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Breaking News From Heaven And Galactic Federation Of Light! “Operation Home Free” Cabal Amnesty Explained, Debt Jubilee, Ending Current Reign Of Terror, Admonishment From Heaven To Prevent 1000 More Years Of Dark, “Low Key” Jesus And Ascended Master Sightings Around The World

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 11:52
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Breaking News From Heaven And Galactic Federation Of Light! “Operation Home Free” Cabal Amnesty Explained, Debt Jubilee, Ending Current Reign Of Terror, Admonishment From Heaven To Prevent 1000 More Years Of Dark, “Low Key” Jesus And Ascended Master Sightings Around The World

Dear readers~  As the lastest messages from Company of Heaven via Kathryn, and Galactic Federation Of Light via Mike Quinsey (both reposted below and highly recommended reading), we are in a very sensitive time, as the Light floods the planet, we are still left to deal with the fact, that we allow organized evil, to control every aspect of our lives… many lightworkers sit and wait… many humans yawn at these developments and updates from heavenly sources… demanding proof that the Light has already won… and yet one thing persists… it’s the cabal minions who are trying to take over our planet and lives.  There is a missing ingredient in freeing ourselves… you see, to be a free human being doesn’t involve being controlled by your mind or anyone’s mind… it’s all about heart… there is a need now more than ever for more heart energy from each and every one of us… many humans have mistakenly believed that force = power… when in fact, using force, shows how powerless you actually are…. the cabal too, have demonstrated much force… and are thus, demonstrating that they have little power… only the power of the illusion-matrix, is what they believe to be real, but is not.

Previous heavenly messages have elluded to a new financial system that will include a debt jubilee… essentially wiping the slate clean of all bean-counting…. and why as this current financial system is flawed and crooked, it is geared towards evil controlling everything… so why not let it go? 

Operation Home Free Cabal Amnesty? Basically, there is a need on earth to deal with the evil we have allowed to control every aspect of our lives… Operation Home Free, is an effort… do you support it?  What do you support, to deal with the situation on earth?  Are you one of those humans who want to be free from the cabal, but can’t stop supporting illuminati artists, and their mind control movies, music and media?  Do you realize that by entertaining yourself with darkness, is effectively choosing darkness?  Are you really okay with 1000 more years of darkness? Will that be ‘entertaining’?

Heaven is suggesting from the admonishment that we are not exactly ‘home free’ yet….  of creating 1000 more years of darkness, that each of us has a response-ability to join more with heaven and the rest of the multiverse… ask yourself, why did you come to earth anyways?  Just to be used and abused and then to whine about it… or did you come here under self-direction to challenge yourself, to rise up in your power to return home to the light, where all souled-beings originate?  Think about it… feel it with your heart… can you envision a reality free of darkness, or is the mind control so prevalent in you, that you cannot come up with a good reason to join with heaven and the ones who created you and this planet?  What can you personally do, to end the reign of terror in your mind, that says agreeing with satan is okay, and taking an unpopular stance with heaven, is not okay?

As the ships from the galactics continue to show themselves in our skies, so too, can we expect more sightings of Jesus Sananda and the Ascended Masters… in “Operation Peek-a-boo”…. in fact it sounds like there are going to be many more surprises, from both sides… the end of September will prove to be rather interesting…

 See what appeared over Costa Rica yesterday on their Independence Day!  Galactic Federation Of Light saying hello perhaps earthlings?  

I know many lightworkers and humans just take the wait and see approach, whining and complaining as if that is going to be helpful… but we also remember that all that is required for darkness to prevail, is for the Light to do nothing. Imagine if you were harmed in a traffic accident… would it suffice I walked by and said, “I send you light and love”… or would a helping hand be more appropriate, as light and love in action? Do you think earthlings got the distinction of creating the darkest planet in the universe, with love or fear? Earth… Is Now The Center Of Interest In The Universe, As Densest Planet In The Universe 

Human you have some love inside, it needs to come out… or you will suffer, it has always been this way.

