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The Last Prophecy: Future of America (2017 and Beyond) – The Objective of the Secret Society

Monday, April 3, 2017 14:35
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Donald Trump, Barrack Obama, Israel and America are all in prophecy. Many ask: “Where is the United States” in prophecy? What is the future of America? Is America in Prophecy? 

“Men bound by a secret oath to labor in the cause of world democracy decided that in the American colonies they would plant the roots of a new way of life.  Brotherhoods were established to meet secretly, and they quietly and industriously conditioned America to its destiny for leadership in a free world.” 

Benjamin Franklin exercised an enormous psychological influence in Colonial politics as the appointed spokesman of the unknown philosophers; he did not make laws, but his words became law.


One reference to a secret society in Bacon’s New Atlantis is scarcely less than a proclamation of the Society of Unknown philosophers, but has gone unnoticed for three hundred years. This fable is of the land of Bensalem, meaning the Son of Peace, which with its merchandise, the Light of Truth, maintained a trade with Atlantis, which was declared to be the same as America.

Every thing indicates that it was Sir Francis Bacon’s dream that the enlarging of the bounds of human empire should be instituted on our own continent, an area peculiarly set aside by Nature for the perfection of philosophy and the sciences.

THE writings of Sir Francis Bacon are generally grouped under three headings–professional, literary, and philosophical.  Each of these groups contains a variety of important works.  But Lord Bacon’s mind, taste, and conviction are best revealed through his philosophical writings.  In this group are works that are strictly philosophical, others that verge toward the sciences, and still others which sum up convictions relating to all branches of knowledge.

Possibly the most remarkable of Lord Bacon’s ethical contributions is the fragment called the New Atlantis, which forms a kind of gloss upon his principal philosophical production, the Instauratio Magna.  To Bacon, the greater part of learning was the application of knowledge to the necessities of the human state.  It was only natural that he should envision the results should his inductive system be given Universal application.

The New Atlantis was first published in 1627, as a kind of appendix to the Sylva Sylvarum, a natural history in ten centuries.  On the title page is a curious design.  It shows the figure of an ancient creature representing Time drawing a female figure from a dark cavern.  The meaning is obvious: Through time, the hidden truth shall be revealed.  This figure is one of the most famous of the seals or symbols of the Order of the Quest.  Contained within it is the whole promise of the resurrection of man, and the restitution of the divine theology.

The New Atlantis was not published during the recorded lifetime of Lord Bacon.  It was issued the year following his death by His Lordship’s chaplain, William Rawley.  This man was Bacon’s close friend and familiar over a period of many years, and most of Bacon’s papers were entrusted to Rawley’s care.  In his admiration for Bacon’s personal character and philosophical powers he left the expressed wish to be buried at his master’s feet, and his wish was fulfilled.

Rawley writes in his introduction to Bacon’s the New Atlantis, “This fable My Lord devised, to the end that he might exhibit therein, a model or description of a college, instituted for the interpreting of nature, and the producing of great and marvelous works, for the benefit of men; under the name of Solomon’s house, or the college of the six days work.”

The college of the six days work is, of course, a thinly veiled reference to the perfection of nature through art.  The six days are the days of creation by which the natural world was brought into existence, according to the account given in Genesis.  As God created the Universe in six symbolic days, so man by art–that is, philosophy–must create the condition of his own perfection by means of six philosophical steps.

The college is the secret school–the wise man’s ‘house’ wherein are taught all arts and sciences, and not according to a materialistic interpretation, but according to a divine understanding of causes.

Rawley stated that it had been His Lordship’s intention to complete the fable of the New Atlantis with a second part, to contain the laws of the Ideal State, or commonwealth of the wise.  Since it was Bacon’s custom to prepare numerous drafts of his writings in the process of perfecting them, it is probable that the second part existed at least in outline;  but Rawley would not have felt it proper to publish the part which His Lordship had not perfected in literary form.

It is well known among the secret societies of Europe that the second part of the New Atlantis exists.  It includes a description of a great room in Solomon’s house wherein are displayed the crests and the coats of arms of the governors of the philosophic empire.  It may be for this reason that the writings were suppressed, for these crests and arms belonged to real persons who might have been subjected to persecution, as Sir Walter Raleigh was, if their association with the secret order had been openly announced.

