screaming a collision of the planets and so on, at least not right now. This video is very calm, no cause for alarm, and just the facts we know. 

In the second video, you’ll see the red trail behind the mystery planet. No, it is not a camera malfunction. Even several disclosures by NASA insiders showing video from NASA’s observatory on the South Pole have showed a red debris field following the planet. 

The second video is called Planet X, an Illuminati Secret. The planet’s existence is FAR from a mystery. It has been known about for at least decades, maybe hundreds of years, but kept under lock and key by the world elite. This gets to the much bigger issue here. The third video shows a movie of Nibiru moving around our sun, and the videos at the bottom are a few that take note of the destructive force a planet like that could have should its current orbit come near earth sometime in the future.





In my post titled, Secret Societies Have Arranged For Trillions of YOUR Stolen Tax Dollars to be Spent On Underground Bunkers For Them, Not and not You, I include my summary of an interview with a fascinating man named Bob Fletcher. Bob claims that he was tasked getting involved in the matter at the direct request of President Reagan and George H.W. Bush. In hope of making this post a one-stop shop, I’ve included my summary below. It is based on an interview I listened to. 

As I mentioned above, Bob Fletcher was a guest on Coast to Coast AM on July 23, 2015. Bob’s had an interesting life to say the least. Having been a co-owner and victim of a partner who laundered corporate money for a covert CIA operation that provided guns to the Contras back in the 1980’s, that experience landed Bob not only in witness protection initially, but later as a consultant in several extremely delicate and high profile cases involving money laundering where Bob was asked to assist based on his experience with his prior business partner’s activity. Bob assisted on several various Congressional panels, others with the Pentagon, some with the CIA, and even with the National Security Agency. At one point Bob was even involved in assisting with the investigation into the Oklahoma City Bombing. The more these agencies asked for Bob’s help, the better he got at noticing when something fishy was going on with the accounting (my words, not his), and the more they asked for his expertise in later cases. His talent for quickly catching onto money laundering schemes is ultimately what became the catalyst for his quest to find Planet X. It was never something he sought out to do. 

In 2012, Bob was contacted by Congress, this time to help investigate where TRILLIONS of missing American tax dollars went… and so Bob’s latest adventure began. Very quickly, among other things, Bob realized the gold we are allegedly holding for other countries is long gone, along with so many other American assets, all with no explanation, and no tangible benefit he could locate. One thing led to another, and his experience catching covert CIA money laundering operations led to the shocking discovery that for some reason, in the early 1980’s, MASSIVE amounts of money were being funneled into Top Secret black op underground roads and facilities.  Further investigation led Bob to realize the U.S. is also funding (or co-funding) similar facilities for other nations in exchange for support with terrorism etc. It turns out, every major industrialized nation has been doing the same type of digging and constructing underground facilities since roughly 1983. That was when the first U.S. infrared telescope spotted Planet X. Since that time, the Vatican’s LUCIFER Telescope (YES – you read that right) has also picked up the incoming celestial object. 

Bob reports that the underground roads and facilities are being constructed on such a massive scale, it is rumored that some roads stretch over 800 miles underground between checkpoints. The machines the United States has conducting our drilling operations are so massive, when they pull out, they’ve bored a hole large enough for two 18 wheel tractor trailers to drive next to each other side-by-side. Our drills are reportedly the second largest in the world, with only China’s being larger. There’s are THREE TIMES the size of ours. 

Here’s the way I see this: Right now you’re either going to believe this story or you won’t; you’ll do further research into this story, or you won’t. You’ll plug your ears and scream, “NAH, NAH, NAH,” or you’ll open your eyes and ears to what your are reading and research further, however, what I say at this point I doubt will sway many people, so I’ll keep the rest of my summary brief. Bottom line: Bob’s investigations led to the discovery of between 100-103 facilities including the ones being actively constructed, and part of what made his discovery so easy was the massive amount of money going into alleged “infrastructure” projects. Uh, anyone with half a brain knows our nation’s infrastructure “above ground” is falling apart, so if TRILLIONS were being spent, someone would have noticed. At the very least Joe Biden would have his damn super railroad. 