Indian in the machine

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Mother’s Mini-Message #22:   Operation Home Free
by Mother God

Dearest Children, I have an important message for all of you.  I will embed with this message the pictures and feelings that I hope will make it possible for you to understand the deepest meanings behind my words.
This is a turning point for Earth.  All of you have worked so hard to lift yourselves higher and higher within yourselves, and you have turned your attention to creating Light all around you with your loving actions.  You have made it possible, in accordance with our long-standing agreements, for us to contribute in important ways. 
You may not have been able to see the effects of what we have done, because the last layer of darkness left on Earth has been controlled by the remaining cabal – the minions who are left here since the Archon Alliance, the Anunnaki, and the Reptilians all left to return to the Light.  Our combined important actions did not change the effects of the last remnants of the most dedicated practitioners of darkness – those remaining in human bodies – the ones you have called the 13 families, the Illuminati, or the cabal.  Their intransigence has been without precedence in the Universe, which you may find as much a revelation as we do.
As we have told you, you were created in our image.  Humankind was designed to be sturdy, resilient, resolute and determined.  These qualities are displayed in full measure among the ones who have aligned themselves with the dark and destructive Matrix – a system of programmed thoughts and feelings that was created by their handlers and mentors who have since left it behind to return to us in the Light.  Ironically, the cabal allegiance to darkness is a demonstration of these very qualities we intended for you, simply misdirected in service to a program that is now obsolete.
It is not surprising is it, that our brightest and most experienced souls came to Earth in this lifetime to stand against the most powerful of their brethren who are holding fast to their dark belief system. Regardless of whether their strengths be used for good or evil, all our human children have the qualities of strength and determination.
These are human qualities you have seen demonstrated everywhere across the globe, by many who cling to their religious and cultural beliefs in the face of all opposition.  You do not think of religious fanatics as cabal, or belligerent political separatists as Illuminati, but the strains of obstinacy, opinionated positioning, pious self-righteousness, the use of violent imagery of all kinds – all are an outgrowth of the allegiance to darkness.  They are also an outgrowth of the valiant human spirit. 
This is what we see in our human children – the combination of their wondrous bodies and minds, their eternal souls whom we have known since their birth, and the present culmination of lifetimes of experience here on the darkest of all planets, your beloved Terra.
Those of you who have held fast to your Faith and your own determination to bring Light to your planet have appealed to us with such urgency and heart-felt longing to bring an end to this terrible struggle that you have inspired round-the-clock efforts on the part of the Company of Heaven to find a quick and peaceful end to this current reign of terror.  It has continued in spite of the programs conducted in the Temple of Light in which the higher selves of the Earth cabal were rehabilitated and trained to bring their incarnates back to the Light.  We acknowledge to you now that we truly expected this dramatic shift to have a more immediate effect on the ground.
In response to your continued cries to put an end to the suffering these determined incarnates have perpetrated on all with their sadistic programs of chemical, biological and sound frequency pollution, we are moving quickly into a new phase which must, by definition, be felt by all of you on the ground.  I am speaking with you now of these things in order to appeal for your support and wisdom in carrying them out.
Operation Home Free is already under way.  It is an amnesty program that will work most quickly and efficiently to remove those who are causing the greatest harm.  If we were to proceed with prosecution of all, programs which have been going on for years, it would require continuing years of evidence gathering, court procedures and agonizing divisiveness amongst our children, including the Lightworkers.  We wish to take the most merciful and swift path to resolving the nightmare that is darkness on Planet Earth.  Do not think, Dear Ones, as I hear you preparing to object, that this is “letting them get away with it.” 
I assure you, if every person on Earth who had participated in darkness were to be taken away in handcuffs to jail, all of you would be under arrest.  Revenge and punishment is part of what created the current dilemma, and it cannot be resolved with violence or retribution.  Beware what you wish for for those you consider your enemies, or you will find yourself in another millennia of war, poverty and suffering, with or without the cabal.
