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Why Governments Promote Deadly Nuclear Energy and Ban Beneficial Hemp

Friday, March 10, 2017 23:33
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deadly nuclear vs. beneficial hemp

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

It is incredibly difficult to encapsulate lies, spin and omitted truths into a single idea that can be understood by those who are systemically compelled to ingest the results of those lies. But here goes….

Societal fraud, whether outright lies or omitted truths (which are just clever lies), requires a whole series of resolute paradigm insistence and institutional dictum. Societal fraud essentially says that 2 + 2 = 5, or that what you are seeing  clearly is something else entirely. And it is done in such a way that you believe it – or are ostracized for not believing it. Societal lies are so many and so multi-faceted that the truth can be obscured (nearly)  completely by specific bogus intricacies – and, as was the intention of those intricacies, most of us are lost in the fog.

There are so many facets and rivets to the mechanical lies that society accepts today, built with so much shoddy misdirecting material, that to deconstruct the machine and understand how we arrived from point A to point C requires an understanding of history, politics, psychology and human behavior that goes way beyond the pale, so to speak. Or we can simply ask the right questions…..

Asking the Right Questions

We have so much technology and access to information, it is as if we can permeate the Akashic field with our fingertips. But without knowing the right question to ask, we ask the questions that lying mechanizations direct our minds to ask. What good is access to information when all one wants to do is find out what Kim Kardashian is wearing today?

Without extensive questioning in the first place, we are left so many degrees of separation away from the information we truly need. With the right frame of reference and the correct questions, the information can be found, the structure of the ‘lying machine’ becomes evident, and occasionally, one can find out who built it and even why (although these points can be more difficult to source).

While inconvenient information may be obscured by government spin and media selectivity, the truth is all out there. Knowing where to look, how to search, and what questions to ask is the key. For example:

  • Want to see evidence published by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration that demonstrates the ingredients they continue to approve for use in commercial sunscreens, deodorants and medications include substances that cause photosensitivity  and which can cause cancer when exposed to the sun? Click here.
  • Want to read the Convention document that legally protects the nuclear industry from liability for its disastrous ongoing meltdowns, and attaches the liability to you, the bonded taxpayer? Click here.

There are many ways to see the world. With an open mind and a curious attitude (which requires one to admit there are things one doesn’t know) one can take a look at the world in completely new ways. And with the right tools at your disposal, this will help you come to profound new answers.

Understanding how to think critically is crucial to asking the right questions – and utilizing the basic four types of information can help you do it.

In any situation, where opposing views are presented, one typically asks: “Is it one? Is it the other?” But a critical thinker, with the Matrix of Four at their disposal, asks: “Is it one? Is it the other? Is it neither? Or is it both?”

[Editor’s note: for a more detailed examination of this concept, check out Ethan’s book The Matrix of Four, The Philosophy of The Duality of Polarity]

Political Formality vs. Truth

To focus our perspective, we must understand the difference between individuals and institutions. The institutions in our supposedly democratic society have incrementally created an oligarchy — a slanted system that affords power and benefit to ‘the few’ over ‘the many’. And the most dangerous system on Earth, by far, is that of nuclear experimentation.

Nuclear reactions have the potential to permanently endanger our Earth, just as they have already done, and to render it uninhabitable. So why does our society accept the risks inherent in nuclear industries? The answer is: oligarchical collectivism. Despite its dangers, it is profitable to ‘the few’.

Pro-nukers will be quick to note the different sub-sets of the nuclear experimentation industry, being power generation and weapon detonation, in an attempt to separate the concept of nuclear power from the dangers of nuclear weaponry. The immediate problem with this thinking is two-fold:

1) while a global industry has been built around nuclear power generation, the ongoing failings of the nuclear industry demonstrates it is still just experimentation. A nuclear reaction is uncontainable, so when things go wrong, the industry has no back up plan – other than to squash public discussion of their failure and pass the financial cost of the clean up onto the public.

2) as currently evident in Iran, and elsewhere too, is that nuclear power generation experimentation can produce the radioactive elements required for dirty bombs and depleted uranium munition, as well as atomic and nuclear detonation devices.

Despite what pro-nukers might say, there are clear industrial/institutional links between the two supposedly different aspects of nuclear experimentation.

Furthermore, all life on Earth is poisoned by radioactivity, regardless of its intended use. Our physical being does not know the difference between radioactive elements that were spewed from an unplanned meltdown or from intentional detonation. With both sub-sets of the nuclear industry, the end result is the same; radioactive contamination and death.

Radioactive pollution is a direct cause of cancer in all living beings and causes disease and entropy on a level that is beyond the pale of our common collective understanding. The poisons of nuclear experimentation are invisible and yet are so entirely deadly that those elements could instantly cause the extinction of all life on Earth. There would be no great notification, no presidential announcement, no breaking news bulletin… the sun would still rise and set, we just wouldn’t be alive to see it.