Throughout the course of his investigations, Bob also found (and it may be included on his DVD, I don’t remember) a copy of a letter from FEMA that went out to every single dry food storage company in the country bluntly asking, “On 24 hour notice, how many tons can you provide and what will it cost? “ A similar situation happened with George Noory, who is the host of Coast to Coast AM. Patriot Supply is one of their sponsors, and they offer deep discounts to Coast listeners, and not long ago, they told George FEMA approached them looking to buy their entire inventory. Currently, it was a request, so it was denied. Patriot Supply continues to provide food storage for Patriots, but who knows? At some point that “request” from FEMA may change to a “demand” for all we know. Either way, since they are a sponsor, they felt obligated to tell the host George Noory.


“With the notable exceptions of Svalbard Seed Vault, and the government of Australia, the global community has taken a sarcastic, or perhaps measuredly protective, position regarding the dissemination of information as it applies to a possible near-term encounter. Since its discovery in 1982, Planet X was acknowledged by NASA, and in 1983, the IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) detected a large object in deep space and the JPL (You BETTER remember that name from a prevoius post titled, Nazi’s and Illuminati Directly Responsible For the U.S. Space Program, but Why) deemed it newsworthy on several occasions.”

Honestly, I don’t care what you believe about Planet X. I don’t. What I DO hope you recognize is that there is PLENTY of facts we’ve been given are NOT adding up. Believe what you want, but you might want to start asking some tough questions. You can pretend that Google Did Not Finally Reveal Heaviled Controversial Planet X to the Public At Large, and you can pretend to forget the fact that at NEOWISE Conference, NASA Mistakenly Confirms the existence of Nibiru, but neither is going to change the reality forcing yourself to forget either is not going to change the reality of the situation. What exactly is that reality? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps the planet flies by at a safe enough distance that the damage is minimal. 

Then again, in light of stories breaking like, Secret Societies Have Arranged For Trillions of YOUR Stolen Tax Dollars to be Spent On Underground Bunkers For Them, Not and not You.,  it would certainly seem some folks know more than the rest of us now would it? Those are just the military bunkers too. Those don’t even count the hundreds of millions spent by the most wealthy on the planet for their own personal bunkers of doom. 

In a previous post I wrote, It’s not just the multi-million dollar bunkers the super rich are building that should be alerting everyday Americans to the reality that a coming economic collapse is not just the far out belief of some fringe element of society, or mere “Conspiracy Nonsense.” Sure, there are some nuts out there… but are all the millionaires out there buying up hundreds of millions dollars worth of underground bunkers all nuts? Is that how you believe most of the super wealthy got their wealth? Being nuts? Really? Is that going to be your argument? In addition to the global elites building luxurious private bunkers like the ones in the video below, in a previous post I told you about The Global Elites Spending TRILLIONS of YOUR Tax Dollars on Underground Bunkers For Them, Not You.

At this stage of my discussion, notice I still haven’t talk about magnetic fields breaking down on earth, or pole shits,  or tsunamis wiping out man based on the gravitational pull of a body as large as Nibiru, and the reason is simple: I know nothing about those topics. You know what I DO know? When I am being lied to. In a post not too long ago I said I believe The Truth Movement and Illuminati May Hold Answers For Humanity’s Future. The key will be if the Truth movement can get the truth before it’s too late. I don’t know much. I gave far more questions then I will ever have answers. I wish more people were asking questions. Simply put, I don’t need to be a rocket scientist or an alien biologist to determine that something does not add up when TRILLIONS of dollars vaporize, and now there are by some reports over 100 massive underground facilities in the U.S. alone. Apparently all the other developed nations are doing the same. Remember this gem from Rumsfeld? Think the day he gave this was a coincidence, or did he KNOW the missing money would all be forgotten in 24 hours? 





Finally, don’t forget there is the issue of NASA beginning to practice shooting asteroids coming at the Earth? Think I’m kidding? You can find PLENTY of stories that came out of nowhere on that one. That gets to the heart of NASA’s plan if Nibiru does eventually present a threat, which is expected to be between December and March of this year coming up. All put together, it doesn’t seem to hard to figure out something major is coming. It also isn’t too hard to figure out there are no plans for the elite to take care of anyone but themselves. What is coming exactly? When? That’s anyone’s guess. Maybe the people will rise up and take control before that happens? All I know is very scary times lie ahead.  