Now, with that admonishment ringing in your lovely ears, let me continue to tell you what our Operation Home Free really is.  It is an opportunity for the cabal members who are here on Surface Earth in bodies to leave their positions of power over the current destructive programs, and to turn themselves in, without prejudice, as you say in the law.  It is the only way to clear away all programs and to allow the people who are running them – and there are millions – to turn away from the vortex of planning, designing and executing the complex web of dark programs through which they control every element of life on Earth. 
The ones in charge are as much prisoners of their own programs as you are, for they each fear the retribution of their families and colleagues as much as you do.  There is no way for them to leave their niche in the great wheel of the Matrix, even if they wanted to, without an escape route to safety.  They will be offered refugee status if they agree to leave all connection to the old power systems behind.  Like refugees from war-torn countries, they will leave everything they have known and profited from, to seek protection in the Light.
We must be able to offer and provide physical safety for those who choose willingly to leave, and we will guarantee that they and their loved ones who flee with them be treated with dignity, and be provided opportunities to join in the efforts to dismantle the programs they helped to create, as a part of their restitution efforts.  We have seen how powerful and effective are our Reptilian children who came to the Light.  They will be helping to organize and teach the restoration programs for refugees from the cabal, just as they were welcomed and restored to their capacity to be dedicated Lightworkers.  All are working with the Ashtar Command to establish safe zones for escapees.
You are already feeling a massive shift in the Light quotient on Earth, which we are sending to you in preparation for the implementation of Operation Home Free.  There are many Lightworkers now in the ranks of the military around the world, and especially in the United States, who are prepared to oversee a massive program of this sort.  They will work with our teams of angels and Masters, overseen by your beloved Ashtar, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Kwan Yin and St. Germain, among others.  They are working closely with their twin flames on the ground to create fertile ground for the success of this program. 
One of the previews to this great change has been to allow some of our well-known and recognizable Masters, including Sananda and Archangel Michael, to provide “Sightings” of themselves around the world, to reassure Lightworkers that they are as interested in making contact with all of you as they are in bringing the cabal under our direction.  They have begun doing this in a very low-key way, appearing to some who are quietly in support of the Light.  This will increase, just as the sightings of ships are increasing, to include some who will write about their “visions” on the internet.  What our delighted and very humorous Masters now call “Operation Peek-a-Boo” will soon become “Operation Hello, Everyone!”
My beloved children, my heart sings with delight as we see the glorious effect of all these efforts take hold in your dimension.  It is like the updraft through a great chimney – the sparks rise on the waves of bright energy, as you all raise your eyes to the sky and speak to us with one voice.  We hear your cry, Beloved Ones.  We hear you saying, “We want peace on Earth.  We want an end to suffering and a new life without fear and without the old heaviness and dread we have lived with for what seems an eternity to us here on the ground.  We long for the freedom and happiness we envision as our New Golden Age.  We are ready!”
Yes, Dear hard-working and dedicated Children of the Light, you are ready.  Indeed you are, and we are delighted with your contribution to this glorious transition.  You have led the way, Dear Ones, and we could not love or respect you more.
I am your loving Mother God, awake and alive and vibrating in the frequencies of joy that you will feel as the updraft that will carry you all into the celebrations of Life, Love, Joy and expansion you will feel within yourselves and around you from this day forth.  Breathe with us, Beloved Children.  We are creating a New World with you as the ones who will carry it forward.  We have promised you a New Golden Age, but even we of the Company of Heaven are breathless as it comes into being before us.  We are doing this together, Beloved Creators.  We are One.
I am your Mother God, beside you in all you do.  I love you with unending admiration and joy. 
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, September 15, 2015 
Community Corner
“Above All, This Reality Shift Needs Your Heartfelt Support”
Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy



