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Hitler Executed ‘Fake News’ Journalists Who Claimed That Jews Were Being Exterminated

Friday, February 24, 2017 16:28
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Image: In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler arrested and executed ‘fake news’ journalists who rightfully claimed that Jews were being exterminated


(Natural News) In the 1920s and 1930s Americans thought of Hitler as a joke. His shrill voice and jerky hand movements made it difficult to take him seriously. But some of the first people to meet him didn’t feel the same way.

Junior military attaché Truman Smith said, “This is a marvelous demagogue who can really inspire loyalty.” Karl von Wiegand was the first American journalist to interview Hitler in 1922. He felt the same way as Smith. They were both struck by Hitler’s oratorical skills and his ability to drive people into a frenzy.

The Nazi Party finally emerged as a major contender for power after the great depression hit, but Americans still considered Hitler to be a clown. Most people believed that if Hitler gained power, German politicians would take control of him. Reassessments unfortunately came soon thereafter.

Chicago Daily News correspondent Edgar Mowrer frantically tried to warn readers worldwide, saying, “What he’s saying about the Jews is serious. Don’t underestimate him.”

American correspondents in Berlin were living in relative luxury. The good correspondents and diplomats worked hard to gather information, although it was becoming progressively more difficult and dangerous to obtain.

Edgar Mowrer took huge risks to get information by meeting with a German-Jewish doctor. During regular doctor visits, the doctor would slip him notes when his assistant left the room. The notes contained information about who had been arrested, presumably journalists. The meetings became too risky, and the two moved their meetings to a public restroom where the doctor would drop the note and Mowrer would retrieve it undetected.

Not all correspondents and diplomats were so brave as to obtain dangerous information. Most felt constrained and didn’t wish to put themselves in jeopardy. The mainstream media was used against the people, and those brave enough to report the truth were subject to the ultimate consequence.

Reporters were slow to write about things they had witnessed firsthand. After Hitler took power, there were attacks on Americans who refused to give the Hitler salute. Radio broadcaster Hans Kaltenborn believed that the reports were an exaggeration – until his teenage son was beaten up for the refusal to salute. The Nazis apologized and told Kaltenborn, “I hope you won’t write about this.” Kaltenborn was reluctant to do so, most likely because the apology was really a warning.

Charles Lindberg was among the Americans that believed Hitler was helping to get Germany back on its feet. Amazed at how orderly Germany had become, Lindberg was also providing real-time intelligence for the U.S. He became part of the America First movement, and tried to keep America out of the war by giving information to American diplomats that he thought would urge Washington to stay away.

American journalists were often the first to warn German Jews what danger they were in. Mowrer was run out of Germany after he kept advising Jews to get out quickly. But German-Jews were also urged by non-Jewish industrialists to give money to the Nazi Party. They were told that it would be a way for them to protect themselves. Like most Americans, German-Jews didn’t believe what was happening. That’s the power of state-controlled media working hard against the people.


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  • Anything that gets powerful will be ABUSED. It just starts to attract the wrong cunning evil people once they realize it can be used as a tool for ABUSE.

    Be your own newspaper by keeping your eyes and ears open. Look around, notice things, eat doughnuts while you’re at it.

    Make it fun. :lol:

  • Please . . give it a rest with the German bashing- we are weary and tired of all this continual hate fest against a people that simply wanted to be free of the jewish yoke. . .

  • Screw You if you think the survivors are lying.There’s a special place in Hell for those who curse Israel. Enjoy your nrewards,what happened to freeing one enslaved mind at a time?Start with freeing your own mind first.I’m surprised Paul Begley would ever go near your show or Steven Quale for that fact.

    • Then you shouldn’t mind a new thorough investigation on what really happened during WW11. We have now seen enough faked Network News to realize that mass brainwashing did not just start.

    • 14 million people were killed in concentration camps & less than half were jews

      the disabled, homosexuals, gypsies etc etc were also slaughtered, but we don’t see ANY of them clinging to that horror for generations and USING it to claim special privelege – neither do we see these groups using the past as an excuse to perpetuate the same carnage unto others like the palestinians

      there is a special hell,,, it’s called Israehell

    • Pat

      Muh Holocaustm muh holohoax ! More Jews were alive in Europe after the war then before. Lies. The dead were from All-lied bombing. Auschwitz has reduced their dead from 4 million to 1 million and they can’t prove that number either. Brainwashing.

  • Hitler also eat children for breakfast but insisted on them being cooked first and we know so much about the closing days of the war because the BBC was doing interviews in his bunker before he topped himself.

    Not much is true in the press when it comes to Hitler and Holly-Hoaxs (David friends) are just pulling it out their bums since a dead man cannot answer back and yes Trump has every right to ban fake press like CNN and demand that they name sources instead of dreaming up any old story

    Nath knows the truth, he was there, well went to a holly-hoax tourist attraction and didn’t ask if the vernts in the roof of the building were added in the 1970′s in the mock up execustion chambers and i would do more than curse Israel after 9/11 and would nuke the place if it was left to me

  • Hitler wasn’t crazy. He was a Vegetarian and animal rights activist who was anti-smoking, hmm sounds progressive.
    Obviously many Jews were imprisoned, along with just as many non Jews and many were killed or died of disease or starvation, it was war.
    Do you ever wonder how our Japanese American concentration camps would have looked if California was bombed out and destroyed by invading armies.
    The Trump administration is recommending that the Holocaust museum be turned into a throwback arcade for all Americans to enjoy, I hope they have Spy Hunter

  • When ever you have a leader that DEMANDS love, loyalty to himself rather then the country and ALL of the people of that country, you will have a dictatorship. Take care America, the road your LEADER is taking you down might end up with your cities in rubble and your LEADER swallowing the barrel of a gun. :!: :!: :!:

  • The wrong cunning evil people are running our world we citizens must rise & do what is right & necessary to restore what God has given to us! The blood of Jesus spilled to save us are we really going to let the Satanists destroy our world? Silence the noise everyone it is time! If you take am/fm radio waves & turn them backwards it creates silence! The world is energy all living things are effected by the energy from all towers & antennas it is a proven fact that they disrupt all earths energy if they did not exist the environment could heal itself shelved information Nixon Presidency along with the fact that if salt water was used in nuclear reactors it stabilizes the atoms & salt when cooled forms a natural barrier which would prevent leaks! Want to save the world silence the noise!

  • good. do it!. I’m sick of this shit.
    And for christs sake, arrest obama already! There is proof of his sedition and treason!

  • i’m reasonably sure this is OLD news,,, Hitler’s henchmen killed ANYONE who got in their way,,, very much like OhBummer

  • Trump is a reincarnation of Hitler and suppressing an exemplary press? I think NOT! What the media and so-called “journalists” are doing is an agenda to take down Trump using false narratives and ignoring REAL journalistic ethics. Trump is heavy handed and fairly crude in manner, but he is doing what the public elected him to do. Lets give him some breathing room for at least a year before talking about impeaching and re-installing a falsely vetted puppet of the New World Order!

  • This is FAKE news! An article that “passes” as news. And it WILL pass for the majority of indoctrinated people.
    I agree, wholeheartedly, with The Ferrett. This article reads like a typical propaganda piece. Are you writing for the ADL or B’nai B’rith, or the AJC?
    Where are the exact quotes? Where is your evidence? Your sources are weak and meagre. Good reporters use original documents to back up their claims. Your article flies in the face of the myriad books by serious historians that state just the opposite of what this article purports. It’s extremely disappointing and doesn’t become your site. Go back to the drawing board and do some real, important, revised journalism on this subject.

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