Pt. 1: Illuminati Infiltrate NASA, Conceal Largest Lie in History, & Will Depopulate

Pt. 2: Nazi’s and Illuminati Directly Responsible For the U.S. Space Program, but Why

Pt. 3: Secret Societies Arranged For Underground Bunkers For Them, Not You.

Pt. 4: Why Are The Illuminati Planning To Crash the Global Economy

Pt. 5: What Is The Illuminati Doing To Usher in Global Martial Law?

Pt. 6: 74 NASA Scientists Dead: Largest Cover-up in Human History Continues

Pt. 7: What Dark Secrets Are The Georgia Guidestones Hiding From Humanity

Pt. 8: Former Illuminati Confesses on Obama, Space Program, Denver, and Aliens



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Largest City Ever? – Enormous 5,000 Year-Old Underground City Discovered 







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  • The jpl(JACK PARSON LAB)say we dont lie about somethings we
    lie about everything.CERN can flip the world the scum take your
    energy with falsehoods.Beware the nibiru lie or is it real and you do
    not believe only two ways to fack yourself.I believe in who sent me here.


    • Whoever sent you here should have given you a dictionary, or at the very least some basic instructions as it relates to proper grammar and punctuation.


    • I don’t care how brilliant Jack Parson was. I’m sure as hell not going to believe anything a compulsively orgy addicted satanist says. not if hell freezes over.

  • this is so stupid

  • theawakezone

    Nibiru will NOT come any time soon. Nibiru will pass Earth only in about 500 years. Sitchin showed us all calculations and did the math on this. So keep the facts straight. And when it comes around, and a word for the people living in that future, keep this in mind:

    It is not always so Nibiru causes problems for EARTH. But when this happens, it is because the path has changed or disturbed by chaos theory. What happens when chaos theory insert is that the device is disturbed by a sudden fluctuation in chaos theory. It is therefore sometimes Nibiru just doesn’t go in the exact trajectory it had last time.

  • NASA is a fraud which makes this article irrelevant.

  • Saved you a click: NASA gives an awkward “if there was something out there it’d be in a circular orbit” response to a caller about Nibiru.

    • Thanks Geep for actually watching the videos and give us a quick summary.

      • Always seems kinda shady when an article writer doesn’t bother doing this themselves. If actually quoting the video would weaken your argument, why are you using it?

  • Planet X!!! Ha.

    What a Maroon…… :mrgreen:

    • Maroon ! Sounds very harsh. What is it ?

      • Not old enough to remember Bugs Bunny cartoons?

        It was a way for Warner Brother to slip ‘Moron’ past the government censors way back when. Bugs would always call someone a ‘maroon’. :mrgreen:

    • Work better than that, develop your statement, it looks you are in a lack of inspiration, or perhaps too lazy, you must at least deserve your cheque at the end of the month :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Judas :cool:

  • It is this kind of FUD that makes serious PlanetX researchers the laughing stock of the interwebs. Yes, there aere *serious* planetX researchers too, but none are willing to “come out of the closet”, at the moment, so to spoeak and won’t until it’s right on top of us. If you wanted genuine fair warning to taker care oif your affairs, but don’t get any in time, blame the hoaxters, FUDsters, and the shills. Not me.

  • “Recent conference”??? :eek: You must be kidding,it’s from Sept.2011…

  • it’s an interesting theory, maybe

  • jdp…classified information is not leaked by accident, but used to orchestrate a means to achieve an end goal.