11 Etznab, 11 Zip, 12 Manik

Selamat Balik!  Our allies are coming together to defeat the dark cabal.  This operation is seemingly taking longer than initially expected.  The world conceptualized by the Anunnaki is filled with hidden mental traps.  What is needed is a newer construct.  With Heaven’s approval we have put forth a new reality modeled upon the one you all know and love!  This reality is now being manifested by the numerous decrees of Heaven.  It is one, which the Light can, at times, find hard to fully fathom.  Nonetheless, these brave souls of the Light continue to move forward.  The dark controlled the old, cruel reality with a diligence that forced you to accede mightily to their heinous desires.  This dark, silent controller still maintains a certain hold upon you, but this is starting to fade from the inner desires of the Light’s leadership.  It is being replaced by a deep need to fulfill the decrees of the Light for a new and more just reality.  These desires are currently driving the ancient families to complete the construction of a new reality that firmly isolates the dark cabal from its former subjects.  Thus, the dark is ultimately doomed as this new reality begins to flesh itself out.
Above all, this reality shift needs your heartfelt support.  One of the major outcomes of this change is the rise of new perceptions about how the world is supposed to work.  As you grow up, you are constantly bombarded by your environment, your parents and friends to act or react in an acceptable manner. This acculturation process is really “second nature” to you.  You now need to learn a new set of parameters, designed to expand your view of the world. This is required to truly alter this present reality.  These powerful new perceptions are the main key to the path to full awareness.  Up to now, Heaven has used your rising consciousness to permit a subtle degree of change to creep into your reality.  This process is to be quickened as various funds become available.  Hence, new banking regulations, a global currency reset and the rise of precious-metal backed monies is to greatly alter your everyday reality. This reality is to be centered on personal growth, outer peace and the start of a final path toward full consciousness.
As you grow in consciousness and begin to take on new chakras, remember the perilous journey that began when the Anunnaki changed the game and forced you to endure nearly 13 millennia of limited consciousness.  This terrorized you and led to a number of edicts being given you by the Anunnaki. The dark isolated you from your brethren in Inner Earth (Agartha) and preached a power concept that caused you to question how Heaven was to defeat the dark cabal and its many minions.  This group of minions was first given a whole host of powers that the Anunnaki slowly redefined over many millennia.  In the end, the minions felt they were all-powerful and defied their former masters’ edicts to acquiesce to the Light and permit Heaven to end the long dominance of the dark.  Instead, these dark ones forged a scenario that prolonged their evil shenanigans for an additional twenty years. However, their misdeeds are about to isolate them from you.  You are very close to freedom and new governance, as well as an incredible era of peace and freedom.
This coming age has taken an extended time to achieve.  Long ago, the dark was given a very specific carte blanche.  This special set of exceptions was to last a relatively short period.  At a specially appointed time, Heaven was to regain its Loving hold over you and in a very detailed manner, finish a means to return you to a full awareness.  This is to restore those abilities the Atlanteans had taken from you.  This process was to be centered on a special living crystal chamber. In effect, the Agarthans and us are to welcome you home.  This process is to permit you to remember your former roles as rebels in Atlantis. In this mode, you can use your abilities to join with the Agarthans and forge a unique galactic society destined to spread itself throughout the other three water planets.  These planets are again to be returned to their former state within this special solar system.  This solar system is to become one of the major gathering places for the Galactic Federation as well as many “galactic unions” that are now made up of over 20,000 nearby galaxies. 
Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters!   Millennia ago, the dark cabal were given a time dispensation by Heaven.  This ruling was to better prepare each of us for this time.  Along the way, Heaven told its heavenly guardian to set up a special group that was to graciously aid these blessed divine hosts. We were chosen over the years to fulfill these most sacred posts.  As all of us on the Earth plane head toward a new day, we need to remain ever aware of what is now expected of us.  We Masters have come together to freely guide you on the final part of a path that began with the abdication of the Anunnaki and the sudden rise of their minions, the dark cabal to power in the mid 1990s.  Since then, the many types of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical changes have truly gripped you.  Our sacred task is to support, aid and mercifully guide you down this most glorious path to full awareness.  As this divine path unfolds, you are seeing and feeling more of our special supervision of your sacred souls! This task requires you to remain positive and to set aside any potential frustration. You need as well to sense the inner changes that occur daily. We are to assist you in this magnificent knowing.
The coming time is to be one in which many near miraculous events are to suddenly manifest.  See these as signs that this former dark realm is changing for the better.  The debt jubilee, the sudden prosperity and the growth of world peace are heavenly signs of this.  Be ever grateful and go inside.  Use these events to gather up your dreams and discover what these events truly signify for you.  In this mode, thank Heaven and look for clarification of what this means to you.  This is to be a time for inner work and for doing the right thing.  Join in harmony with your family and friends.  Aid each other and be a part of a developing harmony.  Let this energy grow!  You are to see great things alter your perceptions of this world.  Help the efforts to aid humanity and permit Gaia to see how wonderful this slice of humanity truly is!  This is a time for joy and for achieving many positive goals.
Most of all, let your overwrought anticipation go.  Instead, slip into a positive, supportive energy.  The time for frustration is over.  Most of you have waited through nearly a decade of unrequited wishing for what is now forming around you.  Be gracious and support what is occurring.  Be able to view all in a most gracious Light.  Use your ability to cooperate with each other to globally signal that a new time has at last arrived.  The fading away of the dark happened due to the unselfish efforts of a great many.  Acknowledge them by showing your inner appreciation of these most courageous deeds. You are now ready with this great work to be able to create a new reality.  Think of this responsibility in the most positive and gracious of ways.  Be able to volunteer freely and watch with true intent what is globally happening.  Be one whose intentions are to help and to fulfill your grandest dreams in joy! Hallelujah!
Today, we have as before, given you a general update on what is happening on this globe.  Be ready to receive news and events, which can initially amaze you.  Once the cabal is gone, some events never before thought possible are to occur.  We stand ready to inform and to explain to you what all of this means! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!  So Be It!  Selamat Gajun!  Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One!  and Be in Joy!)

