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Soft Invasions are Underway throughout World

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 7:43
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Theology and Politics from a Conservative, Biblical Perspective

When I use the term “soft invasion,” I’m referring to the fact that uninvited, unvetted foreigners are coming into America with the feeling that they do not need to assimilate. They bring their attitudes, their selfishness, and even their criminality in many cases into the USA. During the Obama Administration, this practice was generally the norm with very little vetting occurring. Though Obama at one point used immigration laws to keep certain individuals out for a time, the influx never seemed to slow. Certainly, with the southern border of America left virtually open and unregulated, more of Mexico’s (and regions further south) severely poor and some criminals walked their way into America to set up shop here.

Decades ago, folks who came to America were vetted as best as the government could do at the time. People often came through Ellis Island and were asked many questions and given medical exams. If they were determined to be sick, they might either be confined until the illness passed or they would be turned away from entering America. The same applied if they were deemed a threat to USA.

My grandparents on my father’s side came to this country legally, through Ellis Island and began their new life here on American soil. Yes, they initially settled in what was known as the “Little Italy” part of New York City. This made sense because that immediately put them with others who spoke the same language; Italian. But this did not mean they were not interested in adopting America’s values. They did adopt America’s values and eventually learned English. They learned and respected the rules that governed America and did not expect a hand out from the federal government. In fact, there was no handout to be gotten from the government then.

My grandparents worked and worked hard and eventually earning enough to allow them to buy a small residence in the Bronx. They turned the upstairs into an apartment and rented it out, while they lived on the bottom two floors. They eventually became citizens of the United States promising to uphold the laws of this great country and remain loyal to the interests of the United States.

My wife’s grandparents and parents became displaced persons during World War II. They had to flee their own country to another and in the process, they became people without citizenship. They spent ten years in a displaced person’s camp and tried to get on with life, not knowing what the next day would bring, much less, the next year.

During the ten years of living in a displaced person’s camp, my wife’s parents met one another and married. Also during this time, they worked on trying to get to America. That process took nearly the entire ten years. In order to be allowed into America at that time, they needed to be “sponsored,” which meant that a job would be waiting when they arrived to America. This was finally achieved through the Roman Catholic Church and once all papers were in order with every “t” crossed and every “i” dotted, they were finally allowed to head to the USA.

They arrived to Fresno, CA and the church also helped them find a place to live. Those times proved to be cramped conditions with grandparents, parents, and children all living under the same roof. Eventually, my wife’s father and mother were able to buy their own home and moved into it. Through sheer hard work and savings, my wife’s parents were able to buy other homes on the street that were used as rentals for income. My father-in-law continued to work hard as a facilities manager of a plant until he retired in his late 60’s.

This was the situation for thousands and thousands of people who dreamed of coming to America. They saw this nation as a land of opportunity, allowing people to get wherever they wanted to go through hard work, discipline, and effort. It paid off for most, but those days are most definitely behind us. Today’s immigrant too often comes here to free load off the system, fail to assimilate, and ultimately believe that America should give them whatever they want. But I believe this is all by design by powerful Elite who control 85% of the world’s wealth. These people are intent to redraw borders, continue to incite wars and conflicts and in general, through constant societal disturbances, gain more control over people and individual societies.

The 2000-page Omnibus Spending Bill allowed Obama to migrate 85,000 new UN Muslim Refugees and secretly resettle them in various locations throughout the United States in 2016.

What we are seeing now are people who are being brought into America (and other nations), many of whom aren’t even asking to come here. They are considered refugees or immigrants from war-torn areas of the world. Many of these people have no interest in assimilating into America’s melting pot. For too many of them, their allegiance lies in their religious or ideological beliefs only. As far as they are concerned, it doesn’t matter if they are in Iraq or America. Their beliefs are of the utmost importance and assimilation is not even considered because the overriding goal of a new caliphate is of utmost concern. Many (not all) from Mexico are infiltrators into America’s society as gang members and criminals. Much of this was seriously downplayed and under-reported during the Obama years, but is now coming to the fore. ICE is now able to do its job of capturing those illegally here and deporting them. Apparently, people illegally entering America from the southern border is down 67% since Donald Trump took office as president.

We have seen what happens when you take Muslims and simply drop them into some other nation. They might seem to live peacefully for a while until their numbers increase to a point that they can begin making noise. We’ve seen this in England, in Sweden, in France, in Greece, in Belgium, and other places. We’ve seen the rise in incidents of rape and other sexual assaults. We’ve seen how Muslims will gang up on one or two individuals and beat them senseless, rob them, assault them sexually, or all four things. We’ve seen similar tactics used by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other left-wing groups. We’ve also seen how these groups have been given a pass by the previous presidential administration.

All of this is to say that whether groups come from outside the United States or if they are cultivated from within, we have the same “soft invasion” occurring where these far left groups are doing what they can to create the mayhem they believe is necessary to take America down.

