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Planet X Nibiru Effect on Earth, Changes and Earthquakes

Friday, March 24, 2017 14:06
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The Planet X effect is setting the Earth up for a coming pole shift. The world’s elite know this is coming. This is why they have prepared underground shelters, sanctuaries and seed vaults in key parts of the world.

All this is evidence of the Planet X effect upon the entire Earth, causing it to wobble which in turn causes seismic and volcanic activity as well as extreme weather. The fallacy of materialism is its inability to comprehend the primacy of consciousness and of light.

The critical importance of electricity and magnetism in cosmology can be approached from another angle. Electromagnetic force is the cosmic medium that actually links human, planetary, solar, and galactic systems. The universe is not a mechanical contraption of inert matter; it is a vital organic, conscious whole, and electromagnetism is the medium by which information is exchanged between the various members of that totality.

The bio-electric “subtle bodies” of humanity, the core of planet earth, its electromagnetic fields, the heliocosm (or solar field), and the galactic center (the Great Central Sun or the “Sun behind the Sun”) are linked by a two-way, top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top cosmic walkie-talkie, electromagnetic information system. This is what gives the cosmos its unity.

Animated by conscious beings, there is a cosmic code that harmonizes and synchronizes the various different vibratory frequencies that characterize each of the planetary, solar, galactic and nebular sub-systems. That code is electromagnetic; its essence is light. Light, not matter is primary.

Consciousness is not material, though it may be embodied. Light and consciousness are similar, and primary.

Matter is secondary; consciousness is electromagnetic and is primary. This integral, holistic understanding of the universe is a far cry from the crude, one-dimensional, dangerous, dead and deadly paradigm of scientific materialism to which the military-industrial-scientific complex still clings, and of which NASA and its space programs is an essential part.

The bio-electric “subtle bodies” of humanity, the core of planet earth, its electromagnetic fields, the heliocosm (or solar field), and the galactic center (the Great Central Sun or the “Sun behind the Sun”) are linked by a two-way, top-to-bottom the beginning was Light. This is not the antiquated claim of an anthropomorphic religion; it is the basic realization of the new spiritual, scientific, holographic and electromagnetic paradigm of the universe.

Of this paradigm, Arguelles [7] points out that it “brings into focus a world of coherence and unity, a resonant matrix… of information transmission.”  Underlying this cosmic loom is “the principle of harmonic resonance” (op.cit., p.54).  

Resonance has to do with the vibratory frequencies of any system that produces waves – sound waves or electromagnetic waves, any kind of waves. Harmonic resonance means the exchange of vibration, harmonizing or synchronizing, and sometimes dissonant, between of two or more vibrating systems, whether these are tuning forks, violin strings, pendulums, or planets.

It was the Maya, in South America, who pioneered this understanding of the order underlying the cosmos, in which mind or consciousness is primary and in which “there is nothing without feeling” and “the field of reality is saturated with purpose.” (ibid. p.56)

The purpose of the continuous exchange of information between the galactic center and the other members of the galaxy “is the superior coordination of the member organisms, the star systems.”

This entails the capacity of ‘local intelligence’ i.e. the planetary mind or field of consciousness being able to “perceive the whole and align itself accordingly” and to extend this process of alignment to other member systems.

“The galactic game is superior intelligent harmonization” through which “the local intelligence is taught or shown how it works, in such a manner that it comes to its own conclusions” without coercion(ibid., pp.56-7)

What do we know of the solar or planetary cycles?

“The solar system is a self-contained organism whose subtle sheath or morphic field is called the heliocosm. Every 11.3 years the heliocosm pulses outward and then for another 11.3 years it pulses inward. These 11.3 inhalation-exhalation cycles are referred to as the heliopause, whose total movement thus occurs over a period of some 23 years…”

(ibid., p.118)

In parallel with this heliopause cycle there is a “binary sunspot” movement in which,

“two ‘spots’ –one negative, the other positive, pulse inward from positions 30 degrees north and south of the solar equator. Approximately every 11.3 years the two spots meet at the equator, reverse polarity, and begin the process again at 30 degrees north and south of the solar equator…The sunspots’ activity causes great disturbance of the Earth’s radio waves and the bio-electromagnetic field in general.” (118)

“The Sun is the central coordinating intelligence in the solar field. The planets represent harmonic gyroscopes whose purpose it is to maintain the resonant frequency represented by the orbit which the planet holds.” (119)

“Though the heliocosm, the total solar body, is a self-regulatory system, it is at the same time a subsystem within the larger galactic field. Thus its inhalation consists of [receiving] cosmic forces – galactic frequencies – monitored either directly from the galactic core and/or via other intelligent star systems. Its exhalation [or transmission] represents transmuted streams of energy/information returned back to the galactic core [known to the Maya as Hunab Ku, and to contemporary investigation as ‘the Great Central Sun’ or ‘the Sun behind the Sun’].” (ibid., p.119)

How does the planet Earth receive these electromagnetic impulses?

“The resonance of the earth functions like the oscillations of a giant electromagnetic battery. The key features of this battery are the two shells of the ionosphere, the lower lunar and the upper solar shell, respectively 60 and 70 miles above the terrestrial floor of the electromagnetic ocean. It is the currents of the ionosphere in direct resonance with the solar and lunar fields that moderate the wind and atmospheric conditions of the lowest layers of the electromagnetic ocean.

Oscillating at approximately 7.8 cycles per second, the ionosphere is in resonance with the human brain, which – when oscillating at 7.8 cycles per second – reflects a condition of ‘samadhi ’, or [profound] meditational absorption. This common neural-ionospheric frequency is a prime key [to the full development of the Light Body of the Earth and of individual human beings].”  [op.cit. p.186]

“Far beyond the ionosphere lie the next two components of the Earth’s electromagnetic battery, the radiation belts – the lower, positively charged, the upper, negatively charged electron solar belt. It is these belts, like cellular membranes, that mediate the larger electromagnetic currents connecting the Earth to the Sun and to the other systems of the galactic hub…” [ibid. p.186]

The potential for the harmonizing of the galactic, solar, and planetary vibratory rates with the human is evident in the common neural and ionospheric frequency of 7.8 cycles. This is not only the frequency of enlightenment, but it also augurs the possibility of a further transformation – the generating of the Light Body, both of individual human beings, of humanity as a whole, and of the planet.

But that is another whole chapter in the story. Here, I have been concerned to show why the electromagnetic paradigm is of such crucial importance to the evolution of humanity.

It follows that the forces who wish to continue to exploit humanity by reducing everything to materiality, also wish to stunt that evolution, oppose the paradigm, and do all they can to pretend it doesn’t exist, and that Planet X doesn’t exist, and that the Earth changes that it may cause are pure fiction.


Red Star Kachina 2017

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