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  • Woohoo! My daily dose of Space Jesus and Hope Porn all right here for my viewing pleasure

  • Ancient superstitions still exist sadly and because of this people are easily swayed to believe someone or something will save them , extra energy coming from above,age of whatever, numbers aligning, is all superstitious .
    When it is a supposed ET, people seem to be in awe.
    If there was such a thing I too would be respectful, but they would only be using standard universal physics created by God.
    Now if someone had shown me a modern “smart” phone when I was a child I would have been in awe.

    There is nothing to fear if you have faith, in the end we all die and dying is absolutely nothing to fear.
    You have been given the Holy Spirit as your defender, now you only have to open the door of your heart and it will enter. You are a spirit in a three dimensional body.The body dies and your spirit personality goes on .
    Sorry ,but the cavalry are not coming to save you, you have the God given strength to overcome any earthly adversity, Gods’ power is ultimate,everything else withers in time.

    • Indian. Not trying to slight you in any way, I have read your thoughts in your own story compilations and in the comments section of other stories and believe you to be a good genuine human being with a great heart, I know you truly believe what you say and I am respectful of that. Love to you,Norry.

      • You took the words right out of my mouth Norry. The Indian man seems to have a great heart but I think it’s time to change the channel. I hear there’s a good football game on tomorrow Indian. :grin: Peace be with you my brother! :smile:

      • Norry~ thanks for your comments… I’ll add a few to ponder for some clarity:
        -There is record of previous ET visitations in earth history; and we are in a more precarious time, therefore the visitation is likely coming this time too.
        -The universe is multidimensional…. the third dimension is only one layer of the onion.
        -Standard physics is multidimensional as is standard technology, ‘out there’.
        -The body does not have to die this time; we are at the end of an age, and an ascension.
        -No one is coming to save us, but we have help, that humanity ignores at it’s own peril.
        -Everyone has god power within us. With love, Indian

  • Jesus with long hair again. The Bible says Jesus did not have long hair like Bruce Caitlyn. Catholic BS again.

  • In a nutshell…This is essentially so right on…At the end of the day, there are no excuses…only 2 choices…Love or fear…Which do you prefer ? Take a moment & think about it…Irrespective of any circumstance, all of us make 1 of these 2 choices at any given moment..I hope & suggest we all move forward choosing wisely.

  • Repent.

  • it’s like reading a fanfic

  • Those who come will not be spiritually enlighten, but come from the Greater Community
    Who are here to take advantage of human ignorance and expectations.

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