Because Muslims don’t come into this country waving loaded guns, people are told they mean no harm. We are meant to believe that to malign all Muslims because of “one or two” is tantamount to the most egregious form of bigotry. In other words, the left steps up to the bat using political correctness to shame patriots and conservatives into backing down when facing the threat of Islam.

It would be like watching someone enter your house who had no weapon but simply began rifling through your refrigerator or cupboards for food all the while smiling nicely and talking brightly. It would be off-putting and would also be difficult to view them as a threat even though they are stealing from your home right before your eyes. Yet, if someone tried to illegally enter your home brandishing a weapon through a window they just broke, the threat is seen for what it is and proper action to that threat can be undertaken.

In another scenario, inviting more undocumented, unvetted people into the USA and footing the bill for them is like completely ignoring the needs of your own family in favor of strangers. The apostle Paul made it clear how wrong this is in his letter to Timothy.

But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel. – 1 Timothy 5:8 KJV

How can anyone justify the expense of taking care of every need for people who are not in the United States legally or those who have been brought in by the government, all the while many of America’s citizens remain homeless, without shelter, without food, without health insurance? Yet, there are many (including those from the clergy), who rail against people like myself who believe America’s homeless situation needs to be addressed first before bringing in new people who aren’t interested in being here or assimilating. Beyond this, why are countries like Saudi Arabia fully exempt from taking in any of these Muslim refugees? It makes little sense until the big picture is seen. That big picture points to the destruction of not only America’s borders, but of the sovereign borders of many nations as we see happening in Europe. Sadly, these countries are devolving into hell holes and the “invaders” entered without restraint, without weapons, and were given everything that citizens do not even receive.

What many are simply refusing to acknowledge is that Islam is an ideology that promotes violence against unbelievers (infidels). This is how Muhammad lived the last 20 years or so of his life. He slaughtered entire villages of Jewish people because they would not accept him as their “messiah.” This narrative of course is held up to ridicule by members of Islam as being fallacious. There is a great deal of information on the ‘Net and in books, but anything that shows Muhammad or Islam in a negative light is generally panned and disallowed by Muslim apologists. Many world leaders play the game of defending Islam. Canada has just passed laws making it illegal to speak against Islam (even if simply telling the truth about Islam). Australia seems to be moving in that same direction. Calls for this to occur in the United States have so far been ignored. My suggestion would be to do your own research and be aware of who is writing what.

The thing that I always ask people to do is to compare Jesus’ life with Muhammad’s. Did either one carry a weapon of any kind? Did either fight and/or kill others (even in alleged self-defense)? Did either rob caravans? I also encourage people to read the Qur’an and the Hadith (Qur’anic commentary) as it reveals much. Though Muslims will argue that the 109 verses advocating violence in the Qur’an against non-believers are taken out of context, the Qur’an itself does not have much of a context. Much of it reads like the Bible’s Proverbs, but don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself and learn what it says. Here is a page that may start you on your journey. Sam Shamoun provides more great resources into the entire Islamic subject.

While many on the Left tell us that neither ISIS or Al Qaeda represents true Islam, the truth of the matter is that those individuals who make up those groups actually do believe they are true Muslims and other Muslims who do not join them in conquering the world for Allah are not true Muslims. This is why many Muslims are also killed by people from ISIS and Al Qaeda. As long as those individuals exist, is it healthy for Islam to go unchecked anywhere?

This soft invasion that has been occurring in many parts of Europe and the EU is happening in the United States as well. Wherever large groups of Muslims gather to live, an unofficial Sharia Law begins to function. This is often seen in what are termed “no-go zones” where non-Muslims are simply not allowed. Entering one of those zones can lead to dramatic repercussions against the non-Muslim. In some countries, law enforcement stays out of these zones. This tells us that not only do those Muslims not want to assimilate, but they have little problem (once their numbers increase enough), in forcing their will on that society. This can be described as nothing less than an invasion without weapons. This fact often takes the average person by surprise and they are left wondering what to do. They look to politicians and other leaders to crack down on things but that never happens.

Many on the Left deny that this soft invasion is occurring. They intone that we need to welcome, feed, cloth, and shelter these “refugees” or “immigrants.” Their deceit is seen for what it is as these same Leftists have no concern for a country’s current homeless. Politicians and leaders exercise no concern for homeless Vets or others, leaving them to rot in the street. But somehow, all the unvetted and unwilling-to-assimilate people from third world countries need to be given top priority? These leaders and politicians are accountable for the wasted resources and their ignoring Americans with true needs.

It’s all part of the way the Elite is doing things to line their ducks up in a row. They have a plan, a plan given to them by Satan himself. Certainly, God is allowing that plan to move forward and when it comes together, the final seven years of Tribulation spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24 will visit this globe. It will be horrifying and difficult to imagine.

Theology and Politics from a Conservative, Biblical Perspective


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