  • well frankly sick of the BS on this subject so lets go there
    For a start there is no word summarian called anunnaki it is in fact they are called the annuna (ki is a ancient term for the third dimension KI-GAL) which the annuna are not (nice try guys trying to inflate your egos) Annuna are 2 dimensional to us KUL-GAL(2nd dimension)(Annunakal would be a proper interpretation), they where created on the planet Duku in the system of Maia. The Annuna where genetically created by the Gina’abul (reptillian male ) as a sub species.NOTE-they are also known as the kingu babbal, albino draco`s.
    Created from the DNA of An(anu) the father of Gina`abul (reptilian males) and with the help of the Amasutum (female reptilians) and the Kadista (elohim)-life designers.
    note- although Gina`abul(male reptilian) and Kadista(life designers) are opposites they will work with each other to improve there DNA and there efforts always create more life.
    The Gina’abul do not breed via sex and niether do the females they use incredibly advanced cloning, the Amasutum (female reptilian), are aligned to the Kadista(life designers) what we define as the first race in the universe. The great war they talk about in genisis was in fact started by the Gina`abul against the females of there own species.Learn from this people.
    The Amasutum(female reptillian) had be come genetic masters and had learnt to and incorporated the DNA from lots of other species in theres of course the Kadista helped them which had allowed then to evolve faster and also gave them an incredible inner power. The Gina`abul(reptillian males) hated this and wanted there power (sound familiar).

    so what is called the great war started, there where of course lots of sub species and greys, they divided into factions and turned on each other. the war spilled across a third of the galaxy and vast amounts of destruction and lives where lost. Unfortunatley the war spread into our region of the galaxy and into our system. Then the conflict spread onto earth(usu) When they arrived on Earth(usu) they found the giant humans the gaurdians of eden the Kadista (life designers) had created them originally to protect there edin, but they where no match for the invaders and where defeated.
    At some point the Annuna turned on there alliance with the gina`abul(reptillian males) and the war for Earth(usu) started.
    Why did they turn.
    They are lazy and saw a chance to create a slave species, they blended giant human ape and gina`abul(reptillian male). By the way the war in the heavens had ended with treaties limiting contact between male and female reptillian. The Amasutum (reptilian females) also came to Earth(usu) under a secret agreement with the Kadista(life designers) and added some DNA to us to defy both the Annuna and Gina`abul this is the DNA that every one is talking about activating at a certain time.
    The thing you must understand is the pyramid with the all seeing eye must be looked at upside down. The base of the pyramid is the third dimension and the top of the pyramid is the first dimension and there are also two sub dimensions between the first and second dimension and the other is between the second and third dimension. the Annuna live mostly in the second dimension and a few can reincarnate into our dimension. the Gina`abul(reptillian males) live mostly on first dimension THE All SEEING EYE, the true hidden controllers, and can reincarnate in our dimension and by the way we can reincarnate in there`s. The Annuna and the Gina`abul (male reptillians) are still at war with each other and where just cannon fodder (chess pieces) in there bull shit. but they will soon have this control of earth (usu) removed from them by the Kadista (life designers) and most of us will shift up another dimension (DNA added).
    note- Our third dimension is higher than the third dimension the Annuna and Gina`abul they operate at lower resonance than us. So part of the agenda is to keep us in a negative state so as to lower our third dimensional frequency to be closer to there`s which is more like 2 dimensional to us.
    NOTES- there is no planet Niburu. Misinformation fed to the masses to keep them divided and confused (lower that resonance).
    The Kadista(life designers) are what we call 6th density life forms (no physicality) and deal directly with SOURCE. If they say jump the universe jumps including the reptilians you cannot defy that which works for source and good luck to any who think they can.

    • Your meter is off and needs calibrating.

      • The BS meter may be off but the Ooga Booga Booga meter is tuned within spec down to 1 1/1000 of a point. I usually round up to the nearest hundredth or tenth though for the sake of keeping it simple.

    • that might very well be ancient history but reading about it isnt anything like actually trying it

  • wherer did you get the interpretation annanuki rom ki is third dimension

  • garbage

  • my problem with this sentence===”Only recently has Nibiru come out from behind our sun where it has remained hidden for such a long time” is that we go around the sun, so the “red dwarf sun” cannot hide behind the sun because we get a full 360 degree view. anyone care to dispute?

    • At last someone who can think! Keep it up friend. The article above was entertaining as were the comments, but that’s all; so many many holes for the thinker. His facts and arguments about this body is likened to a soaked porous brown paper bag being filled with water, it just doesn’t hold under scrutiny. As for the underground installations, that’s another story. But this supposed body is just another layer of deceit, camouflage(a Chameleon) and keeping one distracted while the sheep are sheered first then slaughtered, and the world their playground; but not for long.