One of the ‘comforting’ misnomers promoted by the nuclear experimentation industry – aside from the direct lies – are that no one died as a direct result of Fukushima radiation exposure. Let’s put political and corporate formality aside for a moment….

Is the permanent evacuation of an entire region not akin to death? Has the nuclear industry followed the ongoing progress of the 36% of people in the Fukushima prefecture who were diagnosed with thyroid cancer following the 2011 meltdown — and the estimated 1 million people in Japan who will suffer from cancer as a result? Does the thousand tons of radiation still leaking into the North Pacific each day not threaten the lives of countless marine animals? The lives of countless other species? And the health of our ecosystem and food chain?

According to Ken Buesseler, senior scientist in marine chemistry at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, both short-lived radioactive elements, such as iodine-131, and longer-lived elements, such as cesium-137 can be absorbed by phytoplankton, zooplankton, kelp and other marine life, and then transmitted up the food chain to fish, marine mammals and humans. Other radioactive elements including plutonium, which has been detected outside the Fukushima plant, also pose a threat to marine life.

Another misunderstanding that is pushed by the nuclear industry is that the Pacific Ocean will dilute the radioactive poisons that are now endlessly emanating from the failed Fukushima plant, causing minimal damage to the marine environment. However, the Pacific Ocean will only distribute the carcinogenic elements that cause entropy and death for time immeasurable. There is no diluting radioactive particulate, it can only be dispersed. On this topic, Buesseler states:

“My biggest concern is the lack of information. We still don’t know the whole range of radioactive compounds that have been released into the ocean, nor do we know their distribution. We have a few data points from the Japanese — all close to the coast — but to understand the full impact, including for fisheries, we need broader surveys and scientific study of the area.”

Despite the cloud of corporate and political rhetoric, the disastrous impacts of the Fukushima disaster are clear. In April 2011, Japanese news outlet NHK World reported that:

… Tokyo Electric Power Company says it detected 300,000 bequerels of iodine-131 per 1 cubic centimeter, or 7.5 million times higher than the legal limit, in samples taken around the water intake of the No. 2 reactor.

… [a] sample also shows 1.1 million times higher than the national limit of cesium-137 whose half-life is 30 years.

Perhaps the industry representatives who promote such misnomers would be prepared to step outside the safety of their city offices and relocate to nuclear facilities themselves?

Invisible Pollutants

The facts are clear…. Nuclear experimentation inevitably leads to meltdown or detonation, both of which cause cancerous cell division, entropy and a silent death.

But today, we’re living out an oligarch’s ideal scenario; energy corporations that deal in invisible pollutants over visible pollutants are better able to lie and omit the truth. Their damaging effects cannot immediately be seen or heard, and so are easily clouded with spin, dogma and faulty ‘science’. Although there is nothing ‘standard’ about nuclear experimentation, lying and truth-stretching are apparently the industry’s standard operating procedures. It protects its own narrow interests, and risks our lives and our planet in the process.

It’s time for the spin to stop.

We have the technology to make a safer, cleaner world. Part of the problem is the oligarchy, or as George Orwell put it, “oligarchical collectivism” — the interlinking of oligarchical institutions. Regardless of what nuclear advocates may tell you, the nuclear industry has been riddled with cancer, contamination and coverups since its inception. The problem is that, until now, we have accepted the status quo.

The Juxtaposition of Hypocrisy

Juxtapose the most dangerous and cancerous globally promoted system in the world, ever, that of nuclear experimentation, with the most practical and medicinal plant in the world; hemp.

The elements in marijuana/hemp are medicinal in so many ways we are only beginning to understand its potential. Research has shown that hemp repairs DNA, and ironically, potentially repairs the damage that radioactive particulates of nuclear experimentation cause. In fact scientists are discovering that the beneficial medical properties of this prohibited plant are numerous, ranging from treatments for a range of cancers and tumorsAlzheimer’s diseaseHIV/AIDSchronic pain and seizure disorders. Yet, while research has shown cannabis to be beneficial to health, it has been classified as a dangerous Schedule 1 drug by the US federal government, outlawed, and made illegal. Many pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, have gone unchecked despite causing more fatalities than traffic accidents, killing over 100,000 people each year in the US alone. In fact, even slightly more than the recommended dose of Tylenol can kill you, while THC-free hemp will simply boost your immune system.

We’re also just beginning to grasp the totality of its industrial usefulness. Hemp can be used to create countless building materials, plastics, paper, bio-fuel and textiles, as well as foodcosmetics, and even hemp milk, with a neutral impact on the environment. For example, unlike traditional concrete, the production of Hempcrete is carbon-negative, storing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

On the environmental front, hemp cultivation results in little to no environmental degradation, and provides numerous environmental benefits. In fact, just one acre of hemp crop produces more oxygen than 25 acres of forest land, which means hemp farming is a perfect way to offset rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

For our health, hemp has been proven to create miraculous results. As a food, Hemp Seed is far more nutritious than soybean, contains more essential fatty acids than any other source, is second only to soybeans in complete protein (but is more digestible by humans), is high in B-vitamins, and is 35% dietary fiber.