The fable of the New Atlantis begins with a ship sailing from Peru for China and Japan being driven from its course by contrary winds.  Those aboard after many months faced death by starvation and disease.  They prayed to God for help, and their prayer was answered;  the ship came at last to the fair harbor of a great city in an unknown land.  Here the mariners were hospitably received and after certain formalities were permitted to land;  and the wonders of the city were then revealed to them.

The title page of Bacon’s masterpiece, Novum Organum, features a small sailing ship between two columns.  These columns are the pillars of Hercules, the Strait of Gibraltar, which marked the western boundary of the sea.  The little ship is science, sailing forth from the limits and boundaries of the old world into the unknown sea of Universal learning.  Is not this the same ship that finally came to haven in the Wise Man’s City ?

The New Atlantis describes the magnificence of the college of the six days work.  Here the wise dwelt together in a gentle commonwealth of learning.  One of the wise men makes the following statement in a prayer:

“Lord God of Heaven and Earth;  Thou hast vouchsafed of Thy grace to those of our Order, to know Thy works of creation, and the secrets of them; and to discern (as far as appertaineth to the generations of men) between divine miracles, works of nature, works of art, and impostures and illusions of all sorts.”

It is difficult to understand how this reference to a secret order has passed unnoticed for so long, for it is scarcely less than a proclamation of the Society of Unknown Philosophers.

The name of the land in which stood the Wise Man’s City was Bensalem; this means the Son of Peace.  Bensalem maintained a trade with all parts of the world, but not for gold, silver, jewels, silks, spices, nor any other material commodity;  its merchandise was the Light of Truth.  Among the nations traded with was Atlantis, which was declared to be the same as America.

The college of Solomon’s house had ambassadors, agents, and representatives among all the nations of the world, so that all discoveries in the arts and sciences might be known to it.  In great libraries all useful records were stored up for the service of future ages.

The book closes with a long lecture delivered by one of the Fathers of Solomon’s house.  This great dignitary summarized the work of the brotherhood in the following magnificent statement–one which might well be inscribed over the doors of learning and in the hearts of all scholars, scientists, and philosophers:

“The end of our foundation is the knowledge of causes, and secret motions of things;  and the enlarging of the bounds of human empire, to the effecting of all things possible.”

The Father of the wise men then described the laboratories, observatories, mines and hospitals;  and the various engines and inventions by which the elements could be controlled and the secrets of Nature discovered.  There were gardens for the study of plants, and parks filled with birds and animals so that men could investigate their habits.  Even reptiles, insects, and fishes were considered and their uses classified.

Medicines of all kinds were distilled and compounded, and mechanical arts were perfected according to the laws of Nature.

There were houses where the senses of man were studied with the aid of perfumes, flavors, sounds, music, and extraordinary accoustical devices.

And there were houses where only deceits were on record, so that the methods by which men can be deceived could be made known and studied.

In the philosophical city all men were employed according to their tastes and ability, and each contributed in his own way to the sum of useful knowledge.  There were museums where rare and excellent inventions were preserved, and galleries containing the statues of great men who had contributed to the improvement of the human race.  Among the statues was one to Christopher Columbus;  another to the man who had invented bread.

The narration ends abruptly with the word of the editor that the rest was not perfected.

Missing is that part which was to describe the laws of a philosophical commonwealth.  It is safe to assume that these laws, like the whole pattern of the story, were the same set forth by Plato for the government of the wise.

Everything indicates that it was Bacon’s dream that the college of the six days should be erected in America, an area peculiarly set aside by Nature for the perfection of philosophy and the sciences.

Part of this dream has been realized.  In this land are the greatest laboratories, observatories, and institutions of research that the world has ever known.  We are exploring into the mysteries of the atoms and the electrons, and have brought the heavenly fire, electricity, to be the servant of our purposes.

All that remains is to crown science with philosophy.  As we perfect the inner part of learning the philosophic empire will arise in human society.

Trey Smith

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  • Crock of shit. All of it. These false fakes are no more prophetic than the wizard of Oz. Trojan Horse Trump is another zionist masonic pig who betrayed America and solds us out for AntiChrist Israel

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