  • summarian language is not from earth in fact is what is termed one of the languages of the gods.
    Bablyonian and mesopatania and arkkadian languages are the first truly earth languages but are actually derived from the original Amasutum (female reptillain) language,(matrix language/language of light)NOTE-egytptian also falls into this catagory. The gina`abul(male reptilians) put there langauge between us and the language of the matrix The first level of control had been established and our interactions between us and the gods(gina`abul). So all languages are living and reflect the interactions of a society on every level and there view of self and universe. The summarian language is completely alien to us and thats why interpretation is difficult at best. Buts its thru babylonian and mesopotamia and arkkadian that give us the keys to understanding there language. Another way of putting this, is look at our modern languages they reflect our desire to decide our own course in this universe, Well sumarian is the gina`abul and there universal world view.
    sumarian tablets actually lack a lot of critical details (things missing) and we have to look else where for the clues
    as languages evolve from one to the next.
    Note sanskrit may also be good source as well.
    Note- look at place names in ancient sumer, babylonia, mespotamia and arkkadian and compare these to places in early south american civilisations, such as the olmacs and pre inca and myan tribes and the similarities are unbelievable.
    Note-you will also find similarities with the early north american indian tribes and african tribes.
    SORRY for any spelling errors

  • sorry error
    the gina`abul(reptilian males) put there language between us and the matrix language so distorting us.
    sorry about error.

  • note- at the end of the great war it was the Kadista(elohim/life designers) who forced a end to the war and forced treaties on all parties and if you did not want to do as you where told you would have been erradicated its obvious all parties complied with the Kadista. They only intervened when they had almost wiped them selves out genetically, less than a dozen Amasatum (female reptilians had survived the war.
    Like i said the kadista are the first race and answer to source and all others answer to them.
    thats the order of life in this universe.

  • the Imdugud(nordics/tall blondes), having derived there DNA from various et groups. they where created to try and resolve the conflict between the Annuna and the gina`abul and to bring the to parties under Tiamate (queen of the white draco also known as kingu babbal) Intended to be nuetral and act as mediators and messengers. they only succeeded in solving only there issues with the kingu babbal. they became bitter enemies to the annuna. to this day they are considered one of the most powerful groups here and keep to themselves these days. It is not known wether they have anything to do with the 2 reptilian factions anymore.
    Note-never approach a nordic if one reveals itself to you keep your distance and make no attempt to approach with out permisssion. they will kill yo if you overstep your place. but stay on there right side and they can be very helpfull.

  • Who wrote this drivel? I made it as far as half way through the second paragraph before my patience ran out and i’ll usually read any old drivel just for laughs. Sitchinist delusion that it is.

    • Speaking of Delusion with a capital D, maygirl, you brain washed from birth judeo-christo-FREAKS sure bought hook, line, and sinker the GREATEST LIE ever concocted by a bunch of white-skinned Caucasian male Tyrants (Roman) in ALL of recorded history!
      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
      YOU worthless believer in judeo-christo-CREEP-ism!
      :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • the nephlim raphiam are genetic experiments that went astray when the annuna and gina`abul began the process of creating us, if you like errors, dead end experiments

  • The author cannot proofread, or construct rational sentences, & appears to not only be incredibly arrogant, but completely insane. And NO, the Earth’s wobble is NOT ‘unexplained’.

  • Pluto is missing from that picture

  • come off the crack jack, you must be tripping, 420 blazing all the way?

    unbelievable sh*t pours out of you.

    The only bogeys for you to worry about are the ones dribbling out of your nose, powder addled chump.

  • I wonder if they like nachos? We might invite them over for a BBQ? The aliens I mean, have we tried that yet? It might work. They might be hungry after the long trip. Nacho’s and Mario cart? Why is it always room and gloom? It’s a big universe, if the empire don’t want us, why would anyone else? Right? Cuz I stayed, I like Nacho’s. It’s worth some thought.

  • Neanderthal news!!!!! :cool:

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