The absurdity of this situation is that the United States uses hemp, despite its legal status. In 2010, U.S. retail sales of hemp-based products passed $400 million. In 2010, Canada subsidized its hemp industry with over $700,000 more in funding, increased crop sizes and “fortified the inroads the Canadians are making in U.S. markets at the expense of our farmers”… while U.S. hemp imports have grown 300 percent in the last decade, and 35 percent since 2009.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that domesticating hemp production in the United States will create jobs in an already thriving U.S. hemp industry.

Just as importantly, hemp plants have been found to “eat” radiation, offering humanity a viable solution to the ongoing problem of environmental radiation poisoning created by the the nuclear industry’s inability to safely store its permanent waste, and its disastrous history of accidents and meltdowns. Dr. Ilya Raskin from Rutgers University’s Biotechnology Center for Agriculture and the Environment, who was sent by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to examine food safety at the Chernobyl disaster site, has discovered that hemp plants actually repair radioactive soil. As reported by Hemp For the Future:

Phytoremediation is the process whereby green plants remove toxins from the soil. Plants can extract specific elements within their ecosystem and still thrive. They accumulate the toxins in their tissues and root systems but remain undamaged. Sunflowers have been known to do something similar for centuries, eliminating heavy metals and pesticides from damaged soil… Through phytoremediation utilizing hemp, among other plants, the soil, and thus the food supply could be saved from toxicity. 

So the question must be ask of government…. why, again, is hemp prohibited?

The Final Word

Hemp offer endless benefits, health and otherwise, while nuclear experimentation offers us endless threats to our existence.

The reason that nuclear experimentation is globally promoted and hemp is (largely) prohibited is because of oligarchical collectivism. Nuclear experimentation requires the extraction, refinement and burning of elements so dangerous that only a few government/corporation collectives can deal in it and with it, while only a few actually benefit from it. On the other hand, hemp cultivation and harvesting can be done by everyone, everywhere. Hemp is such a productive plant, requiring the attention of weeds, that anyone could grow it and benefit from it. It is natural and cannot be patented and cannot therefore generate exclusive profits for the pharmaceutical industry which, according to research from Urch Publishing, is expected to be worth more than $1 trillion in 2014, marking a 5% compound annual growth rate.

In short, decriminalizing hemp runs completely counter to the agenda of the overt and covert liars who now rule the most powerful institutions in the world.

When viewed in contrast, the global promotion of the most dangerous stuff found between here and the sun, and the relatively recent prohibition of one of the most beneficial plants and agricultural systems humanity has known for thousands of years, is very revealing. This juxtaposition speaks of financial interests at the expense of humanity and the Earth mother, and of a shadowy system of power some (1%) hold over others (99%) in our society. It is irrefutable evidence that our society has been taken over by oligarchs with the divine right of corporate personhood.

In order to overcome this destructive situation, humanity must come together with a clear worldwide declaration, one that all of humanity can stand behind, one that all people can understand and endorse, one which benefits us all.

My declaration: I demand nuclear experimentation be prohibited and that marijuana/hemp cultivation be promoted.

Please share this idea.

It’s your voice, your choice. Nukes or nugs?

The Little Green Book of Revolution

The Little Green Book Of Revolution - Ethan Indigo SmithThe Little Green Book of Revolution is an inspirational book based on ideas of peaceful revolution, historical activism and caring for the Earth like Native Americans.

A pro-individual and anti-institutional look at the history of peaceful proactive revolution, it explores the environmental destruction inherent to our present energy distribution systems and offers ideas to counter the oligarchical institutions of the failing ‘New World Order’.

The Little Green Book of Revolution is available here on Amazon.

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Ethan Indigo SmithActivist, author and Tai Chi teacher Ethan Indigo Smith was born on a farm in Maine and lived in Manhattan for a number of years before migrating west to California. Guided by a keen sense of integrity and humanity, Ethan’s work is both deeply connected and extremely insightful, blending philosophy, politics, activism, spirituality, meditation and a unique sense of humour.

Ethan’s publications include:

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Ethan Indigo Smith - The Terraist LettersEthan Indigo Smith’s controversial book, The Terraist Letters, humorously contrasts the very serious issues of global nuclear experimentation and global marijuana prohibition. It is a funny and provocative political satire that attempts to brings some sanity to the  most serious subject matter of nuclear experimentation, in a way that only Ethan can.

“Ethan’s work will titillate, irritate, but most importantly, stimulate some serious thought concerning current conventions. Give it a read. Your brain might thank you.” ~ New York Times Best Selling author, Jim Marrs

The Terraist Letters is available here on Amazon.

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